Magic Always Sings by Erin M. Leaf

Heat Level 3
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Magic Series, 2

Rowan Clementine, rock star and closet bisexual, is stuck in a songwriting rut. He needs a new hit so his label doesn’t sue, but he can’t make a melody to save his life. He hasn’t been able to write in years, actually. So, when his producer slaps some hot young songwriter’s work down in front of him, what’s a guy to do? Give in gracefully? Not a chance.

Jesse Rhodes is a closet songwriter, even though he’s out and proud about everywhere else in his life. So, what happens when his bff sends off his music to a producer who wants his songs for Rowan Clementine, rock star extraordinaire? Cue a freakout! Because Jesse used to know Rowan once upon a time when they were both boys, but he’s sure the singer has forgotten him. Or has he? There’s only one way to find out…

Be Warned: m/m sex



Rowan reached out slowly, waiting for Jesse to back away, but the guy just stood there. Like Rowan touching his cheek was no big deal. Jesse hadn’t worn his glasses today, so there was nothing between them except his intense gaze and Rowan’s need to lose himself in the younger man. Energy sparked between them when his fingertips met stubble, and Jesse shivered subtly. “I really want to fucking kiss you right now,” Rowan whispered, because insanity seemed easier than denying himself, even though this was crazy. Kissing this guy would be crazy. Kissing Flynn would be crazy.

Jesse held his gaze.

Rowan leaned in, watching the younger man’s pupils dilate, but he stopped just short of a kiss. He tilted his head past Jesse’s lips and whispered. “You’ve got me so fucking hard I can’t think, but there’s one more thing you don’t know about me.” He breathed the words into Jesse’s ear. The fresh scent of laundry detergent and warm male had him wanting to get closer. He wanted to crawl inside Jesse and never come up for air.

Jesse went from shiver to shudder, and then he reached out and grabbed Rowan’s biceps, keeping him in place when he went to step back. “I don’t think I care.” He inhaled shakily. “In fact, I know I really don’t fucking care what you think I need to know.”

Rowan grimaced as both magic and cock informed him that kissing his one true love was very much the next step he should take right the fuck now. “You might.” He grabbed Jesse’s wrists and squeezed, fighting for control. He couldn’t in good conscience kiss this guy unless he told him everything. This was the one person in the entire world he didn’t want to screw around with.

“What is it?” Jesse turned his hands and gripped back, hard. “Because I’ve been wanting to kiss you since I was fourteen, and I’m going crazy here.”

“Jesus. You don’t make this easy,” Rowan said, breathing harshly. He let go of Jesse’s wrists and forced himself to step back. He inhaled, then steeled himself. “I have magic.”

Jesse pursed his lips, obviously thinking it over. “Like, the kind of magic that everyone talks about, but no one actually believes is real?”

Rowan nodded, silently amused. Leave it to Jesse to hit the nail right on the head. “Exactly.”

“So?” Jesse’s eyebrows drew together. “Is that a deal-breaker? Because it isn’t to me.”

“You believe me?” Rowan couldn’t get over this guy.

“I already knew, man.” Jesse laughed. “I knew it when we were kids.” He smiled. “So you have magic. So what?” He reached up and cupped Rowan’s jaw like it was nothing. His hand was warm and slightly calloused. “I’ll say it once again: is that a deal-breaker?”

“You knew and never told anyone?” This guy. Rowan couldn’t believe it.

Jesse shrugged. “Wasn’t my secret to tell.”

Fuck. Me. Rowan knew he should explain more. He knew he should explain better, especially about Jesse being his one true love or whatever, but he couldn’t take it anymore. His cock had been hard for days, and he couldn’t think with the haze of magic clouding his energy, and Jesse was right fucking there. He leaned in again. “No. It’s not a fucking deal-breaker.” He curled his right hand around Jesse’s neck and tugged.

The moment their lips touched Rowan knew nothing would ever be the same again.


When Rowan licked into his mouth, Jesse’s entire world blew apart. He’d kissed other people, girls and guys both, but none of them had been Rowan fucking Clementine. Hell, he’d had sex before. He’d even tried being someone’s boyfriend for a hot minute one semester in college, but none of those experiences had in any way prepared him for this. He’d been wanting to kiss Rowan since the moment he’d seen the singer run his hands down a microphone stand on television eleven years ago. He’d imagined it a thousand times, but nothing in his imagination lived up to the reality of Rowan Clementine’s mouth slicking over his.

“Fuck,” Rowan said against his lips, and Jesse heartily agreed even as he swallowed the word.

Rowan tilted his head, and Jesse took it as an invitation to slide his hands over the man’s shoulders and hang on. He licked Rowan’s bottom lip, then bit it gently, desperate for something to sink his teeth into.

Rowan groaned, pushing closer. He sucked on Jesse’s top lip, then nibbled along the bottom before sliding his tongue inside. Jesse panted, then sucked on Rowan’s tongue. Somehow, his hands ended up in Rowan’s hair, clenching the strands.

“God, that’s fucking perfect,” Rowan said, kissing down Jesse’s jawline.

“Yes,” Jesse said, because he couldn’t think of anything else to say that embodied the right amount of awe and arousal he felt right at this moment. His dick was so hard it hurt, and they were out in the open, in a public park, where anyone could fucking see them, but he didn’t give two shits. So, he said it again. “Yes. Definitely yes.”

Rowan groaned, moving back up to Jesse’s mouth, but this time he pushed a knee between his legs, and the perfect friction of it made Jesse shudder like a teenager who didn’t know anything about sex.

“Fuck,” he muttered, hips snapping forward. His erection met Rowan’s hard cock, and even behind two pairs of jeans the pressure felt incredible. His skin felt too tight for his body, and prickles raced over him, like static electricity recklessly discharging. This moment was something he’d dreamed about for years. This one perfect moment. Everything felt fraught with potential, and Jesse couldn’t get enough.


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"I'm done pretending that I don't mean anything to you."
Written by Anij on 7th Jan 2024

Basically this book is about a closet bisexual rockstar with a severe case of writer's block who is paired with an openly gay unknown songwriter. As they make music together their instant attraction grows into love. Oh, and they live in a world where everyone knows magic exists even if most people pretend it doesn't. No, it's not a complicated plot and there's not a ton of drama or angst, although there is some. The chemistry between the two men is intense and I loved watching their dynamic grow. But the very best part of this book is Jesse and Rowan. I adored both of them and happily cheered them on. Despite the accelerated timeline, the ending wasn't rushed like it often is in shoter books. I do wish we'd had a bit more character development and a few more scenes of them getting to know each other, plus I'm still kind of confused about the specifics behind the magic, but, for a book with less than 250 pages, Erin did a good job giving a complete story.

Steamy MM romance
Written by Hotrelle on 7th Jan 2024

They knew each other once upon a time, but now are in different worlds. Jesse and Roawn have a steamy story.

Magic Always Sings.
Written by Caroline D on 7th Jan 2024

This is my absolute favourite genre rockstars, pop stars, bands etc and this is a m/m romance with Rowan a rockstar who hasn’t written a song in 5 years and a closeted bisexual and when his manager receives some songs it changes Rowan’s life and Jesse’s who’s been in love with Rowan for a long time but he believes that Rowan is straight. Fantastic story I loved it and the characters and I highly recommend this book.

making music together
Written by Luvreading on 7th Jan 2024

This story about two men who are at an impasse in their music and wind up needing one another to move forward. Together they are able to work on their issues and into the bargain there is some magic that plays a role in not only their music but in the relationship they start. Pleasant characters and a good quick read.

Rowan & Jesse
Written by DLB2572 on 7th Jan 2024

I enjoyed this story almost as much as book one. I was hooked on this early one. It was good to read.

Great Series
Written by dubdub on 7th Jan 2024

After thoroughly enjoying book one in the series I was looking forward to this book and was not disappointed. Rowan and Jesse were such great characters and with a nice easy, sweet, low angst storyline to follow I couldn't put it down. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Good Read
Written by Jocelyn W on 7th Jan 2024

Magic Always Sings is the second book in the Magic Series. This is a wonder low angst romance with all the good feels. I love this story.

Short but sweet
Written by RhondaVB on 7th Jan 2024

An easy read, I enjoyed this story with Rowan and Jesse. It's sweet and I like that there isn't a lot of drama involved. It's short but very enjoyable!

Good read
Written by Rani on 7th Jan 2024

This was a fairly quick and enjoyable read. I liked Rowan and Jesse a lot. When they meet up again as adults they make a good couple.

Rowan, dry spell rock star and Jesse, prolific songwriter ... the magic always knows
Written by Kindle Distracted on 7th Jan 2024

Rowan has been a star for over 10 years but he hasn't written a song in 5. His sister / manager receives some songs from the friend of an unknown song writer and with one touch Rowan's magic springs to life. Jesse met Rowan when he was 12 and Rowan 17, a young man teaching himself music and avoiding an abusive father. He has loved him from afar for 13 years. The prospect of Rowan singing one of his songs is overwhelming but if they meet will Rowan even remember the skinny young geek he was under the tatooed, muscular man he is now? Being true to yourself is hard when you are traumatised and closeted and in the public eye. Jesse and Rowan are great. Esme was really annoying in her lack of understanding and it was good that she had her wake up moment, even though she proved to be hypocritical. The epilogue was just really 'bonding' time and, as a romantic, I would have preferred that the book ended at the chapter before but that's probably just me. 4.5