Taking His Woman by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Sinclair Men, 2

Chris Sinclair broke Erica’s heart. The only woman he has ever loved. Since that awful moment he has spent every waking moment thinking about her and wishing he could have another chance.

Erica cannot forget the love she felt at the hands of Chris, but her memories are plagued by his betrayal after he took her innocence. When they meet again, the attraction is as strong as ever. But Erica refuses to give herself easily to the man who broke her heart.

When Chris’s father is rushed to the hospital, Erica and Chris learn how quickly life can change. Instead of dwelling on the past they move into a future together. But how long can they last? With Erica’s desires increasing, can she find it in her heart to completely trust Chris or will they be doomed to repeat the past?

Be Warned: spanking



Chris removed his belt, then his pants until he stood before her in his bare skin. She cried out. Her hands encircled his cock. He thrust her hands away from his body, going to his knees in front of her. Chris took first one foot and then the next, removing her sandals. Bringing her foot to his lips, he kissed the delicate soles of her feet. She lay back as he kissed his way up her body on one leg before changing to her other leg. 
“Chris, please.” 
“What’s the matter, baby?” 
“Touch me. I can’t wait any more.” 
Their time apart melted away. They were the two people back in his hotel room with no pain between them. Chris opened her legs, staring at her beautiful pussy. Her blonde curls were slightly darker. She kept herself neatly trimmed. Her juice coated her slit, leaking out onto the bed. 
He slipped a finger between her folds, inside her body. She was tight, hot, and soaking wet. Erica cried out when he added a second finger. Chris fucked her body, getting her to accept his fingers. His cock was thick, and he didn’t want to hurt her. 
“How does that feel?” he asked. 
“More. Please, I need more.” 
“My woman is being greedy.” He smiled, loving her openness. 
“Always for you.” 
He pressed his fingers harder inside her, leaning down and licking her clit. Her scream sounded wonderful to him. He wanted her clawing at the sheets with the release he intended to give her. 
Erica had missed this. Chris had a way with her body that she could never understand. He flicked her clit and fucked her cunt. She bit her lip, her fingers sinking into the blanket and holding on as her body grew hungrier for the release that only he could give her. 
He nibbled, sucked, and licked at her bud. She felt every different action of his skilful tongue. She got closer to the point of no return. Erica had missed her time with Chris. He captured her in so many different ways. 
“Come for me, baby. Let me hear you scream your pleasure.” 
A third finger was added to her pussy. She felt stretched, wound so tightly she felt like she was going to burst. 
His attentions never left her clit. The flicking intensified, making her climb higher and higher. 
“Chris.” She yelled his name, not caring how unladylike she sounded. Erica ground her hips against his face, prolonging her orgasm.  
Before she had time to come back down from her high, Chris moved her up the bed. She watched as he grabbed a condom, put one on, and sank deep inside her. 
“So fucking tight.” 
Erica wrapped her arms around his back, holding on as he made love to her. He pulled out of her so only the head of his cock remained before ramming inside in a hard thrust. The depth of his cock bumping her cervix made her pleasure mingle with the sharp point of pain. The sensation was intoxicating to her. He grasped her hands, holding them above her head. She couldn’t move. He plunged inside her, over and over again taking her to the peak but denying her the edge of release.
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Taking His Woman
Written by BDSM Book Reviews on 6th Feb 2013

I loved the first book in this series, Blaze’s Second Chance. This one was no different. As with the first one, Taking His Woman is a second chance at love story. My favorite kind. As the title suggests, Chris Sinclair is taking back the heart that he broke when he scorned the love that Erica unselfishly gave to him. Erica gave her innocence to Chris, a notorious playboy. Then, afraid of the powerful desire he feels for her, he pushes Erica out of his life by scoffing at her feelings. “It’s just sex”, he told her. Erica was horrified at the way he used her…so she ran. Yet, Chris never forgot the blazing passion they shared. Despite his brutal betrayal, Erica has stayed true to Chris these last four years. Now, they are reunited and find that the old feelings are still there. After a bit of groveling they give in to those feelings and try to rebuild the relationship that Chris destroyed. But Chris has awakened a dark desire in Erica. A desire that she can’t ignore yet neither can she express to her lover. I loved this book. I enjoyed how humble the once arrogant Alpha male was in his remorse. He was desperate to win back what he once threw away. Yet, the author never showed him as weak. Nor did Erica ask him to grovel. I liked that. She was a smart gal who saw her chance at the man she wanted. And she took it. I enjoyed this steamy read. The sex was hot. But it was the fabulous characters and the second chance at love plot that made this book worth reading. Hey, my time is valuable so I’d rather not waste it on a story that’s just about sex. No worries about that with this book. Taking His Woman is a wonderfully tender story. I’d recommend this book to everyone who likes a little romance with their smexy.

Night Owl Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 18th Nov 2012

This is the second book in the series. Chris is kind of a matchmaker and he’s pretty ruthless. What changed the confirmed player into such a romantic? Throwing away his own ideal mate due to sheer stupidity. When Chris fell in love with Erica he pushed her away rather than embrace his feelings and has regretted it ever since. Circumstances have provided him with a second chance at the only woman he’ll ever love. Does he have the guts? Erica won’t be used and discarded again. She’s never really had another serious relationship since Chris ripped her heart out. That was enough pain for a lifetime. Older and wiser, can she trust Chris again? I’m all for second chances, but this story didn’t grab me the way I’d hoped. I’m not sure if it was background static from the other stories woven throughout or if I just didn’t feel the chemistry. The age difference was significant, and a zinger relayed to the reader early in the story was never addressed at all. While I enjoyed the continuation of the series as well as the story of Chris and Erica reconnecting, and the sex was steamy and got more so as the couple experimented, I was left feeling disconnected.

Nocturne Romance Reads Reviews
Written by undefined on 10th Nov 2012

I just don’t get this one…now don’t get me wrong…the steam was great and once these two made up, they were great together. What I don’t get is the fact that a 37 yr old man that has played the field his whole life could suddenly realize how great “the one” is and then throw her away. I was still unsatisfied with Chris’ explanation and his justification for being a complete and utter D-bag…Rant out. Erica was a character I could get into a lot more than Chris: A nice girl from Nowheresville who left a crap life for something better. She thought she had found it in Chris Sinclair, the older gentleman at work who wooed her and charmed her and then took her virginity only to toss it back in her face. Three years have passed and she still loves him and has never been with anyone else. Vacationing with friends, Chris sees her on the beach and decides now is the time to claim her back. Why now? This was never answered…but they proceed in having dinner just as friends. Well, Chris did not do nearly enough groveling for my liking, but it seems a theme in books I have read lately: Treat them like shit, they stick like shit. In the end, I enjoyed their smexing much more than the plot. The jumps from here to there had me scratching my head a bit, but I went with it and then got me sweet HEA. Enjoy!