King's Trophy by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Mason Campbell is bored with life. He has everything he's ever wanted—money, power, and any woman at the snap of his fingers. After working his way out of the gutter, he is now king. People fear him. And he’s bored. Until he looks across the dance floor at one of his nightclubs to see a stunning woman dressed in red. He has to have her.

Holly Allan is finally free from a loveless marriage to a cheating jerk. Nine years she devoted her life to a man who didn’t know how to be faithful. When Mason enters her life, she’s not looking for anything long term. She’s not ready to trust men. Mason is not taking no for an answer.

He sees the passion in her eyes, the yearning. Her husband didn’t know the treasure he had, but Mason does. One taste was never going to be enough and he’s not letting Holly get away. He’s going to keep her. He knows what it's like to go without, to beg, to crave. What he cannot do is allow his life to touch Holly’s. He’s a bad man, a monster, and he has made a lot of enemies. But what will he do when her ex-husband is determined to tell her the truth about who Mason really is?

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys


“You snuck out of my apartment this morning, why?”

She shrugged. “I didn’t know what to do. I’m an early riser and I’ve never done the morning-after-the-whole-night-before thing. I didn’t know what to do.” She blew out a breath. “Is this what this is about? I didn’t take anything and we said it was only going to be a one-time thing.”

“I fucked you four times last night. You had multiple orgasms. This has already been more than a one-time thing,” he said.

“I didn’t steal anything,” she said. “I just grabbed my stuff and left. You’ve totally ruined my shirt. I’ve already tried to attach the buttons and there are tiny holes.” She sighed.

He followed her through to her kitchen and he saw the oven was open, and there was a light smell of chemicals in the air.

“You’re cleaning your kitchen?” he asked.


“Don’t you hire people to do that?”

“Not everything needs to be done by other people. Besides, I happen to like cleaning.” She shrugged. “I don’t know why I love to clean but I do. Do you want a drink? I have tea and coffee. That’s pretty much it. Or water. I don’t drink soda. Or I’ve got milk. Unless you want something stronger.”

He watched her as she pushed a strand of hair off her forehead.

“I don’t need anything stronger. Is there any other reason you left this morning?” he asked.

“No. I didn’t want to do this part as I thought it would be too awkward, and you’re kind of proving me right. This is a whole lot of awkward right now.” She pressed her lips together. “I’ve never done this. I’ve never experienced anything like this and I feel like I’m constantly saying the same thing.”

“I understand what you’re saying.”

“Great, so why are you here?” Holly asked. “I thought men don’t want women who cling, and yet you’re here.”

“I don’t like it when women sneak out of my apartment after I fuck them hard and well.” He closed the distance between them and he was a little surprised she didn’t back away from him.

“Then put it down as a brand-new experience,” she said. “I’m pretty sure there have been plenty of women who haven’t wanted the morning-after weirdness.”

He smiled. “No, not a single one, but then I guess that has something to do with the fact I don’t let them stay, and none of them are allowed in my apartment. Whenever I fuck them, we go to a hotel. Never to my place.”

“Are you trying to say that I’m special?” she asked.

He loved her snarky attitude. He loved the fact she wasn’t frightened of him. She doesn’t know who you are, or what you’re capable of. If she did, she’d have run across the country by now.

Gripping the back of her neck, he pulled her close and slammed his lips down on hers. He avoided answering the question because as of right now, she was fucking special. She had taken away his boredom and in return given him something to look forward to. No woman had ever done that. From the moment she started dancing in his nightclub, he’d been hooked.

Mason traced across her bottom lip and as he heard her gasp, he couldn’t help but smile. He loved how responsive she was. Moving her backward, he pressed her up against the kitchen counter. He let go of her neck to capture her wrists, pinning them either side of her. He was a lot taller than her. Looking at her now, he felt that craving again, the hunger to take her.

Thrusting his pelvis against her, he watched her eyes, seeing her response. They widened, just slightly, but enough for him to see that his body affected her. He was so hard it would be impossible for her to not feel his arousal.

“Do you not want me to take you, Holly? Do you want me to leave?”

She whimpered and he pressed his lips against her neck, sliding his tongue back and forth across the pulse, and then nipping the delicate flesh with his teeth. Another whimper escaped her.

He let go of her arms, she was perfectly capable of pushing him away, of rejecting him. She didn’t do either. Her hands stayed at her side and he reached for the edge of her old shirt. In one swift swoop, he peeled it over her head.

Underneath she wore a delicate lacy bra, peach this time, and it seemed to highlight the dark red of her nipples. His mouth watered for a taste of her delicate flesh. He craved her so fucking much, wanted her badly.

But the anticipation was all part of the play. There was no fun in scoffing the dessert when you could take it spoonful by spoonful. He didn’t want to stuff himself. No, he wanted to take his time with Holly, and as he did, he was going to enjoy it.

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Written by MrsKissmas on 29th Feb 2024

King's Trophy by Sam Crescent OMG! I absolutely loved this standalone read. It was scorching hot in all the right ways! Holly Allen is recently divorced from her cheating ex and ready to move on with her life. Mason Campbell, known and feared by many as the king of the city takes one look at Holly and he has to have her, but he wants his life of danger to not touch her in any way. He knows his little librarian Holly is his everything, he wants a lifetime with her and he does not want to lose her but her interfering ex has other ideas. Their chemistry is scorching, so hot and sexy. Mason is definitely a new book boyfriend favourite. I really fell in love with his character. Sam yet again has delivered a wonderful read that I for one did not want to end. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of their story and hope that you will too. Happy Reading! Please note that I was given an arc of this book for my honest review which is exactly what I have given. 5 out of 5

Second Chance
Written by Kwebb on 31st Oct 2023

This is a great story. Holly has been divorced for six months from a husband who cheated on her from day one. She decides to go dancing and catches the eye of Mason Campbell. Mason is not a good guy but he is determined to make Holly his and to show her what real love is.

Loved it
Written by Alishali80 on 31st Oct 2023

I was sucked into this story and was invested real quick like and didn’t put it down until the end. I love this author’s writing style and all the books by this author!

Written by MelS on 4th Jul 2023

Mason and Holly are a stunning couple once they start seeing each other. I loved the mastery of the characters. The story line was defined and twisty with just enough angst to make the story interesting. i will definitely read more by this author.

King's Trophy
Written by TracyaH1976 on 4th Jul 2023

King's Trophy Sam Crescent The story and characters, Holly and Mason, were beautifully written and developed. I loved the journey filled with chemistry, secrets and danger. Great read.

Loved it!
Written by Flavia K on 4th Jul 2023

Sam Crescent has a unique way of writing, and she makes not-quite-likeable characters capture your heart. Her stories always have something that hooks you. Holly and Mason's story is no exception, it hooks you from start to finish, with an alpha OTT that falls hard and fast!

Every time!
Written by KMH Romancessessed Reviews on 4th Jul 2023

This author knows how to write her books so that they give you the most possible! She manages to deaw so many emotions and feelings with her writing but also allows you to love the story no matter what. She and her muse obviously know how to work together to deliver the best of the best... I cannot wait to see what she gifts us with next!!

Written by Ann L on 4th Jul 2023

Mason sees Holly across a dance floor and knows he wants her, but he’s keeping secrets from her and now her ex is wanting to spill them to her. From the first page this had me intrigued

Holly & The King Of The City
Written by Shell R on 4th Jul 2023

Holly just wanted one night of fun for herself. So she found a beautiful red dress, matching shoes, and a nice nightclub to dance in the joy of being divorced. What she didn't expect from her random night of fun was to gain the attention of Mason, a mob boss aka the king of the city. The next day at work Mason shows up wanting to get to know the sexy lady in red. What Holly didn't know was her sexy her red dress release Mason from his boredom he was currently in and now he craves her and will chase her through out the city to make her his lady. Will finding pleasure in his arms be enough when she finds out who he really is? Join the story to see how the king of the city wins his new queen's heart. Enjoy ?

another homerun for Sam Crescent!
Written by Samantha V on 4th Jul 2023

I always love Sam Crescent books! I am a big fan! So when I saw this one, there was no question about reading this book! I read this one so fast, I need to read it again! <3

Mason and Holly
Written by weaveswife on 4th Jul 2023

This was so good! Mason was awesome. He was king of the city. He had clawed his way to the top. He liked being king, but he was bored with life. He was tired of the women who threw themselves at him. He didn't know what was missing until he saw Holly in his club. He wanted her from the second he laid eyes on her. Getting to know her he realized she was refreshing. Holly was awesome too. She divorced her crappy ex and moved on with her life. She took Mason as he was. He was refreshing to her too. He actually saw her, cared about her and loved her. What they had was special. The ending was perfect too. Loved their whole story.

Written by Lucy m on 4th Jul 2023

I liked this story, well written, and it didn't take long to read. Holly was a great character that knew what she wanted and I like that Mason knew he wanted her when he first saw her.

??? Mason and Holly???
Written by DebinOkla on 4th Jul 2023

??? Mason and Holly??? Holly danced, Mason saw her and fell in lust! Holly didn't know who he was. He didn't want her to know who he was either. Great book and love story! Sam Crescent does an awesome job telling this awesome love story. Put on your TBR list today or just buy it and read it now!!???

Sweetest love
Written by Timma on 4th Jul 2023

This book is definitely a departure from the Sam Crescent books I have read. It’s a sweet sweet sensual departure that I love! I want to see more books like this from her. Mason was a typical bad guy that went and fell in love with the good girl in such of short time of meeting her. The drama was low key but added to the story. Holly and Mason’s love story was told with such steaminess. I don't want to give away the story line but it’s delicious and worth the read.

O. M. G.
Written by lauri h on 4th Jul 2023

Wowzers! This was another amazing book. Mason melts every bone in my body. Holly is a strong confident woman who knows what she wants. I love that Holly is 30 and Mason 45. Loved this book so much!

Insta live story
Written by Crystal74 on 4th Jul 2023

Any book you pick up by Sam Crescent is guaranteed to be a good book. I've not read one where I qas disappointed. She has such a way with words to draw you into the story.Holly and Mason together just fit. Her ex was a jerk. Definitely go read

Loved this book
Written by Brooke T on 4th Jul 2023

I love the writing style of Sam Crescent. She brings such amazing stories to life. This book did not disappoint in her story telling. The characters were complex and had such scorching hot chemistry. The world she created was exciting, and enticing. This is a dark romance and it was a page turning adventure of heat and action. Mason was the King of his city and got what he wanted. He was an over the top possessive alpha. I loved his instant infatuation with Holly. Holly was discovering life and just wanting to live. She was finding her strength and loved watching her strength grow. It was like they were meant to be. I loved their loyalty and devotion to each other.

A fantastic read
Written by dachief72 on 4th Jul 2023

Another fantastic, riveting read from Sam Crescent. Deliciously dark and sexy. Great characters, and a well written storyline. Would recommend.

Great Read
Written by Danee on 4th Jul 2023

This story starts when Holly is dancing in a club and that club belongs to Mason. As soon as Mason sees her, he knows right away that he wants her and does everything he can to win and get her. What will a librarian and a club owner have in common? To find out, you have to read this book yourself, it's worth it.

Mason and Holly
Written by Maleficent on 4th Jul 2023

Mason has worked hard to bring himself out of the gutter, now he has obtained everything he is bored. That is until he sees her, a woman in a red dress on the dance floor, seeming to dance for herself. When she leaves he knows he has to find her. Holly has been divorced from her cheating husband for six months. When her instinct to buy the dress and go dancing, she never expected it bring Mason into her life. She was not looking for a relationship, she thought it was going to be a one and done. Mason has other ideas, he is going to keep her, but will she feel the same when she finds out who he really is?

Sam Crescent delivers a 5 star reader experience
Written by Nicole P on 4th Jul 2023

Sam Crescent delivers yet another fantastic read with Holly & Mason's story. She's just come out of a crap marriage & doesn't trust men after her ex cheated. He's bored with his life even though he has everything. Seeing her at one of his clubs attraction flares & he wants this gorgeous woman. Can he convince her to give their attraction a chance or will his dark life & her vengeful ex destroy any chance? If you romance that has darkness, age gap & mafia then look no further.

Love from Across the Room
Written by kdavis on 4th Jul 2023

Holly has just divorced her cheating husband and decided to do the things that she's always wanted to do. She becomes the woman in red at a downtown club and catches the attention of Mason. I loved the storyline that has some drama, no cheating, and lots of heat. I loved the characters of Mason and Holly and the journey they take to their HEA. The King has found his Queen and he's not letting her go. Sweet Story.

King of the city
Written by Vibekke on 4th Jul 2023

When she walks into his nightclub and starts dancing Mason is struck by lightning. He had never been attracted to a woman like this before, and he wants her. Holly is divorced from her cheating ex and all her feelings for him is dead and buried. She is attracted to Mason and he makes her feel safe and loved. But will she love him when he tell her his secret.

King&#039;s Trophy.
Written by Shiftybugger on 4th Jul 2023

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. OMG! Wow, I am absolutely breathless, hot, and in love with the two main characters she has gone through so much and all he wants to do is nurture her. The first time Mason sees her he needs her, he is a a King to the people in town a monster at best. Can Holly love again after her cheating ex-husband, she doesn't go out with men any more. This was an exhilarating book, it is so worth reading.

Written by Shortbec on 4th Jul 2023

Holly and Mason's story is amazing. Holly was married for nine years and on this particular night she walked by a clothing store and saw this red dress. Impulsively she purchased the dress and took herself dancing. Little did she know that she captured the eyes of one particular man. Mason was bored with life until he was at one of his clubs and comes in a goddess wearing a red dress. She goes to the dance floor and all he sees is her, before he gets to her she disappears. When he finds her he knows he wants to keep her.

Written by vickymeowmeow on 4th Jul 2023

Very enjoyable story, moves well, no drag or filler. Doesn't get heavy or dark. Romance builds quickly there are self doubts as both realize they are falling for the other. Great sex! Hot, well described, many scenes and positions. There's a heartwarming hea, a little tension, and very little danger. I really enjoyed this couple.

Kings love
Written by Redfaeryrose on 4th Jul 2023

I loved the author's works. Her MMC might be a bit on the dark side but would do everything to protect the women they love. The FMC in this story is no damsel in distress. She knows her own mind and does what she wants to do. The MMC might be a bit stalker-ish at the start but it just shows that he did really want her. His small gestures of love, thinking of her always and caring for her, giving her a choice and not controlling her life, all those things and many more made him endearing as the hero of the story.

Mason &amp; Holly
Written by Annette J. on 4th Jul 2023

This story King's Trophy by Sam Crescent is all about romance. Mason is 45 years young and bored. He owns the city, has many businesses and lots of people are afraid of him. He has everything he wants, except the right woman. He is sitting in one of his night clubs having a drink and a woman appears on the dance floor. She is in a beautiful red dress that fits her like a glove and has all the attention of Mason and the other men in the club. She is dancing by herself, her eyes closed for her own enjoyment. She has only been divorced for a few months, her ex never took her out dancing and she always wanted to go. He was an unfaithful man throughout their marriage. After dancing she disappears and Mason tries to find out who she is, but no one seems to know. With help from one of Mason's men information is found out about her. Holly is divorced and 30 years of age. He knows where she lives and works. Mason goes to the library to introduce himself to Holly. He doesn't tell her what line of work he is in. Mason only asks her out to dinner. She is hesitant about accepting, because she doesn't know him. They go to dinner and Mason's plan is to make Holly his. Things start to get HOT as they get to know each other. This is a steamy romance and I loved it.

Great romance!
Written by LBing on 4th Jul 2023

This was such a great romantic story that brings us into the lives of Holly, divorcee, and Mason, MC pres...and bored alpha. On a whim, Holly bought a beautiful red dress, went to a bar and danced for herself. Mason, owner of said bar, could not take his eyes off of her ;) He worked at tracking her down and set about wooing her. He did put some of his men around her life to keep her safe from his enemies, but that was all part of his wooing. This definitely is an MC light story. Instead, this author took us on a wonderful journey that led to Mason and Holly's HEA. Well done!

Written by Kimmijane on 4th Jul 2023

I loved this book. Gorgeous librarian Holly catches the eye of crime boss Mason at his club and he wants her. Sam Crescent does it again! For fans of the instant love/ crime boss trop will love this book! This book is fun with a hint of suspense.

A good book!
Written by Queen L on 4th Jul 2023

Mason saw her dancing by herself on the dance floor. She was wearing a red dress, and she was stunning. He found who she was, a librarian. Mason went to her place of work, asked her out on a date. They had an instant connection on their first date. Holly's ex-husband continues to intrude in her life. Mason offers her protection, and support. The story flowed well. The characters were likeable. There is a hea!

Lady in Red
Written by Laura S. on 4th Jul 2023

A fun fantasy to fall asleep with! Holly just divorced her belittling, cheating husband of 9 years, and decides to do the things that she always wanted to do. Who knew what a red dress and a dance in a downtown club would lead to! I thought this was a fun take on a Cinderella story, where the prince isn't quite prince charming, and Cinderella takes a chance with finding her own happiness. Maybe dreams really come true!

Omg what a read
Written by Firecracker on 4th Jul 2023

A strong alpha man, the king of the streets! Holly the beautiful beauty he desires. What an amazing love story and the sexy scenes oh my! A must read!

Written by Deanna S on 4th Jul 2023

Thus was a page turner. This book was worth the time to read. I'm looking forward to reading more. I recommend this book.

Finding A Second Chance
Written by De&#039;Anna on 4th Jul 2023

Mason has everything so to speak lots of money, women at his beck & call, but he didn’t always have it like that he grew up scrapping to make it through and living in the trenches clawing his way to the top now at the top it is a little lonely. Holly a divorced newly divorced librarian boy you want to give her a hug with all she has been through abusive, lonely, cheater jerk of a husband, she is finally free from it all and she is finally free from it all trying to live her best life going out to the club for some dancing without knowing that one act will change her path. Mason freaks out when he loses her but not to worry he uses a contact to help him find his girl meeting her at her company instant attraction from the moment they meet and the magnetic pull can’t be ignored she wants something short term and he wants long term or a better way of putting he gets or takes what he wants she happens to be what he wants long term but can he convince her to take a chance on love again, can he convince her to take a chance on men proving that not men are like her ex., will she allow herself to love again, to accept love at face value, and can they find happiness together?

King finds love
Written by Nikki R on 4th Jul 2023

Mason sees Holly at his club and he’s intrigued. He tracks her down and asks her for a date. The first date begins their journey to an all consuming love. Mason is the kingpin of the city. He has to figure out a way to tell Holly. Can she accept him as he is? Will the truth destroy their happiness? Holly is no shrinking Violet. She knows exactly who and what her man is and she accepts it. Holly is not giving up her man. Great book!!

So Good!!!
Written by Amy J on 9th Jun 2023

Loved reading King’s Trophy. This book was so good I couldn’t put it down. The chemistry between Holly and Mason was steamy HOT and I loved the ending.

Written by Lynn on 9th Jun 2023

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Oh WOWOWOW what a hot and fast moving story. Loved how Mason tracks down Holly because he Oly seen her once at his bar and had to have her. I love how Holly is your no nonsense kind of girl. After being married for 10yrs and then divorced she knows what she wants. She wants Mason and what's better he wants her.

Loved Mason
Written by Jill G on 9th Jun 2023

I love how Mason and Holly came together by pure accident, and he realized she was who he wanted to get to know. It’s a great love story with a few glitches here and there but in the end, love wins. Definitely worth reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Killed it
Written by Readstoforget on 9th Jun 2023

I loved Mason and Holly. This one is low angst but highly charged with perfect spice. Absolutely loved this

Enjoyable Romance
Written by DidiF on 9th Jun 2023

An enjoyable quick read that focuses on the romantic relationship growth between the characters with some drama and lots of heat. King sees the woman he wants and pursues her until she belongs to him. An overall sweet read.

Mason and Holly.
Written by Diana A on 9th Jun 2023

I enjoy this book, is sweet and spicy. Although I'd expect more drama at the end with th lack of information. But at the same time it was great the chemistry of the relation.

Unexpectedly Finding his Queen
Written by BLT on 9th Jun 2023

What another great read by Sam Crescent. Growing up in foster care wasn't easy for Mason Campbell but now he is considered the king of the city. One night at his club he happens to look up and sees a woman in a red dress dancing and he decides he has to meet her. By the time he gets up from his table she is gone. Who was the lady in red? Will he find her? Will she run when she finds out who he is?

Fast read
Written by HappyJ on 9th Jun 2023

Bad boy chases the good girl...Although the good girl is actually ready for something different than her ex-husband. Lots of steamy scenes in this one. it is a shorter story and a quick read. I enjoyed this romance.

Another great book!
Written by Jamee h on 9th Jun 2023

I absolutely loved this book. Both characters had great chemistry, and the storyline was awesome. I would definitely recommend reading this.

This is such a great read--as are all this author&#039;s books!! LOVED IT!
Written by Andrea R on 9th Jun 2023

I am a huge fan of this book-this one delivered on all levels--you have suspense, vindictive ex who is just a child who doesn't like it when his toy that he threw away is picked up and adored by another. Love how this story unfolds so much. Author is able to give you everything in her stories AND she definitely delivers on the steaminess because they were FIRE!!

King&#039;s Trophy
Written by Karen99 on 9th Jun 2023

She Would Be His! He spotted her, liked what he saw, wanted her and was determined to claim her, but he didn’t want her to know about his work or who he was, he wanted to protect her from that part of his life! Such an intense, passionate, erotic read! Mason was known as King of the City, he’d had lots of hook ups but never a relationship and with Holly, he wanted it all! Holly was single again, a librarian who had put up with a cheating husband for years and who wasn’t looking for anyone new until Mason literally stormed into her life! The pages could burn with the steam coming off them! A sexy, spicy, recommended romantic read!

Love it
Written by RhondaVB on 9th Jun 2023

This is one of my favorite stories from Sam Cresent. I loved that the characters were older and more mature. Holly has gotten rid of her cheating ex and when she decides to go dancing in a gorgeous red dress she bought, she catches the eye of Mason. He is immediately attracted to her and uses his sources to find out who she is. From there on, it's a whirlwind romance and I loved every minute of it! Sam Crescent knows how to capture her readers attention and keep it!

King finds his Queen
Written by Bookbunny on 9th Jun 2023

Holly Allan is finally letting go. Her marriage of 10yrs was over and she is finally going to live a little. She certainly didn’t expect to be noticed in a club. Mason Campbell was a man of power. When he spots a sexy red dress and a goddess dancing, he needs to know who she is. Holly is just a librarian moving forward in life. She has a wild side and Mason is the one that unlocks it. Her ex-husband William is a piece of work. I love that Holly was a woman that knew her own mind and body. Yes she may have worked in a library but she was no fool. Mason was the one with the shock. He never expected to find the love of his life. And he was protective of her. I do love stories like this. Regardless of his “job” Mason always kept Holly safe. And Holly found a man that was worthy of her.

Good read
Written by Sua on 9th Jun 2023

Mason was mesmerized by the beauty of Holly when she had a night out at his club. To see his determination to woo her and do things he doesn’t really do surprises him. Holly has been in a dead end marriage with a husband who cheats on her so when she’s finally free of him, she focuses on her happiness. The relationship between Mason and Holly is fast pace, especially when Mason is obsessed with her. Their ending is also perfect as it jumps a few years to see how things are for them.

One great of the story
Written by Nasra on 9th Jun 2023

It was beautiful and alluring. The chemistry was very great and I like that it was short but understood. There is no playing hard to get no cheatingno dramas. I like the protectness of the male lead. And i liked that fl was not naive She knew about his identity from her own search and was okay with it. Then again the book said he was the bad guy but there is no place he play being that horrible mostorous of a person. Good job.

...going for what you want...
Written by Anya Z. on 9th Jun 2023

King's Trophy by Sam Crescent is a different approach to romance then what we normally have seen from Sam. Of course we have the powerful, older Mason. He is the "king" of the unnamed city he lives in...some elements of violent mafia & some elements of a smart, wealthy business owner... The story is not a really a mafia romance. Holly - is the divorced, 30 yr old librarian - that is finally living life on her own terms. She had a cheating ex she is rid of. She knows what she wants. One Friday Night after work, she walks past a beautiful red dress displayed in a store and decides she wants it. She buys it for herself, wearing it - walking out of the store. She immediately knows she wants to go dancing in it. She goes to a nightclub that Mason owns. Holly is dancing for her own enjoyment on the dance floor and Mason is captivated by her. She leaves before Mason knows her name. Thru his illegal contacts & searches, he finds out her name and basically her life info. Mason introduces himself at her work and it is whirlwind after that!! Sam doesn’t disappoint in her sïzzïngly sëx scënës between Mason & Holly... ??? Mason shows Holly what type of amazing sëx she was missing out on with her crappy ex, he supports her & her job, he loves her. Holly shows Mason love and acceptance. They balance each other. ??? I received an ARC thru Booksprout for my honest review.

Written by Gkp2460 on 9th Jun 2023

Mason Campbell and Holly Allan is just about as opposite as you can get. He's the King if the city, powerful, possessive and loyal. She's the librarian with a but of a wild streak who's just out of a marriage that shouldn't have lasted as long as it did. Their meeting is unexpected as is the chemistry felt between them. But Mason knows from the start that she'll be his Trophy, the Jewel in this Kings crown. They have their little bumps but it'll take a lot more than that to come between these two. Not even that despicable ex of Hollys.

Written by Alexis H on 9th Jun 2023

This will be my go-to summer read. Mason and Holly melted my heart. Two broken people finding love and happiness. And hot romance! This book is 100% a good steamy read.

Love and Loyalty
Written by Susan_C on 9th Jun 2023

Mason is the king of the city who is board with life until he sees Holly at his club. Holly is a librarian recently out of a long term marriage just looking to finally live. This was a slight age gap romance. Mason just wanted to feel loved. He was so sweet with Holly. Holly just wanted honesty and loyalty and I felt like Mason was able to give her that. I enjoyed this book in one setting. Page turner to the end. Spice ?️?️?️ .

Love This Trope
Written by Jilllovesbooks on 9th Jun 2023

Sam has done it again!!! Love when she writes a good angst romance. Absolutely fell in love with Holly's independence and of course that drove Mason crazy. The chemistry between these two was hot so hot!!! Mason was the macho man that came into Holly's life at the right time. Great read!!!!

This story was a blast!
Written by Mary S on 9th Jun 2023

This story was a blast! Love Mason Campbell this man knows how to get what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to get it. It doesn’t have so much as action in it but it definitely carries a good romance and all the other feelings.

Sam Crescent did it again
Written by GAnnG on 9th Jun 2023

Sam Crescent brought us once more a great romance. Powerful alpha male, strong female character, lot of spiciness. What not to love? I read it in one sitting. Highly recommended.

Mason and Holly
Written by Michelle E on 9th Jun 2023

Holly is a librarian and ended her 10 year marriage to a cheating husband. She meets Mason at a club and he is immediately smitten by her. I like that Holly is not a pushover and knows her mind. Mason was jealous, protective and gone for her. He was not expecting to settle down. William her ex-husband created drama, and Holly has to decide what to do when she finds out the truth about Mason. Overall great chemistry, and steamy scenes.

Written by Debs48 on 9th Jun 2023

Becoming one of my favourite authors the more I read loved it from a one night encounter both their lives changed they each help a hypnotism for each other and fast discovered they couldn’t manage without the other they didn’t want to but he wasn’t a good man and he protected what was his and that meant making sure her ex stayed out the picture

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 9th Jun 2023

Holly is finaly free of her cheating ex husband, and isn't looking for anything serious. Mason knows what it's like to go without but now he has it all, except for Holly. They are drawn to one another and sizzle with chemestry, Masons in it for the long run but can he prove that to Holly before her Ex tells her his truth? Well written steamy fast paced desires, romances

Omg what a read
Written by Firecracker on 9th Jun 2023

A strong alpha man, the king of the streets! Holly the beautiful beauty he desires. What an amazing love story and the sexy scenes oh my! A must read!