Kiss Me by Renea Porter

Heat Level 3
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Lexy is surprised when she runs into Grant Whitlock after she applies for a job as his assistant. Recently single, he is deliriously sexy, rich, and can have any woman he wants.

Lexy is innocent, always blushes when she’s around a handsome man, and barely speaks above a whisper. And working for Grant would be her dream job. There’s just one problem. He’s her ex’s best friend.

Blake is everything Grant isn’t … social, charming, handsome, and outgoing. He makes everyone feel comfortable and special—and Lexy fell for him hard. Until he cheated on her with Grant’s now ex girlfriend, Harley.

When hired, Grant asks Lexy in his office for a favor. Not just any favor—but he wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend over the next month. It’s gala season and since Blake has his own start-up, he’ll be there with Harley. Grant does not want the sympathetic looks during these events. Though reluctant, Lexy agrees. Because she wants her own revenge on Blake.

The only rule? Feelings cannot get involved. It should be easy enough. Until it’s not.



“And why are you being so nice to me?”

He shrugged. “Can’t I just be a nice guy? Plus, it’s kind of nice knowing Blake’s ex will be working for me,” he said, smiling wide.

“Well, it’s definitely ironic.” I narrowed my eyes at him. “Are you this nice to everyone, or are you giving me special attention because of Blake?”

We finished our meal, and Grant straightened his suit jacket. “I’m not giving you special treatment. I’m looking out for you is all. All of my employees are valuable to me, and I take care of everyone.”

“Fair enough.” I tried desperately not to stare at him as he showed off his dimples. He had a mess of thick dark hair I wanted to run my hand through. Of course, I wondered how his lips would feel against mine. 

“You ready to head back to the office?”

“Sure. Thank you for lunch. It was really good.”

“You’re welcome, Lexy. Do you mind walking back to the office?”

“I don’t mind. I could use the fresh air.” 

“I could use the exercise,” he retorted.

I found that hard to believe because his suit fit him like it was tailored for his fit frame. And I was definitely sure he worked out on a regular basis. He walked with confidence and caught the stares of women passing us on the sidewalk. He was too engrossed in his phone to notice.

 “Do you live in the city?”

“God, no. I live about thirty-five minutes from the city. I thought about getting a place here, but I’m more of a suburbs kind of guy. I have my place on my own piece of property. It’s nice and quiet.”


“You know, I may have had a secret agenda taking you out to lunch.”

I looked up at him in surprise. “Oh, yeah?”

“I know the office goes out as a group sometimes, but I’m never invited. Maybe it’s the whole boss thing. But I don’t want the others thinking I’m better than them.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you have me then. I’ll invite you out whenever we plan something.”

He looked surprised. “You’d do that?”

“Why not?”

“Thanks, Lexy.”

We made it to the tall building, and he held the door of the building open for me. “Thanks.”

We took the elevator back to the office. It felt like it was taking forever while others stepped on and off until it was just he and I alone. Tension seemed to be thick between us, and my heart raced while I felt his eyes looking down at me. I swallowed hard. Relief washed over me when the doors opened.

“Thanks again for lunch,” I told him as we stepped out and headed down the hall back to our offices.

“Have a good day, Lexy,” he said, stopping in the doorway of his office.

“You, too, Grant.”

He winked before disappearing into his office.

I released my notebook and purse onto my desk. Jonathan slid his chair over to me. “How was lunch?” He raised his eyebrows at me.

I sat in my chair. “Strictly work-related. Thanks for letting me know he takes all his employees out to lunch on their first day.”

“Oh, I did forget to mention that. My bad. But he’s gorgeous, isn’t he?”

“He’s intimidating.”

Jonathan smiled. “You know, he is single.”

“Yeah, his ex cheated on him with my boyfriend-now ex. We ran in the same friend circle back in college.”

Jonathan moved closer so no one could hear. “No way.”

I pushed on his chair. “Yes, way. Now, I have work to do.” I tried not to laugh, but it was impossible whenever Jonathan was around.


“You always stay until after everyone leaves?” Grant asked, leaning over my desk.

I looked around and noticed no one was around, except us. “Shit. I didn’t realize everyone left. I was so engrossed in work.”

Grant chuckled. “I like your enthusiasm. Go home and get some rest.”

“I will. I need to check the subway schedule.”

“Subway? Where do you live?”

“Spinning Wheel Apartments in Hinsdale. I’m sure it’s out of your way.”

“Come on, it’s actually on the way. I’m going to grab my stuff, and then I’ll have my driver take us.”

“I don’t want to trouble you.” I could have driven myself, but Talia wanted to use my car, so I took the subway into the city.

“Lexy, it’s fine.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

Five minutes later, my laptop was shut down, and I was lugging my things down the hall, meeting Grant.

“All set?”


We took the elevator to the main floor, and I followed him out to the car that was waiting for him. The driver held the door open. Grant motioned for me to slide in, and he slid in behind me. I placed my things at my feet and took a deep breath.

“Are you still nervous around me?”

The driver started to drive through the city.

“Yes. Look at you. You’re intimidating. A big shot now.”

“I could say the same about you.”

I shook my head but smiled at the ridiculousness of his comment.

“I’m serious. You’re gorgeous and smart.”

“Where to, boss?” the driver looked in the rearview mirror.

“Spinning Wheel Apartments,” Grant rattled off before looking at me. “As I was saying … you’re gorgeous and smart. That combo alone scares people off. Whoever is with you has to be confident in himself.”

I couldn’t stop staring at him. “Same to you,” I replied without further explanation.

Before I knew it, the driver announced we were at my place. “Would you like to come in? My roommate isn’t home.” It was probably a bad idea to invite him in. We’d be alone with no one else around.

“Sure, for a minute. I won’t be long, Collin.”

We walked to my apartment, and he followed me inside. “This is my place.”

He didn’t say anything at first while he looked around. “This is a really nice place. I love the historical features, too.”

“You seem surprised.”

He chuckled. “It is better than I thought it would be.”

“Would you like a drink? I have beer, wine, and water.”

He looked over his shoulder at me. “I’ll take a beer.”

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Loved the story--held my interest
Written by Andrea R on 28th Jun 2024

I love this story--the decision to make their exes realize they don't care about them anymore --just going to make it about fake feelings--then they catch feelings for one another and the BOOM--story is great!

So sweet
Written by Mistie B on 28th Jun 2024

Grant and Lexy have had a rough year but they decide to team up to make their exes see that they're over them. No feelings will be involved... Or will they? Loved their story!

Kiss Me
Written by Jwilliams on 28th Jun 2024

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a complimentary copy. Lexy, Grant, Blake and Hailey went to the same college. Blake and Lexy dated, while Grant and Hailey got married and had a little boy. Several years pass and Blake cheats on Lexy with Hailey. Grant and Hailey divorce splitting custody of Ethan 50%. Lexy ends up working for Grant and ends up fake dating him because it is Gala season and he does not want to see the exs'. Grant and Lexy are good for each other both support each other and have this connection that everyone around them can see. My only beef was when Hailey said Ethan was sick and could not visit his father or talk to him on the phone (even when the little boy asked to speak to him), I thought they had 50/50 custody? Why is Grant only getting every other Saturday - that is not 50/50 - unless I missed that part. Then at the end Hailey is all I am sorry, Blake and I broke up, was she hoping Grant would take her back, felt open ended to me. I am glad Grant and Lexy got their HEA.