The Mafia Queen by Lila Fox

Heat Level 4
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Maclean Mafia Men, 5

Aria had lived in a virtual prison for more than twenty-five years. She was ready to give up everything to annihilate the monster in their lives if only she knew her daughters would be safe.

Trent and Mateo had been in love with Aria for over a decade. They’ve taken care of her when she couldn’t help herself and prevented her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

When things finally start making them believe that they can all finally be together, someone from her past shows up to threaten everything they've worked for.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex



Trent sat her against a pile of pillows and with her wine glass in her hands. The guys settled in on either side of her as the movie turned on.

A quarter of the way through the movie, she realized she might have made a mistake. She’d never watched anything so sexy or erotic in her life, and it got her body heated. Her cunt was wet and tight.

She looked from one man to the other. They seemed to have their attention on the movie, but for some reason, she sensed that it was all on her. She brought the blanket up to hide her hard little nipples and gasped when Mateo yanked it back down.

“We like seeing you aroused, baby.”


“No buts.”

“Are you guys aroused?” she asked.

Both men laughed and whipped the blanket farther down to show her their erections.

The breath caught in her throat. She looked back and forth and got the courage to ask for what she’d dreamed of for years.

“I need… Can we— I need you both to fuck me.”

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Mateo asked. “We can wait as long as you need, baby.”

“No. I can’t wait. I’ve waited for over a decade for the both of you to make love to me.”

Trent cupped her face in the palm of his hand. “Okay, pet. We’ll take care of you. Just relax and enjoy.”

She waited to see how they would react and hadn’t been ready for how they both came at her, making her giggle. Flat on her back, she had one man kissing the hell out of her while the other was running his thumb over one of her nipples and sucking on the other.

Aria hadn’t realized how much it would affect her, and she wondered if she’d be able to deal with them. She had to try because she wanted a normal sex life. Well, as normal as it could be with two men.

“Everything’s going to be okay, pet,” Trent said.

“I know. I just don’t want to disappoint you guys.”

“That’s not possible,” Mateo whispered against one of her breasts before he sucked her nipple into his mouth, making her bow off the mattress.

“Oh, God,” she gasped.

“Do you like that?” Trent asked.

“Yes.” The heat and suction from Mateo’s lips made her abdomen tighten in need. Cream flowed from her cunt, wetting her thighs and the sheet underneath her.

Trent moved down in between her legs. His thumbs spread her cunt lips apart and blew on her swollen clit. “I want a taste of this pussy.”


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Score: 4 out of 5 (based on 29 ratings)
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Written by amd on 16th Apr 2023

Reverse Harem. Mafia Queen/Bodyguard/Bodyguard. Aria/Mateo/Trent. Abused. Raped. Violated. Coup. Attraction. Affection. Acceptance. Family. Fear. Happiness. Sadness. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Fun read

Really good steamy story!
Written by Ash J on 1st Jan 2023

I enjoyed this story about Aria, Mateo, and Trent. I do wish there was a little more of an issue other than Dominic not being to friendly and Aria having to shoot someone but I've read quite a few books in this series and am glad we finally get Aria, the mother's love story. I also wish we could get a story on Alastair and Beth because I want thir background info.

Good story!!
Written by Wendy L on 20th Dec 2022

This is the fifth book in this series, and this is Aria, Trent, and Mateo’s journey. Aria has had a rough life and has spent years married to an abusive mafia man, so she could keep her daughters safe from his wrath. Now that Aria’s daughters are all married, she has sacrificed herself long enough. Trent and Mateo are Aria’s bodyguards, and they all love each other, and they have been there to help her when she could not help herself. This is a good reverse harem story, with chemistry, family, sacrifices, justice, intrigue, redemption, and love, which leads to an enjoyable page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Finally Free
Written by kdavis on 13th Dec 2022

I really enjoyed this story. Aria is finally free from the husband she had to marry and be with Trent and Mateo. They spent years taking care of Aria when her husband beat her. There was an amazing twist in the story but all in all I love the characters and the love and bond Aria, Trent, and Mateo had together. I can't wait to read the next book to find out what happens with the family.

The Mafia Queen
Written by Loubie73 on 13th Dec 2022

Oh my god, I have loved every book about this family and this one is even better! Why I hear you ask? Well it’s quite simple really. Double the man candy and steamy scenes added to a brilliant mafia story and honestly what more could you possibly want?! My work here is done, please read it.

Lots going on
Written by xo2read on 13th Dec 2022

A new author. This story is part of the Maclean Mafia series each. This book, and the others are stand alones but for the best ride, read in order - but - you don’t have to. This story revolves around Aria as well as Trent and Mateo. Aria has spent far too many years in an abusive marriage at the hands of her sorry excuse of a mafia husband. As many, he saw woman as things to be abused and used, never loved or cherished. The only reason she stayed was for her daughters. She thought if she allowed him to beat her he wouldn’t touch them, so darn sad. But, now her daughters are grown, married off to men they are happy to be with. Shouldn’t this be her chance. Thought her marriage, there were 2 men who did their best to help make her life better, Trent and Mateo. Both sexy and both protectors. Can she have a different life?

The mafia queen
Written by Nate on 13th Dec 2022

I found this book to be an intriguing, entertaining & Fast paced story. Loved it. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

She went from battered mafia wife to Mafia Queen with two kings at her side
Written by Charleann D on 13th Dec 2022

Aria was so tired of being abused and raped by her husband .He kept Aria and her daughter locked in separate rooms finally two daughters were married and out of his control.She only one more daughter to get to safety and then shed figure something out.After her so called husband got through raping her he left locking her in.The secret door opened and in walked Trent and Mateo.they always cleaned her up when she was to Burt to be able to help herself.they had the knife she had hidden an asked her what it was for?there are so many twists and turns to this story you will be riveted until the very last page.I can hardly wait to see what's next by this multi talented author.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 13th Dec 2022

I've read several books written by Lila Fox; she is becoming one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is the fifth book in the Maclean Mafia Men Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Aria, Mateo & Trent. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Written by DebinOkla on 13th Dec 2022


Righting All The Wrongs
Written by De'Anna on 13th Dec 2022

This is part of the Maclean Mafia series each book can be read as a standalone with a sexy mafia guy or guys and the girl that gains their attention. Mafia, we expect cruelty, abuse in some form but this one takes the cake not one of my favorites but one of my favorite kind of considering she finely takes something for herself. Aria intelligent, forced int a marriage, forced to endure years of abuse at the hands of her mafia husband who saw all females as objects to be used to his advantage regardless of their feelings or what happens to them, and she was no exception, but she stayed for her girls to try and make life a little easier by continuing to be the target of his cruelty. But they are all grown up married off to men they are happy to be with in and she can have her chance throughout the abuse there were two men who helped make things a little more bearable. Trent and Mateo sexy as all get out protectors, guides have always been in the corner of the only women they loved, helping her when she couldn’t help herself, protected her when they could without causing her death or theirs, made sure her girls were safe and finely they have a chance to love her the way they have wanted and now is their time but will the past stay in the past, will her girls get the happiness their mother sacrificed herself for, has Aria found the happiness she longs for, can Trent, Mateo protect her keeping her safe or will her past consume them all, will the men married to her daughters protect, love them the way she has always wanted, and can they find happiness some where along their adventures?

Wowza What a Story
Written by Jenny B on 13th Dec 2022

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. In this book we meet Aria, Mateo, & Trent. Aria has been under her mafia husband's thumb for years even worse he has been abusing her in any way he can. She takes this because she knows if she doesn't he will go after their daughters. Her one light in the darkness Mateo & Trent but she knows if it ever comes to light she is in love with these men her husband will kill them. Mateo & Trent will do anything for the woman they love, even kill her husband but per her wishes they have held off. They are done waiting they are going to make this woman theirs and they aren't waiting another day. Can they all find a HEA or will it all blow up in all their faces? Another amazing hit by this author. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone

She is the Queen
Written by Kwallywoman on 13th Dec 2022

Aria always wished not to be married to her husband. She got that wish. But with that wish came a secret that her husband didn't tell her about. Now she is trying to deal with it. Loved the story. Not cool on the wedding of Beth and Alistair though. It was like trying to sweep it under the rug.

Written by Book_Lover_97 on 13th Dec 2022

Aria, Mateo and Trent have a good story. Aria is strong and a survivor. This is a story with healing for her. There is. Great steam and suspense. This is a great twist or two.

Love it!
Written by Amanda1444 on 13th Dec 2022

After years of abuse from her husband Lorenzo Moretti, Ari and her daughters are finally free. Trent and Mateo are going to make sure she's living her best life, and they certainly do!

This is a tame book compared to the others
Written by JudyCh on 13th Dec 2022

I have read the other books and I felt more emotions towards it, this book wasn’t bad but I would have loved more action and I feel like maybe we rushed over their story and for me I kept thinking her ex husband would show up but I guess he is gone and I did enjoy the triad I just wanted more.

Aria's story
Written by A. Adams on 13th Dec 2022

Each book has been about a Maclean man who finds his woman, with drama along the way. All but one of the Maclean men have married Aria's daughter's. Each book expands onto the next. This book focuses on Aria. Aria was abused by her husband. The 2 great loves of Aria's life are Trent and Mateo who worked for her husband. After her husband is dealt with Aria, Mateo, and Trent all enter into a relationship together. Mateo and Trent help heal Aria. Aria is a strong independent woman. Aria finds out her husband kept a huge secret from her. If you've read all of these books the surprise you've been hoping for happens between Beth and Alastair finally!

The Mafia Queen
Written by Makeen on 1st Dec 2022

Aria has waited many years to be saved by Trent and Mateo. They have taken care of her when her husband abused her and she has fallen in love with them. There are twists and turns in this story and Lila does a good job maneuvering the characters. Good dialogue, sexy scenes, and supportive characters keep this storyline interesting. Definitely want to follow this family with the next book.

Really good.
Written by Sherry on 1st Dec 2022

I found this book to be an action packed read. The plot was well written, and the flow was nice and smooth. The main characters had very intense and steamy chemistry between them. Lots of Mafia intrigue and action for the readers.

Mafia Queen!
Written by Mary on 1st Dec 2022

I so enjoyed this new "Maclean Mafia Men" story. It can be enjoyed as a stand alone read but I would read them in order. They are all good and do have connected characters. Aria, the Mafia Queen, finally gets the love and happiness she definitely deserves. Her men, Trent and Mateo, have been taking care of her for years and now they finally get her all to themselves to love, protect and cherish. I love the development and bond that continues to grow between Aria, Mateo and Trent. The blows from her husband Lorenzo just keep coming. The latest is shocking and life altering. WOW! I am glad she pushed Alistair, something had to be done! I cannot wait for the next story in the "Maclean Mafia Men". It appears to be a promising story.

Just a fabulous book--Author did an amazing job!
Written by Andrea Reed on 27th Nov 2022

If you like the menage style romances--throw in the mafia and drama with mixture of forbidden. This is your book. I really loved it--in fact got the others in the series to just read it as the series. This is a really great book and if you are into mafia romances you will LOVE THIS BOOK for sure.

Written by Nasra on 27th Nov 2022

I was really waiting for their story. They both have a very promising character on other books before this one. They were easy to love . What I had problem at first is in book 4 angelica was already married and in this her mom said she put up with abuse because she was afraid her baby Is still young. I didn't get only that part. Good job.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 27th Nov 2022

Aria finally has the out she needed to get away from her husband with thebhelp of trent and Mateo who had been watching over her and loving her from a far for years but just when things seem to settle doesn her past come back, can she keep her family safe? Well written engaging steamy MFM mafia romance, older couples

Great story
Written by RhondaVB on 27th Nov 2022

This was a quick read but the readers will get all the feels. I loved how strong Aria is and I also loved how protective the guys were of her. Just a good story. I hooked from the first page and will be eagerly waiting for the next book.

The mothers story
Written by Michele77 on 27th Nov 2022

The mother of the wives of Maclean brothers has her own story. The book adds to the story of Alastair and Beth from the first book and opens up a whole new storyline. Characters were likable and the storyline flowed and filled him gaps in the other book’s storylines.

Written by Debs48 on 27th Nov 2022

It was a good story different to what I normally read so for me it didn’t really do it Maffia husband got rid off and his wife could then shine after so long being tortured through their marriage. She was now the queen mafia who run the household but between her long lost son who hated her and everything else she had a lot to sort but her two men lovers would always be there

Loved it!!
Written by Sarah ES on 27th Nov 2022

**Spoiler Alert** The start of this book is the best. An abusive husband and father getting taken out!! Not a person alive that doesn’t love justice like that. Then we are presented with the widow and her two bodyguards who are in love and have been for years getting to be together. Can we say hot and steamy. Then you add in the fact that Aria is beginning to understand her strength and how she can help her original 3 plus her 1 adopted daughter be stronger in the mafia world. The surprise she helps put together for Beth is perfect and really helps bring the book together. Of course the last chapter where she stands up to a chauvinist pig is also really great as we get to see the conclusion of this former guard with his pig headed beliefs. Aria truly becomes the Mafia Queen.

Written by Gkp2460 on 27th Nov 2022

The Mafia Queen is book 5 in the Maclean Mafia Men series and is Aria's story. After years of abuse from her husband Lorenzo Moretti, Aris and her daughters are finally free. Trent and Mateo are going to make sure she's living her best life too. I love this story! Aria us strong, independent and fierce as h*^*. She's determined not to let anything or anyone stand in the way of her and her girls happiness. There's a surprise that just may put a hitch in her plans though.

Queens need love too
Written by MellaM on 27th Nov 2022

After decades in a chilling situation, Aria finally gets her HEA with a twist. I loved how open and communicative Aria was about her needs and how attentive Trent and Mateo were. Huge hat tip to the author for having a mature female lead character -- love finds us at all ages. Also, this author is full of surprises and we get a big one that may mean this series isn't quite finished. If so, I excitedly await the next book.