Suck the Savage Beast by James Cox

Heat Level 4
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Sons of Outlaws, 3 

Earth beasts are sexier than he expected…

Welliver is a scientist first and an Outlaw MC member second. He’s the smartest man in the crew that’s exploring Earth to create a new home. But when a monster attacks them and he’s separated from the crew, he is saved by a savage and sexy beast.

The beast doesn’t remember his name. He was sent to the Earth prison when he was a boy and left behind when the prison was evacuated. Beast has spent nearly twenty years alone on Earth, trying to survive this dangerous world. He’s the best hope humans have for staying alive with these new threats.

Beast doesn’t understand it’s not okay to lick strangers, or the whole wearing clothes thing, but neither man is prepared for the attraction between them. Welliver will have to pull on his Outlaw MC heritage to endure the wilds of Earth but how will survive the savage beast?

Be Warned: m/m sex 



“I want you,” Beast said in that gravelly voice.

“Okay.” I put up a hell of a fight, didn’t I?


I nodded and stared into his dark brown eyes.


I wiped the lingering rain from my face. “Sure.” Who was I to argue? I closed the short distance between us, kissing his bottom lip then his top.

“Welliver. Shirt. Off.”

Oh, right. Clothes bad, sex good. I liked the way he said my name. I pulled my dark shirt over my head enthusiastically but paused as the drizzle hit my chest. I wasn’t exactly flexing abs and muscle here. Doubt made me nibble on my lip. “There is a lot of light here. Maybe we should do this inside?” Where he couldn’t see my stringy arms and legs. And what if the expedition came trampling through? No one wanted to see me naked, except maybe the guy that spent the last twenty years by himself. Fuck. I just talked myself out of getting laid. “Beast.”

He reached out and dragged his fingers down the column of my neck.

“Are you sure…”

Beast slid his hand to the back of my head and pushed my face to his. “Yes.” He whispered before he kissed me. There are just certain people that seem to leak sex appeal out of every pore. That described Beast perfectly. Even as my mind created suspicions and issues, he knocked each one down with a swipe of his tongue. He moved his hands to my narrow hips and pressed our lower bodies together. A groan rose up from the pit of my soul. Yeah, I was getting dramatic. Hey, it was years since I got laid and even longer since I felt truly wanted.

Beast growled and latched his lips onto my neck, sucking at the skin. “Want. You.”

There may have been a hysterical giggle followed by a groan but I refused to admit that out loud. Rain still trickled down my back but it was nearly evaporated by the wind. Beast swirled his tongue along my jaw and I stared up into his eyes as he straightened. He touched my cheek gently, the one still red as it healed from that damn creature.

“Nothing else will hurt you.”

That sounded very cave man. Why the hell did I like it so much? It’s not like I was some sexual submissive or an effeminate man. There was nothing wrong with either but I liked to think of myself as ordinary. In Beast’s arms I felt anything but ordinary. Beast rasped his teeth over my knuckles then pushed my hand over his bulging crotch. Well, fuck me. I outlined him with my fingers, watching as he shivered. I didn’t think either of us would last very long.

Beast grunted, pulled my hand away and shoved his pants down.

I thought he looked good when I saw him the first time. That was nothing compared to the godly state he was in now. His shaft was long and thick. The dark tip was half hidden by his light chocolate skin. There was definitely some drooling going on here. Embarrassing but unavoidable. I grabbed him with my hand at the bushy base. The coarse pubic hair tickled my palm. Without being able to fully enclose my fingers around him, I lowered my hand to his foreskin.

Beast let out a choked sound.

I knew that feeling. I rolled my thumb over his slit, rubbing the drops of pre-cum and rain into his flesh. Getting bold, I lifted to my toes and kissed his cheek. Our lips met as I stroked him from top to bottom. Loosening my grip, I grasped his balls. They were huge too, tight to his body and heavy. “Beast…” I whispered, unable to control myself. I kissed him. He hunched so I could reach. Each caress of my hand made him kiss me harder. My lips felt swollen by the time his sticky, happy ending dripped over my hand.

Beast gasped, his bottom lips quivering as I milked him for every drop. He growled when I let go and bared his teeth.

Before I knew it he spun me around and pressed me against the nearest wall. I didn’t have time to voice my protest, not that I would have. He shoved his fingers in the rim of my pants and tugged them down. Fuck me! My ass was bare as he hugged me to him. His semi hard cock cushioned between my cheeks. Beast fisted my dick and I arched my ass into him. He nipped at my shoulder. I moaned in a sensory overload. He thrust against me, pushing me against the wall. He stroked my shaft while the other fondled my balls. Fuck it all to Earth, this was intense. I’d never experienced anything so hot in my whole life.

Beast sunk his teeth into my shoulder, just barely breaking the skin. He used his left leg to push mine as far apart as they would go with the pants still there.

Pain flared and I cried out as his cock head pressed into my hole. Too big. Too dry. He rubbed the tip over my ass again and again. All the while stroking my cock up and down. I was going to blow. My orgasm was intense. It was long and juicy. I sprayed cum all over the wall as my body experienced pure pleasure. I don’t know if I made any sounds, I couldn’t hear anything over my rapidly beating heart. Palpitations. Holy shit, I was having heart palpations from a hand job! 

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Love Bytes
Written by Roberta on 14th Sep 2017

So, this is the third book in the 5 book series and I have to say that I love that this is a running arc in this series. The Earthquake and the assignation attempt on the President of Mars, Justice. This installment is based on Welliver trip back to earth in order to see if they can find a place to settle and survive. Welliver is this genius young man whose father and sister are along for the ride to see if they can help save the people of Mars. Welliver comes crashing into this installment as the shuttle they are in is barreling to earth and it’s coming in hot and fast!! Welliver is this wonderfully fun and lightly snarky character that I really enjoyed reading. He’s smart and yet as this really smart guy (and he knows it!!) he’s not really that much of a social kind of guy. He’s slightly awkward and that just makes me like him all the more. Welliver and crew land on earth and they are trying to set up their base camp and keep safe from the horrible octopus creatures, when he’s saved my this man…who takes a real fancy to him. I like the way that Welliver handles his attraction to Beast and the way that he’s still focused on the issues at hand. Beast…now I really like him. He’s been on his own for 20 years without any human companionship and has managed to survive. I like that Beast claimed Welliver almost immediately and didn’t take any guff from anyone. Beast is dangerous because he had to be…to survive alone with those horrible octopus thingyies…I liked that he found a way to survive and even not remembering his name…he still retained his humanity. This was another wonderful installment in this series and I have to say that the only part that really kills me are that these stories are so darn short, but for being this short…they pack a hell of a punch!! Great installment and I’m looking forward to what happens next!!

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena Yates on 19th Apr 2017

Review The environmental catastrophe on Mars of 3022 has been looming for a while, and it is now painfully obvious that Mars is “dying” – meaning it is rejecting the terraforming humans have done and reverting back to its inhospitable self. The marsquakes were previews, a major sandstorm is now threatening, and the only way out is – back to Earth. Some of the Outlaw MC members and their kids go on an expedition to figure out how to make Earth safe again, but what they run into is both unexpected and encouraging. Welliver is a scientist, a typical genius, and very self-assured where his intellect is concerned. He isn’t very lucky in love until he meets a savage beast who saves his life. “Beast” was left behind when Earth was evacuated, and other than remembering speech and some basic human interaction, he is pretty wild. Sort of like Tarzan or Mogli, but without the support of any other members of a tribe. Both men need to stick together if they want to survive the murderous giant octopuses that roam the Earth now and find a way to make life safe for the rest of the human left on Mars. If you like the idea of a “genius” bonding with a strong, determined, and somewhat uncivilized man, if you prefer your romances action-packed, and if you’re looking for a read in the best ‘Outlaw MC’ tradition but set on Earth for a change, then you might like this novella.

Love this series!
Written by Sarah Marsh on 4th Apr 2017

I really do love me a sexy nerd and Welliver certainly delivered on that, throw in an uber manly Beast and I really enjoyed this story. Great world-building and some humor thrown in, plus some super hot scenes, looking forward to the next one!

The TBR PIle
Written by Bella Star on 23rd Feb 2017

Welliver is a scientist and genius who leads a team to explore earth. Mars is dying and humanity has to move back to earth. He’s also a member of the Outlaw motorcycle gang. While on earth, this not so brave guy is almost killed by an octopus monster. He’s saved by a naked man who’s only known as Beast. Love, totally and utterly in love with Welliver. He’s so freaking adorable! From being rejected by his crush, almost killed and he’s so cocky. I love him! Beast is a badass and extremely sexy. He doesn’t remember his name because he was sent to earth so long ago. My heart hurt for him. I wanted to hug him tight then get him naked, lol. Seriously, so sexy. I love their story. There’s lots of action but also lots of romance. I did not want this book to end and I’m so excited to read more about the sons of Outlaws. ​ Suck the Savage Beast is a sexy, fun story that you have to read!

MM Good Book Reviews
Written by MM Good Book Reviews on 16th Feb 2017

Welliver is on the mission to earth to scout out a safe place to live. He is super smart and knows it. When things go bad he is the one called on to fix the problem. Case in point when the creatures attack the ship. Unfortunately Welliver is too far away and has no chance getting to the safety of the ship so he takes off into the unknown. About to be attacked. A sexy, naked man comes to the rescue and saves Welliver from being eaten. Beast has been alone on earth since the prison was deserted twenty years before. He cannot remember his name but he does know that he wants Welliver. Things progress nicely between these two. I loved this book. Beast is dangerous and sexy a definite plus for me. Welliver is smart and handsome. I loved how Welliver went through the system and discovered who Beast was. The interactions between these two were hot. Amazing and fascinating read from start to finish. Highly recommended.

A Delectable Beast!
Written by Dale on 6th Feb 2017

Another great addition to a fantastic series! Author James Cox never ceases to amaze me with tantalizing, thrilling, funny and HOT characters and story line. A few of the MC Outlaws and scientists take a journey from Mars to Earth where they will be moving all the residence of Mars. Mars is having volcano eruptions, no air quality, barren, nothing green and they cannot grow food. The major problem with earth is the ginormous killing octopus which are on the hunt for food! While they try to electrify a fence to keep the octopus away from their camp they are attacked and a naked man is helping them kill it! His name is Beast and he has been living alone for many years on earth. Beast claims Welliver as his own, oh yea, and he is a Beast of the delectable kind! Sons of Outlaws is seriously Hot! I highly recommend this entire series!

Send me a Beast Please!
Written by Shirley13 on 23rd Jan 2017

First I need to say, everytime James Cox writes a new book in this series, I fall in love with him all over again! He has such a way with his characters that you feel their emotions, whether it's their cheekiness, their anger, their hurt, or their hot as Hades sexiness. My favorite line in this book is everyone wants to feel loved. How true is that? I absolutely adore Welliver. His cockiness at knowing he is a genius and his awkwardness at thinking he is not worthy of being loved or wanted because he does not have the perfect body. A mission to Earth is a must because Mars is becoming uninhabitable. Welliver and Lily accompany their father Deviant and some of the other Outlaw MC members to see if Earth is a good choice. When they get attacked by the mutant octopus creatures, Welliver is saved by a naked man. A sexy make you wet from head to toe, naked man. Beast was a prisoner who was left on Earth over 20 years ago. He had learned to survive on his own. That is until he spots something he is determined to make his. Will the Outlaw MC be able to work with him and come up with a safe plan to move the people from Mars? And will Welliver risk his fragile heart to this caveman? Another amazing 5 star book from the King! Great writing, lots of emotion, and seriously hot bedroom scenes!

Written by Amazon Customer on 23rd Jan 2017

James Cox is more addictive than caffeine...oh wait...his writting is more addictive. His sex scenes are sexy dirty perfection his creatures are creepy over the top fun and his world building breath taking. Keep in mind this is a series he is an evil genius who is going to leave you wanting more. If you like action grit and a little spit read this series without hesitation but for true enjoyment start with the Outlaw series and work forward.

What a sexy beast!! Oh my..
Written by Anne Bock on 18th Jan 2017

Is it just me or is this series getting hotter and hotter? The storyline is awesome, it's intriguing to see how the Outlaw MC Brothers try to save humanity with a big step back in their history and finally getting back to earth. We have a lot of action and adventure, hot and messy "full body sparing" and enough feeling and angst in Welliver's story, my fingernails have suffered so dang much and my reader is still wet from don't let me start in Welliver's sexy savage beast, oh holy smokes! Just imagining that as...uhm...that adorable grunting?! So, all in all, we have a freaking hot, original James Cox with this latest installment of the Sons of Outlaws series and I can only recommend it to every fan of this series or the ones who want to become one!