Monster Bully by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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From the moment Grim looks at Eve, he knows he wants her. All of his life, he has only known true evil. It was why he was able to rise the ranks and become the man that he is today. No one dared to betray him. If they did, they only knew him to be cruel, a true monster—a bully.

All she did was help a stranger. A man with a flat tire.

One date turned into another, and now, she is married to the love of her life. Only, Grim is not who he says he is.

One year, Eve thought she was married to a respectable business man called Graham. He’s called Grim, and there is nothing good about him. She now knows the truth. He is a dangerous man, and she wants a divorce. The only problem is, she is still in love with him. He is no different from the man she married.

Grim will not let her go without a fight. But while focusing on his wife, an enemy has risen up. When they threaten his wife, there is no holding back. He promised his wife he would protect her. Anyone who threatens her, will be dead.

Will Eve be able to forgive and finally accept who her husband is?



They had found her once, and she had no doubt unlike the cabin, he had men patrolling the grounds. She wouldn’t be able to make her escape quite so easily.

Moving along the corridor, she headed toward the stairs, and there was no sign of anyone. She knew from experience that the steps didn’t have a single squeak. Most of the house didn’t make a sound when she moved around. The moment she was clear of the stairs, she went to the door, and of course she tried the handle and it was locked.

Gritting her teeth, she spun around and then let out a gasp as Grim was there, an apron covering his clearly expensive suit. She didn’t know why she hadn’t realized the quality of his clothes. He had spent a small fortune on her own clothes. Even though she had taken off in her jeans and ratty old t-shirt that had indeed seen better days. Much better days.

“All the doors are locked. The windows are bolted. Snow is on the ground, and it’s cold out. I have men walking the perimeter and I have cameras everywhere,” Grim said. “You will not get lucky this time.”

She gritted her teeth. “Do you think this is funny?”

“Do I look like I’m laughing?”

She glared at him. “I don’t think this is funny.”

“Neither do I. Do you have any idea what people would do, what my enemies would do to you if they ever got ahold of you?” he asked. He moved toward her, and then blocked her against the door and his rock-hard body.

There was nowhere for her to go. No place to make her escape.

Her mouth went dry, and she licked her lips, trying to calm her racing heart, as well as something else. She felt that tug between her thighs.

There was no way she could be aroused by what he was doing. No way in hell, and yet that was exactly what was happening, which was insane. Eve couldn’t help it. She was attracted to her husband and she still loved him. She still wanted him, and that was her shame. Eve didn’t know how to fight it, or if she even wanted to.

“They’d let me go to the police.”

“You’re a fool if you think that’s what they would do.” He didn’t move his hands away from where they had landed either side of her head.

She lifted her gaze to his and waited.

“They would torture you and use you against me to get what they wanted. They would try to destroy me, and they would do it for fun.” He moved in a little closer. “And you have absolutely no idea what I would do to anyone who tried to hurt you, do you? You don’t know how I would make them suffer.”

She closed her eyes as his face pressed against her neck. It felt so good.

Biting down on her lip, she tried to contain the pleasured moans that were so close. She had always loved it when he devoted time to her neck. The feel of his tongue gliding across the flesh, and then the small bite of pain as he used his teeth. It was enough to drive her insane with need, with longing.

Even now, when she wanted to hate him for all the lies and manipulation, she just couldn’t bring herself to. She was a horrible person.

He let out a groan. It was a deep guttural sound. “I know you, Eve. I know your body, and I am trying to be a good man here. But I know you love it when I touch you. I know you love it when I kiss your neck and even nibble on your pulse, right here.” His teeth grazed that spot and she couldn’t help but moan. “And those sounds. They’re enough to drive a man to distraction, Eve.”

She loved the sounds he made as well, like he couldn’t control himself. Even though he was always able to.

“Tell me to stop, Eve.”

She opened her mouth, about to tell him exactly that, but then nothing came out. Did she want him to stop?

“Fuck, Eve.” He pressed his body against her and she felt the hard ridge of his cock against her stomach. He was so close.

She felt an answering heat between her thighs. She wanted to beg him for more, but even those words failed her.

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Page Turner
Written by MrsKissmas on 2nd Apr 2024

Monster Bully by Sam Crescent Grim is forty years old and has come from nothing to make himself the king of the city. He rules with an iron fist and although he has many business "interests" that are not all legal he still has rules that all must obey in order to avoid his wrath. His world is dark, filled with evil and definitely not for the faint of heart. So when he meets Eve Donald, an innocent, fifteen years his junior and beautiful inside and out he is shocked that such a person even exists. When Grim meets Eve he is shocked that someone so honest, truly innocent and kind actually exists, she is a precious gift, a light in his darkness and he is determined to keep her all to himself. They are together for a year, lost in love with one another with Eve completely oblivious to her wonderful husband's true life and even name. However once the darkness touches her light Grim shows her and his enemy just how very much he loves his Queen and what a mistake the enemy has made even thinking to touch his woman. Eve belongs to Grim, she is his everything, his whole world and no one can take her away from him. I really enjoyed this romance, filled with action, moments of pure sweetness and absolute, wholehearted love. It was another great standalone to add to Sam Crescent's catalogue of books. Enjoy and Happy Reading! 5 out of 5 stars. Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given.

Grim's wife
Written by Maleficent on 23rd Mar 2024

Grim/Graham first meets Eve when he has a flat tire and she offers to help. He asks her out and they date but he never tells her the whole truth about himself. Once they are married she finds out that her husband is a true monster, not the man she thought him to be. She wants a divorce and he is determined to keep her locked up until she changes her mind. Her outlook on her husband may change when her life is threatened and she needs him.

Light to his darkness.
Written by Mary S on 23rd Mar 2024

This was a sweet and heartfelt read. Love Grim and Eve story, love that Eve was the light to Grim darkness she was sweet and loving even discovering her husband dark side she is the perfect sweetness and lightness that Grim needed in his life.

A very sweet and twisted HEA!!
Written by Sarah ES on 23rd Mar 2024

This book was full of a twisted HEA. They fell in love based on assumptions until reality hit Eve in the face one day!! She runs away only to brought back and basically forced to see the man she is married to!!

Loved Grim/Graham and Eve
Written by CarKar on 23rd Mar 2024

True and unconditional love is not black and white. Loved how Eve was Graham's one light in a world where he only knew dark. So glad that Eve learned to appreciate her husband and follow her heart. The opposites in dynamics here was "sweet" ... if that's even a thing for dark mafia people.

Written by Gkp2460 on 23rd Mar 2024

Monster Bully is the intense, intriguing, dramatic, suspenseful story of Graham/Grim and Eve. It's a story that keeps you locked in on the pages because you never know what's next. Eve is in a precarious situation, she loves Graham and although he and Grim are one and the same, she struggles with the darkness in him. It's a great, fast-paced, quick, one sitting read.

Very good
Written by Jordan F on 23rd Mar 2024

This was a refreshing story. We usually see the couple working on building a relationship and getting together but this story was about an already established relationship and the damage lies can cause. I truly felt the love Grim had for Eve. He couldn't be without her. Yes he had possessive vibes but I could also feel it was rooted in his love and devotion for her. Eve was scared when she learned the truth about Grim. But trying to stop loving someone is very hard. They had some issues they had to resolve and I enjoyed how they worked on it.

Superb Bully Romance--Extra Juicy and Steaminess is FIRE!!!
Written by Andrea R on 23rd Mar 2024

This book (as all this authors books) was amazing--the scenes are wonderful and the characters are off the charts with the chemistry--I love the authors ability to write such wonderful engaging books--I read each of her works (multiple times to be honest)--this is MUST READ!!!

Great Story!!Great Story!!
Written by Amy J on 23rd Mar 2024

Loved reading Monster Bully. Once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down. Eve and Grim’s story was action packed and I loved that Grim would do anything and everything for Eve. Loved their story!!

Written by RhondaVB on 23rd Mar 2024

Another story that I enjoyed reading. Grim is a bad man and Eve is on his radar after she helps him. After a whirlwind relationship, they marry and she still doesn't realize who he is. When she does find out, she's shocked and wants out, even though she still loves him. Being Grim, you know he has enemies and when they come after Eve, he'll stop at nothing to protect her. Just going to add that you should check the triggers because there are some and they may not be a good thing if abuse and violence is a trigger for you! I still loved this story!

Lies, secrets and tells
Written by DariaB on 23rd Mar 2024

Lies, secrets and tells. It was innocent... she's innocent and so very good for a man so very bad. When you're immersed in bad stuff most of your life you hone that skill and are the Monster of nightmares. Then one night becomes life changing. On Eve's discovery she's givin time to think, to make choices. Do you just fall out of love? That life that he kept hidden comes a knockin and the Monster has to be on point because she is what matters. This was such an amazing story. To find out things you hadn't a a real clue about. To see that yes you ca do it. I think it was about self discovery as well. The bad deserves a bit of light and the the light gets that much brighter, stronger. Sexy, Dangerous a smidgen if dark. Loved it!!

Written by Sua on 23rd Mar 2024

It was interesting to see the pov of how the characters felt about each other when it came to the drama in their lives. I love seeing Grim’s determination when it came to Eve and I love how stubborn she was when it came to him.

So good!
Written by Mistie Best on 23rd Mar 2024

I really enjoyed this one! Eve and Grim were so great together. She was so naive and didn't really know anything about him when they met. He managed to keep his entire dark side from her for a year before it all comes crashing down and then Eve doesn't know how to handle it. I loved watching these two try to figure everything out.

Not really a monster
Written by Bookbunny on 23rd Mar 2024

Eve thought she found the prefect guy. She found him in need of help. One date led to many then marriage. But Graham aka Grim is not the man she thought he was. Grim didn’t expect a woman come running to help him with his car. She had no fear of him. Even more, she had no idea who he was. He didn’t expect to fall for her and marry. But Eve found out who he was, and she tried to run. He was not going to let what was precious to him leave. I have to say, Eve’s reason for leaving, ok I get it. Grim is a bad man. But did he really lie to her about his feelings and how he treated her, NO. It was just the “job” that he did. But as he said, “you never asked.” Grim wasn’t as bad as she thought him to be. OK, yes he was shady in his deals in a lot of things but he always protected her. He never wanted his world to touch her. And he sure went after those that tried. In a way, he was like a big bear keeping her close and safe. There is so much ugliness in the world and Grim was keeping it away from his wife or trying to. I am glad that he was able to save those lives even if there had to be a means to an end.

Monster bully
Written by Froggy reads on 23rd Mar 2024

I couldn’t put this book down ! Grim is a morally grey man who fell in love with Eve and he had secrets that she needed to understand . Eve fell for him as hard as Grim did for her . They have a great dynamic ( almost sweat ) . A book that I know I will reread often . As usual Sam crescent has done a fabulous job . Can’t wait to see what is next

Opposites attract
Written by Michelle E on 23rd Mar 2024

This was an opposites attract with a good girl/bad boy vibe. Grim falls head over heels as soon as he sees Eve. She is innocent, naive and a ray of sunshine. He hides his true self from Eve so she does not discover the monster inside and his business dealings. Once she finds out is business and true nature she does not react how he wants her to. He won't let her go and is such a cinnamon roll for her and not to others. Overall, a well written story that kept me engaged with suspense, spice and a H that goes after what he wants.

Monster Bully
Written by Karen99 on 23rd Mar 2024

He Won’t Lose Her He couldn’t live without her once he’d found her. She didn’t know who he really was and he would do anything to stop her from finding out. She was his soul the one person who he would protect with his life. Now she’s found out who and what he is and she’s not happy! Grim won’t let Eve go and he needs to convince her that they are forever, they are both madly in love with each other but can she accept the man he is and can they find their HEA. A hot fast paced novella, he is King of his world and he would do anything to protect his Queen.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 23rd Mar 2024

Grim wanted Eve at first sight, she was a light and innocence in his dark world that he kept her from for over a year, but now she knows his dark truth, and wants no part of it, no matter the fact she still loves him, but when a threat comes for her, Grim will go to any lengths to keep her safe but will she remain his? Well written the story has you engaged from the start, great character development, fast paced, steamy, action and more!