His to Take by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Daniel Solano has to take a wife to make sure a Mafia war doesn’t start. He must marry a Valenti daughter, but the oldest doesn’t appeal to him, even if he will do what needs to be done to keep the peace. But then he meets the youngest daughter, Natalie Valenti.

Natalie has always done whatever she could to stay out of the Mafia life, including avoiding her family most of the time. Still, she’s home for Thanksgiving—and meets Daniel.

Daniel makes it clear he will marry a Valenti—and it will be Natalie. Seeing no other choice, her father orders her to marry Daniel. She tries to fight it, to no avail. She becomes Daniel’s wife, and in doing so, is forced into the Mafia life she tried so hard to escape.

Daniel vows to take care of Natalie, so when someone places a hit on her, everything comes to a head. Daniel won’t allow anything to happen to his wife, and whoever tries will answer to him. But will Natalie ever accept this life? Can Daniel ever give her what she craves … love?



“They’re my brothers and my best friends. I wouldn’t let anything happen to them,” Daniel said.

She saw the love among them, and she was a little jealous at how close they were. “I wish I had that. Louisa couldn’t stand me. I don’t make friends easily.”

Her cheeks heating, she looked down at her food.

“As it happens we all make amazing friends. We’d gladly take you under our wing, show you the ropes of friendship.”

She couldn’t help but look toward Daniel.

He held his hands up. “I’ve not got a problem with this. When we’re around the elders though, try to ignore them.”

“Yes, it would seem elders don’t like bastard children having a place,” Ronnie said, winking at her.

“I’m so sorry,” she said.

“You’re really not a mafia brat, are you?” Vincent asked.

“I never really fit in. No, probably not. I guess having your mom trying to kill you on more than one occasion would do that to you.”

She saw that she’d shocked them all.

“She tried to kill you?” Ronnie asked.

Nodding, she took a bite of her noodles. “A couple of times. I think it’s why Dad was so nice to me. He didn’t like that she tried to kill me.” She shrugged.

They all finished their food, and she loved the time spent with them, but of course, it wasn’t long before they had to leave, and the nerves kicked in.

She didn’t know why she felt nervous.

Daniel had told her he wouldn’t do anything with her unless she wanted it, and she didn’t know if she wanted it or not.

Gathering up the empty cartons, she placed them in the trash and waited.

Sitting down on the stool, her hands linked together, she watched him come back.

“Do you want to see our bedroom?” he asked.

Locking her fingers together, she stood up and followed him. His hand rested at the base of her back, and even as her heart thumped, she tried to ignore it.

Entering the large bedroom, she saw the bed, which looked imposing and huge.

“Where will I be sleeping?”

“Here, with me.” She made to protest, but he simply kissed her lips, silencing any further refusal. “Nothing is going to happen tonight. Trust my word on that, but we share a bed, that is the final word on it.”

“You can’t be swayed?”

“Not with this I can’t.”

“Okay.” She stared at the bed a final time, seeing there was no point in arguing. “Would you undo the zipper of my dress?” She presented him with her back.

Her stomach clenched as his fingers grazed her side. She closed her eyes, thankful that he couldn’t see her.

“I know you’re affected by me,” he said, lips brushing her neck.

Opening her eyes, she stared at him. She’d been so drawn to the bed she’d not noticed all the mirrors.

“You like to watch something?” she asked, feeling her skin heat up.

“I like to do a lot of things, Natalie.” The zipper slid down her back, easing open with each second.

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Pauline Michael on 15th Jul 2018

Sam Crescent creates the perfect mafia-based love story with this quick and sexy read. I don’t know if everyone dreams of super powerful, alpha mob bosses but I sure do and Daniel Solano is an absolute dream come true. From the moment he decided Natalie Valenti was his I completely lost my heart. Nothing is so wonderful as reading a story where the man’s mind is already made up and you as the reader have absolutely no doubts as to his feelings. And if any heroine deserves the attention and affection of a strong, confident man it is Natalie. Natalie is one special woman! Her resilience is amazing, her heart genuine and her patience astounding. In fact I did feel a little sorry for the fact that a mobster wanted her but I hoped it would all work out for the best. This story took me on a wonderfully, emotional rollercoaster ride and I loved every moment of it. If you like curvy heroines, alpha male wise guys, a cast of interesting supporting characters and some sexy scenes that will singe you, this one is a must read. The Story: In order to keep peace amongst the families Daniel Solano agrees to marry a Valenti daughter but when it’s all but a done deal he decides he wants the younger daughter Natalie. Not everyone likes his decision and soon Natalie is in danger but Daniel will stop at nothing to protect her and convince her they belong together.

I loved this one
Written by Fay on 12th May 2018

I loved this one. Read it in one go from beginning to end. I loved Daniel. From the moment he met Natalie he was infatuated with her and he knew he wanted her. No matter that he was suppose to marry her sister, he refused and wanted Natalie. Don't worry the sister was kind of a biatch, and really hated Natalie. Natalie wanted distance from her mafia family and lived with their Cook Mary when she turned sixteen. Left her family name and money behind and lived her own life. Until Daniel decided he wanted her and her father went back on his word of leaving her out of his world. But surprising to her Daniel was everything she never knew she wanted. He was kind, sweet and loving and so patient with her that she couldn't help but fall in love with him. But life wasn't all rosy and sunshine, someone put a hit on Natalie and Daniel will do everything in his power to protect this wife. Awesome story, loved all the characters, and maybe Vincent and Ronnie could get their own stories???

I really liked it. Sam Crescent is the Boom
Written by Prettygirl on 12th May 2018

I really liked it. Sam Crescent is the Boom!!!

Good Read
Written by Avid Reader on 12th May 2018

Good read. Fast paced which I like at times. I think this particular authors books are a tad overpriced for the number of pages.

Love Sam Crescent
Written by MN on 12th May 2018

This author is definitely an auto-buy for me, and this story did not disappoint. I would have loved more conflict and a slightly longer story , but I did enjoy it.

Mafia men need love too.
Written by Ivy on 12th May 2018

Excellent mafia story! Love at first sight for the Alpha mafia hero and innocent mafia princess heroine, both are caught up in making an alliance for their powerful families. They find love and happily ever after along the way. Hot sex scenes, family drama and lives dealt with the mafia way. Highly recommend this book.

Written by raveen vann on 12th May 2018

This is such an amazing, hot and intense book. Daniel is supposed to marry her sister but when he sees Natalie he changes his mind and wants her. Poor Natalie has been through crap with her family and wanting out of the life. Now though she's forced back into it by having to marry Daniel. I love how absolutely protective he is and that he and his two friends are there for her and will do anything for her. It is such a good book.

4 stars
Written by MagicWaits on 1st May 2018

Enjoyable story. I hope his brothers get their own books.

Written by Terry on 1st May 2018

I love mafia romance books and this book was great . Daniel seen what he wanted and took it , and what he wanted was Natalie .

This is another great one from Sam Crescent
Written by Britt on 1st May 2018

This is another great one from Sam Crescent. I loved the way Daniel held his own over the fact he made up his mind and went with it. He was kind to Natalie somthing most of her own family really was not. This books stays true to Sam other work so if you loved her books this is for you. Mafia drama and some cute moment between the couple.

Loved It!!
Written by Catori on 1st May 2018

This was so good, that I couldnt put it down and read it in one sitting. My heart broke for Natalie and what she had to go through with her family who hated her because of her close relationship with her dad but along came Daniel and he showed her the kind of love she craved. A beautiful romance story, I wonder if Daniel's step brothers will stories of their own too.

Enjoyed it. Truly home Daniel's brothers get their happy ...
Written by Big Apple on 25th Apr 2018

Enjoyed it. Truly home Daniel's brothers get their happy ever after story as well. Only thing I didn't like was I felt that Natalie's mother got off too light. She tortured Natalie her entire life and just blowing her head of was way too easy. She needed to suffer for a good little while I am talking years as well as her siblings, then maybe kill her

Written by ChrisS on 25th Apr 2018

This is by far one of the best Sam Crescent books and mafia books I've read. Natalie was never wanted by her mother or siblings. Her father loved her but she didn't like the life he lead. She struck a deal with him to keep out of the world he belonged in. Unfortunately, things changed. She came to Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate her sister's engagement to Daniel, the son of the head of another family. The marriage was to insure peace among the families. When Daniel changes his mind and chooses Natalie, there begins one of the best stories I've ever read. Again, as usual, this is a one click.

Loved it!
Written by Michelle Hendrix on 25th Apr 2018

She did it again. Another book that I couldn't put down. I love all of Her books! Natalie and Daniel's story was awesome.

Loved this bok
Written by Kindle Customer on 25th Apr 2018

5 stars for Daniel and Natalie I really really loved this book. I Want more of the friends/brothers. Please Please

Wonderfully written
Written by Fabiola Cadet-Destil on 25th Apr 2018

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for the amazing story. You put in everything in this story, Love, Passion, 5 stars for this book, I'd definitely recommend this book, great job Miss Sam Crescent, until next

Love it!
Written by Rhonda on 25th Apr 2018

Sam Crescent's mafia romances are always a one click for me. She writes them very well developed characters and plots. Daniel and Natalie have to get married to prevent a mafia style war, even though Natalie's father had promised her to keep her out of the family lifestyle. Daniel falls for her immediately and sets about seducing his bride. Natalie thinks he will be like other mafia men, abusive and a cheater so she is surprised to realize Daniel isn't like that. Danger comes in the form of a hit being placed on her head so Daniel, his family and Natalie's father work to figure out who ordered the hit! I just loved this book. It would be nice to see if Daniels' half brothers and bodyguards get their own stories in the future.

Yes Yes Yes!
Written by Ash-Luna on 24th Apr 2018

His To Take is a MUST READ from Sam Crescent it has so much chemistry you can feel the heat coming off the page! AMAZING!

Written by Neringa on 24th Apr 2018

This was great mafia romance. I couldn't stop reading. I adore Daniel. That mobster was just... The way he was with Natalie... Perfection. Natalie was one lucky girl. She got a husband who's ready to give her stars and the moon. I liked Daniels friends-brothers, Ronnie and Vincent. I would love to read theirs stories.

His to Take
Written by LRCH on 24th Apr 2018

Wow! Sam Crescent has written this quick read - well seemed quick cause it just kept moving. Loved Daniel & Natalie. So glad he chose to marry her even though she was against it. Love the way this story was told, couple of twists, and I hope Daniel’s friends have stories also!!!

Written by Neringa on 23rd Apr 2018

This was great mafia romance. I couldn't stop reading. I adore Daniel. That mobster was just... The way he was with Natalie... Perfection. Natalie was one lucky girl. She got a husband who's ready to give her stars and the moon. I liked Daniels friends-brothers, Ronnie and Vincent. I would love to read theirs stories.