Her Monster by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Caleb Carson is not a good man. All of his life he’s trained to be part of the family business. The Carsons kill, they hurt, and do whatever is necessary to stay in charge. Still, when he’s handed an eighteen-year-old girl as payment for a debt, he’s pissed. He takes the girl and keeps her protected. In return, he kills her father, as he doesn’t like loose ends.

Faith doesn’t get attached to anyone or anything, and she knew it was only a matter of time before her father’s gambling affected her. Now she belongs to Caleb, but … he’s different. She knows he’s a monster, but Caleb intrigues her. When she’s in his arms, it’s unlike anything she’s ever felt.

Caleb doesn’t do love, and he never will. Faith deserves so much better, but he can’t let her go. Why not have something for himself for a change?

Will Caleb keep Faith and learn to fall in love? Can Faith bring herself to love the man who owns her?

Be Warned: anal sex



When she got to the kitchen, however, Caleb stood at the stove stirring a pot.

Hands clenched at her sides, Faith was about to leave just as he turned and saw her. “Hey, Anne wasn’t feeling very well. I think she has the flu, so we’re fending for ourselves for the next couple of days.”

“Does she need someone to take care of her?” Faith asked.

“Nope. Anne doesn’t like anyone fussing over her. She’s got a niece who takes care of her when she’s like this.” He covered the pot he’d been playing with and turned toward her. His shirt sleeves were rolled up, and to Faith it only seemed to enhance the thickness of his arms, and it was driving her crazy. “You weren’t in the library when I came to see you.”

“I decided to go to my room. Try and do some studying there.” It wasn’t a total lie. She’d been to her room to try to forget about her arousal. Being around Caleb didn’t help.

Any other man was easy. She’d seen some of his guards, and her body was fine, even her thoughts staying calm.

With Caleb, on the other hand, she was in total meltdown, and it was driving her crazy.

“What’s wrong?” He stepped closer to her, and she took a step back.

She couldn’t look away from him though, and as she stared at him, she was mesmerized by how dark his eyes actually were. They were so brown and intense. He didn’t stop coming toward her until her back hit the wall. Then his hands pressed either side of her head, and she found that so sexy. Trapped between his body and the wall, she didn’t see a problem with that.

Tilting her head back, she waited for him to speak. Then of course she remembered that he was the one who spoke last. “I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.”

“What is fine supposed to look like?”

“Why are you hiding in your room?” he asked, completely avoiding the question.

“I’m not.”

He smelled so good.

The closer he was, the harder she struggled not to reach out and touch him. She wondered what he’d do if she ran her hands up his chest. He had to be as hard and muscular as he looked even beneath the crisp, white shirt.

He always wore business clothes, which to her was incredibly sexy.

The tension seemed to mount as he stared down at her.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, daring to hope it was the same as she was.

“You don’t want to know.”

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by PaulineMichael on 17th Dec 2018

Sam Crescent is one of my absolute favourite authors and this short and sexy read tells the story why. Faye is a such a sweet and and steadfast young woman. She does what she believes she has to in order to support and protect her sister. Chase steps out of his comfort zone and it was fascinating seeing just how far she’d gotten under his skin. I love a hero who knows exactly what he wants and is determined to get it, letting nothing stand in his way. He’s powerful, successful, just this side of obnoxious and absolutely just what Faye needs. She’s driven and determined to make it on her own. She doesn’t want his money and she doesn’t want special treatment but he can’t help it and I loved watching them dance around one another. I found that this story had a slightly different style than the author’s usual but I enjoyed it just as much and look forward to reading more like this. If you like curvy heroines with kind hearts and the alpha male heroes who adore them you will love this sensual story. The Story: Faye is out of options to afford the care her sister needs so when the opportunity arises she decides to sell the only thing she has worth any money. Caleb can’t believe he just bought a young woman’s virginity and now that their one night is over he wants more. Can a future really happen from their unconventional start?

Long and Short Reviews
Written by Tulip on 12th Jun 2018

This book was absolutely fantastic! Once again Sam Crescent has worked her magic and written an amazing story for Caleb and Faith. I loved watching these two cynical people fall in love. Neither one of them believed in love so it was that much sweeter to watch them slowly take the fall. Caleb was one of those dark heroes that Sam Crescent does so well, while Faith was a quite a surprise in her straight forwardness and strength. She was one of the curvy women that I’ve come to expect from this author but that was as about as alike as it went. I think she was one of Sam Crescent’s stronger heroines. Her Monster was a short story but it was very well developed. It was a fast paced story so I read it straight through from start to finish in one evening. I loved the main couple, Caleb and Faith, and how Sam Crescent let me catch up with Beast and Hope from Her Beast, and also how much Dewayne seems to be growing up a little bit. I assume that his book will be next and can’t wait to read it. Her Monster was a bit hit with this happy reader. I look forward to whatever Sam Crescent comes up with next.

She's Done It Again !!
Written by Victoria on 10th Apr 2018

Sam has done it again !! She's brought us another must read book !! Caleb is a dangerous, sexy hunk of alpha male that is brought to his knees by a young, beautiful Faith..who was given as a debt payment. Together they find a love for themselves as well each other . Love this book !!

My kind of food
Written by CNGINC76 on 10th Apr 2018

I know this is bad to say but I decided this was an awesome book when I read Caleb loved pickle and cheese sandwiches. Me too!!!! Plus Faith is not as innocent as Hope (Her Beast). She refuses to be some damsel in distress who waits around. Some toy to be taken out and played with only when Caleb wants her. Faith knows horror and Caleb teaches her to wear her scars as badges of honor. I liked this book.

Wanting More
Written by Ash on 22nd Mar 2018

I was left wanting more with this book Her Monster has the steamy and ever so hot heat, but I wanted a little more softness to even it out.

He can be my Monster!!!
Written by kindle customer on 19th Mar 2018

Omg Sam you did it again.. I love Caleb and Faith.. Is Dwayne next and will he make the Carson cut? Can't wait...

Written by Amber Slaikeu on 19th Mar 2018

I wish there was little bit more to story but i still like. I think Faith was okay character but I can understand where she coming from but she strong female

Another amazing read
Written by Mary S on 16th Mar 2018

Like always Ms. Crescent had done a wonderful job with Caleb's story. Caleb was just so sweet to the woman he loves and Faith was perfect for Caleb for the life he lives in he needs a strong woman by his side and Faith is just that for him. It was just a perfect read I enjoy it so much.

Loved Her Monster
Written by LRCH on 16th Mar 2018

A quick read I couldn’t put down until I finished. The story of Caleb and Faith - they both have hurt, hard & unhappy pasts, but they work.... and I loved the way Sam Crescent weaved their story.

Written by Fabiola Cadet-Castil on 16th Mar 2018

Okay when you had posted about Caleb's book on how dirty and naughty it's getting , you were not lying. I enjoyed this book very much, you did not disappoint at all. I love the interaction between them and the way they became close was amazing, I'm giving this book 5 stars, great job Miss Sam Crescent, Please anyone who's a fan of Sam Crescent go get "Her Beast", can't wait for the next one.......

Written by Neringa on 16th Mar 2018

I wanted Calebs story since meeting him in Her Beast. Which you don't need to read before this one, but I do recommend to. And while I'm not dissapointed with Calebs story, but I didn't enjoyed it as much as his brothers, Beast, either. It wasn't bad read, it just was missing something that I can't explain. Maybe it's Faith. I liked that she wasn't this ready to sacrifice herself to protect her douche bag father. And I liked how accepting she was of Caleb and his world. But despite those, I couldn't connect with her. Meaning I didn't cared for her, or her situation. I liked Caleb, though. His possessiveness, his dangerous aura, his caring, even though he would deny it. I found no faults with him. Well, maybe except he let his past affect him too much at the present. In a way I can understand it. His father did a number on him, to put it lightly. But one thing he needs to understand is that out of his lifestyle, doesn't mean it to be safer. Life itself has it's own dangers. And like after reading Her Beast, I wanted Calebs story, now after reading this, well, maybe even after Her Beast, I want to hear Calebs and Beast nephew, Dwaynes, story. Yeah, he isn't something at the present, 'whiny little girl' as Caleb put it, but I think he can be something in the future.