Dick, It's What's for Dinner by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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A criminal, a pilot, and an aspiring chef dance in a stripper bar at the center of the universe... 

Six months on a military ship with my two friends, cooking food for the crew in nothing but skimpy shorts, what could possibly go wrong? Let’s see, our friendship starts to turn sexual. We agree to cook naked for extra money. One friend turns out to be a thief, the other is facing his shyness to admit he loves me, and atop all that, we’re thrust into the middle of a war. I was a dreamer trying to conquer my wish of being a chef, not some space fighter. How were we going to survive in combat conditions? 

My best advice: Watch out for boiling water while cooking naked on a spaceship. Oh, and once in a while, play the hero. 

Be Warned: gay sex, menage sex (MMM), sex toys, rimming



“Now we’re three shirtless idiots. You happy?” Rei crossed his arms over his chest.

“Rei, are you that unhappy?” I stared right at him. “If you are, I’ll stop this right now and we’ll decline the offer. I’d rather lose the money than you.”

He sighed. “I’m just…” He was silent for a few breaths. “Yeah. Okay. Let’s do this.” He tugged on his pants, sending them to his ankles.

I went from a good friend to a pervert in three seconds. Rei had a nest of blond hair trimmed at the base of his dick. His long shaft was hard and pale. I could see the veins under his skin. His tip was foreskin free, showing off his pinkish head. His balls were low hangers, the right lower than the left. My mouth watered. I’d been so focused on Ale I forgot to prepare myself for Rei. He was beautiful. I opened my lips to say something, anything, but all that came out was a strangled sound.

“Vern?” Rei’s blank expression lifted. “Are you seriously getting hard for me?” He lifted a blond eyebrow.

“You are a nice-looking man, Rei. I’d have to be dead not to get stiff looking at you.”

“Fuck yeah,” Ale chimed in and broke our moment. “If I’d known you were packing that rocket I would have asked to see you naked sooner.” He grinned.

Rei blushed and glanced at the ground. He tugged up his pants quickly and tucked himself away.

I was disappointed. I wanted to watch him more.

“All right, Vern next.” Ale smiled, resting an arm around Rei who looked ready to faint he was blushing so hard.

I nodded and stuck my thumbs into the rim of my pants. I made sure I clipped my shorts so everything would come down at once. In one tug, I was naked before them. My cock bobbed as it was freed. I wondered what they saw when they looked at me. I was average length, maybe a tad thicker than most. My balls were almost even but utterly normal. There was actually nothing remarkable about my dick. The sandy brown hair on my head was also my pubic color. It needed a trim; it was rather bushy right now. The tip was cut like Rei’s. They could see the slight smear on the tip. The light above us made it look shiny like my cock was getting ready for its big debut. I guess it kind of was. They stared at me and didn’t saying anything. I cleared my throat.

“You both better get new fucking bunks because I am going to try to feel you all up in your sleep.” Ale chuckled.

I grinned and glanced at Rei. He gawked between my legs like he didn’t have one between his own. He licked his lips and then slid his gaze slowly up my body. I think he was eye fucking me. And the thought only made me harder. I bent down and pulled everything back up. There, now they’d seen my dick. Ale was right in the fact that now sleep would be a hell of a lot harder to come by. “Your turn,” I said, slightly eager. Okay, very fucking eager. I’d been wanting to see his cock since we first meet.

Ale smiled. “Stand back so it doesn’t hit you when I unleash the beast.”

Rei rolled his eyes with a grin.

I scoffed.

Ale’s ab muscles rippled as he tugged on his pants and sent them to the floor. “Boom!” He placed the sides of his hands on his inner thighs making our gazes go right to his…

“Fuck the universe!” I sputtered. Ale was huge. I don’t just mean wide, he had it all. Length and girth. There was dark blue pubic hair nestling his, well, his naked beast. The long shaft was gorgeous. The tip was wrinkled with foreskin. His balls were big and tight to his body. I wanted to kneel before him and suck Ale like the god he was. I shook my head at that thought.

“Is that a … tattoo?” Rei asked, peering closer. He looked as impressed as I was.

“Kinda.” Ale grabbed his cock and held it up. Now we could see this patch of colored skin on the inside of his thigh beside his beautiful balls. “The Draslack mother marked me so others would know who I belonged to. Sometimes the younger ones would leave me alone.”

Both Rei and I moved closer. We each lowered to one leg and peered closer. The marking was two half circles with a jagged line between them.

“You both want to stay there for another … ten seconds.” He started stroking his cock.

“Ale!” Rei shoved to his feet.

I was slower, less inclined to be horrified if Ale did blow his load over my face. Ale laughed but he didn’t bother to get dressed. “Now we’ve all seen…”

“The beast,” Ale provided.

“Each other,” Rei said drily.

“Are we taking this deal? One thousand for the three of us dancing naked?” I glanced at Ale’s cock. “I say yes.”

“Okay.” Rei.

“Fuck yes.” Ale.

“Well, guys. It looks like we’re going for it.”

Ale was still naked when he wrapped an arm around each of us and pulled us close. “Dick, it’s what’s for dinner.”

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Totally worth the wait!
Written by Jo Newton on 3rd Apr 2016

I can't believe I waited this long to start this series. I do that all the time though, sadly. But...better late than never! What's better than reading about two hot guys stripping and dancing? How bout THREE hot guys stripping and dancing? Oh yeah, that was a perk. Throw in a little action in the form of explosions, foiled plots, and a hero whose a little uncoordinated and you have one of the best books this year. Vern is hilarious with the rocket boots, hand to gawd, I snorted. And then choked on my own spit. It wasn't pretty but luckily there were no witnesses. Rei is the sweetest thing in space with all his blushing and bashfulness. And Ale was freaking phenomenal as a character. Funny, flirty, and hot. The story flows seamlessly and I was sucked in from the first line. Good laughs, steamy scenes, and explosions! What else could anyone ask for? Now on to the next!

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 20th Dec 2015

I really enjoyed this book it gave me everything I wanted and then some… I mean who doesn’t like sexy strippers who make what they fun… This story gave me life in so many ways, I found myself laughing at the craziness of it all but better yet I fell for the characters. The author did a great job mixing real life jobs with a fantasy world and that made me as a reader relate better with the story. Let me tell you there is a lot of teasing but when these three finally come together it’s hot and on a side note there is a very funny scene you should all read. I give this book 4 diamonds and I hope I can read about these three soon…

GGR Review
Written by undefined on 28th Nov 2015

This is set in the future, Earth is no more and man kind can now live in man made spheres in space. This is where we find our 3 main characters, Ale “the thief”, Vern “an aspiring chef” and Rei “a pilot in training”. They work at a bar where they wait on tables and dance in their skivvies. They are offered a gig on a war ship to work in the commissary and entertain the troops during meal time. Let’s just say that things don’t go as planned. There’s a lot of foreplay in this book, for both the characters and for the reader as well. The foreplay between the 3 MC’s grew a little troublesome for me while reading, yet is was hot and got me thinking, my thoughts also went to, OK now would be a good time for a blowjob or a kiss or something, it just never happened. I expect sex to come from James Cox, I don’t read his stories for fields of daisies and the sweet love with cupids and dancing unicorns, that’s not what this author writes. I want testosterone filled man sex, that, James is a master at. So we had a bit of sexual frustration for everyone involved. So I’m reading and reading because the story is really captivating, the author has done an exceptional job of developing the characters and the story line, he had me under his word spell, if you will. All of a sudden it hits me. Damn, this is why this book has so much foreplay involved. It all makes sense now, it makes sense, why the author took the characters and the reader to a sexual high. This was fricking brilliant, no I’m not going to tell you, the story needs to be read and you need to experience what I did. I don’t usually read Sci-fi but I am really glad that my hormones wanted sexy when I was perusing the books available for review.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 26th Nov 2015

James Cox took stripping to a completely new level in Dick, It’s What’s For Dinner. Vern, Ale and Rei are strippers, each doing it for the money. Vern wants to be a chef. Rei wants to be a pilot. Ale is on the run from the law. They get a once in a lifetime chance to dance on a military ship for a serious amount of money. But as they say, when things seem too good to be true... Sex with a great plot equals a fabulous book you shouldn’t pass up! From the first page where we learn Vern is wearing a chef’s hat over his, um, privates and he’s about to be shot into space, to the last page, I was enthralled. This book is so much fun, it’s also sexy, action packed and yeah, there are the feels. They are so much more than strippers and I love how the story unfolds to show the reader this. The title pulled me in and I’m happy to stay the story kept me in place. And the miniature chef hats is such a great image, especially with the three of them running down the hallways with them on. That ending is so beautiful and seriously sexy. Dick, It’s What’s For Dinner is a perfect balance of sexy and story with some sci fi action thrown in. Read this book!

Love Bytes
Written by Donna on 25th Nov 2015

This is my first James Cox experience, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint at all. I’ve seen plenty of this author’s books reviewed on our blog and figured that eventually I’d get around to reading one (I have a very demanding reading schedule

Prism Book Alliance
Written by Queue on 23rd Nov 2015

I’ve been known to mark a book down for too much sex, but this is the first time I’ve done for not having enough sex. It’s not that I can’t enjoy a book without explicit scenes, but in this case I thought I was getting an erotic tale, not a story basically about stripping. Based on just the title I assumed there would be lots of sex in the story but that was not the case. I think a different title and better marketing would’ve fit the story better. On top of that the story, while not written badly, just wasn’t that great. The story centers around three friends; Vern, Ale and Rei. They work at a stripper bar but accept a job on a ship that will earn them a great deal of money. Even on the ship they’re strippers though this time they’re cooking at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good strip show but reading about them isn’t nearly as exciting as watching them. There isn’t much sex until the end of the book when the three men finally admit their feelings. Before that it’s some JO scenes, stripping and one scene with an innovative sex toy. I might’ve enjoyed this book more if I wasn’t expecting more balls to the wall sex than slow-building romance between three men.

Delicious !
Written by LeeAnn P on 13th Nov 2015

There is so much going on in this book and all of it enjoyable to read. I thought I knew what was going to happen and with whom, but then a curve ball would get thrown. There is sexy dancing, danger, intrigue, cooking, major flirting and good old fashioned lusting after. I will only say this....this books keeps you on your toes and rooting for something to happen between these three friends. These three hot, sexy and VERY entertaining men make it well worth the wait. So do yourself a favor and buy this book !

Loved It!
Written by Dale Federico on 7th Nov 2015

I can always count on James Cox to take me on an adventuress journey into space with the hottest horniest men! His story's are hot, sexy, fun and intriguing! A must read! I loved it!

Loved it
Written by Jeffrey David Doyon on 1st Nov 2015

Bought it for the title. Found out it was a really good read. Enjoyable characters and an original story. This was a really good read.

Sexy hot cooking in space!!!
Written by Anne Bock on 31st Oct 2015

And James Cox did it again! A sizzling, steamy and sexy adventure in space with three handsome hunks and a lot of action and fun. And some romance, of course. I love that mixture and the typical Cox-charme this book has, it just hooked me instantly and I couldn't put it down till I knew, if or if not these three would have their HEA. And those litlle chef hats! I don't think I could look at a chef wearing one in the future without grining or giggling like a lunatic! If you're searching for a sci-fi adventure with some hot guys, that's the little precious for you to get!

Another wonderful book by an amazing writer
Written by Amazon Customer on 28th Oct 2015

Another wonderful book by an amazing writer. Once I opened the book I didn't want to put it down. I'm sad that I read it so fast. This is one book that I will recommend to my friends.