Grump Next Door by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Love Next Door, 9

Dylan Greaves is a grump who has sworn off women. He discovered his wife had been lying to him for years so that she could live a comfortable life, and then proceeded to cheat on him with any man that would have her. There was no way he was ever going to trust another woman again.

Robin Caites could be grumpy. After selling her blog, making herself a very wealthy woman, she also discovers the man she married had been cheating on her from the very beginning. Now she's divorced and has sworn off men.

When Buttercup, his rescued Jack Russell, kept escaping into Robin’s private garden, he had no choice but to retrieve her. In doing so, Dylan can't quite get his neighbor out of his head. After he sees the renovations she has done to her house, he asks her if she'll do his. Only, a simple kitchen repair turns into a nightmare.

Robin has to open her home to her neighbor. Dylan is very much a man, and so far, breaks down her walls. When his forgotten anniversary present is ready to be cashed in, Dylan takes Robin away to a private island for peace and relaxation. That's not all that happens—the chemistry between them has been sizzling.



He saw the flush on her chest and the points of her nipples. Dylan couldn’t fight this. He wanted to give her space but at the same time, all he wanted to do was touch her. It was a battle, but the need to touch her won, and he took a step toward her then reached out to stroke her cheek.

“I find it very hard to believe your husband could be close to you and not want to touch you.”

Ex-husband, and trust me, he never touched me like that, or like this.” She closed her eyes and pressed her face against his knuckles.

He’d stroked her cheek and now he cupped it, then sunk his fingers into her luscious brown locks and closed the distance between them by pulling her in close. Staring into her eyes, he couldn’t bring himself to look away. She was so beautiful.

“What about this?” he asked, and then slammed his lips down on hers, kissing her.

At first, Robin didn’t respond. Her arms were down by her side, and Dylan had never felt anything like her lips before either. She felt incredible, like her body was meant to belong to him, like she was designed to be his.

He couldn’t get enough of her. The feel of her tits against him and her soft body—it was exactly what he’d been searching for all his life.

Then, Robin responded. She slid her hands up his body and wrapped them around his neck, drawing him closer to her. She was amazing.

He deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue across her bottom lip, and he got the response he was looking for as she released a gasp and then he slid inside her mouth. Another moan escaped her.

He felt an answering pulse between his thighs as his dick hardened once again. When he thought he’d upset her, his dick hadn’t been happy, but now he was fucking ecstatic as she kissed him back.

Wrapping an arm around her, he slid his hand up to the nape of her neck, then back down again toward her ass. He heard her slight gasp as he gripped her ass tightly and drew her closer to him, so she knew exactly how aroused he was by her.

His cock was so fucking hard. It had been a long time since he’d wanted to fuck.

With Robin he didn’t just want to take her to bed, he wanted to explore her whole body. Letting go of her neck, he continued to kiss her but slid his hand to her shoulder, teasing at the strap of her bathing suit. He wanted to finally see those full, ripe tits.

Robin didn’t pull back or do anything to stop him, so he slowly slid the strap down her body. He couldn’t believe her ex-husband didn’t take the time to explore her body.

Breaking from the kiss, he knew he had to give her the chance to stop.

“Tell me to stop,” he said.

“I don’t want to.”


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Brilliant series
Written by MrsKissmas on 2nd Apr 2024

Love Next Door Book 9 - Grump next door - Sam Crescent I absolutely love this series and love that this addition to it was different again and gave both the leading characters a second chance at a happily ever after. I also love that we got to also see past residents appear and bestow their wisdom which was a nice touch and that the awesomeness that is Elizabeth was getting involved but I was sad about her part of the story. However this time around Robin Caites a thirty year old divorcee moves into the street along with Dylan "Grumpy"Greaves aged forty five also a divorcee next door. Neither of them are looking for love and have no interest in the opposite sex they just want to live their lives. Although neither of them were prepared for the cuteness that is Buttercup the Jack Russell and the unknown magic of their houses. This story was so enjoyable to read, it was well written and flowed at a great pace, a well written age gap and secind chance romance, with some hilarious one liners and some seriously sexy scenes that with have you swooning and reaching for a fan! This is a part of a series but doesn't need to be read in order but I would highly recommend that you do, why would you want to miss out on all the previous residents finding their own fairytale endings. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and am eagerly awaiting the next one! You won't be disappointed! Happy Reading! 5 out of 5 stars Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given.

Love Next Door
Written by Iva on 31st Oct 2023

I so love this whole series...allways waiting for the new pair...this time it took them soo logn to be together...we have two divored they need time to heal....but then ..the charm of two houses begins to work...and when they go to little trip together..their dynamic change....¨¨so hopefull for next book

Another neighbor love story
Written by Diana A on 31st Oct 2023

I really enjoy this nice romantic book, and the issue with the houses bringing couples together is super interesting. Love how they were companions and suddenly so much more. Is hard to see the other books' characters go, and saying that they are not coming back, but I am exited to read the next one.

The houses do it again
Written by Bookbunny on 27th Oct 2023

Robin Caites just wants to enjoy her new freedom and quiet. She certainly doesn’t want to deal with her grump neighbor, Dylan Greaves. She had enough with a cheating husband. Dylan just wants to enjoy his life with Buttercup his dog. He has been through a divorce from a cheating ex. Both of them have sworn off dating. It’s Buttercup that has other plans. The draw of the house is the other. When they finally meet up, it is a friendly encounter. But with a getaway, things heat up. You have to love these stories. I mean if a house could bring together the right couples. Wouldn’t you want to have a little faith in it? These two are getting over their exes and slowing moving forward. I do love that Robin finally feels free to be herself. Dylan is a loving man that was honorable. They both deserve to be happy. Something happens that makes the story sad. So if you have been reading the series, you may want a tissue. We also have two new couples that own their own business. One is a tattoo parlor. We don’t really find out what the other one is.

Sweet "home grown" love!
Written by Laura S. on 27th Oct 2023

Why are the neighbors so nosy? Can a house bring you to your true love? What if you're just not looking for love or even any kind of relationship? I like these stories where there is a mystery or fate associated with a place, and although Dylan and Robin didn't believe the stories at first, do you thing they will become believers in the end? Will true love find the grumpy guy and the outgoing woman next door? A sweet page turner, this book will keep up reading past your bedtime to find out what happens at the end!

Love returning to this cursed or blessed houses!?
Written by Mary S on 27th Oct 2023

Dylan and Robin had past’s relationship that ended bad for them.But with their bad experience they found that not all men and women are the same so they gave each other a chance to find their soulmate and their happy ever after once again. Love returning to this cursed or blessed houses?!

Totally loved it
Written by RhondaVB on 27th Oct 2023

I love this series with the "houses" next door and what happens with the characters who live in them. Dylan and Robin are both divorced from ex's who cheated on them. They want nothing to do with the opposite sex anymore! I loved Buttercup in this story and how a cute little dog brought his master and the next door neighbor together. When the renovation to his kitchen goes south, both Dylan and Robin decide to get away. Will the chemistry between them sizzle even more or will they come back home and go their separate way? Ms. Crescent always turns up the heat in this series and I loved it!

Great Read
Written by Dawn R on 27th Oct 2023

This was a great read. If you enjoy BBW and second chances then you have just found your next read I really enjoyed it.

This installment was wonderful—so well written!
Written by Andrea R on 27th Oct 2023

This one was just wonderful I truthfully love this series. It has low angst and instalove chemistry that is so great. Love each storyline twist too. Enjoyable read for sure.

Loved It
Written by Jocelyn W on 27th Oct 2023

Grump Next Door is the ninth book in the Love Next Door Series by Sam Crescent. I love it. The Grump Next Door is a beautiful read. It is a slow burn that is full of mystery and romance. I missed the first eight, but I am going to find the set and start from the beginning.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 27th Oct 2023

Dylan and Robin had both sworn off the opposite sex after failed marriages to cheaters. When Dylans rescue dog buttercups keeps getting into Robin garden a bond is created between the neighbours, but after asking Robins help in renovating his kitchen goes awry, they end up closer, and even sharing a romantic getaway but will their romance go beyond the holiday? Or will they remain grumpy neighbours? Well written steamy quick, second chances at love, desires and more

Neighbors love story
Written by Kybooklover on 27th Oct 2023

Dylan Greaves and Robin Caites are neighbors who have a lot in common. They both had miserable marriages, awful cheating ex's, and they have sworn off of the opposite sex. There is one small wrench in this plan, and her name is Buttercup, Dylans Jack Russell Terrier. She inexplicably escapes from his yard and finds her way into Robin's garden, then scratches at her door to be let in. Robin is only too happy to let the sweet pup in and love on her. Unfortunately, with the pup comes her super attractive but very grumpy owner. However, the last time Buttercup finds her way to Robin's house, Dylan decides to actually be nice, and Robin invites him in for coffee. The two find they have more in common than just their love of his dog. They share a history of horrible marriages. They decide a friendship between neighbors is a perfect idea, and Dylan asks Robin if she will help him redo his home as well. The friendship between them quickly becomes more, and their rules for the opposite sex are easily broken. This story is well written with characters that had plenty of chemistry and interesting twists. This is my first book by this author, and I enjoyed it and will look for others. ARC provided by Booksprout, and this is my honest review.