Fractured Vows by Jade Marshall and Sofia Aves

Heat Level 4
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Part of the Gallo Mafia Empire

Desecrated Love Trilogy, 2

How do you protect your loved ones when you're the one putting them in danger? Simple, you leave.

I thought when I walked away I would be able to keep everyone out of harm's way, but my plans are falling to pieces and soon enough everyone is in more danger than before. Now I have to swallow my pride and ask for help from the one person I swore I wouldn’t—my husband.

He will not let me go.
I am his obssession, his toy.
But I don’t want to play.

So much has happened, wrongs committed by both of us. Lies have been told, secrets brought to light, and irrevocable pains caused. Can we trust each other again or will this be the end of something that neither of us wanted to start with?

Be Warned: anal sex, orgies, public exhibition, multiple partners


She shakes her head, and her dark gaze lances straight through me. “I won’t kneel for you, or for anyone until I want to.”

There’s my queen.

And then…

I smile darkly at the cousin I haven’t been listening to as I swallow back my pride, rubbing my fingers over the small of Willow’s back, not listening to a word my cousin says at my father’s funeral. Nodding in all the wrong places, I dismiss him halfway through his diatribe, gripping Willow’s hip.

“How long?” I murmur, my comment aimed at Dom where he stands statue-like to one side.

“Whenever you call it, sir,” he mutters, fixing the front of his pants.

So I’m not the only one who remembers.

“Have you heard from Thalia?” My house healer and rescued trafficked victim is the woman I know he holds a lone candle for. Last night, Willow offered a fun distraction for us both, though I can’t help the light barb.

Dom snarls softly, following the cousin and cupping the back of his neck with his hand.

“What is he doing?” Willow stares.

I wince. “Something unpleasant.”

Whatever Dom has on the man, his punishment may as well be written in triplicate for the pain he will endure in the next hour.

An hour I endure in as much pain as Willow shifts on her feet. “Rafe, I need to visit the bathroom.”

“Hold it,” I command in a harsh whisper.

“No, I really need to—” She grips my hand, digging her nails in to express her urgency.

“Then you will have to wait,” I say evenly, ignoring her plight as I gesture to an aunt I haven’t seen in at least a decade, a fake smile fixed on my face. I introduce my wife, letting her wilt a little under the aunt’s extreme glare, until I am tired of my own games.

A kerfuffle at the doorway drags my attention away from the torture I’m putting us both through.

“Rafe—” Willow starts, stepping forward.

I hold out a hand as Dom reappears, dragging the obsequious cousin looking much the worse for wear, his bow tie hanging askew. Blood trickles in a thin line from his temple.

“Wait,” I murmur, shooing the aunt away.

“I found your mole. The one on this side of the ocean at least. The other appears to be a little mouse infesting Connor’s house.” Dom throws the cousin at my feet, an open blade in his palm.

“Appreciate it.” I nod, unmoving, not admitting I hadn’t realized he was looking for deviants from the expected loyalty on my behalf this trip.

Get your head in the game, Gallo, or someone will lop it right off.

“He’s not for you.” To my surprise, he passes the blade to Willow. “He had a hand in supplying the device that destroyed the boutique you were in that day. Amongst other small things. If you would like.” He offers her the knife handle first, along with the man’s existence.

The room stills, watching her.

I still.

And wait.

Willow is no stranger to this life, or the blood we walk in each day, pretending its stain doesn’t attach to our souls. Her parents’ death, her uncle, her tormentors … the list goes on. The man she flayed with me, like an artiste.

Hesitantly, Willow takes the blade, her gaze skittering across the gathering, their eyes all weighing on her in my father’s house—our house—judging.

I know why Dom decided to pull this here and now, in front of the masses who don’t understand her worth. It’s also his way of saying thank you for last night when he used her body as his own personal plaything for his pleasure. Now, he presents her with an offering, a devoted, oversized kitten gifting a trophy to his mistress.

Unwilling to break the impasse between them, I gently rest my fingertips along her spine, trailing there with little pressure, simply a reminder that she is not alone in whatever she chooses to do here.

Her back straightens imperceptible to everyone else at my touch, though I feel it in my fingertips. “He destroyed Christine’s business? She was so lovely.” Her liquid gaze dips to the cousin who fawned over her hand earlier. “You had a hand in that. You must be so sorry,” she coos beguilingly as her knees bend. Willow kneels beside him, tracing the flat of the blade along his cheek, tapping it there with each word. “You are so sorry, aren’t you, cousin?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he stammers. “I’m so sorry. Forgive me.”

He reaches to touch her but I bat the man’s hand away with a growl. Tears course down his pinked face as she taps the blade there. I roll my lips, willing her to act, but unsure what she has in mind. Dom gave her the power, and this gathering, for a few silent moments, became her rodeo.

And by God does she own it.

“Of course you are,” she agrees, sliding Dom’s blade to his throat and parting the skin like butter.

And with that simply he gurgles his final breath.


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Rafe and Willow
Written by Polli.P on 26th Apr 2024

Rafe and Willow continue their journey in this mafiaesque love story. Raphael Gallo, head of the Gallo empire, ruthless, demanding, possessive, finds himself with more than he bargained for with his wife, Willow. Sexy, submissive Willow has her own agenda and in acting it out causes more problems for Rafe. This gritty, and sometimes violent story, takes you on this husband and wife's journey through some good and bad times. Rafe shows he does have a heart and Willow learns just how much she needs Rafe. There's plenty of action and spice in this well written second in the series.

Written by Hotrelle on 26th Apr 2024

WOW. A wonderful read. Willow and Rafe's story continues on. A story which makes me think of : steamy, spicy, sexy, mafia crime, violent, bloody, forced, dark, gritty, alphahole, suspense, thrilling, scarred, kinky, morally grey, choices... I hope there's more books for the other characters in their world, or just more for them, I've loved this series so far!!

Didn't realize it could get even better !!!!!!
Written by Sr1985 on 26th Apr 2024

I didn't know I could love this series more than I already do but this book did it for me. Rafe and Willow are oh so very different but just the right bit of crazy for each other. There was so many surprises. Twists and turns. Some moments I wanted to smack Willow and other kick Rafe in the bits. I am in love with the glimpse I got of Roman.. I seriously think anyone and everyone should read this book. I sat and read it in one day . I couldn't put it down I had to keep going. ? looking forward to anything new for this series .

Fractured Vows!
Written by Mary on 26th Apr 2024

This is a part of a trilogy (Desecrated Love) and should be read in order. It is intense and a definite page turner. There are definitely possible triggers or down right triggers with the dark elements, violence and more. I was glued from the get go and could not put it down. The story is a mafia type with an arranged marriage and a psycho or two in the mix. The story is about Willow and Rafe and picks up where the first one left off. They both fall hard and fast but there is more to their story and how develops. The story is action, suspense, abuse, danger, violence, murder, betrayal, passion, steam, sweetness, love, revenge and so so much more.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 26th Apr 2024

Willow has taken her over her uncles place as head of the family and with a target now focused on her Rafe will do anything to keep her safe. Well written engaging steamy action, drama and more! I can't wait for book 3

Can’t wait for the next book!
Written by Red18 on 26th Apr 2024

Such an interesting story! Full of plot twists and drama for sure. Willow’s character continued to surprise me but also confused me. She has a huge set of cojones for most of the book but then acts so differently with Rafe for the last quarter of the book. She seemed like a totally different person ?‍♀️. I would have given five stars but again the s*x was a little too much and dirtier this time around for me. However the story line is amazing and I am really invested to read about Dom and Thalia.

Good story
Written by Jordan F on 26th Apr 2024

This is the second book of the Desecrated Love Trilogy. We got to see more into the marriage of Willow and Rafe. Rafe is protective of Willow and worries about her. He especially worries because now she has taken over for her uncle as the head of the family. This puts a target on her back and causes Rafe to worry. It was good to read about their relationship development over this book. This sets us up for book three which I am sure will go out with a bang.

Irrevocable Trust!!
Written by Momof2 on 26th Apr 2024

Rafe and Willow have been through so much, individually and as a couple! Their trust is broken, harsh words are spoken, there's anger and tears. There's lots of s#x and several deaths but the story just flows. I hope the series continues. I want to know what happens with Dom and Thalia, Regina and the baby and Roman.

Written by Steacyn on 26th Apr 2024

Omg. So in love with book 2 as much as book 1. I love having a women lead who is strong independent and her own person and a man who is strong enough to stand beside her. This book has some hot parts along with some darker parts. If you like mafia and romance you are sure to love this series.