Raven and the Beast by Faedra Rose

Heat Level 4
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The Glory Hole, 1

Escaping an abusive relationship with a violent Dom, Cassidy has nothing and no one to support her. So, she does the only thing she can. She takes on the oldest trade in the world, and sells her body by the hour at The Glory Hole, the oldest, and most famous sex club in New York City.

Taking on the stage name of “Raven”, she intends to work just as long as it takes to save some money, and get back on her own two feet. But then she meets her first anonymous patron for the night—“the Beast”—and her life takes a very unexpected turn when he doesn’t want to let her go.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition


My heart races as I enter through the STAFF ONLY door of The Glory Hole. With a full face of makeup, and my pitch-black hair freshly washed and loose, I slip through the dark, neon-lit halls to find a free booth. It’s my first night working, and I couldn’t be more anxious. My skin prickles with electricity, practically vibrating with nervous energy. I never imagined I’d end up in the sex industry, just another piece of meat in the grinder … but here we are.

Truth be told, I have no other options. I can’t stand facing people. Even just doing my shopping and getting from one place to the next consumes all my mental fortitude. There is no way I could deal with your run-of-the-mill customer service jobs, be it cashier, waitress, or telemarketer. Since my ex isolated me, breaking me down piece by piece until he shattered my expressive and once bold soul, I’ve become low-level agoraphobic. If I’m outside of my safe space for too long, or around crowds of people, I put myself at risk of suffering a panic attack.

The brutality of my ex-boyfriend’s particular brand of love still haunts me. The pain he caused remains as clear on my flesh as it does in my heart. Abusive piece of shit. He lured me into the BDSM scene with his smoking hot good looks, knee-weakening charm, and natural dominance.

Like a hapless moth entranced by a glowing flame, I eventually ventured too close to his fire—and I got burned. What started out as a consensual Dom/sub relationship soon turned ugly. There were no limits, safewords, or respect. I became his collared property. And I wasn’t his precious pet, or his beloved submissive … he treated me like I was worthless. He made me feel like I should be grateful he even allowed me to breathe.

He stole my heart when I was at my most vulnerable and took advantage, asserting his power over me in the most violent and toxic ways imaginable. I grew to fear him, trembling at his touch in genuine terror for my life. And then I learned I wasn’t the first. I was just another dumb bitch in a long line of used up, abused, and discarded women. I wasn’t special. And he wasn’t just losing control. I was simply nothing to him, and he never really loved me. He wasn’t worthy of the excuses I was making for him. He really was just a monster.

So, I ran as far I could and hitched the rest of the way when my legs would no longer carry me. And now I have nothing to call my own in this world. No family, no savings, no friends to fall back on. There’s just what I am—a body. A body that can enter into service of the oldest profession known to mankind. I can sell my tomb of flesh by the hour, but at least this time it’s on my terms. I know what I’m getting myself into. Everything is upfront, literally written in black and white, and signed on the dotted line. With my prior experience in the BDSM lifestyle, and my utter lack of self-esteem, this seemed like the next logical step in rebuilding my life. I love sex. I just hate my fucking ex. I’m going to earn a wage to survive on, and reclaim my sexuality at the same time.

My job here at The Glory Hole is to be one of many anonymous fucks—with three holes and two hands to be used for the pleasure of others for as long as they desire, until my shift ends. But instead of death threats, black eyes, bruises, bloody lips, and hours of painful, emotional rejection, I get to leave each night with a fat paycheck for my efforts. And if I’m lucky, I might just enjoy some of it and begin to heal the damage of my past. I mean, it’s sex minus the violence. It’s a start, and some of it is bound to feel good, right?

At the end of the day, what matters most is that I’m finally safe from that bastard who so selfishly carved his name onto my heart with his cruelty. I have a chance to start over. I might be crawling up from rock bottom, but I refuse to lay down and die. And it’s not like I can fall any further. I’ll suck cock for as long as it takes to claw my way to true freedom and independence. And thankfully, until I can afford a place of my own, I can rent a room above the club. The security here is second to none, and the club takes care of its girls. We may be commodities, but here at least we’re valued. And if I get to bliss out to an orgasm or two as my clients get their rocks off? Awesome. I can think of worse jobs.

The booth is clean but small, and covered with artistic street graffiti, setting the mood. This may not be a high-class establishment, but it’s one of the oldest and well-known in New York City. You’re just as likely to find an undercover celebrity frequenting the glory holes to satisfy his carnal lust as the crackhead that deals drugs down glass-strewn, dark alleys.

The Glory Hole rejects no one who can afford to be here, assuming you check out physically. Whether you’ve got old money, a steady blue-collar job, or you just hawked everything you own to get in the door, one man’s paper is as good as any other’s.

Licking my glossy black lips, I sit down and strap on my matching black heels. Here, my name is Raven. Gothic, exotic, and tantalizing—I’d like to think I offer something a little less vanilla than most are used to. Dabbing some perfume on my pulse points, I freshen up and take a deep swig of liquid courage from the flask in my handbag. We’re not allowed to be inebriated on the job, but they’re not going to begrudge a new girl a little bit of comfort on her first night.

Slipping off my skirt and G-string, I let them fall to the floor. Then sucking in a steadying breath, I perch my ass on the padded leather bench that’s to be my fuck bed. Laying down, I slip my legs through the curtain made of soft leather strips that match the bench. Wiggling down until the strips tickle my hips, I’m painfully aware that my waxed cunt and voluptuous butt are now on display to anyone who might be on the other side of the glory hole.

I reach for the wall-mounted pump of lube, and squirt some into my hand, before reaching down cautiously beyond the curtain. My fingers graze my clit as I make both my holes slick, readying myself for my first customer until I naturally have time to get warmed up. I shiver as my long black nails play across my delicate folds, before sliding up my stomach to disappear from view once more.

Unable to see anything beyond my own navel, I stare up at the ceiling and bite my lower lip. This is it, I realize with a scintillating thrill. From this moment on, I’m officially a whore.

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short and spicy!
Written by anne c on 27th Oct 2023

this was such a hot read! i ate this story up and beast was just amazing! different than other books ive read, the spice was fantastic and i loved their story so much! he knew he had to have her and made sure he didnt lose her! so good!

The beast and his beauty
Written by Maleficent on 27th Oct 2023

Raven was abused by her ex, a Dom who did not cherish her but treated her badly. She escaped him and made it to NYC, with no money, there are few options. She got a job at The Glory Hole, the oldest and famous sex club. She only plans to work there long enough to find a place to live. When her first patron of the night, "the Beast", gives her more pleasure in one night than ex, can you feel an instant connect? Is it real?

Loved It
Written by Jocelyn W on 27th Oct 2023

Raven and the Beast is the first book in the Glory Hole Series. This is a quick sexy read, full of steam. I loved every bit of it.

Short, steamy BDSM
Written by mooredeba on 27th Oct 2023

This is a fast, steamy read. The characters have an instant connection even though they have not seen each other. There a BDSM scene that takes up a good part of the book.

Written by Laura S. on 27th Oct 2023

When a submissive hits rock bottom, how does she pick herself back up? By kind of starting over! I think Raven is very brave making a new start for herself; she doesn't wallow in depression; she bares her assets and is determined to make it on her own! Although I don't identify with her, I do applaud her grit and enjoyed reading her story.

A short read with a big punch
Written by Anne H on 27th Oct 2023

A short read with a big punch Cassidy had finally managed to escape from her very violent Dom. She basically left everything behind to gain her freedom, but that meant she was now in New York with no money, so she got a job selling her body at a club called the Glory hole, so she could save and build a new life. On her first night, she was taken by anonymous beast of a man that really rocked her world. And he tipped well too. Would she see him again? Would she know who he was ?? I’ve Gotta say this book is proper passion. I would have to say please don’t read this on the bus home you’re going to get hot under the collar. A great read

Beast meets his Beauty
Written by BLT on 27th Oct 2023

This is a quick, spicy, explicit book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a twisted version of a fairy tale but not the one you read when you were younger. Raven meets her Beast her first night working at a NYC sex club. Will she be able to handle all the Beast has in store for her?

Dante and Raven
Written by Angela F on 27th Oct 2023

This is Book 1 of The Glory Hole Series It is an instanta- everything novella Cassidy was abused by an ex boyfriend and Dom on many levels. She got away from him but decides to go to The Glory Hole to sell her body andake money on her on terms. She changes her name to Raven. Once there her fist client is Dante or The Beast as she calls him. Their super steamy hot encounter leaves Dante wanting Raven as only his. What will Raven say to this? This was a great super steamy novella with insta-love feel. Good quick steamy read!

Erotic and tantalizing!
Written by Dawana M on 27th Oct 2023

This smoking hot, sizzling novella just had my head spinning. She escaped an abusive BDSM relationship with nothing to her name so she gets into the sex industry to build herself up. He is just looking for a chance to let Olof steam and chooses her for the night. Their chemistry is off the charts. And the things he does to her…????! It’s short and erotic. I loved it!

Written by Alexis H on 27th Oct 2023

An enjoyable read that will quickly captivat you and have you escaping into a delectable happy ending.

Written by Steacyn on 27th Oct 2023

Hot hot hot. This women is beyond daring I could never do what she had the balls to do. This book is hot with never ending details. It's a quick read

Very much an insta-tale
Written by RahiaLeight on 27th Oct 2023

I never know what to expect when I pick up a Faedra story. This tale was no different. At the start, I wondered what in the world would make someone put themselves in a situation like this. Even after the meeting with the Beast was over, I wondered if she would be able to go in for her second day. Beast is there to take over and everything ends the way you hope it will, and all you can think is "Man, she is a lucky girl!".

Beauty and her Beast
Written by Kirsten P on 27th Oct 2023

Beauty and her Beast This is such an awesome twist on the classic fairytale. Very low drama, insta-lust and kinky sexy scenes what else could you want! It could have kept going in my option, but knowing Faedra tries to keep them to novellas I get why she didn’t. But amazing quick read!

Dramatic and Exciting--Author did great for the short story
Written by Andrea R on 27th Oct 2023

This book is a great and fast read--kept me interested right from the start. I love the short stories because they deliver story without the needless words --which sometimes is good. This book definitely takes you to an exciting place for sure.

Short fairytale
Written by RaeWoodland on 27th Oct 2023

This is a dark spicy fairytale and not a very long story. It can be read in less than a hour and has a strong Beauty and the Beast retelling but with spice. One of my only complaints is that the villain never really has a part to the story besides being the reason she is desperate in the first place

Beast/Dante and Raven/Cassidy
Written by kymagirl on 27th Oct 2023

Cassidy escapes an abusive, controlling Dom intent on breaking and decide to support herself working at an NYC sex club, taking on the stage name Raven. Her first night, first client is Beast/Dante who puts her through all her penetrative paces and so enthralled with his BDSM Beauty that he wants to make her his own outside the club. Ultra-hot BDSM erotic quickie with a lot of punch packed into a short read.

Oh man!
Written by Mary S on 27th Oct 2023

Oh man when you get to read a good book that has a good beginning,it turns out that it was just a very short read to quench a bit of your appetite. Even as short as it was it was good entertaining read.

Wow. So Hot Hot HOT…..
Written by Sarah ES on 27th Oct 2023

I simply have no words. I read this book in no time as in less than an hour. Talk about needing some time with my special friend and a glass of wine. Although, I don’t know if one set of batteries is going to be enough after reading this book!!!!! Hot damn what a way to burn!!!!

Written by Jedi on 27th Oct 2023

After escaping her abusive ex, Raven takes a job at a place called the “Glory Hole” she knows what she signed up for but she wasn’t expecting to find the Beast. This was an extremely steamy novella with a HEA.

Extremely hot
Written by LBing on 27th Oct 2023

This was a short and extremely hot story that's a wild retelling of beauty and the beast. Raven, having escaped an abusive ex, takes a job at The Glory Hole to be a BDSM sex worker. The setting was hot and she gets her first, and turns out, only client, Beast. He takes the time, after ravaging her in all the best ways, to find her and asks her to be his queen. She went from trying to take back her sexuality to be adored by a mafia kingpin. It may be plot lite, but it's well written and engaging...and so so hot ;D

Written by Mozzy on 27th Oct 2023

This may be a short story, but what a story it is. Its beautiful and erotic. Plus i couldnt get enough of this.. Its the story of one women who has been broken but just one night aworking at the Glory hole with a beast leaves her beyond satisfied. If you love a bit of erotica and a short story then this ones for you.

Quick Read!!
Written by Amy J on 27th Oct 2023

Loved reading Raven and the Beast. This book was so HOT I couldn’t put it down. Oh boy once the beast found his beauty he couldn’t let her go and he wanted her all to himself and that’s my kind of book!!!

“Just because you have a dark past doesn’t mean you don’t deserve more.”
Written by Anij on 27th Oct 2023

Going into this you need to know since it’s barely 45 pages long there’s not really time for much of anything. So this story has very little plot, not much character development and over half of it is one long, explicit, kinky and very hot sex scene. This is one of those insta-everything stories where you really just have to suspend your beliefs and ride along. If you can do that and remember that this is one hundred percent fantasy with no basis in reality then you will be able to really enjoy yourself. Oh, and despite being extremely short it’s actually well written and edited, which is always a welcome treat. Three and a half stars, I’ve rounded up because it really isn’t just average when you rate it based on what it’s supposed to be: a quick bit of spicy escapism and nothing more.

Raven and the Beast
Written by Karen99 on 27th Oct 2023

Fast Paced Hot Read! Be prepared right from the start, it’s one hot erotic read. A fast paced novella with a HEA.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 27th Oct 2023

In starting her life over Cassidy needs money and starts to work and the GloryHole under the name Raven. But when her first anonymous customer, Dante the Beast comes along he doesnt plan on letting her go. Well written highly steamy quick read with Dom/sub/ BDSM themes.