King Asshole by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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I love women.
I love to fuck.
I don’t return calls. Hell, I don’t take numbers!
I don’t fuck a chick twice—because after once, I have no interest.
I don’t make excuses for who I am or what I do.
I’m an asshole.
In fact, I’m the king asshole, and it’s rather fitting because I’m Jax King, and I don’t do love. Then she came along, and now I’m royally screwed!

Be Warned: anal sex


She cupped his face, running her thumb across his bottom lip. “They’re your friends, and they need you for their big day. Not because of me. You’re better than that guy. Remember that.” She pressed a kiss to his lips because it felt so natural to do so.

Jax didn’t let her go, his arms staying around her as she did the dishes. He didn’t offer to help, but after a few minutes, his hands started to wander.

She gasped as one hand cupped her tits while the other touched her pussy. She wore some light pants and a shirt as the night was warm.

“You feel wet.”


“I’m not breaking any of your rules right now. I’m just touching you, and that is more than okay. You said so yourself.”

He lifted his hand up and began to unbutton her pants. She tried to focus on the dishes and was pleased that she’d already washed all of his knives. She wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on them and that would have been dangerous. So very dangerous.

He slid a hand inside and cupped her pussy. His fingers moved beneath the band of her panties to touch her. He ran a single finger between her slit, stroking her clit before moving down to plunge inside her.

“Fuck, you are tight and wet.”


“Don’t worry. I’m going to make it feel good. Keep doing the dishes. I just want to touch and play.” His other hand moved up beneath her shirt, cupping her tit. Her nipples were always so sensitive that the first stroke over one beaded tip had her crying out.

He pressed his cock against her ass, and the pleasure from being surrounded was so fucking good. She didn’t want him to stop.

“Dani, that wasn’t clean.”

She grabbed the wok and started cleaning it again. He added a second finger inside her, and his thumb began to stroke her clit, running back and forth. She took a deep breath, trying to think of anything that would calm her. She’d been without a man for so long she had forgotten how good it was to be touched.

“Just tell me to stop.” He kissed her neck, sucking on her pulse.

She closed her eyes, forgetting about the dishes as he pinched her nipple at the same time he stroked her clit. The sensations were too much and yet not enough. The dishes be damned.


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she did it again
Written by Kindle Customer on 26th Sep 2018

Sam totally outdid herself this time I love her books of you want a good read pick any of Sam's books you will not be disappointed

Written by Kindle Customer on 26th Sep 2018

I loved Jax and Dani. So much character and chemistry between them. One of my new favorites by Sam Crescent. Thank you

Absolute Must Read
Written by Michelle B. Dukes on 9th Sep 2018

This book was so good. The characters were amazing. This book is a must read. Couldn't put the book down. The story line was amazing, loved to hate Jax King.

Jax & Dani
Written by LRCH on 9th Sep 2018

Wow! That title is right!! But Jax totally met his match in Dani. She was awesome. It was heartbreaking and funny. Loved this book.

Jax meets his match!
Written by debbie mason on 9th Sep 2018

Jax has meet his match with Dani! Jax is known for his one and done lifestyle. Women are always offering themselves to him. He has built walls so there is never any attachment with his sexual partners. Along comes Dani and she is not interested in him other than as a new roommate. I connected with the characters emotionally. I laughed out loud, lusted and loved and I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

Loved it!
Written by Melissa Patterson on 7th Sep 2018

Always love a story where the alpha jerk falls hard for the women he says isn’t for him! Sam Crescent has done it again with another awesome story!

Great Book
Written by Kindle Customer on 7th Sep 2018

Another hit from Sam Crescent. I recommend reading if you like great story lines. Kind of friends to lovers with twist and turns.

Written by Neringa on 6th Sep 2018

So, Sam warned that this H may be her one of the biggest a-hole. And I think I have to agree. I had love/hate relationship with Jax. I wanted to bang his head and at the same time his outrageousness made shake my head and laugh. And then... Well, there was more to him, then he let's you to see at the beginning. He still was a-hole, but also he could be something special. I liked Dani. She was tough cookie. And I liked that she wasn't this puddle at Jax feet at the first meeting. She made him work. She made Jax to open and be a man he could always be, but never found a reason to be.