Outlaw MC of Mars by James Cox

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Outlaw MC, 9

The war is over but the fight Liam faces has just begun. He must confront his memories or be consumed by them. Nightmares plague his sleep. Although Liam’s body has healed, his mind is fractured and dark. As the joy of Christmas falls on Mars, Liam, Outlaw, and Reilly return to Earth—to the very prison where Liam’s torment first began... 

Will the Outlaw MC of Mars finally find their happy endings?

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMM)



“I fucking love you,” Outlaw said.

“Mr. Romantic,” Reilly murmured with a smile.

I jerked when Outlaw’s softening cock slid out of my body. Feeling empty, I grabbed his hand. The fire crackled and fears were absent as we joined Reilly. He was already undressing. Outlaw and I stood at the tent entrance naked, watching him.

Reilly had the most stunning blue eyes and with our light source the fire, they seemed to sparkle. With the blond hair, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had some Viking DNA. But he was short, only reaching five three. It was a fact that I liked. At this height, Outlaw and I could stare down at him and watch his blue eyes roll up at us. Usually, he was naked. This time, almost naked. His hair was spiked, but partially flattened since he took off his shirt. He didn’t have the muscle mass we did. Reilly had the body of a lean dancer, the flexibility too.

I felt the first drips along my inner thigh. Outlaw’s cum. I’d clean up in a minute. Right now, Outlaw and I stood holding hands as Reilly pulled his pants down.

“You’re a pale fucker,” Outlaw commented.

I was busy watching Reilly’s cock bob and bounce. His balls were beautiful, nearly even and pulled up tight to his body. His fingers wrapped around his shaft. It was so insipid I could see the veins beneath his long shaft. The tip was rounded like mine. You wouldn’t believe the sounds he made when a tongue probed him there. Reilly was also hairless. He shaved every day, giving him this ridiculously silky touch. Reilly walked up to us. He rubbed his palm against the head of his cock. I placed a hand on his hip and so did Outlaw. We stood in a naked circle. Reilly rubbed his dick up and down.

“You gonna spray your fucking jizz on us?” Outlaw asked. His cock was flaccid, hanging against his balls. The foreskin was scrunched up, covering his tip. But I swore I saw it twitch as Reilly groaned. “Pump it harder, Reilly.”

I glanced at the blond. His gaze was locked with Outlaw’s. Sweat beaded his hairline.

“Come on, Reilly.” Outlaw leaned closer to him. “I’ve already fucked his sexy ass. All I want is for you to come on me. Give me that tasty, creamy, messy…”

Reilly gasped. He lifted to his toes as he came. Long jets of white decorated Outlaw’s torso. He groaned. We held him up as the last few spurts dribbled out. The drops slid down his fingers. I took his hand and licked him clean.

“Good boy,” Outlaw praised in his deep voice. Then they kissed. It was an intense collision of teeth and tongue. Outlaw turned to me. 

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GGR Reivew
Written by undefined on 19th Mar 2016

Outlaw of Mars: A Christmas Story by James Cox is a short roundup story of the Outlaw Series, which I have still to read all the books. I can say this mouth reading this short story, what to someone like me who only read one of James Cox prior books in this series, becomes a 25 page teaser. Now I need to find out how Liam was rescued, I read about him being trapped on earth in Outlaw MC book #6 and remember thinking the same thing. In this book we meet Liam, Reilly and Outlaw once again, after book 8 where Outlaw goes to earth and break Liam free from prison. Liam is brought down, not eating or sleeping because of the horrendous dreams that are chasing him from his time in prison. Outlaw and Reilly has a plan on how to get Liam to associate Earth with pleasure and them and that is why they bring him, by half force to Earth, to still those nightmares and the demons that are chasing him in them, once and for all. Compared to book #6 this book is really just a wrap up of the series, not a separate couples story or to bring more plot to this fantastic futuristic story that James Cox created with this MC gang on Mars. But it is so nicely done that is it is a sweet and sensual read, and without knowing what book 8 was about I can tell that James Cox felt as if maybe Reilly, Outlaw (Knox) and Liam need a little more clarity and some sort of closure of Liam’s time in captivity on Earth. I especially like the end to this book with the Christmas dinner and all the MC is there. Peach has finally come and it is time to rebuild. Well worth the read, but I think this book probably rings extra sweet if you read the whole series from start to finish, but as a standalone it still works because even if you have no idea about the war before the scenes don’t require that knowledge. Again without reading the whole series, which is on my personal to read list, one can only wish that James Cox still burns for this story and will want to continue the Outlaw MC series in a newer form. Maybe the outlaws will want to return to Earth and rebuild it to its former glory or maybe it is time to dust off Mars and make it to the new and improved earth.

The Romance Reviews
Written by undefined on 5th Feb 2016

I stand corrected. This last book in the series is the true feel-good wrap up to this series. The government has been overthrown. Enemies of those who want a better and more equitable world are vanquished. What more could happen? This book is what happens after the happily ever after. From Liam's perspective, we see how all the couples in the previous books are still happily together. It is nice to see everyone smiling and free. For Liam, he should be fine but his nightmares are non-stop. His nightmares involve the Beast, not sexual violations. The beast is a nasty mutated octopus that could walk on land and kill humans. This was actually pretty cool. I liked this part of it and Mr. Cox paints a dark and grim picture. It is easy to visualize the horror and desolation in Earth's prison. Memories of Liam's time at the end, right before he is rescued can be summed up in two words: soul crushing. The sheer hopelessness transferring from the words on the page to the reader's feelings is rather intense. For me, it amazes me how Liam even survived. His PTSD is completely understandable. This sets the conflict up nicely and the resolution is a sweet if rather extravagant closure. This last book is a quick read and recommended for fans of this series who want to see how all the characters in this series are doing post-war. - See more at: http://glbt.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=20524#sthash.8cqiSkkw.dpuf

Joyfully Jay
Written by Michelle on 21st Jan 2016

Liam made it back to Mars to see that the motorcycle club had taken back the planet. The war on Mars is over, but Liam is still fighting the demons living within his mind. He wants to be there for Outlaw and Reilly, but nightmares claw at his sanity. In a time when the group should be rejoicing and getting ready to celebrate the holidays, the three men return to Earth for Liam to not only confront his darkest fears, but also to make some new memories. This book is number nine in the Outlaw MC series and will not make much sense if you have not been following along. This is also a short story and it definitely plays up on the short at just over 20 pages. Liam can’t seem to shake the torment he endured while in prison on Earth and Outlaw and Reilly come up with a plan to change that. If you are familiar with Cox’s style, you will not be surprised to know that dealing with and exorcising Liam’s demons means a hot threesome, which is what this book mostly entails. We get flashbacks to Liam’s time in prison, and it didn’t cover any new ground, but served to fully fill in all of the details. And, for the book being predominantly a sex scene, it wasn’t even Cox’s hottest moment. This book could also have easily been an extended epilogue added on to the previous book. But, if you have made it all through the series and enjoyed it, it’s kind of difficult to pass on getting the full closure and seeing all of the guys sit down for a holiday meal together. If you haven’t gotten to it and are looking for hot bikers on Mars, then start with book one.

Prism Book Alliance
Written by Lirtle on 11th Jan 2016

Liam, Outlaw, and Reilly: the time has come to deal with the impact of Liam’s imprisonment and all that he suffered while on Earth. He barely survived, and now he’s barely hanging on mentally and emotionally now that he’s back on Mars, safe. First, this doesn’t have much to do with Christmas or any other holiday LOL :) This is more like an extended, fully developed epilogue that allows us all some appropriate closure with all of the characters in the MC. No matter who your favorites might be, you’ll get a glimpse of them here. The focus is on Liam, though, and Outlaw and Reilly forcing him to deal with what was done to him on Earth. We get Cox’s continuing improvement in storytelling and writing. It felt a bit choppy in the beginning but then things settled in and I sailed smoothly through the story. His usual talents for describing the physical surroundings, injecting emotion into the erotica, and knowing how to up the ante in how his guys get it on and satisfy one another are all here. The opening definitely sets the emotional tone of the rest of the story. This entire series has been such a fun ride, getting to share Mars with these characters. It’s especially enjoyable to spend the final chapters with Liam and Outlaw. Step right up! After you’ve read the previous stories, that is.

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 22nd Dec 2015

The end of the Outlaw MC series by James Cox. I shall miss your sexy growls and half naked (usually completely naked) men. This story is Christmas themed and it's in Liam's point of view. Yes, our favorite Vice President of the club who was rescued, near death, in the last book. I love this short and it is a short but it's oh so satisfying. I teared up hearing about Liam's suffering in that prison. Genuine tears because, damn it, I care for the characters. The author has an amazing way with his writing that brings characters to life. The sex scene, there is only one, but damn it's scorching! Three men, nothing but stars and a fire. So freaking sexy. The descriptions are vivid and did I mention I love this story. We get a glimpse of the other characters in the previous books and it tickled me to see them happy. Join the Outlaw MC for a last holiday hurrah, this is a must read!

Love Bytes
Written by Dan on 14th Dec 2015

I read and I’m reviewing this short story as the loose end tie-up of the Outlaw MC of Mars series. On its own, this short story would probably not rate the 4.0 rating that I’m giving it, but in this short story James Cox brings us a wrap up on the open story line of Liam, and I have to recommend it because it answers some of the unanswered questions that I, and other readers, had. Liam is still haunted by memories of the awful experiences he had while imprisoned on Earth, including his fight to the death with a giant walking carnivorous octopus. That was one loose end. I’m not sure we ever knew what the beasts were…or I missed it somehow. Now I’ll be dreaming about giant walking carnivorous octopus creatures running around the countryside! Back to our story. On Mars, but not sleeping, Liam isn’t recovering as he should, so his two partners, Outlaw and Reilly take him back to Earth and drive the demons out of his memories. With sex, of course. You did see who wrote this story, correct? I liked this final installment. It touched on everyone from the series, wrapping them all up together in their first Christmas post freedom from oppression. I recommend this final installment, as well as the entire series. This final story would not work as a standalone, so don’t start here! Start with the first book and work your way through them. I think you’ll enjoy them…I know that I enjoyed them all!

Written by LeeAnnP on 13th Dec 2015

When i was getting ready to read this book , knowing it would be the last in the series I didn't want to finish the book too quickly. This being the end meant that we wouldn't hear again from the great group of heroes we were introduced to when James started this whole series. But of course, like all the ones before I was pulled into this story right away and finished it rather quickly. I admit , I had been looking forward to this quite a bit because I knew Liam was going to be going through some tough stuff and I wanted to see him come out the other side with the help of his loves, Outlaw and Reilly and be whole again. This story did NOT disappoint. As all the others before it, this was a great story. We also get a glimpse at the other guys, that we have learned to love as well and see how their lives have changed since meeting their mates and falling in love. I LOVED that part. I always like it when we get to revisit past characters we learned to love. Highly recommend this book.

Five Stars
Written by Philocrates on 12th Dec 2015

A nice short tale finishing up the series. My only complaint was it could have been longer.

Beautiful Ending....
Written by Shirley13 on 12th Dec 2015

This story shows us how Outlaw, the President of Outlaw MC of Mars, will stop at nothing to help his lover Liam face his demons and deal with his past so he can continue to move forward. With the help of Reilly, their third in the love triangle, they travel to Earth to help Liam create new happy memories. This really personally hit home for me. I shed tears for Liam because I know how important it is to have new memories to replace the tragic ones. Outlaw and Reilly help their mate create sensual smoking hot memories that help him finally heal the torture he endured and let him enjoy the happy ending that the MC fought so hard for. Thank you James for this...

Sexy little christmas final
Written by Anne Bock on 11th Dec 2015

Awesome, sexy and incredible touching story! When you've ever doubt that big brute Outlaw wouldn't care for the ones he loved, especially his soul Liam and his heart Reilly, it will warm your heart and an little "awww" would slip over your lips every now and then, trust me. To help Liam fight his nightmares and evil memories, Outlaw and Reilly come up with a sneaky but important plan. But will it be enough to get them their beloved Lover back? As a big big fan of this amazing series it's nothing other than a must read. "Break Me" got me to tears and so did this sweet and short Christmas story, it's that good. And I had to laugh, Reillys earlier Christmas presents, awesome James!! It was beautiful to see all of those big bad hunks again celebrating their freedom, they've deserved their HEA, all of them. But will Liam be among them? Give it a try, just do it!! Oh I will miss this guys...at least till the rereads. ;)