Handsome Men Suck by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Handsome Heroes, 3 

A lot of potent drinks, a horned man with a tail,and high heels...  

All caught on camera with a drunken Kendrew at the center. This fiasco leads to a career demotion and jokes behind his back. All that changes when he’s sent in the middle of a space war that could become a fatal adventure.  

King Leith of the Golden Wolf Clan isn’t impressed with the new peace negotiator, Kendrew. Even less so when the talks break down and missiles start flying.   

Kendrew finds himself in harm’s way, horny, and still regretting that one drunken night. Add in a crash landing and some nasty creatures bent on eating them...call it a party from hell! The question is, will they survive?

Be Warned: m/m sex, sex toys, rimming, spanking, bondage, public exhibition 



Leith then grabbed that glowing bud and dragged it from the high-perched stem. He held it in both his hands before his body.

I wasn’t sure where he was going with this.

He took two fingers and slid them inside the bud’s glowing opening, stretching it, before holding it in front of him.

“You want me to stick my dick in that?”

Leith nodded and grinned. His canine teeth looked a bit longer.

Then again, it was just a flower bud. It would glow for hundreds of years before becoming dull and then dying. There were no nasty surprises. And it was warm and glowing. I nibbled on my bottom lip as I thought it over.

“Get your dick in here, now,” Leith ordered.

Shit, I knew my submissive side would chime in. I stepped forward and grabbed my shaft. I aimed the head for that opening and pressed onward. Instant warmth enclosed my cock. I pushed further, the soft petals giving way to my hard cock. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. Thrusting further inside the alien bud until I was balls deep.

Leith held it steady as my cock settled in.

Then I glanced down. A snort left my lips. My dick was literally inside a warm glowing flower bud the size of my head. The petals were nearly sheer so I could see the outline of my erection inside. It was glowing like my best appendage was radioactive. I grinned and glanced at Leith. Our eyes locked as I pulled halfway out and then back inside. Pleasure swarmed, I leaned forward and kissed Leith. Our lips began to open. His tongue dominated mine as my hips kept moving. I plowed a path over and over until I felt the stirring of my orgasm.

Then I shot that cum out of my hole into the heart of the flower. I pulled away from our kiss long enough to gasp and moan. My body was swimming in gratification. I was feeling lightheaded as all my blood rushed to my cock. The release was stunning, and I let it last as long as I could while staring into Leith’s eyes.

I was empty though. My cock began to soften and slip from the glowing plants clutch. “That was new,” I mumbled as Leith let go of the flower. It sprung from our grasp and still stood tall, the front a bit mangled. A large hole led to the center of the bud where my jizz was pooling.

Leith grabbed my hand and brought me down to the sand.

It scratched at my back as he rolled atop me and we started kissing. Then he shifted beside me and we laid there staring at the night sky. There were so many stars above us, too far away to even dream about. There was no moon like Earth had. The water was pitch dark behind us and the forest lit up.

Leith held my hand. I was a bit surprised at this. It was romantic, intimate as our palms pressed against each other. Damn it, I was falling fucking hard for the King of the Golden Wolf Clan. My eyes shifted to the sky again as I thought of the sexy man beside me. He was dominant, my perfect opposite and the sex was fantastic.

A flash in the sky made my thoughts slow down. What the fuck was that? “Did you—”

“Yes,” Leith said before I could finish.

There was another flash, followed by two smaller bursts of light. It wasn’t a shooting star. The sudden light was so massive it couldn’t be a ship.

“The war,” Leith said, growling and then shoving to his feet. “Those blasts are from my ship’s cannons. The war is still on and they’re getting closer to our position.”

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Rainbow Gold Reviews
Written by traceygee on 23rd Apr 2015

I don’t usually read sci-fi books but I do like books written by James Coxs. I know i’m going to have the ride of my life, this book was no different. It was fun, hot, kinky and very enjoyable. This is book 3 in the series, I haven’t read the others in the series yet. I can’t wait to read them all. Can be read as a stand alone. Kendrew is a disaster, he is ruled by his cock. After another traumatic break up he gets drunk, is filmed having hot kinky sex with a horned man and gets himself demoted. His brother lectures him repeatedly. King Leith is the leader of the Golden Wolf Clan. He meets Kendrew as he trying to make a peace and stop the war between two Clan’s. Everything go to pot and he end ups stranded with Kendrew on a hostile planet. This book is hot in places, there is a great storyline that is very easy to follow, a good plot with lots of inter species sex. The mate heat hits hard and there is insta love but this just fits the book perfectly. There is small amounts of BDSM, there is a guy wearing stockings, there is also a sex tape, this just adds to the fun in the read. Overall a fantastic read that had me giggling through out.

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena on 1st Mar 2015

…and the outrageous space adventures that led to war almost breaking out at the end of book two continue in this third installment. As funny and sexy as the first two volumes, the stakes are higher and the hanky-panky more prevalent when two men get stranded on a planet inhabited with monsters out to get them. Even in this somewhat tense and scary situation they manage to discover the sexy side of things, and are hardly bored while waiting for rescue. The erotic space opera continues! Kendrew is hungry for sex, or so it seems. His problem is that all the men he finds handsome “suck” at relationships. He’d much rather they suck something else… When he gets demoted due to an “unfortunate incident” being filmed, his devotion to his job with the League of Universal Peace shrinks to almost nonexistent. His brother is a devoted captain who takes rules seriously and pushes Kendrew to do better, but the second they’re called to help prevent a war between the Golden Wolf Clan and the Feline Clan, all of Kendrew’s enthusiasm returns. Not because of the mission, even though it is clearly crucial, no, he sets his eyes on King Leith of the Golden Wolf Clan. Leith is ready to protect his brother Layden and Layden’s new mate, Lavender (from book two). His first impression of Kendrew isn’t exactly positive, but when they end up in an escape pod together and get stranded, he learns more about Kendrew and begins to be impressed. And, dominant that he is, he takes over the proceedings pretty quickly, much to both men’s satisfaction. If you like space opera with a good dose of humor, if having a good time in outer space is your thing, and if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief for a read that is hot and heavy on the man-on-man action, then you will probably like this novella.

Love Bytes
Written by Dan on 11th Feb 2015

Definitely my favorite so far. Kendrew is the brother of the ship’s Commander, Millidon, and second in charge until a wild night of debauchery with a sexy horned man, named Malvern in a room with lots of windows and lots of people looking in! Worse the entire thing is caught on video! And there might have been stockings, high heel shoes and a skirt??? It isn’t long before Kendrew is busted down to Communications Officer by the Council Members of the League of Universal Peace (his government). One gets the impression that the Council is a group of withered up, sexless prudes…I’m thinking kind of like the US House of Representatives, only smaller. Then we get a tie back to the previous story when Millidon’s ship is ordered to the conflict between the felines and wolves which has escalated since the end of story two. The two worlds are on the verge of war. When they arrive, Kendrew is sent by his brother to be the representative to the Golden Wolf Clan, while his brother goes to be the representative to Felantasion “king”, who we know from the previous book is a murdering usurper. Imagine Kendrew’s surprise when the lock opens on the Wolf ship and he is greeted by the sight of a bunch of big, burly, hairy, bearded, uber-sexy men. The sexiest is King Leith, Prince Layden’s brother, who Kendrew is instantly attracted too. The story that evolves from that point involves interplanetary war, the emergency escape by King Leith and Kendrew to a hostile planet and their further adventures. Will Kendrew think with his upper head this time, or get in even more trouble with the Council? I really enjoyed this story! It could be read as a standalone, but I think the series in order makes more sense and seems to be evolving as I go along.

Worth every penny
Written by L. P. on 9th Nov 2014

James has done it again and I am positive enjoyed every minute of it. The man lives to tell his stories and the more descriptive he can get the better. I love this series and I loved this story.A lot of wickedness and hot men along with lots and lots of sex. Awwww and love thrown in cause that is how it should be. All the ingredients needed to make another amazing James Cox story. *G*

MM Good Book Reviews
Written by Shorty on 3rd Nov 2014

Kendrew is demoted from second in command due to a drunken night of sex with a horned man caught on tape. The Golden Wolf Clan are on the verge of war, due to Lavender’s ex wanting him back and claiming that the Golden Wolf Clan is keeping him a prisoner. It is up Kendrew to negotiate a peace talk with the Golden Wolf Clan’s king, Leith. Great story with fascinating battle scenes in space. A daring escape in the middle of the battle causes Kendrew and Leith to crash land on a planet inhabited by vicious creatures who only come out during the day. Action packed adventure and hot, passionate sex are throughout this wonderfully written book.

Written by Anne Bock on 6th Oct 2014

All good things come in threes! So it seems, and indeed it is with this series! It is a seamless connection to the second part and we get to know some new characters. So we have sweet and sexy Kendrew, a communications officer that tries to follow the rules and his big and famous brother in his foot steps. But he doesn't care that much in the insinde about it all. He just wants to live and to be loved. And on the other hand we have Laydens brother, King Leith, a dark, handsome and sexy as hell Alpha all the way!! So there is no surprise Kendrew falls for this hot wolf the first time he sets his eyes on him. After an emergency exit from their battle ship, Kendrew and Leith found themselves on a dangerous planet on their own. And what better chance can one get, to get to know each other by spending time together in a small emergency pod with some rough and lip-biting-hot sex....But Kendrew wants more than just hot sex 24/7, he Longs for someone who really cares for him and his feelings. Will their "relationship" last and have a chance after their rescue? Will Leith be more than just a hot f#&%? Will Kendrews past be a problem to get his luck and love with the handsome wolf? And again a hot and sexy read that leaves you like a happy puddle on the floor longing for far more of this hot series! Call me a Cox-addict now!

Cox Groupie!
Written by Shirley Williamson on 16th Sep 2014

Kendrew is absolutely hysterical in this book! I read this on a recommendation from a friend and I am so pleased I did! James Cox is a new author for me, one which I will be stalking incessantly now! Ok so down to the story...Kendrew had a fun drunken night with a horned guy, ended up being video taped wearing stockings a skirt and high heels. Needless to say The League of Universal Peace, where he was employed as second in command, was less then happy. So he gets demoted. His brother, who is Captain of the ship, is trying to redeem him and takes him on a mission. Kendrew will board a ship and try and negotiate with King Leith of The Golden Wolf Clan. All bets are off when he sees the sexy wolf king. The only thing Kendrew can think of from here on out is his raging hard on. Then the ship gets attacked and Kendrew and King Leith are thrown in an escape pod that lands on a foreign planet. So what are two virile sexy men to do when faced with solitude? You guessed it! (That is if your guess involves being on all fours and saliva and well you get the point) This is a great erotic MM read I would gladly recommend to anyone!

Handsome Men Suck
Written by Vanessa "The Jeep Diva" on 9th Sep 2014

As a member of the League of Universal Peace Kendrew has big expectations to meet. His brother keeps the pressure on him with the constant lectures about keeping it in his pants, thinking with the head on his shoulders, and how to be a responsible adult in general. A broken heart leads Kendrew to a night of way too many drinks. A sex vid of him and a sexy horned man that does the hottest things with his tail and some dress up kinkery and Kendrew finds himself with a demotion. It takes a lot know knock Kendrew down. He has no problem finding the silver lining in any situation. The new job and his brother’s constant desires to see him improve his station has Kendrew leading negotiations with a species about to go to war. Kendrew sees their King and knows exactly where he wants to peace talks to lead them… the bedroom. Kendrew is one happy horny man. For the most part he will sleep with anything, as Leith proves with the glowey plant. Realistically what is Leith and Kendrew supposed to do while stranded on an unhabituated planet. I’ll tell you what they get up to, it is in the pages of Handsome Men Suck and it makes for one very hot read. This installment of the Handsome Heroes series works as a stand-alone.

Written by undefined on 7th Sep 2014

Oh Kendrew! I need to know if sex and the size of a man’s....well you know, are the only thing you think about. And didn’t that get you into just a bit of trouble...more than once?! I have to admit I couldn’t put your story down. I had to keep reading to find out what deliciously naughty things you got yourself into and you didn’t disappoint me. Handsome Men Suck is a humorous and quirky scifi with great characters and a fun story that doesn’t get lost in all the steamy sexiness of it.

Written by undefined on 6th Sep 2014

Oh how I'm loving these books. They are such a delightful mix of humour and story and sex .... fantastic sex, but not to the point you lose the story. The whole other planets/species is dealt with effortlessly. Relationships are strong not just between mates but friends and families and, despite all the aliens, the story is very human and touching. And I am a total slut for tail sex but seriously .... I would read these if there wasn't any!!!

Incredibly imagionative!
Written by Lorraine Lesar on 6th Sep 2014

This book was just so much fun. I started chuckling at the "dedication" and didn't stop until the end (except at the "tail and high heel subplot - now THAT had tears running rolling down my cheeks, very naughty author!). It's as if the author sat himself down and thought "hey, I can do outrageous, but can I do totally outrageous?" and the answer is a simple "Yes!". The content warning should be taken very seriously (snicker, snicker). Kendrew cracked me up with his thoughts - so very witty and therefore I sat back and let the author take me on a fun filled, erotic ride that's not easily forgotten. Worth 5* alone for the sheer audacity of the author!