Our War by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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The Family, 4

Jake has married for the sake of The Family, and no matter what, he must make his marriage work. Emily Bracken is nothing like he imagined she would be. She's a firecracker, no denying that, but she is also a kind, thoughtful woman. Of course, she didn’t want to marry him either. Now they can either make their lives miserable, or they can make the most of a bad situation. 

Emily didn’t know what to expect with Jake. He’s a leader in The Family, cocky and an asshole, yet there is a darkness about him that she can connect with. She sees what Jake has to fight with every single day, but he’s not alone anymore. She never asked to be part of this world—and neither did he. Together, they can find a way to fight for their shared life. 

When The Family is attacked, Jake knows the time for commitment has come. He must fight for his friends, for his woman, and for what he wanted The Family to be, or lose everything. 

Can four boys finally show their enemies they are not to be messed with? Can Jake bring himself to love Emily? Is there any way they can have a happily ever after? It’s the final war. Who will win?  



“What do you want?” she asked.


“I like your demands. I know neither of us wanted this, but we’re here now, and I intend to make the most of it. I will be home in time for dinner. Can you cook?”


“Yeah, I can.”


“That’s good. I love good food. If not the other guys’ wives will show you what I like.”


She found that particularly funny. “You’d make them teach me?”


“Yes. How else would you learn?”


Holding her hands up, she nodded. “Fine. What is it you would like?” she asked.


“I want you to be happy, and one day I want kids. I know you’re not wanting sex tonight, but one day soon, I’m going to want it. I’m a man, I have needs, and I don’t believe in taking what I want.”


She swallowed past the lump in her throat. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. They shouldn’t be talking right now. She’d imagined their wedding night to be one big fight, and yet they were talking, negotiating.


“I’m a virgin,” she said.


“And that’s why I’m giving you space. My demands are simple. You share our bed. You belong to me. You’re mine. I want you to be happy. I have needs that when we eventually have sex, I’m going to want from you. I won’t judge. Whatever you want, we will explore together.”


“Are you sure you want to have sex with me?” she asked.


“Why wouldn’t I want to have sex with you?”


“I’m not … you know … small. Slim.”


“You have a nice pair of tits, juicy thighs, and a luscious ass. I want to sink my teeth into that ass and hold onto your tits as I fuck you, Emily. I have got no problems when it comes to your body.”


“Oh.” His words sent a little thrill through her. “I guess we won’t have a problem then.”


“No, we won’t.”


“When you mean share a bed?”


“I mean we will sleep together every single night. I will hold you in my arms. Do you have a problem with that?”


She shook her head. “No.”


“Good.” Jake leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her head. “Let’s play.” 


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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Debra Taylor on 28th Jun 2017

What an amazing way to close this series! Jake and Emily had to marry to keep The Family safe. Their relationship started out as the classic arranged mafia marriage with preconceptions on both sides. Jake thought that Emily was a brat while she believed that he and his three friends were monsters. Obviously, that wasn't the case and they both ended up totally liking each other. Emily made the perfect wife for Jake. She was tough and not afraid to pull the trigger, which came in handy since Jake had a lot of enemies. I loved Sam Crescent's writing on this one. As usual, the characters were vibrant and charismatic. The story was fast paced, action packed, and yes, it was screaming hot. I was so happy with how this series ended, and can't wait to see what else Sam Crescent has in store for readers next.

Great end to a series!
Written by ChrisS on 8th Jun 2017

What happens when two damaged people get stuck in an arranged marriage? You get a great book called Our War. The characters & story was great. Definitely one click this!

This book was the prefect ending to an amazing series.
Written by Francesca - Mrs Kissmas! on 8th Jun 2017

I really loved this final installment of this great series with its Mafia content is a different theme to some of the other works by this talented author. However as good of a read as it is I am still saddened that this great series has now ended, I can honestly say that I enjoyed every book within it. This story follows Jake the last member of the family that is still single as he has to marry the eldest daughter Emily of their newest ally Bracken to forge a relationship that would form a united front between both of their organisations. What started off as something that must be done for the good of the family turned out to be the perfect thing for both Jake and Emily as it lead them to find their soul mates. The journey of their relationship may not be traditional but the bond that is formed between them both and grows over the time continues to go from strength to strength allowing them to work as a team a form a formidable bond that no one expected them to have. So when the latest enemy attacks they were unprepared to meet the wrath of The family being as strong as it is or that the wife of Jake Carter who also happens to be the daughter of Bracken, a name everyone knows. She is the perfect blend of love, sweetness and curves along with fire and spice and an ability to take care of herself. I loved seeing the previous characters from the other books and the banter between all four of the guys Donnie, Luiz, Tonio and Jake no matter how bad the situation. This book was the prefect ending to an amazing series.To fully appreciate this book I suggest you read this series from the beginning. Happy Reading!

The Family's End
Written by RoGo on 8th Jun 2017

I'm so sad this series has ended!! I truly enjoyed how actioned packed Our War was!! I love how strong Emily was through out everything. Emily is not your damsel in distress and I loved it!! Emily was exactly what Jake needed. Jake is amazing... He can be an bad person or monster to others but only with his woman can he be his trueself and realize how worthy he is! Amazing story... Could not stop once I started!!

I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book Sad to see this series end
Written by Fay on 7th Jun 2017

I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book Sad to see this series end. I have loved every book in this series. Jake was 'forced' to marry Emily Bracken so that The Family can join forces with Emily's father. And the rest of the group felt bad as they were going back on their word that things will be different. But there was no other way out. Emily hated her father for doing this to her and she hated Jake too. But looks like she doesn't have any other choice but to do what her family wants. Jake and Emily decides to stick out and try to make a good thing out of a 'bad' situation. But as Emily and Jake spends more time together they didn't know that they would be falling in love little by little But as usual there is always a bad guy and this time they guys are in the fight of their life. Standing up for their family and protecting what is theirs. And Emily finds out that the man she married isn't what she thought he was and now she can't picture her life without him in it. Everything about this story was so good. Jake was totally honest with Emily from the start telling her exactly who she is. And I liked the fact that Emily wasn't afraid to stand up for herself or to get her hands dirty Awesome series from Book 1 till Book 4

Written by Neringa on 5th Jun 2017

I'm sad that this is the end of the Family. I loved this series from the first book. Despite being forced to marry each other, they found something in their marriage worth fighting, for it to be something more then an arrangement. I liked banter between Emily and Jake. I guess, the spark between those two was there from the beginning, they just were too angry to acknowledge it because of being forced against they will. But the more Emily and Jake spend time together, the more they connects. They show sides of themself others don't see, which makes them stronger as a couple. I liked that Emily wasn't a fragile flower. She's sweet and all, but she's Bracken's daughter too. And he did teach her how to protect herself. Which turned dangerous situations in some really great moments. It was great to see, that 'four boys', as theirs enemies called them, finally accepted, that there is no out of the family and that having dark into theirs souls, doesn't meant, that they will be like theirs fathers. They become a force to be reckoned with.