Journey Across Time by C.R. Moss

Heat Level 3
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Raritan Manor Ranch, 2

There is magic on the ranch...

A woman examining life. A man on a quest. Time restores his spirit and her love.
Trent, a man in the past on a mission to discover where he belongs, embarks on a spiritual journey. His spirit guide, to his dismay, is a frisky feline named Myrddin. During a ritual, the cat brings the soul searcher forward into Julie VanAlder’s world.

Julie is attracted to the newcomer on the ranch, but his strange mannerisms and speech dictate she use caution, especially when she learns where he’s from. A botched relationship, supposed time travel, spiritual mumbo jumbo…it’s almost too much for Julie to take.

Can Trent make her believe in destiny and win her love before it’s too late?



But now Trent doesn’t even look like he was ever affected by the car ride. Amazed at how much energy he had, she sat up and crossed her legs. Boy, what a sight he is.

Trent, shirtless and showing off his built body, strolled from the water, moving with precision. The women around her tittered, whispering fast and lewd phrases about “the hunk.” Her gaze swung to one group of females whose attentions and words confirmed their obvious appraisals of the man. She looked back at Trent. His quadriceps rippled with each stride, fighting against the sand’s resistance. He stopped and wiped his forehead. Beads of water trailed down his light brown skin, glistening on him like pixie dust. He bent over, then quickly straightened. His long black hair made an arc in the air, casting off the seawater. Trent ran his fingers through his slick and shiny locks.

Poseidon come to life. Beautiful Greek god incarnate. Julie sighed. No wonder he's making the women flap their lips. If one of her girlfriends were nearby, she’d be chatting up a storm with them about him too.

Her pussy warmed, as did her breasts. He seemed to be a heady dose of sizzling hormones just by looking at him, making her body flush with desire that rolled into a burning need.

She shook her head. Stop thinking about how handsome he is! Just friends. That's all it can be. With him or any man since I don’t want my heart broken again.

He sauntered over and retrieved a bottle of water from a cooler. After taking a long draught, he proceeded to dump the water over his head. He ran his fingers through his wet hair again. A mischievous glint twinkled in his eyes. His gaze traveled over her, then to the other sunbathers around them. A smile lit his face and faint lines creased around his deep brown eyes, slanted provocatively.

She lifted an eyebrow. “What’s that look for?”

He chuckled. “I am astounded by all the scantily clad women…showing much more than just an ankle.” He watched a tall, thin blonde dressed in a bikini walk by, his head turning as she passed. “How decadent and scandalous...arousing, actually. I may not be able to contain myself.” His gaze whipped back to Julie and he winked.

Drawn to him by his charm, Julie rolled her eyes and smiled back. She couldn’t help it. Talk about arousing. His six-pack abs were right there, two feet from her face. All she’d have to do was lean forward, extend her hand, trail a finger along the dark divots of the muscles.

Maybe friends with benefits?



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Love Bites and Silk Ties
Written by Maya on 17th Feb 2015

The frisky feline is at it again. LOL. I loved Myrrdin in Dream Across Time. Good to see it back to its meddling ways in Journey Across Time. Trent is a native American on a quest to find his place and purpose in life. He is guided by a spirit guide who happens to be Myrrdin, the cat. Julie whose family owns the Raritan Manor Ranch has been through a tough time. First been ditched by her boyfriend and then losing her baby. She is re-examining her life and what she wants out of it. When Trent turns up, he embodies everything she could want in a man. But she is wary of getting involved with a man who seems to be from a different time. The author weaves another intriguing tale as the series continues and still manages to pull me in right from the start. As always the story is beautifully sensual and I got lost in setting. I loved Julie and Trent and rooted for both of them right from the start. Another winner.

The Book Quarry
Written by undefined on 13th Dec 2014

Julie Van Alder- from the present, Best friend of Evelyn, recently soul crushed by loss, use to weird things happening at her Aunts ranch but Trent may be the strangest thing of all Trent Whitetail- from the past, adopted by the past Van Alder Family, went on a quest and found himself in the future This book is a continuation of the first book. It picks up closely where it leaves off. I need to say it, I love this cat, Myrddin. This story is entertaining and different from the first. Watching Julie struggle with everything going on around her while trying not to fall in love makes for a great story. This book is also a good fast read.