Not Too Tall to Love by Berengaria Brown

Heat Level 4
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Huldah aims to conquer the challenging three-day hike. Derek and Corey plan to conquer Huldah.

Derek is tall, dark, and dominating. Golden-blond Corey is warm and caring and can turn a campfire meal into a feast. Huldah just wants to prove to herself she can navigate and hike the trail. But the two men are awfully yummy. And distracting. Besides, sex outdoors is very good, especially with two men at once.

Between them, the two men bring Huldah’s passions to the boil and the three enjoy the hottest, most innovative sex ever. What will happen when they reach the end of the trail?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, m/m sex


“Someone here still hasn’t come,” said Corey, pushing Andy back flat onto the grass.

“And she’s worked very hard so she really deserves an orgasm,” added Derek, pulling her sweater and t-shirt over her head.

“Yummy nipples,” he added, pushing up her bra, latching onto one and sucking it into his mouth.

“This pussy’s all mine,” added Corey, unzipping her jeans and pulling them and her panties down to her knees.

Andy was already hot, wet and aching from watching the men come. Seeing them come was an unexpected turn-on for her. There was something very erotic about gripping a man’s cock in her hands or mouth and bringing him to the edge of passion like that. It made her feel strong, powerful, and in control.

But now the men were in control and Derek had his hands on her breasts, pushing them together so he could suck first one nipple and then the other into his mouth.

Meanwhile Corey had his tongue in her slit, and was kissing, licking and nibbling on her nether lips.

“Oh, yes. More. Please, I need to come.”

“Oh no, not yet. We’ve just gotten started,” Derek said, dropping his mouth to lick the undersides of her breasts before returning to her areolas and nipples.

“Hmm,” added Corey sucking her clit into his mouth and letting his fingers wander through her curls.

Derek plunged his tongue into her mouth and reached under her body to grab an ass cheek into his hand. While his tongue thrust into her mouth and he sucked on her tongue, his long finger rimmed her asshole and teased her there.

Corey’s tongue was thrusting in her cunt, his fingers holding her labia apart and teasing the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

Andy’s toes curled inside her boots with the need to come.

She pulled her mouth away from Derek’s to beg, “Please, please, now I need—”

Derek pushed two fingers deep into her ass and bit her nipple gently but firmly. Corey’s fingers were in her cunt, curving up to scrape her sweet spot as he bit her clit.

The intense mix of pleasure and pain sent Andy crashing over the edge, screaming into a heady climax. And the words she screamed were, “Derek!” and “Corey!”