I Kissed a Girl in Vegas by Scarlet Chastain

Heat Level 3
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I Kissed a Girl, 1 

Tessa Walker’s business trip takes her to one of the poshest hotels on the Vegas Strip. After nursing a break-up, Tessa’s looking forward to a weekend of fun and sun. Little does she know, her pool cabana mate is none other than famous chef and restaurateur, Gianna Lucini, who introduces her to the world of great food and forbidden passion.  

Life as a jet-set chef isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for Gianna. Like her restaurants, she insists on control in the bedroom and her tastes run anything but plain vanilla. She’s ready to give up on love until Tessa serves up an offer Gianna can't turn down.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFF), f/f sex, public exhibition


“Mark has another talent you’re sure to enjoy. I’m going to take over for him so he can show you. Just keep an open mind and let yourself go, Tessa.” Her slow words mesmerized me as her strong fingers took over and Mark let go. Her hands were small and soft in comparison to his. Gianna’s fingers traveled across my shoulder blades, loosening tight muscles along the way. I grabbed the edge of the table and slid my chair back a few inches. “Relax,” Gianna whispered. Mark moved to my side and casually leaned against the table. He picked up my hand and rubbed small circles around the sensitive area where my thumb met my palm.

“You have a hard time letting go. Don’t you, Tessa?” he asked.

I took a deep breath and reached for my glass of wine, hoping it’d provide much needed liquid courage. Mark grabbed my other hand before it could capture the wineglass.

“You don’t need that to relax. Let me help you.” His graveled voice rumbled its way through my body and stoked the heat settling low in my belly.

My chair suddenly moved out further and he stepped between my knees, facing me. His focus shifted from me to above my head where Gianna stood. She continued her ministrations on my tight muscles. Mark smiled and his gaze moved back to me. His fingers rubbed the inside of my palm in unison with Gianna’s hands at my shoulders. I’d never had two people touching me in this way before. Every cell of my body stood at attention. Like the rhythm of a gentle ocean, their hypnotic caresses washed away any lingering insecurity.

Waves of pleasure coursed through my body in the secluded room smack in the middle of one of the busiest hotels in Vegas. I should’ve been embarrassed by the attention. I should’ve got up and walked away. Things like that don’t happen to me. However, my ass might as well have been crazy-glued to the chair, because I wasn’t moving. The tablecloth brushed over my bare legs as Mark let go of one of my hands and his fingers brushed my thigh. He lowered his muscled body to his knees as Gianna gathered my hair into a ponytail. Her fingers raked over my scalp while Mark’s fingers drew imaginary lines from my knee to high on the inside of my thigh and back again. I swallowed hard as my pulse quickened. I was sure Gianna could see how fast my heart was beating when she pulled my hair and coaxed my face upward to meet her stare.

She smiled down at me. “I want you to clear your mind and just enjoy the moment. Can you do that for me?”

I nodded and closed my eyes. A flash of pain gripped my scalp as Gianna tightened her hold on my hair. My eyelids flew open and I met her crystal-blue gaze that was the color of a Caribbean ocean.

“Be here with me, Tessa. Don’t escape into yourself. I want your eyes on me, or Mark. Believe me, it will make the experience incredible.”

I nodded again and she loosened the grip she had on my hair. Mark’s tongue had replaced his fingers and he left a warm, wet trail on the inside of my thigh. He released my other hand, and both of his hands were making their way up the tops of my thighs and under my short skirt.

His eyes burned hot and he shot me a grin. “Lift up a little, sweetheart.”

I did as he asked and my lacy underwear was quickly swept from me, losing my shoes in the process. His palms cupped my knees, nudging them farther apart. A wave of insecurity washed over me as his gaze shifted to my sex.

“Remember what I said. Relax and enjoy.” Gianna’s voice filled my ear.

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The Romance Review TRR
Written by Delta on 14th Mar 2015

If my trips to Vegas were half this hot, I don't think I'd ever leave! Tessa Walker wanted to be with a man, loved men, but they weren't ever quite enough for her not-so-straight desires. When she meets Gianna Lucini in Las Vegas, she finds a woman who is sexy, smart and successful--the trifecta. Gianna introduces Tessa to Mark, and all of Tessa's plans to relax solo on her Vegas weekend fly out the window as the pair quickly seduces her. I KISSED A GIRL IN VEGAS was a super hot quickie with FFM action. Mark was one lucky man to have the gorgeous Tessa and Gianna all over him…and each other! The three of them together were on fire! I don't get to read girl on girl very often so this was a nice treat, and honesty I think I would've liked this story better with just Tessa and Gianna. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous seduction of Tessa by both of them. There's nothing earth shattering or particularly deep in I KISSED A GIRL IN VEGAS, but for a short sexy story that will fill up a few hours, it's perfect. Bottom Line: a hot delicious quickie with some lesbian lusciousness and a yummy dose of dominant tendencies. - See more at: http://glbt.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=16923#sthash.RUkdsBgu.dpuf

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Wild Rayne on 13th Mar 2015

Short, sexy and to the point, with only 6 chapters I Kissed a Girl in Vegas tells a nice story of a woman who finds what she's willing to do and be in an interesting relationship. Even though it was short you can clearly tell that Tessa and Giana are going somewhere special. A nice meal and a little orgasm to help relax you never hurt anyone. Even though Giana is dominant Tessa can hold her own and makes it clear what she wants. Vegas is about fun and games but there are people who live there and make a living. Giana is one of them when it comes to her restaurant. Even though it's the family business she does get lonely. So I was happy for her that she got her two loves in the end.