Some Sugar by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Curvy Women Wanted, 3

Faith Bryant has two problems. One, she can’t stand her neighbor, and two, she can’t stop thinking about him. Hunter Graham is sexy, sinful, and totally off-limits. For a year, he’s played the main role in all of her fantasies. Only now, she doesn’t want him there. After seeing a few women—and a couple of men—leave his apartment crying, she knows he’s a bad guy.

Then he even wants to borrow some of her sugar. How dare he?

All he wanted was a cup of sugar!

Hunter is a life coach. He breaks all the rules to help his clients any way that he can. When it comes to his beautiful, curvy neighbor, he’s played the gentleman, even though he wants to do nothing more than fuck her.

Now he thinks she’s a bitch, and she thinks he’s a womanizer. When the truth is revealed, who will cave first? Can two people overcome their first impressions to find passion beneath, and maybe even love?

Be Warned: spanking


Their meal was lovely, and even though he couldn’t remember what they ate, he knew it was delicious. She captivated him in a way no other woman had.

It was strange having her drive them back to their apartment, and even stranger to be following her up to the same floor.

“So, this is me,” she said, nodding at her door.

“This is me also,” he said.

“Do you still need that sugar?”

He shook his head. “No. While you were entertaining my friend I was out buying some.”

She licked her lips, and he noticed her gaze fall to his. Suddenly, she shook her head, and turned toward her door. “I really enjoyed tonight, and thank you for the dinner.”

Hunter couldn’t do it. He couldn’t let her go into her apartment without her knowing exactly what he wanted.

Reaching out, he grabbed her arm, and pressed her against the door. Sinking his fingers into her hair, he tilted her head up. “I need to have one little taste.” Slamming his lips down on hers, he claimed her. Sliding his tongue against her mouth, he heard her gasp. He felt her hands sliding up his arms, and sinking into his hair, holding him close. The door stopped him from moving this into her apartment. His cock pressed against her stomach, and he wanted inside her.

All of her lush curves were driving him crazy.

“I need you,” he said, pulling away.

Her plump lips were now red from his kiss. He couldn’t help but lick his own.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re not,” she said.

He smiled. “You’re right, I’m not. I want you, Faith. I want to fuck you, and I’ve wanted to do that since the first day I met you. We started over, and I just thought you should know that.” He stepped away, leaving her to make the final decision. 





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Long and Short
Written by Fern on 9th Sep 2017

Faith’s apartment was on the same floor as Hunter’s. Even though the man was seriously handsome, she was sick and tired of seeing women coming in and out of his place at all times, some of them even sniffling or crying. He was a pig, clearly. Hunter had been interested in Faith for far too long. Finally deciding to bite the bullet, he pops over to ask for some sugar, only to seriously screw up the whole situation. Can they find their way together? This is a fast-paced story that I really enjoyed. I was particularly pleased that Hunter called Faith out on her being so judgmental. Instead of asking what was happening – or even checking if the crying women (and men) were okay or needed help – she just assumed Hunter was a jerk and monster and stewed in her own resentment of him. I was glad when Hunter and Faith hashed out those assumptions and cleared the air. They were also both clearly attracted to each other, so their confrontation helped them both look at things from the others perspectives. For such a short story, I was pleased that there was a decent amount of plot and growth before they both jumped into the bedroom. When Hunter and Faith finally did make it to the bedroom there is some super steamy sex. Dirty talk and two grown adults not afraid to ask for exactly what they want – Faith and Hunter really scorch up the pages. Some readers mightn’t like the insta-love style of progress of Faith and Hunter’s relationship, but considering the short length of the story I didn’t mind it too much. I loved the classic “happy ever after” style of ending and found the story overall well rounded and lots of sexy fun. For a short, really fast read that has plenty of steamy sex and a good moral about not making snap judgments on your neighbors, this is a good short story that ticked a lot of boxes for me.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by PaulineMichael on 17th May 2017

Sam Crescent sweetens up a sexy situation with this short erotic contemporary. Faith Bryant is attracted to her neighbor from the minute she sees him but her strong reaction leads to some misjudgment on her part and I loved watching her deal with the fall out from it. Hunter Graham is just as attracted to Faith as she is to him however her animosity towards him has him putting his foot in his mouth and the results were hilarious for me the reader. Watching these two straighten out their fumbles was a joy. Seeing a supreme mean streak come out in such a usually pleasant woman was proof of just how much Faith is affected by her reactions to her handsome neighbor and in return witnessing Hunter a man who helps others go for what they want stumble with making his intentions clear was a sweet and funny situation. And I absolutely adored Hunter's best friend and cannot wait to see him get all tied up in knots by a woman. If you are a fan of short sexy and sweet romances you've got to pick this one up because trust me it does not disappoint. The Story: Faith cannot help her hormonal reaction to her sexy neighbor but the string of crying women leaving his apartment at odd hours tells her he's a womanizer she is determined to steer clear. HUnter cannot understand the animosity his curvy neighbor has for him but he's determined to win her over.

Written by Markysgin on 20th Mar 2017

Loved it. But like with all her books I wanted it to be longer!!!! Sam is a wonderful author and I will definitely look for more.

Written by Tina on 20th Mar 2017

As always another great book by Sam!!! You can always count on her for a great read! I highly recommend this book for a feel good story.

Love me Some Sugar!!
Written by RoGo on 20th Mar 2017

I think each story of the Curvy Women Wanted gets better and better!! I gotta say Hunter and Faith are pantie melting deliciously hot!! Cant wait for the next quick read in this series!!

just the way I like it
Written by undefined on 14th Mar 2017

just the way I like the stories, a lot of love, some spanking. Keep the wonderful writing.

I loved Faith and Hunter
Written by Fay on 14th Mar 2017

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book This book was so cute. I loved Faith and Hunter. This story started with both these people having assumptions about the other. Faith thought Hunter was a heart breaker and Hunter that that Faith was a prostitute, lmao... But through all of these miss communication they still couldn't deny the attraction between them This story was Hot and Sexy and so sweet. Definitely loving this series. Each one is sweeter and cuter than the last one

Love it
Written by Kindle Customer on 14th Mar 2017

I love it can't wait for more to come no back to reading her other books love he work .

Short and sexy
Written by Rhonda on 14th Mar 2017

Faith and Hunter have been lusting after each other for a year but have never really talked. When a misunderstanding on both of their parts makes them both retreat, will they change their minds about each other when they find out the truth? I love this story as I usually do with Sam's books. They are short and hot and easy to read when you don't have time for a full novel. This little series has become a favorite of mine.

Sam Crescent is the BEST writer of erotic romance! Faith and Hunter are sizzling together!
Written by Angiereadsalot on 13th Mar 2017

Faith works at a casino at night. Sometimes all night. When she gets home she sometimes sees people leave her neighbor's apartment in tears. Although she lusts after his body she thinks he's a jerk. Hunter works from home His apartment serves as one of his offices. He works as a life coach. Helping people is his passion. He crushes on his beautiful curvy neighbor. He wonders about her staying out all hours of the night. When they finally figure out the truth about each other things get HOT fast. A fun ride all the way to the HEA!