Women in Love by Berengaria Brown

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go

Tammy has been lusting after Lydia for ages. They attend the same gym and Tammy makes sure she’s there when Lydia goes. Lydia recently turned forty and has realized that there’s more to life than a career. She’s aware of Tammy’s interest in her and decides it would be good to get to know Tammy better and see what develops.

Damaris has loved Larnie for a long time, but Larnie’s unwilling to commit to a true relationship. They end up joining the gym together, and Larnie’s very nervous about taking this step.

Will these women deny what's in their hearts or will they find love?

Be Warned: f/f sex, anal play




Lydia slung her gym bag over her shoulder and said, “I think you shocked the new woman in the spin room.”


“What? How?” Tammy had seen the blonde woman standing there and thought no more about it.


“She blushed when you kissed me.”


Tammy laughed. “Maybe she was jealous. She’d likely do a whole lot more than blush if she knew what I have in mind for tonight.”


“And what’s that?”


“Wait and see.”


But they didn’t have to wait long. As soon as they got home Tammy dropped her clothing on the floor and dragged a chair into the bathroom, placing it in front of the floor-length mirror Lydia had there. Lydia never left the apartment without checking her clothing from every angle to make sure she was neat and tidy. This time Tammy planned to use the mirror for something much more interesting.


She laid a towel across the seat of the chair and called, “Come in here, Lydia.”


“I’m right here.” Lydia was standing just back from the doorway, still fully dressed.


“Now do you know what I’ve been thinking about?”


“Not the new woman at the gym, evidently.”


“Hell, no. I’ve been thinking about you. About making you come so hard you scream. About us both watching you come in the mirror.”


Tammy gazed at Lydia’s face in the mirror. Lydia’s eyes darkened and the lids dropped, giving her face a hot, lusty, slumberous look. Hell, yes. Lydia was aroused.


Tammy stepped across to her and helped her undress, then led her back to sit on the chair. “Wrap your legs around the chair legs. Open yourself up wide so we can see how pink your cunt is.”


Tammy felt her own cream dampen the insides of her thighs as she looked at Lydia’s pretty cunt in the mirror. Damn, she looked good. Resolutely Tammy stood behind the chair and placed Lydia’s hands on the chair back. “Grip the chair. No moving.”


Still standing behind the chair, Tammy used a hairbrush to gently stroke Lydia’s skin. She trailed the back of the brush down across one breast, then turned the brush over and tickled Lydia’s sides with the bristles. Next she kneeled down and teased up and down in the insides of Lydia’s legs, twisting the brush over and over so Lydia would never know whether the smooth back or prickly bristles would be on her skin next.


Only when she saw Lydia’s cunt had turned red and there was a damp patch on the towel, from Lydia’s cream, did Tammy stop.


“Now, masturbate while I watch.”


“It won’t take long. I’ll come very quickly.”


“That’s okay. But you have to keep your eyes open all the time. I want us both watching together.




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Short linked set definitely deserving a thumbs-up!
Written by J J Johnson on 20th May 2015

Two previously published short stories are giving a new platform with a delightful merging final chapter at the gym where the first story started. Delightfully novel! Tammy and Lydia are really on opposite ends of the spectrum. They connect after a bit of special maneuvering and reconnoitering by Tammy at the gym they both frequent. Tammy kind of lusts after Lydia the minute she sees her. Nevertheless, she patiently and cleverly waits to introduce herself and set up a running conversation with Lydia. At just the perfect moment, Tammy breezily suggests they go have coffee. Lydia likes the idea and agrees. Then, while having coffee, and in Lydia's own words, Tammy goes right for the jugular with her spot on queries. Lydia is rather impressed and after Tammy finally suggests they continue this elsewhere. Lydia adroitly asks 'your place or mine'. Wonderful! An additional two women are already in a sort of relationship, but it is profoundly stalled from the viewpoint of one of the partners. Damaris deeply loves Larnie, but Larnie still feels devoted and tied to her mother, even though she died almost three years ago. Damaris' tenderness, all-encompassing devotion, and innate sensitivity are really put to the test. Patient and evocative suggestions allow Damaris to help Larnie see that she really can come into her own without dishonoring or forgetting her mother. It was simply beautiful to watch Larnie break free and in so doing see Damaris as her truly devoted lover. Spectacular! Things get really hot and sexy for the newly minted lovers. The established pair already knows how to pleasure each other and have no difficulty sending the heat levels through the roof. Tammy and Lydia do not stint and quickly accelerate their lusty bed action, while Damaris and Larnie expand their fervent and steamy bedroom passion celebrating their love. A new linking chapter, that is adroit and quite entertaining, has the two couples enjoying their observation of each other at the very same gym where things got started for Tammy and Lydia. In fact, it was just luscious how both loving pairs, in their own special way, incorporate the observations of the others into their own enjoyment. Marvelous! This short, linked set with its inspiring cross-pollination definitely deserves a thumbs-up! NOTE: This book was provided by Evernight Publishing for the purpose of a review on [...]