Mafia's Angel by Lila Fox

Heat Level 4
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Maclean Mafia Men, 4

Angelica has lived in a virtual prison her whole life. Finally, with the help of another mafia family, her sisters, and her mother, she's finally able to escape the monster she called her father.

Duncan took one look at Angelica and knew she would be his. He just had to get over his own betrayals, which wasn’t easy. He made so many mistakes that he almost lost her, not once, but twice.

When he finally gets to the point of claiming her as his bride, someone steps in and takes her from him. The man who took Angelica from him would live to regret it.

Be Warned: anal sex


Angelica couldn’t seem to catch her breath or keep a single thought in her head. Duncan was touching her in a way that controlled her whole body. Although she should probably be afraid, she knew he’d never intentionally hurt her.

“Please, Duncan. I need you to take the ache away.”

“I will, Angel. I just want to make sure you’re ready.”

“I am.”

He pulled his fingers out of her and slid up until he could kiss her passionately. Her nails dug into his shoulders, and her hips pressed against the ridge of his cock.

“Ahhh,” she cried out when he pressed it against her swollen needy clit.

“Easy.” He moved his hips, and then she felt the head of his cock start to push into her. So far, it wasn’t bad, so she relaxed and ran her hands up and down his back.

He stopped, and before she could ask why, he tore through her hymen. She screamed and hit his shoulders. “Stop, Duncan. It hurts.”

“I know, baby. But it will go away. Just relax for a moment. It will never hurt like that again, Angel. The hardest part is over. Remember what your mother said.”

She exhaled and tried to relax, but the throbbing inside of her was taking forever to dissipate.

“Here, Angel. Let’s try this.” He pulled out before he shifted back into her a bit at a time.

She stiffened, expecting pain but then relaxed when it only felt like he was stretching her.

“See, you’re fine. Let me work the rest of my cock into you.”

“And it won’t hurt?” she asked.

“No. The pain is over.”

She nodded and then concentrated on how he would pull out a bit and glide back in but a little deeper.

They both groaned when he shoved the last few inches into her.

“Are you all right, Angel?”

She nodded. “Yes, can you move?”

“Yes.” He started to thrust in and out of her with slow and smooth glides.

She raised her hips, tried to pull him over her more, and growled when he kept up the easy pace.

“Please,” she pleaded.

“I know. I’m not going to last, so let’s get you there.”


He pulled out and slammed into her, making her scream. He kept at her, and he only seemed to get harder and faster. At one point, he reached in between them and tapped her swollen red clit.

It sent her over. She couldn’t grasp what was happening and wouldn’t have been able to explain it because the magnitude was so far from anything she imagined it would feel like.

Duncan groaned. “That’s a good girl.”

When she finally came down, he surged into her a few more times, and then a deep moan tore from his mouth. When he stopped thrusting, he laid his head against her shoulder, keeping his weight on his elbows.

She couldn’t believe it when she felt him tremble and ran her hands up and down his back as if to soothe him.

“Jesus, woman.”

“Are you okay?” she asked.

He snorted. “I should be asking you that.”

“I’m fine. It was amazing. I never expected it to feel so…” She couldn’t find the words.

“I know. You don’t have to say it. I felt it, too.”

“You did?” she asked.

He lifted his head. “Yes.”

He pressed his mouth against hers a few times. “I’m going to clean up. You stay here, and I’ll come back and take care of you.”

She flinched when he pulled out.

“I’m sorry, Angel. The soreness will go away. We’ll bathe in the morning. You look wiped out, and I need to get you settled so you can sleep.”


Product Reviews

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Angel of Mine
Written by Kerryb83 on 17th Aug 2023

Mafia love story with danger and intense relationships. I would recommend reading previous books since I did not do that and was a little lost at times regarding all the characters and their stories as they related to Angelica and Duncan.

Written by Kmhall on 20th Nov 2022

I love this series and this book wasn't any different, it's an almost darkish romance that is still perfect for any romance lover! I loved the main characters and you couldn't help but enjoy every interaction between them. The storyline has this intenseness to it, I couldn't stop devouring it as I needed to see what would happen next! I cannot wait to hear more from this author.

Duncan and Angelica
Written by weaveswife on 20th Nov 2022

Another great addition to the series. Angelica and Duncan fight the attraction they have for each other, hard. But you can only fight fate for so long. Plenty of action and just enough drama.

Written by Book_Lover_97 on 20th Nov 2022

Angelica and Duncan have amazing chemistry. She is incredible strong and will not allow some dominant way steam roll her. He is beyond protective which fits the story well especially after the danger is introduced. It is very steamy and engaging. There are plenty of twists in their journey.

Edge of your seat
Written by xo2read on 20th Nov 2022

This is the 4th book in the Maclean Mafia Men. It was a good read. The story revolves around Angelica and Duncan. Duncan and Angelica have an Indy love connection and true to the Maclean men, they usually get married within a few days even though theirs was a love - hate relationship from the start. But, then everything stops when Angelica is kidnapped. A few twists and a compelling read.

Exciting and steamy story!
Written by Ash J on 20th Nov 2022

This is the first book in this series that I have read and it was exciting and I really enjoyed reading it. Duncan and Angelica's story had a little drama with a troublesome maid and ex-lover of Duncan. It was steamy and I really enjoyed the characters and story line, now I will have to go and check out the rest of the books in this series. Can't wait!

Is their bickering a front for what they really feel?
Written by Nicole Potter on 20th Nov 2022

Fantastic short mafia read. Angelica & Duncan's story may be short but it has the intensity of a full length novel. Their story may be dark & erotic but the crime & constant bickering between the two of them perfectly balances it all out I think. Fighting the attraction is a futile effort. Can Duncan get over his insecurities before he loses Angelica? What lengths will he go to when Angelica is kidnapped? Great series & can't wait to read the next book.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne Richardson on 20th Nov 2022

This is the fifth book I've read written by Lila Fox; I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the fourth book in the Maclean Mafia Men Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Angelica & Duncan. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Mafia's Angel!
Written by Mary on 20th Nov 2022

I have so enjoyed the "Maclean Mafia Men" series. The Maclean fall fast and love hard. This one can be enjoyed as a stand alone but of course has connected characters and connected events from previous. It however does not detract or leave you wondering what is going on. This story is about Angelica (Angel) and Duncan. She is one of the three Moretti mafia sisters. Two of the previous stories have been about her sisters falling for one of the Maclean brothers. In this story she is feeling stressed by some unwanted attention and goes to visit her sister. Duncan is has been in love with her since he met her keeps her at arms length that is until she starts ignoring him, like he wanted, and makes him crazy jealous. The story is a fairly short read that is fast paced with some danger, action, suspense and a very protective family. There is also some very steamy action.

Mafia’s Angel
Written by Loubie73 on 20th Nov 2022

This series is utterly brilliant but I so desperately want each book to be longer so it’s not over so quickly. The storyline in this book is as good as the president ones and has a lot of mafia storyline as well as steam but my only complaint is that none of it is gone into with enough detail and depth. I know if that was to happen the books would be about 4 times as long so I do understand why it’s not, but I would so love to read about these families in a much longer book. Saying that, this is a brilliant book and if like mafia books with plenty of intrigue and steam without it being an epic novel then please try these books. I have loved every single one of them. I plan on reading all the books together when the series has finished.

Written by Amd2662 on 20th Nov 2022

Mafia. Duncan/Angelica. Stalker. Bodyguards. Criminals Human trafficking. Murder. Attempted murder. Kidnapping. Betrayal. Entertaining. Wonderful Characters and thrilling story. Attraction. Affection. Acceptance. Virgin. Consensual. Happiness. Sadness. Desire. Jealousy. Love. HEA. Page Turner

Good read
Written by Laura Carter-Alexander on 20th Nov 2022

Duncan fights his attraction to his Angel for as long as he can before they end up married in a twist. When the past returns to haunt them both, will they be strong enough to trust in each other and their love?

Mafia angel
Written by P W on 20th Nov 2022

A quick well written read. She finally gets her freedom and he sees her has his angel. He wants her and then she gets taken away. He vows to get her back and more. A well written read I received a free copy via booksprout and I'm giving my review freely and honestly

Alpha Mafia Men
Written by A. Adams on 20th Nov 2022

This is the story of Angelica and Duncan. It does have some of the characters of course from the other books. The Maclean mafia men move quick. Once they decide on their woman they typically get married within days. The only exception to this is Beth and Alastair. Angelica and Duncan decide they are going to get married after a kind of love hate relationship. Then Angelica is kidnapped. Angelica also has to deal with a maid that has a obsession with Duncan and won't stay away. All of these Maclean man are possessive and protective. Another good book in the series.

I’m now planning on reading the earlier books in this series
Written by Sue Bronikowski on 7th Nov 2022

This was my introduction to Maclean Mafia Men series and I very much enjoyed it! It was well written and had tight and steady pacing that kept me interested. The characters were engaging and I especially liked the group dynamic of all the people not only being part of their personal relationships, but also connected to the group who were working together for common goals. My favorite aspect was the dialogue, which was not only funny and sarcastic, but also open with them sharing information instead of lying to each other.

Written by Debs48 on 7th Nov 2022

Good quick short read full of depth and emotions and loyalty from the family can he stay with her the hell he can

Quick, dirty, and full of action HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 7th Nov 2022

Good book to read about a possessive man who takes what he wants, and makes no apologies!! Full of action from the start and lots of steamy romance.

Fast Paced
Written by BooksnClean on 7th Nov 2022

This is book 4 in this series and we re now reading about Duncan and Angel. I cant really say its enemies to lovers (although she thinks he is arrogant) but I can say that it is very fast paced.

Action packed
Written by Amanda1444 on 7th Nov 2022

This story continues the Maclean brother’s stories. Angel had finally escaped the prison that was her life created by her father. Although Duncan kept messing up. He and his Angel decide to marry but there are obstacles in the path of their happily ever after especially when she was taken. I really have enjoyed reading this series.

Sweeter side of the mafia
Written by Lizette Reyes on 7th Nov 2022

This book definitely focuses on the sweeter side of the mafia. It doesn’t have much mafia like action but is still a fun and super sweet read. I loved how once Duncan embraced his love he was all in.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 7th Nov 2022

Angelica had been saved from her father along with her mother and sister, she finally could have a freedom and Duncan wanted to give her that, but he also wanted her, but dangers never far and when shes taken Duncan will go to any length to get her back. Well written steamy engaging action and more!

Angels can be in the Mafia
Written by Kwallywoman on 7th Nov 2022

Duncan was in love with Angelica. He didn't know if he could handle anyone else being with her. Until something happened. Then he had to prove his love. Great short story.

Duncan and Angelica
Written by Gkp2460 on 15th Oct 2022

Mafia's Angel is Duncan and Angelica's story. It's quite a journey these two have with lots of steam, angst, chaos and danger. But, that's what we look for in a good Mafia story.

Great read
Written by Sua on 11th Oct 2022

Ducan and Angelica had some good hot and cold moments that kept me glued to their relationship. Ducan knew Angelina was it for him so he persuades her to marry him. There’s also danger that lurks around when Angelina notices someone that’s been making her feel uncomfortable.

Written by Michele77 on 11th Oct 2022

This story continues the Maclean brother’s stories. Duncan and his Angel decide to marry but there are obstacles in the path of their happily ever after. Characters from the other books are featured and there is a subplot featuring Alastair and Beth. Great characters and a fast paced storyline.

Angel of Mine
Written by Kerryb83 on 11th Oct 2022

Mafia love story with danger and intense relationships. I would recommend reading previous books since I did not do that and was a little lost at times regarding all the characters and their stories as they related to Angelica and Duncan.