Don't Bring a Cannibal to Dinner by James Cox

Heat Level 3
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A Cox Fairytale, 3

What are you willing to sacrifice for true love?

Harris and Grant were both raised in an orphanage. They’ve known beatings, starvation—and falling in love. When the dangers become too great, they run away into the dark woods, and they come across a cottage made completely of sweet treats. What could one taste hurt? Well, it stirs the handsome witch that lives inside. Fearing his wrath, they run straight into the brutal orphanage owner they were fleeing from before. Their unlikely hero is none other than the witch, but does the handsome magician want to save them or devour them? As it turns out, a bit of both. 

But when the cottage the witch is bound to is set on fire, Harris and Grant face a terrible decision. For the only way the witch can be free is by eating one of their hearts… 

Be Warned: m/m sex, multiple partners



Harris lurched back. “What … what are you doing?” he whispered.

“Trust me. You’re going to like it.” Grant grinned and shuffled closer. He stuck his tongue out and gave the tip of Harris’s cock a lick.

“Oh.” Harris closed his eyes.

Grant did it again.

“Oh my.” His head fell back.

Grant opened wide and took the tip of his dick in, along his tongue, and it tasted good. Salty and a little weird, but he’d never tasted a cock besides his own before.

“Ow!” Harris jolted back.


“I think, I think your teeth…” He blushed and nibbled on his bottom lip.

Oh, Grant hadn’t thought of that. “Sorry.”

Harris shrugged. He stood there naked, looking awkward. His cock was shiny with spit.

“Let me try again?”

“Open your mouth wider,” Dec yelled. He sounded closer this time. Maybe the settee. “Use your lips more, and for fuck’s sake, suck.”

Harris shoved his hands over his face in embarrassment.

Grant was honestly just thankful for the pointers. “Thanks, man!”

“Maybe we shouldn’t…” Harris was saying.

Grant crawled closer, grabbing Harris’s beautiful cock and lowering his face. The moment his mouth touched flesh he suckled.

Harris gasped loudly and smacked backward into the wall.

Nice! Grant did it again, sucking and trying to keep go easy with his teeth. He stroked the length up and down. Doing this was making him squirm. He wanted to reach down and touch himself, but he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on making Harris happy. Grant licked back and forth along that slit, enjoying the little drops of cum. He sucked again, sliding his hand up and down Harris’s thighs. This was so sexy, so hot, so unbelievable stimulating. His balls almost hurt with the need to orgasm.

“I … I…” Harris managed.

“He’s going to come,” Dec said from the other side of the curtain.

Oh. Yes! Grant started stroking faster and swirled his tongue only along the tip. Then cum was spraying from Harris’s cock. It splattered on Grant’s cheek and in his mouth, and then it dribbled down that long cock.

Harris gasped, and his hand smacked the cookie wall as he let out a soft groan.

Grant let go of his cock and swiped at his face, then stared up at Harris. “Good?”

Harris sputtered, “More than good.”

Grant had the urge to wiggle his eyebrows and tell everyone how fast he made Harris come. The only one around was Dec, and he was pretty sure the witch already knew. Grant shifted to his feet and leaned into Harris. Warm flesh met warmer flesh as their mouths met. This felt so right, so perfect. Grant slid his hands to Harris’s ass and pressed their bodies even closer together. “You’re so gorgeous.”

Harris scoffed and grinned. “I told you, you need spectacles.”

Grant laughed and hugged him. His cock was poking against the other man like a stick.

“Did you … um, did you want me to … you know … try?” Harris managed to stutter that out.

Hell yes! “If you want to.” Grant knew how to handle Harris. Gently. That always worked. Carefully and gently.

Harris licked his bottom lip, his cheeks so red he looked fevered, and then he lowered to his knees.

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TBR Pile
Written by Bella on 17th Jul 2019

Don't Bring a Cannibal to Dinner ... yes, that's the real title. I really shouldn't expect anything less from James Cox! Harris and Grant (Hansel and Gretel, I assume) are in a terrible orphanage. They decide to runaway but wolves and the cruel orphanage owner find them. They're saved by a witch of all things! These two inexperienced lovers don't know if they can trust the witch or not but it doesn't bode well when the witch demands one of their hearts to be set free. Wow! Okay so. Harris and Grant are adorable! They've never even kissed each other or anyone else and their inexperience is endearing. I so enjoyed their unsure touches. When they meet Dec, the witch, it's like sparks lit up ... but only for Grant. Now Harris is feeling awkward and lost. Neither of them know if they can trust Grant. The orphange owner catches up to them. There is so much going on in such a short book and it really keeps the story going. Add to that the sex scenes. They're very hot! My favorite is the first blowjob scene. Oh my God, I laughed, cringed, blushed. So good! As always James Cox provides a unique read with lots of heat. That ending! That twist! Shocking and fantastic. This is the third book in the series and each can be read as stand alone. So far, I've read all three and I think this series is just getting better with each addition. Love m/m romance? Love fairytales? Love sex? Just read this. You won't be disappointed!

Long & Short Reviews
Written by Moonflower on 10th Jul 2019

Orphanages always have a bad reputation in stories, and this one is no exception. Grant and Harris have been lifelong friends, but have only just built up the courage to tell each other how they really feel. Grant is the brawn of the two, whilst Harris is the brains. This isn’t me just saying that – it’s what they say themselves! Throw a mad witch into the mix, and anything is possible. This was only a quick read, but there was plenty of detail in there – from the viciousness of Mr D, to the loneliness of the witch, to the fumbling feelings between our two MC’s. The pacing is smooth, and there were no plot holes to fall through. The descriptions are vivid enough that you can see what is going on, and who is doing what. This was a great take on Hansel and Gretel, and I thoroughly enjoyed both the ending and the epilogue. Definitely worth a read, and absolutely recommended by me.

Written by Love Bytes Book Reviews on 19th Jun 2019

I haven’t gotten the chance to read a whole lot of James’s stories, but the ones I’ve read, I’ve absolutely loved. His twists on fairy tales have been fascinating. And I’ve loved the characters. I remember reading the one with Belle being the bad guy and that was awesome. Anyway, this was his twisted version of Hansel and Gretel and it was so good. I will say his also, of the stories I’ve read of James’s, they all have had a dark element to them so if you have triggers, be careful. This one has issues with abuse and beatings. Grant has one more week. Just one more week and he can finally leave the orphanage and get out from under Mr. D’s beatings. But it’s Harris he’s scared for. And he has every right to be. Harris still has a month to go, and Mr. D just got him good for breaking a dish. Grant read an article about capturing or killing the evil witch in the forest for a hefty reward, so maybe if they escape and so that, they will be ok. Well, they escape and find the cottage, but things aren’t quite as they seem. The witch, Dec, seems like a really good guy. But when Mr. D catches up to them and sets the cottage on fire to kill ALL of them, what Dec asks of them is too much. But they’re trapped with nowhere to turn…. I wish Harris would have let Grant go stab Mr. D. But then I get where Harris was coming from. He was worried and scared. I was so happy when they got to escape. By escaping, it also gave a chance for their relationship to blossom. They’ve loved each other for years. But the witch was deceiving them, Mr. D was catching up to them, and what did they do? I felt so bad for them. They just wanted a chance at life. To be free from beatings and to love each other. Just sweet boys dealt a shitty life. But they say karma is a bitch. I’ll let you read and find out why. It’s a great short story. I haven’t read the second one yet but the first one was great too. They fun twists on childhood stories and I love them. I wonder who will be next.

Written by Lorraine Lesar on 25th May 2019

4.5* .....if you bring a cannibal to dinner, you know that sooner or later, you’re going to get eaten. There are not many authors that get away with writing a mere 70+ pages and get a 4.5* review from me. The Cox is one of the few. He successfully debauched some of our favourite childhood fairytales, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before Hansel and Gretel got their Cox-makeover. And trust me on this one, it was some makeover! Loved the first two books of the Series and this one was no exception. James Cox really is a master of the word building with his now infamous quickies. And I just want to mention poor Dec. I know I am going to be in the minority here, but I actually felt a bit bad about him

Fresh take on the old fairy tale
Written by Gerbera on 25th May 2019

This was an interesting retelling of Hansel & Gretel that features two young men on the run, a devious witch who made me like him and marshmallow furniture. I enjoyed Harris and Grant's developing feelings, their explorations of each other which at times were quite amusing. I actually liked Dec, the mad witch, and I thought that maybe he was a bit misunderstood. Even when some of his past was disclosed in the end, I wondered if with solid friendship and help he would have been ok. This was less steamy than I thought, but the way Harris and Grant fumbled and figured out where everything went and fit was what made the story charming for me. So, I liked the story and how it ended. I recommend it.