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Labeled, 2

It’s been an entire month since Shayler Thompson has orgasmed from something not made out of silicone. If her sour mood is any indication, she needs to get laid like yesterday. So when she walks up to a sexy nerd at the bar and propositions him, it seems like a great idea. Until he rejects her and calls her easy.

Still reeling from his hurtful words, Shayler is surprised to find that the nerd, David, is a Teaching Assistant for the one college class she’s totally embarrassing herself in. When he offers to help her study, she accepts, thinking that maybe she’ll get laid after all. But David isn’t into casual sex, and Shayler refuses any sort of commitment. With enough chemistry to set his dumb Prius on fire, she’s sure one of them will eventually give in…she just really hopes it won’t be her.



“I’ve never brought anyone here before,” she confessed. “Aside from friends, I mean. No guys.”

“Why?” He sat down next to her.

“Because if a guy comes over, it’s likely they’ll want to take a shower and stay overnight and have breakfast like they’re the fucking mouse in that kids book about rodents eating cookies.”

He pushed back a piece of her hair and lifted her chin so that she was looking at him. “But you want me here.”



“Good? That’s it? You’re not gonna keep asking me why?”

“Not unless you want me to.”

“No, but—”

“I don’t care why you want me here,” he said, his tone firm. “I only care that you want me.”

His words simmered in her veins until she couldn’t take it anymore. Sitting up taller, she hooked her arms around his neck and brought herself closer to him. His breath was hot on her face, and his hands were even hotter on her waist. She grazed her lips on his, the tension so delicate that she feared it could be shattered.

Goosebumps ran up and down her bare arms and legs, and she shook softly. He closed the small gap and moved his mouth gently with hers. The kiss burned slowly through her, starting in the pit of her stomach and growing outward until she was sure she’d turn into a pile of ashes.

He cradled her head with one hand, but the other stayed on her waist. It was so sweet, reminiscent of a first kiss. Not the kind she’d had, when she’d gone to a pool party in sixth grade and someone had dared Jeremy Adams to kiss her, but like in the movies, when two kids knew they were meant for one another and shared a kiss in their early years. It was unsure, unsteady, but life altering.

Shayler moved forward, knocking David onto her pillows as she took the opportunity to straddle him. It was a natural position, one she was used to. But different. She wasn’t thinking about how her stomach looked, if she was working hard enough, or wondering if she tasted like the pizza she’d had for lunch.

All that mattered were his arms wrapped around her, his body underneath her, and his gaze that pierced into hers when she rested her forehead on his in order to take a breath. It was more consuming than anything she’d done before. And she had this awful feeling that all those years she’d spent thinking she was living were really spent waiting for this one moment, when she was finally alive.

David’s hands slipped under her shirt and stroked her spine. Shayler arched into him, holding on tighter. As he ran his fingers over her hips and back, Shayler let out a shuddering breath, unable to close her eyes.

He was beautiful. He was … everything. Her chest tightened, and she searched his face. Words had lodged themselves in her throat, and no matter how hard she thought, she couldn’t figure out what they were, couldn’t spit them out. They stayed on her tongue.

“Shayler,” he whispered.

She struggled to keep herself pushed up, her elbows shaking the longer she stayed there. But she wanted to keep looking at him, to keep hearing him.

“Shayler,” he repeated a little louder. “I love you.”

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Spicy College Read
Written by Kelli N. Delp on 2nd Feb 2018

4 Star Review Easy, the second novel in the Labeled Book Series by Jordan S Gray is a smoldering standalone novel. Although it’s part of a series, it can be read as an individual novel. It’s told by the main character Shayler point of view, but all side characters are very well developed and are a big part of the story. Shayler Thompson, a sassy redheaded spitfire who is not looking for any kind of long term commitment nor is she looking for anything past one night. She’s impulsive and messy in life. But, when the gorgeous nerd David turns her down after she approaches him in a bar, she can’t stop thinking of him. “Her body was so lonely that it’d tricked her into crushing on someone who should’ve been an easy target. It was the only explanation for the fluttering that lingered in her stomach. At least, it was the only one she’d accept.” There’s nothing messy and complicated in David’s life. He’s a very black and white with no gray areas in between kind of man. But, Shayler is a puzzle that he can’t seem to figure out. She refuses commitment of any kind and he wants nothing more than some kind of commitment from her. She never expected to run into the handsome geek David, especially at college, but as luck would have it, David is one of her TA’s in college. When her professor advises her she needs to shape up in class and take it seriously, David offers to tutor her if she will spend Friday nights with him. “His texts made her smile. His voice made her light-headed. His touch made her body ignite from the inside out. Obviously, that wasn’t normal and meant something…” She just wants to get laid. He thinks she’s too easy. She refuses any kind of commitment. He wants total commitment. Can they meet in the middle or will one of them finally give in? “You can’t guilt me with your love. You can’t change me.” Any kind of relationship is never easy especially for two opposites who are insanely attracted to each other but want two very different things in life. Can David show Shayler what it’s like to be pursued by a man who sees beyond just her stunningly beautiful looks? Can he prove to her that a relationship can be fun and not boring? If you are looking for a spicy college read with an epilogue and a happily ever after, then I recommend Easy. The chemistry between the characters is passionate and the buildup between them is off the charts.

This is not your typical romance
Written by Amanda Donoho on 2nd Feb 2018

This is not your typical romance. Shayler is a fun-loving, life of the party kind of girl who is carefree and likes it that way. She is not afraid to admit that she sleeps around and has a blast doing it. She’s used to getting what she wants, and she isn’t shy about how she gets it, she would be the first to admit that she loves sex, and doesn’t care about who it’s with, she has never had a dry spell since getting mono in high school, so when she gets rejected not once or twice but several times she resorts to drastic measures, and thinks she may have been cursed. After a month of orgasms only being produced by something made of silicone she is getting more and more desperate. When Shayler sees one of the guys who rejected her in class, and not just any guy but the one who started the whole rejection curse David McPherson, not only did David reject her but he also called her easy. She is getting rejected by more men, and her desperation to get laid is increasing day by day. And to top it all she is informed that she needs to declare a major, or else she would run out of her scholarship but she has not yet decided what she wants to do. Then one day, David offers to help her study and soon her world turns upside down. The dialogue is literally laugh out loud funny with great banter between the characters. For being so early in Gray’s writing career, her writing it mature and developed – pulling the reader in and wrapping them up in the blanket of the story. David and Shayler have passion, humor, and arguments just like real people do – making the characters all the more relatable and helping the reader become more involved.

5 Stars ***** Easy is book 2 of the Labeled series by Jordan ...
Written by M Schaub on 2nd Feb 2018

Easy is book 2 of the Labeled series by Jordan S. Gray and the first book that I have read by this author, but OMG I can’t wait for more. Shayler is a college student that is determined to live life to its fullest, have fun and commit to no one and nothing. She can’t even commit to a major, which she recently found out was a problem. This puts a cramp in her style because she doesn’t like going to classes regularly and all she wants to do is party, have no string-attached sex, rinse and repeat. She decides that is exactly what she is going to do and heads to the bar. She propositions a guy that she has an instant connection to and he flat out turns her down because she is “easy”. David is a TA and a grad student, he doesn’t do casual sex, parties, club any of it but to escape his roommate, he studies at a local bar where he is friends with the bartender. When a beautiful woman who wants sex and only sex approaches him, he turns her down flat. What neither of them expected is that he is the TA in the class she keeps skipping but now has to pass. When he offers her a friendship and a study partner, they both agree but for very different reasons. Will she be able to convince him that no strings attached is the way to go or will he convince her that a relationship is not the end of her freedom? This book had me yelling at Shayler to get her head removed from her butt, and begging David not to give up her on her. I was a wreck waiting to see how it all ended. I highly recommend that you read this book if you love a great book with stubborn characters trying to find their way in the world.

I had such a love hate relationship with this book
Written by Mirela on 2nd Feb 2018

I had such a love hate relationship with this book! I loved the college scene and a lot of the characters. I had a rough time with Shayler she was so different from me, but I loved how Jordan S Gray was able to bring her to life for me. Shayler was a full picture and I could not deny that she was so complete. I wanted to take Shayler under my wing and show her the other side to college life. I could totally believe that she was twenty, she acted like most of my friends at that age. I will admit I was and still am a total Rebecca, Shayler’s best friend who is a neat freak and a good student. I did enjoy watching Shayler experience different things and finding out that there is more to the world than what she was used to and when she finally started making small changes I was really happy. I loved David, it is not very often that there is a good looking nerd type character. The more that we found out about him the more I fell in love, and each time he took care of Shayler I swooned a little. The twist really took me for a wild ride, of all the things I could have pictured what really happened just left me shocked. I did not want to believe that one night could really mess up so many different relationships. I will just go ahead and leave it at that and I hope you read it. I felt so satisfied at the end of the book and I really hope that there is going to be a book for all of the girls, they really deserve it.

Easy by Jordan S
Written by Lisette on 2nd Feb 2018

Easy by Jordan S. Gray is the second book of the Labeled Series but may be read as a standalone. This book is about the relationship between Shayler and David and how they are totally different in many ways but still find a way to fall in love, even if it is unconventional for Shayler. Shayler Thompson is a hot, fiery red-head who has become known as the “Easy” girl on her college campus. Always on the hunt for the next party or guy to get in bed, she comes to a point that she goes into a dry spell. Frustrated with her situation and also needing to make a quick decision regarding her major, she meets David, the nerdy but sexy TA (Teacher Assistant) in her Intro to Criminology class. David is not the type of guy that she would normally go for. David is thin but with a slight build, like a swimmers body, but he has something that calls Shayler’s attention; he also is not into casual sex. These two, although total opposites, oozed so much sexual chemistry that it had me wishing they would finally do it. Will David and David move from the “friends zone” to the “love zone?” This is the first book I have read by Jordan S. Gray and I truly enjoyed it. Jordan did a great job with all the supporting actors and I enjoyed the bantering between Shayler and her best friends. I laughed out loud several times while reading this book. I highly recommend Easy as easy, quick, funny read.

Loved this!
Written by moriah venable on 2nd Feb 2018

Easy is the second novel in the Labeled series by Jordan S. Gray. This is my first novel by this author. Shayler Thompson is a fun loving party girl college student who likes to have sex. It's been a month since she last had sex and it's starting to get on her nerves. When she tries to get out of the slump by talking to the sexy nerdy man studying at the bar, she is surprised when he turns her down. She is even more surprised when he turns out to be the Teacher Assistant in one of classes. David offers to help her study for the class. Although he doesn't want the casual sex she is offering, he still wants to be friends. While she doesn't have guy friends, she accepts. The more time she spends with him, the more she realizes she enjoys his company even though they aren't sleeping together. Will she realize she wants more than just a casual hookup or is she set in her ways? I absolutely loved this book. I love romantic comedies in book form. Laughing and crying in happiness always makes for a good memorable read. I loved the relationship between Shayler and David. I haven't read the first book, but I will pretty soon. I hope the author writes another book. I will definitely read it.

Shayler Thompson the fun life of the party type of girl
Written by Tre'Vaughn Gibson on 2nd Feb 2018

This is the second book in the series it can be read as a standalone. Shayler Thompson the fun life of the party type of girl; only have not been going her way. She has hit a slump in her night life. On a normal night she can get whomever she wants just by batting her eyelashes. She need’s to get away from this couple scene and find a sweet release. She see’s a sexy nerd sitting all alone and she decides to walk up to him, she just may have an awesome proposition for him. This is it she thinks as she walks up to him; she will finally get out of her bad mood. Too bad this sexy nerd has the nerve to reject her. Shayler can not get the sexy nerd David’s hurtful words out of her head. She goes to her class still in a bad mood only to find out that her TA of the class is the one and only hurtful sexy nerd. Shayler has just been told by her counselor that she needs to pick a major or her scholarships will dry up. When David hears that she needs help he offers to help her study she accepts his offer. She decides her life needs to change in more ways than one. This was definitely an easy read that was funny. I liked the growth of the characters as well. You can stay the same while also exploring a new you.

Great story and great characters must read!
Written by jessica rickerson on 2nd Feb 2018

I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review. I did not start off with the 1St book as this can be read as a stand alone. But I will be reading the 1St one because this book was amazing. The author writes with such a depth of detail. Easy is about a girl who is all about sex and not love. That is until she meets David who turns her down and there starts Shaylers issues. She can't seem to get anyone who wants her. She hits her dry spells. David has a family that could scare anyone away but when two people fall in love is that enough to make the love bloom? My only criticism is that to my the main guy (David) and another character (Derek) have two rather close names and at times I had to sit and remember which one Shayler was involved with. Other than that this book was amazing and kept you coming back for more and not wanting to put the book down. Will keep reading this authors works a must follow author for sure!! Review from naughty girl book blog

Easy Author Jordan S Gray 5 Stars Shayla Thompson was ...
Written by Sue on 2nd Feb 2018

Easy Author Jordan S Gray 5 Stars Shayla Thompson was not having what one would say was a good day. Once again, she had missed her Criminology class blaming a faulty alarm, so now she was even further behind in her class work. What makes the day worse is that Becca her best friend had again brought her boyfriend out on a girl’s night. Deciding she had, had enough of this lovey stuff she was going to find someone to take her home for the night. There she spied David sitting in the booth going through his text books. Making her way to him she starts talking to him and he asks what does she want and she tells him she wanted him. Absolutely shocked when he tells her no she asks why and he kind of said she was easy. He tried to explain that he really didn’t mean that but she got in a huff and left. When she finally made it to her Criminology class she was sort of horrified to see David in her class. Shayla not giving up on David spoke with him after class and he still told her no but did offer to help her lift her grades in the class. She was surprised to find out on their first study night that they were doing study and not fooling around like she had hoped. Eventually she had to admit there was more to David than she thought and was enjoying the time they had together, but she had had enough of him turning her down so asked him why. He told her he doesn’t do casual and that’s just the way he is. With all their study times Shayla noticed her grades were starting to pick up and not only that the more time she spent with David the more she enjoyed his company, but he was still telling her no. Shayla started to complain that she had not been with any one in thirty-two days, she also noticed that was about the time she had met David. Shayler could not work out why Becca would want to settle down so early in life and with Derek of all people. There was no way she was going to be doing this anytime soon. David and Shayler started spending more time together and some of this time did not include school books. Shayler also noticed that when she wasn’t with David she missed him and some days mossed him a lot. With spending so much time together David eventually told Shayler that he was falling in love with. Well what was she to do with this info? She was not going to love any one, not for a long time yet all she wanted to do was to have fun. David invited her to go to a formal dinner at the Deans house explaining that other professors and TA’s (the professors’ helpers) would also be at this dinner. She was enjoying herself to her surprise and through dinner she excused herself from the table and went to the bathroom. But when she was leaving the professor from her class blocked her exit and got nasty with her, telling he she was no good for David and that he could do better. Being upset she left the dinner and phoned a friend to come pick her up. When she got home, Becca came over to speak with her but as she was still upset from the dinner she got nasty with Becca and told her to leave. Later that night still upset she decided to go to the club for a drink. Derek eventually found her and wanted to know why she had upset Becca, instead of answering him in her anger she grabbed him and kissed him. Backing away Derek wiped the kiss off his mouth and left the club. Feeling bad Shayler went to see Becca to say sorry, but Becca was angry, slapped her and shut the door. Leaving there she went to David’s he asked her what she wanted and when she told him what she had done, he told her that he couldn’t do this anymore and told her goodbye. Going back to her dorm room she packed a bag and drove to her parents’ house and spent a couple of days there. While there she realized, she loved David but it was too late now she had pushed him too far and he told her to go. She also missed Becca just Becca a lot. Now she had to work out how to get them both back. But would Becca ever forgive her for kissing Derek? Could she possibly win back the man she now knew she loved? Only time would tell.

Amazing Read!!!
Written by Lucy Berson on 2nd Feb 2018

An easy and enjoyed 4.5 star read for Easy, Labeled Book 2, by Jordan S. Gray. This is the first book I have read by this author and I can honestly say that I absolutely enjoyed it. In this book we meet Shayler, who is a typical college student, having fun and partying. She is a very attractive girl so she usually has no problem finding a willing and available companion. That is until she is out at a bar one night with her friends and approaches a guy. She all but throws herself at him but he tells her that she isn't his type and proceeds to tell her the easy type isn't for him. He wants more than easy sex and wants an actual relationship. Shayler figures what better way to get over rejection than to get under someone else. Only every guy she approaches, proceeds to tell her easy isn't becoming. As if that isn't enough, she get called into her counselor and is told if she doesn't pick a major soon, her aide will run out. Her only logical choice is to actually start going to class and doing the work. When she goes into her class, not only is she completely lost, she sees the guy that called her easy. There are so many twists and turns and times that had me emotional and in tears and the next second I was literally laughing out loud. This book had every single component that I look for in a book. It had laughs and tears, romance and hot sex and it had drama. I can only hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did!! You will not be sorry, and I so look forward to seeing what else is in store for us!!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series!!!
Written by J.L.L. on 2nd Feb 2018

I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily wrote an honest review. I have been so looking forward to reading more in this series because I floved book 1 in this series. But oh my, where do I start! Shayler is the exact polar opposite of Rebecca and as they say opposites attract. So that must explain how the two became best friends! I am still baffled to think that this is just the second novel written by this very talented author. Ms. Gray writes like a seasoned author. The story-line flows so effortlessly and never once feels forced nor does it get 7 or 8 chapters in and stall out. She has all the elements of a five star read, one minute the story almost makes you tear up and the next minute you are busting out laughing at something that Shayler does or says. Shayler is definitely a free spirit and when she wants something she is not shy about going after it! Of course the character development is stellar. In book 1 we were given a glimpse of these characters but just enough to tease us. Ms. Gray has a knack for just giving us enough information about someone that makes us wonder and stew about them. Enough to have our minds imagining a story-line for them and wondering if there will be a book in the future about them. She definitely can get us hooked and keeps us waiting

Easy (Labeled Book 2) by Jordan S
Written by Bobbi Jo Wagner on 2nd Feb 2018

Easy (Labeled Book 2) by Jordan S. Gray is the second story in the Labeled series. This story is about learning to come to terms with who you really are. This story is funny, excitement and is sassy. This story will show you what happens when you have two people with totally different views on life. This is a story where the characters will come to life right off the pages. Shayler Thompson is a college student who is sassy and thinks the world evolves around her. She is known to the party world as being easy. What will happen when she realizes this? One night she tries to pick up a nerdy guy and she is insulted when he refuses to sleep with her because she is too easy. How will she react to that? Will she handle the rejection? What happens when she has had to much to drink one night and he helps her? What will she do when she goes to class and the same guy is the TA? She embarrasses herself, will she get over it? When he offers to help her study, will she accept his offer? Will he finally sleep with her? David is a Teaching Assistant for college classes and doesn't believe in casual sex. What will happen when he rejects her? What will he do when he is sent to help her in the bathroom? He is still willing to be friends with her but is that enough for her? He is the complete opposite of her, will this effect the friendship he is offering? Shayler and David's story is one of friendship with a chance of romance. He is patient and she is sassy and a handful but are they meant to be together? She doesn't do commitment and friendships with men, will he change her mind? Will they mean more to each other then just friends? Will they allow themselves to find out what the future has in store for them? Their story is one where it will pull you into their world of friendship and sexual tension. You will need to see what happens to them! This is my first story by Jordan S. Gray. Jordan is a mother, college student and writer. She never grew out of the emo stage and a must have for writing is coffee, punk music and Taylor Swift. This story is a fast fun reading story that will have you turning page after page. You will love how Shayler and David learn about themselves and each other. I highly suggest this story as I know you will love it as much as I have.

This book made me laugh, cringe, squirm and feel hot!
Written by UsedtobeCranky on 2nd Feb 2018

4.5 Stars Wow...what did I just read? Easy is the next book after “Prude” and man, it’s a complete reversal to Ms Gray’s debut novel. We read about sweet, innocent Becca in book one and I fell in love with her. This one however is all about Shayler and she does not have an innocent cell inside or outside her luscious body! Did I fall in love with this book? Hell, yeah! The story starts off where Prude ended, Becca and Derek are together and their love is making Shayler nauseated. So much so that she needed to find a man to vent out her frustrations on. Bed partners had always been easy for Shayler. All she had to do was flash her sexy smile, crook her finger and men come running. Or they did, until a hot geek named David crossed her path. Suddenly, the tables are turned and Shayler found herself being blocked left and right and curiously attracted to somebody completely out of her league. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I can’t remember the number of times I yelled “No, Shayler! NO!” as I read through her shenanigans. All the characters I came to love from book 1 were all present making it feel like a happy reunion. Also, the setting is so current, every person so relatable making me feel like I was actually part of the story instead of a spectator. And David...this guy not only made me fall in love with him, he also made me smile. He’s such a wonder. If you want to laugh, cringe, squirm, feel HOT and finish a book with a smile on your face...look no further and grab this marvel from Jordan

Must read!!
Written by Kelle Baker on 2nd Feb 2018

I can not say enough good things about this book!! It is an emotional rollercoaster. Have your tissues ready and be prepared to laugh out loud! Shayler is defiantly someone I can see being best friends with. This book is about her road to maturity. She is a twenty year old college student who loves who she is. Shayler is a strong, independent woman who regrets nothing and stands up for what she believes in. She is faithful to her friends through and through. Shayler doesn't do relationships. She enjoys friends with benefits and one night stands. This college student loves to party and go clubbing and has no qualms with getting drunk and missing class. She is beauty and brains, but doesn't like to show the intelligent side. She does enough to get by in class and it takes little effort on her part. Shayler loves her life until a month dry spell and a few guys calling her EASY, makes her rethink everything. That is when she meets David. A TA in her intro to criminology class turns her world and her thinking upside down. He wants to be friends. She has plenty of close girlfriends, but no guy friends. How is being a friend with a male going to work? Shayler starts this journey of friendship and it turns out she develops feelings for him. This isn't the Shayler everyone knows and loves! She is fearful of what her life is going to become! She doesn't do love or relationships! She gets scared and does some stupid stuff along the way. After her best friend gets engaged she starts running and hiding from everyone. She isn't that person who is going to grow up and become an adult. A must read book about friendship and growing up. I love the relationship she has with her best friends and felt like I was one of them as I was reading this story. A well written story!

Loved It
Written by wagner82 on 6th Feb 2017

I loved Shayler's story! Couldn't read it fast enough! Better than the first in the series, and I absolutely loved it, too

Fun read!
Written by JBenoit on 29th Jan 2017

Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict. A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. “And what’s the problem with being easy, anyway?” Anger flooded her veins, allowing her the energy to sit up on her own. “So what if I like sex? News-{censored}-flash, it feels good. Anyone who’s had an actual orgasm knows that. So why am I being judged for it?” Party girl, fun loving, college student Shayler Thompson thinks she might be losing her groove. It’s been over a month since she’s slept with anyone and it’s really getting on her nerves, especially watching her best friend be all lovey dovey with her new boyfriend. When she spots a sexy nerd studying alone at a bar she thinks he’s the just the thing that she needs to get out of her slump. What she doesn’t expect is for him to turn her down flat and call her out for being easy and therefore not his type. Shayler tries to let the insult roll off her but she can’t seem to shake it and is surprised to learn that the sexy nerd is actually the Teacher Assistant in the class where she just royally embarrassed herself. David, the sexy nerd, doesn’t want the casual sex she’s offering but he is still willing to be friends and even goes so far as to offer to help her study for the class. She accepts, even though she insists that she doesn’t have guy friends. However, the more time they spend together, the more she can’t imagine him not being in her life, even if they aren’t having sex. As the sexual tension continues to rise, it’s only a matter of time before one of them cracks and when that happens will Shayler be able to consider that maybe David can mean more to her than just a casual hookup? Or is she too set in her ways to even consider anything more between them? I thought this was a pretty fun read. Shayler was basically a hot mess and some of the stuff she said/did was pretty outrageous. Basically, she couldn’t have been more opposite from me personally, so in that regard it was a little hard for me to relate to her (I haven’t read Prude yet, book 1 in this series, but I can already tell that Rebecca would be more my speed!). That being said though, it was still entertaining to see her try to work through all of the changes popping up in her life. I won’t say she necessarily matured over the course of the story, well maybe a little, but she did it kicking and screaming. I really enjoyed David’s character, he was charming and sweet and he proved to be very patient with Shayler, even when she maybe didn’t deserve it. I will say that the sexual tension between these two was excellently done. There was such a build up to even just a kiss, they had a lot of chemistry and I found myself with butterflies as things progressed between them. I would have loved to have gotten some of David’s POV, I thought that since the book was written in third person that we would have had a blend but it ended up being all Shayler. I also would have loved a little backstory for both of them, like why was Shayler so anti-relationship and anti-love? Her aversion to these things was so strong that I would have expected something big that would have led her to those beliefs other than just wanting to be young and free. But those things aside, this was still a fun read. Like I said, I haven’t read Prude yet, but I wasn’t too lost. There were a lot of people to try to keep track of, I still don’t think I have Shayler’s roommates straight, but that’s ok. If you have read Prude, I think you will enjoy seeing the amount of Rebecca and Derek in this book. I wished there was a bit more to the ending, but perhaps we’ll see more of Shayler and David in Ansley’s book? If you’re looking for a light, fun read with a wild and crazy heroine and a sweet, unassuming hero then check this out!

It’s Easy to love this book! You can’t help but root for Shayler and David.
Written by ViolinVixen on 27th Jan 2017

Possible spoilers ahead…It’s also very long – sorry I got carried away. :) Shayler is a fun-loving, life of the party kind of girl. She’s young, carefree and she likes it that way. She sleeps around. She’s notorious for getting wasted and then spending the night/morning vomiting on whoever or whatever is around her. She’s also a good friend; loyal, patient and understanding. Shayler’s a good student and is at college on a partial scholarship that she’s in danger of losing due to her lack of direction. She’s still getting mostly good grades, despite her numerous absences, but she hasn’t declared a major. Mostly, because she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. Shayler has never felt ashamed about her lifestyle and is unapologetic and unfiltered in general when expressing her opinions, but the night she met David, his words stopped her in her tracks. She was out for a girl’s night and ticked off that her best friend Rebecca had brought her new boyfriend to intrude on their girl time, again. Like horny newlyweds, Rebecca and Derek were constantly all over each other and continuously making sickening PDAs. Single gal Shayler needed a breather from the love-in, so she picked a target and headed over to meet her fun for the night. Hot Guy (David) was minding his own business studying and she approached him to flirt and hopefully find her next one-night stand. He was not interested. At. All. Shayler was flabbergasted and demanded to know why and the answer was one she won’t soon forget. When it happens to her a couple of more times in the coming evenings, she’s left confused, frustrated and ashamed. She didn’t think she was “Easy”. She thought she was a normal, fun-loving college girl who enjoyed sex. Shayler started feeling bad about some of her choices and was second guessing her lifestyle; not enough not to flirt shamelessly with the George Clooney-esque prof, but enough to pause the revolving door on her bedroom for the time being. David ends up being her TA in a class she’s struggling in due to her absences. After her prof tells her that he thinks she can’t handle the class and that she’s all beauty and no brains, she becomes determined to prove him wrong and David offers to help her out. Shayler is still embarrassed about him rejecting her, but they get along well and she needs the help, so she reluctantly agrees. The more time David and Shayler spend together, the more they like each other. They become friends, Shayler stops sleeping around completely and David starts to fall hard. Shayler is scared though. She might enjoy spending time with him, but they haven’t even had sex yet and she’s sure not ready to act like an old married couple like her friends are. Shayler softens to David slowly and starts letting her guard down. She’s surprised that she enjoys holding hands and making out, even without it leading to anything immediately. Don’t get me wrong, these two do eventually end up in bed and they are HOT together, but David wants to be sure that before they have sex, Shayler knows that he cares for her and loves her for more than just a hook-up. This book is so good. Like, so, so good. I have to admit, I didn’t love Shayler in Prude, the first book in this series, but now that I’ve gotten to know her more, I feel like I understand her much better and spent much of the book wishing I could take away her self-doubt and fears. Throughout this story Shayler finds herself, learns to love herself and starts to figure out where her life is heading. David is just a great leading man! He’s not only the sweetest book boyfriend I’ve read in a while, but he respects Shayler so much and wants her to see herself as he sees her –clever, witty, caring and beautiful. Of course it also doesn’t hurt that he’s hot, nerdy and sexy too! The writing by this author is so smart and funny. The dialogue and banter between David and Shayler is fabulous and the reader can feel the sexual tension seeping from the pages as they grow closer. This is not your run of the mill, nerd falling in love with the party girl, college love story. “Easy” has strong characters, some stomach churning angst and so much heart. This is a standalone novel, within a series. It’s book 2 in the series. The first book Prude was also incredible and tells Rebecca and Derek’s story, which is continued in this book. You don’t need to read Prude to love Easy, but I highly recommend reading it! No cliffhanger. Happily ever after. Smart and sexy friends to lovers romance. Sorry that this got to be so long. When I’m really passionate about something I tend to ramble on. If you made it this far…thanks! <3 It’s Easy to love this book! You can’t help but root for Shayler and David. I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Great story and great characters must read!
Written by jessica rickerson on 27th Jan 2017

I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review. I did not start off with the 1St book as this can be read as a stand alone. But I will be reading the 1St one because this book was amazing. The author writes with such a depth of detail. Easy is about a girl who is all about sex and not love. That is until she meets David who turns her down and there starts Shaylers issues. She can't seem to get anyone who wants her. She hits her dry spells. David has a family that could scare anyone away but when two people fall in love is that enough to make the love bloom? My only criticism is that to my the main guy (David) and another character (Derek) have two rather close names and at times I had to sit and remember which one Shayler was involved with. Other than that this book was amazing and kept you coming back for more and not wanting to put the book down. Will keep reading this authors works a must follow author for sure!! Review from naughty girl book blog

Loved Prude? You&#039;ll love Easy!
Written by Lisa M. Mandina on 27th Jan 2017

This story featured one of the friends of the main character in Prude, and we were left knowing it would be her in the epilogue of that book. Shayler is our main character, she was one of Rebecca's best friends from the first book. As the titles of both books describe their main characters, Shayler was the wild, party girl, considered easy by guys. Up until lately, that's been her M.O., she goes out to the bars, picks up guys, goes home with them for one night, maybe more, but usually not. She's not looking for a relationship, and in fact just being around her best friend Rebecca and her boyfriend Derek is nauseating to Shayler. Unfortunately for Shayler, she's hit quite the dry spell, a whole month, where she's had to rely on her vibrator for her orgasms. She can't seem to get the guys to go home with her. Only the ones that she knows want more than just a casual relationship, and the creepy older bartender seem to be interested. So when she sees a sexy, kinda nerdy guy at the bar one night, she heads over, pretty sure he'll be a definite conquest for the evening. However, he turns her down flat, doesn't even seem interested at all when she comes over and flirts with him, tells her he's not interested in that type of relationship, or lack of relationship. He even calls her easy. And from that moment on, Shayler feels like he put some kind of curse on her. The next time she goes hit on a guy at a bar, she gets the same kind of reaction, well, they don't pay much attention to her, and they basically call her easy as well. But it's not only her love life that seems to be going downhill, turns out in order to stay at school with her scholarships, she has to pick a major. Shayler has no idea what she wants to do.Read more ›

Easy does it
Written by t. garcia on 27th Jan 2017

She doesn't do relationships, he doesn't do casual sex. This is a fun story, about friendship and coming to terms with who you are. I read it in one sitting because each character came to life and I needed to know to what was going to happen. He's patient, she's a handful...together they just might work.

Smart and Fun Novel
Written by Readerash on 27th Jan 2017

This was such an interesting book for me to read because it was so against the grain of normal romances. Shayler is an anti-heroine--in the best possible way. She's not your usual meek, virginal wallflower kind of heroine who populates romance novels. She’s a party animal and bad to the bone--yet lovable and huggable as your favorite stuffed toy. Shayler has the best one-liners. I reread a lot of them and highlighted them. She is hilarious and I loved reading her comebacks. What is notable about crafting a heroine like Shayler is that the author gets the slut shaming so prevalent in society and carefully crafts a path to avoid those pitfalls. This novel is a great equalizer of the sexes in the truthful character of Shayler. #teamShayler I wanted to see more of David, the guy, (which is the only thing I miss in this book) because Jordan is excellent at crafting realistic heroes. He was so real I felt like he was somebody I knew in grad school. The thought, care and detail behind Jordan Gray’s character building is just incredible. I also loved Jordan’s realistic depiction of millennials and it truly felt like I was reading about college students. Jordan’s writing is stunningly mature for her debut novels. She has an incredible command over the language and can shake a metaphor, slap an idiom, and twist it around better than anyone in the romance world today. I see a very bright future ahead of Jordan who had a very very very young age has managed to write two excellent novels. Five stars!!! Love the authors writing style. Breath of fresh air. I thoroughly enjoyed Easy and found myself laughing out loud several times.