Magic Never Lies by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 3
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Blake Gerritt kicked music and fame to the curb years ago and now he’s happy with his anonymous life in an ordinary town in the middle of nowhere. He raised his sister after their parents died and the simmering magic in his blood has faded. He’s cool with that—he’s too old for falling in love anyway. Magic can’t fix his past and he doesn’t need it for his future.

Aaron Wade is young, rich, and miserable, even though millions love his songs. He knows he should be happy, especially since his bigoted jerk of a father is finally dead, but he can’t sleep. He can’t deal. A small town in the middle of rural America is just the cure he needs to get back on track with his life, no outside help needed.

But what happens when love comes out of nowhere? Does a man let himself fall or does he refuse the magic that could change everything?

Be Warned: m/m sex



“We hardly know each other. I could be some crazed stalker fan.” Blake leaned down and seized both of Aaron’s wrists, dragging him upright, and Aaron suddenly realized that Blake had at least four inches on him, not to mention quite a bit of body mass. His muscled form pressed all along Aaron’s body, and he shivered, trying to remember that this guy was his mailman. And at least a decade older than him. Neither of those things is bad, his libido whispered in the back of his head. In fact, both of those things are very good, his inner kink whispered, in total agreement with his libido.

“I could be someone dangerous,” Blake said, voice going low. “Someone crazy.”

“But you’re not,” Aaron said, playing with fire as per usual. He’d been famous long enough to recognize the glow of crazy in some fans’ eyes, and Blake’s didn’t have it, although dangerous wasn’t out of the question. He allowed a flirty smile to twist his lips. He liked Blake’s edgy side. He liked it a lot. He wanted more.

“Tell me to stop,” Blake growled, kicking a leg in between Aaron’s thighs. “Tell me to stop and I will.”

Aaron rolled his eyes as heat spread through him. Like hell was he going to say that. Blake was strong and hot and vibrating with energy. “No,” he said before he could even consider saying something more conciliatory. Blake’s nostrils flared, and Aaron had just enough time to think, shit, he’s solid, before the man’s lips were on his.

Aaron gasped, because Blake sure as hell didn’t fuck around. He bit Aaron’s lower lip, hard, then sucked away the burn even as he somehow maneuvered him backwards to the counter. Then, he slid his tongue inside Aaron’s mouth as he boxed him in, arms on either side. Aaron couldn’t move even if he wanted to. And I don’t want to because I love it. He’d never had a guy so self-assured touch him. Everyone always expected him to take the lead, and Blake’s strength was a major turn-on. Aaron groaned under his breath as Blake’s hard-on pressed into his hip. For a man who’d never dated another guy before, Blake certainly wasn’t shy about what he wanted.

“Dangerous enough for you?” Blake asked him, hazel eyes bright with lust and something else. Something Aaron had never seen before. “You like playing with fire?”

“Fuck,” Aaron said aloud, trying not to grind his cock against the hard body pinning him in place. Blake had never been with a dude before, and he really didn’t want to scare him off before anything even happened. Though, he really doesn’t seem scared, does he? Aaron thought as Blake kissed him again, until neither of them could breathe. When he leaned back, Aaron sucked in much-needed air. Blake’s hair was mussed. He looked sexy as hell and not at all unsure about what he was doing. “Jesus,” Aaron croaked, lips tingling. He wanted more.

“I’m not a boy, Aaron,” Blake said as he nipped him again. His voice had gone low and rumbly. “You may be my first guy, but I know what I like.” He leaned in and whispered against the hollow beneath Aaron’s ear. “I like your voice.”

“Fucking hell,” Aaron exclaimed, hands gripping Blake’s shoulders. “You can’t just say something like that.”

Blake laughed, and the sound of it sent shivers down Aaron’s spine. “You want me to stop?”

“I should be asking you that,” Aaron retorted, hands going to Blake’s hair. He couldn’t resist. It had just enough length for him to sink his fingers in, and he indulged. “God, you have great hair.”

“I heard you cut yours. And that the legions of your fangirls are going to have a collective heart attack when they find out,” Blake said, doing a slow grind against Aaron’s body. He slid his hands up Aaron’s arms until they were at his scalp. Blake massaged the short hair, and Aaron barely resisted the urge to purr as he writhed with delight. “Hmm. I like it short. The fangirls will just have to deal,” Blake said, fingers running along Aaron’s skull.

“They’ll get over it,” Aaron managed. The way Blake moved had a way of derailing his ability to speak.

“I like it like this. There’s just enough left to hold onto.” Blake slid one hand into Aaron’s short locks, and set the other on the small of his back. The heat of his palm felt like a brand. “Tell me if I’m moving too fast, rock star.”

Fast? Is he serious? Aaron didn’t know where the hell Blake had been in the past decade, or what he’d done in his life, but he sure as hell didn’t understand what gay meant. Most guys didn’t ask so many questions. Most guys were happy enough to suck and screw and then go on their way the next morning. “You can fuck me,” Aaron said, fully expecting Blake to say no, because Blake wasn’t ‘most guys.’ Aaron might not know exactly what was happening here, but he knew enough to realize that this thing between them wasn’t ordinary.

Sure enough, Blake froze. “Sex,” he said flatly. His lips pursed, as if he’d taken a bite of a particularly sour fruit.

“Sex, yeah,” Aaron said, pressing his fingers into the back of the older man’s neck. Heat sizzled along his fingertips. Isn’t that why we’re here? he thought, enjoying the way Blake’s erection still pushed into him, even as the guy mentally backed off. “Sure,” He said, wishing ‘no’ wasn’t what he was seeing in Blake’s expression. “Please.” Never hurt to be polite, right? But Blake stepped back anyway, and Aaron groaned aloud, even though he’d expected the retreat. “Seriously? You’re stopping now?”


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Simply Magical
Written by Karen DiGaetano on 21st May 2020

A light-hearted story about two people who meet and with a little magic, fall in love at first sight. Blake is so downed to earth and proud of his heritage which is odd considering is original occupation. Was it Darlene or Fate that brought Blake and Aaron together? Don't we all hope it was that little bit of magic. True love is what we all wish for. And for Aaron, Blake teaches him how to find himself again and heal old wounds. Aaron helps Blake realize that it was time to reclaim his fame. Really good love story.

Long & Short Reviews
Written by Moonflower on 11th May 2020

This is a story about true love. Blake has magic in his blood and he knows the minute he lays eyes on Aaron that he has found “The One”. Only trouble is, it takes Aaron a while to catch up. Blake was a musician but has hidden away in a small town when his parents died and he raised his sister. Aaron is a musician who desperately needs a break from it all after his bigoted father dies. On the surface, these two don’t have a lot in common, often seeing the opposite side of whatever they’re discussing. Erin M. Leaf is a brilliant author and I have simply adored most of her work. This one, though, just didn’t quite hit the mark for me. For one thing, the constant true love comments started to drive me insane, and I’m sure they did Aaron too as he had no idea what was going on either! I felt it was mentioned a few too many times, ramming the thought home instead of allowing it to flower. On the positive side, the writing, in general, is brilliant, giving you plenty of clear descriptions so you can see what is happening in your head. The characters have their roles to play and even manage to surprise you along the way. I did love the ending and thought it perfect for this story. A really good story with supernatural hints that I can definitely recommend

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Lena G on 5th May 2020

“The magic of love is that it has the power to create a magical world in and around us.” ~ Debasish Mridha We have all heard the old adage about money not being able to buy love, but in Aaron Wade’s case in ‘Magic Never Lies’ by Erin M. Leaf, it’s a fact. Aaron has everything that money can buy, but he doesn’t have peace of mind. Even though he is living in a small, sleepy town, recovering from recent trauma, he is still on edge, despondent, and has a bad case of writer's block. With his father, the monster who threw his gay son away, now dead, Aaron feels he should be able to rest easy; the truth is, he can’t rest at all. However, inspiration to write again comes to him in the strangest form he could ever have imagined: his mailman, Blake. When Blake’s parents suddenly died, it left him with his teenage sister to raise, but all that, plus his career as a top recording artist became too much for him to handle. He and his agent, Darlene, formed a plan to hide him from the world until, or if, he is ever ready to rejoin the music business. In an attempt to put that part of his life behind him, he refuses to watch TV or read music magazines. This is why Blake doesn’t recognize Aaron Wade, huge music icon, when he delivers a package to him. However, Blake has magic in his blood, an ability passed down in his family. According to his grandmother, when the blood in his veins begins to “sing” it is an indication that he has found his one true love. Blake has always known that it could happen, but, even though he is bisexual, he never expected his soulmate to be a man. His attraction to Aaron is so strong that Blake can barely keep his composure. At first, Aaron thinks he recognizes him, but when he realizes that Blake doesn’t know who he is, he is relieved and thinks the man is just a bit crazy. Blake is all befuddled when he gets home. All he wants to do is take a shower and go to bed. He is turned on both emotionally and physically; it is not every day you find your soulmate. Now all he has to do is to convince a complete stranger that he is fated to be with him. Easy, right? While Blake is considering pleasuring himself, Darlene, his former agent and still best friend, calls. It seems that she has a client named Aaron Wade, a famous musician. He, like Blake, had a meltdown after breaking up with his boyfriend and losing his father and needed to get away for a while and is living in Blake’s town. Blake puts two and two together and figures out that the stranger he just delivered a package to must be Aaron. Darlene is amazed that Blake didn’t recognize him, but he reminds her of how far he stays away from that world. In any case, since Blake has been where Aaron is now, Darlene asks Blake to take him under his wing. Blake agrees, but little does she know what she is asking. This was a fun story with just enough of a paranormal element to make it unique. Watching Blake and Aaron dance around the fact that they are fated to be together and had very little say in the matter was amusing and at times very sexy. Their times between the sheets literally gave an entirely new meaning to the phrase “scorching hot’” Thanks, Erin for the sexy story with a happily ever after ending.

Magic Never Lies by Erin M. Leaf
Written by llv on 30th Apr 2020

Rating: 4.5 stars This book wasn’t on my radar until a friend lent me her copy. I absolutely loved it. I really loved the dynamic between Blake and Aaron. I loved that they worked out their problems together without the drama of the big misunderstanding that is prevalent in so many books. All in all, a wonderful story. Highly recommended.

Written by Lillian Washington on 30th Apr 2020

Another great story by this author. I enjoyed both Blake and Aaron. Their characters were well developed with a well developed story that was fun to read.

Written by redbearny on 30th Apr 2020

All I'm going to say is WOW!!!! What a really great book! I completely enjoyed this book from page one to the last page. Their is not one thing that I can find fault with. The characters have depth, the story lines flow effortlessly and the secondary characters are spot on! This book will be going on my short list of re-reads, that's for sure. Please do not miss the opportunity to sit down and take the time to enjoy a well written, thought out story and let your imagination insert yourself into this wonderfully magical world where true love really exists and see what it's like for two people to discover how each of these different men; one with a touch of magic and one running from one crisis after another. Their common denominator is music, and all of the sudden they just seem to fit together, it's like it was meant to be. As you can probably tell; it was truly an enjoyable read for me anyway. An avid reader in Rock Tavern, NY.

Magic Never Lies - Erin Leaf
Written by Daniel Bowen on 21st Apr 2020

The rock star trope happens to be my thing, and Erin Leaf writes the best stories in this trope. This is the third of hers I've read in this theme, and they don't disappoint.* There's even a paranormal aspect with Blake's inborn magic. It guides and directs and Blake knows to follow, it's never lead him wrong. What isn't said is if Aaron has access to it, if it's shared, or if it's only when around Blake. I was happy to see Blake and Aaron performing and doing what they do. Too often a story ends before the complications of being together set in. These two experience that and make it work. A good story. - Dan's Wife *Bad Oak Boys Series *The Flight (Close Proximity Book 4)