Street King by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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I own this city.
It belongs to me.
The only thing I want is Hannah Ray. She’s my ray of sunshine.
I don’t deserve her.
I’ll take her.
Keep her.
Because that’s the kind of monster I am.

West Gallo is not a good man. Having risen up from the gutter, he is undefeated and cruel, and no one can take his crown. They are all under his rule, and he is the king—until one chance meeting changes his world forever. Hannah Ray breaks through his ice, and there’s no way he can let anyone else have her. She belongs to him, and he will arrange her life to make sure he gets her.

Alone in the big city, Hannah doesn’t know what she wants, but staring into the blue eyes of a stranger in a bar, she can’t help but be drawn to him. She can’t stop it. She can’t say no to him.

He’s everywhere, surrounding her, loving her, protecting her—but when the truth of what he’s done to get her is revealed, will his love, devotion, and obsession be enough to keep her?

Be Warned: sex toys, anal sex, bondage, stalking



“Come here.” He’d been treating her with kid gloves. That ended now.

She stepped closer toward him. She stopped at the edge of his desk, and he pointed where he wanted her to stand. Right in front of him with the desk at her back.

Standing up, she tilted her head back to see him.

“Did you miss me?” he asked.


She didn’t even hesitate.

All of his carefully organized plans were staring him right in the face. “I missed you, too. Lean your ass on my desk.”


“Do it.”

She leaned back, her hands going to either side of her. Cupping her face, he pushed some of her locks out of the way. She’d not cut it, and he was damn happy about that. Running his thumb across her bottom lip, he pressed against her mouth and she opened up, sucking on him.

Pulling his thumb out, he wet her lips. “I’ve been thinking about these lips of yours.” He pressed his to hers, kissing her. She moaned, and he stroked his hands down her body, grazing across her nipples as he did. “Do you know what I think about?”


“I think about how good it would be to have them wrapped around my cock.” His lips were pressed against her ear.

She gasped again, her body seeming to jerk as she understood what he was saying. Cupping her tits, he kept her in place. Nowhere to run. “Have you thought about me touching you, Hannah? My mouth on your tits, sucking those big nipples?”

“West?” She cried out his name as he pinched her nipple. The sound echoed around the room.

No one was outside yet, not that they’d comment. It wasn’t their place to say shit. They knew their jobs and were doing them well. If they tried to interfere or make Hannah uncomfortable, he’d deal with them. They all knew who he was and what he was capable of doing to them.

Each of them had secrets they wanted to keep hidden.

So long as they did what was required of them, he didn’t have a problem. Any of them stepped out of line, he’d step on them. Simple as that.

Running his hand down her body, he went to the edge of her skirt and started to lift it up. She didn’t fight him.

She wanted this.

He’d listened to her need, watched her stroke her pussy to orgasm only to be unsatisfied. He’d gotten so hard watching her play with herself. She’d worn her nightshirt with no panties, and lifted it up, exposing that sexy cunt that he wanted so much.

Today, he was going to give her the orgasm she’d been craving and that would blow her mind.

With her skirt around her waist, he cupped her pussy.

Her panties were already soaking wet, and as he tore them from her, she let out a squeak of protest.

“I don’t have another pair.”

“Then you’re going to have to go without.” He touched her naked pussy. She had a small smattering of curls over the lips of her pussy. He didn’t mind those. He’d never seen the appeal of a completely shaved or waxed pussy. When the pubic hair grew back, it always felt and looked wrong to him. A personal preference on his part.

As he slid a finger between her slit, her mouth opened on another gasp.

He couldn’t penetrate her today. When he took her hymen, she’d be spread across his bed, legs wide open so he could watch her take him.

Damn, the thought alone made him want to blow his load right now.

Teasing around her clit, going in circles then back again, he slid down to her entrance only to pull right back up so he wasn’t tempted to thrust inside her with his fingers.

“Open your shirt. Show me those tits.”

Her hands shook as she followed his instructions. The bra she wore had a small catch in the front, which she flicked open. Those full tits spilled forward, and he took one between his teeth, sucking on the flesh.

“Lean back,” he said.

There was enough light coming behind for him to see her.

She leaned back until she was flat on the desk.

“Put your legs on the desk.”


“Do it.”


Product Reviews

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Coffee Time Romance
Written by Delane on 7th Feb 2019

West Gallo is a man who owns the streets and always gets what he wants. The only obsession in his life is the sweet virginal woman he wants to become his. He will do anything to make that happen. Hannah Ray is finally out there in the world; one step closer to her dream of helping others. Then she meets him and is unable to understand why someone like him wants anything to do with her. Just when he begins to believe her whole world changes. West worked tirelessly to ensure Hannah had a good life and that she would never discover his true identity. Hannah had no idea who she was dating until her world imploded and nothing will ever be the same again. Can she, like the phoenix, rebuild a life from the ashes left or forever be a broken woman? The West Gallo character is expertly crafted into one of the best caricatures of a gangster. The writing of the story is so realistic it is easy to see this occurring in any major city or small town anywhere. The writing is superb and crafts a story of unimaginable love and respect from a man who had never had it to give before the one woman who is meant for him. I highly recommend the writing of Ms. Crescent and promise if you read Street King you will be hooked on her writing for life.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by PaulineMichael on 5th Dec 2018

Sam Crescent clearly knows dark Alpha males and this deliciously delightful contemporary proves it. Hannah Ray is a young woman who doesn’t see the corrupt nature around her until she is confronted by it and even then she continues to see the goodness despite evil in the world. West Gallo is the epitome of an evil man. A man who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants and on most men this could be a major flaw but West just carries it off. And he carries it off with power and passion. I enjoyed watching him practically tiptoeing around things so as not to give things away to Hannah and yet it was clear he was used to bulldozing his way through things. I also loved that despite his own misgivings I was able to see that while he wasn’t what you would call a sweet man. He was a man who was capable of kindness. I’d like to see what happens with his two rather close employees as I think both of those men could use a little softness in their lives. I loved the heart the heat Nd the hardness in this book and I more than suspect that you will too. The Story: West Gallo owns the city. He always gets what he wants usually by just taking it but when he finds Hannah Ray he finds himself doing things completely differently. Biding his time until he sets things up perfectly. But even the best plans don’t always work out so know it’s time to make Hannah his.

Written by Neringa on 5th Oct 2018

Okay, I'm struggling here. Struggling to find the right words to express my feelings about this story and not to scare some readers away, because I could be doing disservice to them. Because in all, Street King was a good story. Some readers will enjoy it. Especially safety lovers. But... I don't mind obsessive H. Otherwise I wouldn't even try to read them. And actually I love them. But I'm not sure how I feel about West. Well, okay. I do love how he felt about Hannah. I loved that his sole focus was on her and he wanted to lay the whole world under her feet. I loved even his crazy obsession with her. But I had problems how he expressed his obsession. West gone over board with giving Hannah life experience before his plans to claim her completely. I had problem how much controlling and manipulating he was. And Hannah. There was moments that, I wasn't happy with her. Like when West finally approached her and there was an 'incident' the next morning, that for sure I would be suspicious about, but Hannah wasn't bothered much by it and just was daydreaming about West. Also there were a couple times when Hannah had gut feelings, that she completely ignored until closer to the end. Its frustrates me when h does that. While Hannah wasn't much experienced in life, she wasn't stupid. Probably Hannah did that because unconsciously she knew she wouldn't like what she will find out, so it was much better to have a head in the sand. And I was disappointed in her reaction, when she find out what West did. I guess I hold grudges and she was too forgiving. Lol.

5 Stars Worthy⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Written by Fabiola Cadet-Destil on 4th Oct 2018

OMG! I Love It! I Love It! I Love It! I Love It! I Love It! I Love It! What More Then I Can Say? Amazing!

Written by Kindle Customer on 4th Oct 2018

West and Hannah was absolutely great it was tough and loving g and absolutely amazing I love everything Sam crescent puts out she one of my favorite authors. I recommend her to everyone who loves to read she never ever disappoints you in anything she writes

Mind blown!!!!!!
Written by Traci on 4th Oct 2018

OMG!!!!!! Words can't Express how awesome this book was!!!!! West was obsessed with Hannah for five years he controlled the streets and her life(she didn't know it). This book had some violence and filthy sex(loved it). Hopefully Emily and Rome get together. This book left me speechless but in a good way!!! I'm a huge fan of Ms. Crescent Street King was the best!!!!

Just Wow!
Written by evam on 4th Oct 2018

West Gallo is probably the most Alpha character I have ever read about. He wanted Hannah and rearranged her life so that she got everything she needed and wanted while he waited for her to be ready for him. Realistically could you fall in love with someone who is your stalker, probably not, but when Sam Crescent writes about him and he ends up being West Gallo, you can’t help but fall for him.

A love like his only comes once
Written by Kindle Customer on 4th Oct 2018

This book is amazing ever time I think Sam's writing can't get better she proves me wrong. West would do anything for hannah and does. He goes beyond to have the have the once in a life love and proves every day and the only thing in return he wants is her. Man I wish this book would never end. Great job sucking me in and rotting for his hea I love a man with a plan and the balls to make it happen

Good story
Written by Rhonda on 2nd Oct 2018

Hannah is still deciding what she wants out of life when she meets West by "accident". What she doesn't know is West has been "taking care" of her for a long time. She belongs to him. He is the "Street King" of the city and he rules with an iron fist. His only soft spot is Hannah.When Hannah's boss puts his hands on her, West is beside himself and goes after him. When he disappears, the hunt for him is on and he puts guards on Hannah to keep her safe. Sam Crescent has started writing longer stories and I'm thrilled because the reader gets to delve into the background of the characters and see what makes them tick. I love the fact that even though Hannah is native and innocent, she still is a fairly strong woman who longs for the one man who will love her like her parents loved each other. Will she find that in West? I kind of had mixed feelings about her friend, Emily, until I read her whole story! There are several twists and turns in this book that kept me turning the pages and I really loved it. When Hannah finds out "what" West really is, and just how much he has been in her life without her knowing about it, she runs but you know West isn't going to let her go without a fight. Great book and now I'm hoping that Emily, Rome and Cage get their stories told.

So good!!
Written by Nikki H on 2nd Oct 2018

If you love a dirty alpha that is a stalker then read Street King because you will fall in love with West Gallo!!!

Street King
Written by LRCH on 2nd Oct 2018

OMG I loved this!! Through most of it I wasn’t sure what to expect. West was totally obsessed with Hannah, and there were some twists and turns in there. It was awesome!!