Student Next Door by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Teal Larson’s next-door neighbor is heavily inked, sexy, hot, and … her teacher. It’s so wrong to want him, but with her parents at war with each other and her suddenly failing her classes, she shouldn’t be watching her neighbor.

Jaxson Rebel prides himself on being professional. He’s never been tempted in the classroom, not until his curvy new student. She doesn’t even try, and he’s freaking smitten.

Her mother asks him to tutor her, and he agrees despite his feelings for her. When Teal is home alone while her parents work on their marriage, Jaxson has no choice but to take care of Teal. One thing leads to another, and even as he tries to stop it, there’s no denying this attraction.

They will keep it secret. But when Jaxson finds out about the cursed houses they live in, he doesn’t believe the rumor. Even still, he doesn’t want to live without her.

The cursed houses have struck again, but is this the end for the teacher and the student?



Jaxson was spending way too much time with her.

They had alternated between feeding each other. After he made her the stir fry on Saturday, Teal had made him soup on Sunday. Then it was back to him on Monday, and that was how they served one another.

By Friday, while he was finishing his last lesson, he saw the heavens open up, and it start to pour it down with rain, which was just fucking typical because he hadn’t driven to work. Instead, he’d decided to enjoy the last of the summer sun and walked.

This wasn’t fun. He hated the fucking rain. The worst weather was the fog though. Rain was manageable, but he stayed behind, dealing with the detention because it was his turn. By the time he left school, the rain had subsided.

He was walking home, sensing that it was going to open up again. The dark clouds were gaining, and he sped up, trying to make it home. His bag on his back, briefcase in hand.

Jaxson looked up to see Teal just up ahead. She was walking fast.

The clouds rumbled.


He took off, running. As he got to Teal, it started raining.

Teal looked at him, scrunching up her face, and then he took her hand, and they ran, heading toward their homes.

Jaxson didn’t let her go, and he didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought if they saw him running with her. They ran as fast as they could, but it wasn’t good enough.

He was soaked through, and he had no doubt Teal would be feeling the same thing as well.

Jaxson nudged her to his home, grabbed his key, and they stumbled inside. He dropped his bag on the floor and immediately turned to Teal.

“You’re shaking. Come on.” Holding her hand once again, he walked upstairs to his bathroom. She was still shaking as he wrapped a towel around her.

“You’re going to need to take those clothes off,” he said. “They’re only making you colder.”

Teal nibbled on her bottom lip, and he turned around, trying to give her privacy.

What the hell was he thinking? He should be sending her away. Not standing here waiting. Knowing she was getting naked and still being so close to him. He gritted his teeth and tried not to think about what she was doing.

I can do this.

She is a student.

I am simply caring for a student.

“It’s okay,” Teal said.

He turned to find her wrapped in a towel. Her long, brown hair fell around her body. Her cheeks were pink. He saw the splashes of red from her bra.

She’s a student. She’s a student. She’s a fucking student.

Something inside him snapped. Jaxson didn’t understand it, couldn’t control it, and in that single moment, he didn’t want to. Cupping her face, he tilted her head back and then slammed his lips down on hers. He kissed her hard, and fast.

At first, Teal was still in his arms, her actions untutored.

He was about to stop, to put an end to this stupidity, but then her hands went to his shoulders before she pressed her body against his, sinking her fingers into his hair.

Jaxson lost all thought.

The towel that was wrapped around her body fell to the floor in a heap. He cupped her hips, squeezing them and running his hands back and then toward her curvy ass. He tightened his grip on the plump flesh, not wanting to let go. All he wanted was to touch her, to be consumed by her, to fuck her, to take her.

Breaking from the kiss, he trailed his lips down toward her neck, sucking on her pulse.

Teal moaned his name, and he nibbled on the column on her neck.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” he said.

“Oh,” Teal said.

He hadn’t let her go. His body was still pressed against hers. “No, you don’t understand. I’m your teacher. This shouldn’t be happening.”


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AgeGap & Teacher/Student
Written by Jamie_rc1977 on 28th Oct 2023

Teacher/Student age gap - 22 year age difference she's 18 he's 40 Older Man/Younger Women Nextdoor Neighbor Virgin My first impression of Teal was she was very immature and looking for a father figure. I don't know, I just don't connect with any of the characters! I feel like the story was rushed and not very believable. And Teal's parents need a good slap in both of their faces. And the stories about both houses having some sort of magical abilities! I did notice a lot mistakes with the book. For Example: (("She watched as he took a condom from his back pocket. He was still naked, but he quickly took care of his clothes, removing them. Then he knelt on her bed and moved up between her thighs.")) Although the story felt rushed, I did love it! I'm curious about the 2 new tenants in the houses and how they are going to connect.

Forbidden romance? Age gap? Student teacher pairing? Say less!
Written by Megan B on 16th Apr 2023

Forbidden romance? Age gap? Student teacher pairing? Say less! Sam checked some of my favorite boxes here in this spicy duel POV romance. Their chemistry was off the charts, but there were a few moments where I wanted to toss my kindle out the window! This was a quick read for me, well paced with excellent character development! I was sad to see it come to a close, but the ending had me squealing in the best way!

A fun quick read
Written by Pat L on 25th Feb 2023

A fun quick read with a teacher-student, that has an age gap with it as well. Teal Larson is attracted to her next-door neighbor who is tattooed and sexy looking in her mind. She likes looking from a far. Everything changes when her mother asks Jaxson Rebel to tutor her daughter. He finds it difficult because she is attractive and he knows he must stay away from her. See what happens in this story between the two of them, this is a good book.

Steamy good story!
Written by Ash J on 25th Feb 2023

I really enjoyed this steamy age-gap romance. I really liked Teal and Jaxson's characters and followed their story easily. I loved how the houses were a match-maker for soul-mates.

Loved this!
Written by Sarah-Jade on 25th Feb 2023

I love any book from this series and you never know who the houses are going to match together! :) loved Teal and Jaxson story and can’t wait to see who is next.

One of my fav series!
Written by Kmhall on 1st Jan 2023

I enjoyed this story... I mean who doesn't love a good tabooish romance... even though it does focus on a slightly forbidden romance you cannot help but to know they are meant to be together. I liked that the author didn't make their age gap a big thing and just stayed focused on their adult romance. The storyline was also great as I liked that it stayed focused on the two houses and most scenes and interactions took place in their homes. I can even say I loved the background story that included (her parents) but mostly her mother and her getting her happy ending as well but again the author slips this in but also manages to keep the focus on the main characters. I also loved the guest appearance of previous characters from earlier books in this series as it made it all just fit together nicely. The ending had me stand to attention, in a good way, in the fact that you knew they were going to get their happy ending but you had to go through the journey/obstacles they do to get there (which will make sense when you read this) all in all this book answers all your forbidden cravings but the author manages to pack so much heat, romance and chemistry into this book you won't spend much time focusing on how their relationship is classed as forbidden but more on the connection they begin to develop and the chemistry they have right from the start! I love this series and I cannot wait to read the next one!

Student Next Door
Written by Amber J on 1st Jan 2023

Jaxson is a teacher and has just taken a job in a new town. Teal is his student and lives next door to him. When she starts struggling in class, he offers to tutor her. Its not long before things heat up between them. However, nothing goes as planned and he leaves her behind. Will he see his mistake and come back for her? This is an amazing story that will captivate you from beginning to end. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Written by amy bowens on 1st Jan 2023

Wow this was a favorite of mine. Interesting, hot and forbidden. One amazing story that is filled with some intense times and great characters. Can't wait for more from the author!

Amazing Story
Written by kdavis on 1st Jan 2023

Is the house cursed or is the house gifting you with your soulmate. Jaxson was Teal's teacher but he wanted Teal like no other. Teal also wanted Jaxson. They finally gave into their attraction but cold feet got in the way. Jaxson left and Teal ended up moving with her mother to a new place. Both Teal and Jaxson are miserable without each other. Will they finally get together and resolve their differences? Will their love win out? Will Jaxson go after Teal? Lovely story. Had a beautiful HEA!

Student Next Door
Written by Nicole A on 1st Jan 2023

Student Next Door is book eight in the Love Next Door series. A steamy standalone full-length romance with no cheating or cliffhanger complete with with a HEA. Although standone each book in series involves the same curse house and the neighbor house. It's brilliantly written with well developed characters and complex storyline that grabs you from the beginning of the story and keeps you hooked and invested and turning the pages until the end. A teacher/student romance, taboo, forbidden relationship, and age gap trope. The story is told from dual point of view. The curse house have struck again, but is it end for teacher and the student? Teal Larson next door neighbor is her teacher Jason Rebel who she is seriously crushing on she knows it's wrong but she can't help being attracted to sexy inked handsome man. Her parents is at war with each other and her grades becomes collateral damage, and it's makes it even worse because it's her senior year. Jaxon is a man who typically who pride himself on being professional. He's never been tempted in the classroom before, not until curvy new student. Teal mom asked him if he could tutor her, and he said yes eventhough he has feelings for her. Teal mom leaves her alone to go work on her marriage leaving Jaxon no choice but to take care of her. Their chemistry was magnetic and charge and the two tried to fight the attraction but it was hard one thing led to another and they succumb to their desire. Find out what happens with these two when you one click. There's passion, steam, lust, mystery, twists and turns, secrets and so much more. I received an advanced copy of this book via Booksprout and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

Enchanted Houses.
Written by Amd2662 on 1st Jan 2023

Older man/Younger woman. Teacher/Student. Jaxson/Teal. Neighbors. Taboo. Virgin. Consensual. Adults. Desire. Attraction. Affection. Acceptance. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Fun read

This book was good!
Written by Megan M on 1st Jan 2023

This book was good! The ending was really cute. I liked the character development between the characters. I wish the main character would have stuck up for herself more Do recommend!!!

I loved it!
Written by Flavia K on 19th Dec 2022

I have to make a confession... that thing about the cursed house really has me hooked. This new story does not fail. Jaxson and Teal have everything it takes to make this a passionate, sexy, bold, and steamy story. I recommend reading the other cursed house books...they are amazing!

Great story!!!
Written by Jilllovesbooks on 19th Dec 2022

I absolutely love Sam's stories and this was no exception. I love how Teal and Jaxon's story comes together slowly but thoroughly. Great story build up to that magical moment.

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 19th Dec 2022

I've read several books written by Sam Crescent; she is becoming one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is part of the Love Next Door Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Teal & Jaxson; he’s her next door neighbor but he’s also her teacher. Her parents marriage is falling apart and she is struggling to deal with everything which causes her to begin failing her class. Her mother asks him to tutor her. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Age is just a number
Written by Vibekke on 19th Dec 2022

Teal has moved together with her mother to a new house. Her parents marriage is on the rocks and she is struggling with exams in school. Jaxson has just moved in to the house next door. He is also Teals new math teacher and her mother ask him to tutor Teal. This is the start of a maddening taboo love affair between Teal and Jaxson, or is the magic of the houses. The story is sweet, instalove at its best.

A taboo age gap romance story.
Written by Rowena on 19th Dec 2022

A taboo age gap romance story. Like other readers mentioned this new release is definitely different storyline from the author other story, but it still has the heat level that brings the characters to life. Teal just moved to a new town after her parents are separated and trying to move on when your life is in shambles take a toll on her. When she meets their new neighbor Jaxson it was an unexpected attraction for Teal. What happens next was an age gap romance story that didn’t disappoint, I loved the heat level between the characters and the HEA.

Homecoming Love
Written by Samkat on 19th Dec 2022

Sweet romance with older man, younger woman and the famous cursed houses that bring out true love. Teal is struggling in one class and she gets some tutoring from her very hot teacher, Jaxson. Soon their feelings become too much to deny. Is it real or is it the cursed houses? Maybe the houses just bring out what is already there, burning below the surface. Very enjoyable story with a forbidden romance and an interesting storyline.

Hot and Steamy
Written by Danee on 19th Dec 2022

This was a delightful story about older man falling for younger woman. Jaxson and Teal fight the attraction and chemistry that lurks between them and no matter what they do, their feelings won't stop. The author has written a beautiful story and that despite the differences, there is a lid for every jar and you can find the right one. True love cannot be stopped.

Fun and steamy read
Written by LBing on 19th Dec 2022

This is another fun read based around an age-gap/forbidden romance trope. It was fast paced and well written and I loved the chemistry between Teal and Jaxson. There is family drama and sizzling romance to keep things spicy ;D

Written by Amanda1444 on 19th Dec 2022

I loved this story so much I have looked into purchasing more from this series. I loved the chemistry between Teal and Jaxson. I love how Jaxson knew his love was wrong but he still cared for her. Their relationship was entertaining and I was compelled to finish this story. I love the curse of their houses and how we got to meet the couple that lived in the house long before them. I loved how supportive Teal’s mother was.

Will there be a HEA for the teacher & his student?
Written by Nicole P on 13th Dec 2022

A fantastic short 5 star read from Sam Crescent. Absolutely loved Teal & Jaxson's story. Teal's home life is very chaotic at the moment & the only peace in her life comes from time spent with Jaxson. Some may consider their relationship taboo as he is her teacher & she is just 18. How long can they resist the invisible pull towards each other before they realise resisting is futile.

Agr gap
Written by Shortbec on 13th Dec 2022

What happens when a student and teacher move in next to each other, but to make things more complicated they moved in to the 2 houses that some believe is cursed depending on who you ask it's a good curse or a bad one. Jaxson moves to this small town after getting a job as a highschool teacher. He was no sure what made him decide to move just the thought of there being more to life. Teal moved to a small town wit her mother who is trying to fix her marriage to Teal's father. But thinks are not going very well. Teal is having problems at school. Until Jaxson is asked to tutor her. The attraction is undeniable. But he is her teacher she is his student. But the houses true love curse has not been defeated. Well no spoilers read this amazing book to find out.

Loving it
Written by Daffyrunner1031 on 13th Dec 2022

Loving this series fun emotional quick read. Cried a few times was sad over the heroine lonely life. Highly recommend reading

Liked It
Written by Dawn R on 13th Dec 2022

This was a good read. I found the storyline easy to follow along with. The characters had good chemistry and kept me interested in their story.

Written by Christina M on 13th Dec 2022

Omg what an amazing book. I'll definitely be reading more books by this author. I'll be recommending this book to people

two houses
Written by Iva on 13th Dec 2022

We have again two houses next this series.....always expectin the new couple.. this time..Teal has has hard time in school...her parent are in limbo and speaking about divorce...and her school mark suffer. Her new neighbor is her new teacher...he is sexy as sin with tatoos.. her mother hire him to tutor her.... and the chemistry do the rest... but...can they overcome their age gap? and diferences?

Written by Maria M on 13th Dec 2022

I've read this author before so was really happy to be able to read this Really enjoyed it Great read

Student Next Door
Written by mysticbaby1991 on 13th Dec 2022

Have I been living under a rock when it comes to this series?!? I really thought I had read at least one book in each of this author's series, but somehow I missed this one. With this one being my first one, I didn't know what the whole 'thing' was about the houses, so I will say I was glad that the author still included that information in this book. The relationship between Teal and Jaxon, yeah it kind of is uncomfortable and made me a bit uncomfortable because she is still in school and he's her teacher. However, she is 18 so I guess it's an okay thing. The one thing that really irked me though was that there were 2 main conversations that just kept getting repeated. The one of Teal and her acceptance about her parents relationship and how she's use to how they fight and make up all the time, yes that's an understandable one to repeat. Maybe to make it understood that Teal hasn't grown up in an overly loving household without it having it's fights between the parents. The other conversation about why does that one need to be repeated. She already made it known that she wouldn't get one if she wanted until after she moved out to respect her parents...but then it's again repeated like 2 more times throughout the book. It seems like a waste of word count.

Student teacher romance
Written by A. Adams on 13th Dec 2022

This is a student teacher taboo romance. Teal and Jaxson just moved next door to each other. Teal is a student. Jaxson is her teacher. Teal's parents are having marriage trouble. Teal's dad is living in another country. Teal's mom asks Jaxson to tutor Teal and look after her while the mom is away. Jaxson tries to resist Teal but he can't. They fall into a sexual relationship. Jaxson is told his house is cursed. Is that what he feels for Teal? Then everything gets complicated. Good and not too long.

The cursed houses
Written by Firecracker on 1st Dec 2022

Another amazing story involving the cursed house and love. Will Jaxson and Teal find the love they deserve? Can the houses bring them together?

Student Next Door
Written by Megan G on 1st Dec 2022

Thank you to Evernight Publishing and Netgalley for this ARC. I'm a big fan of age gap, "taboo" books and I really liked this book. I really felt for the female MC and her family situation and I'm so glad she gets her HEA. Would have loved a more extensive epilogue to finish their story off.

Student Next Door!
Written by Mary on 1st Dec 2022

"Student Next Door" is the eighth story in the "Love Next Door" series. It is a stand alone read that is fairly quick and short. I love the characters! The story is about a much older man, his younger student and next door neighbor and two house that have a knack for finding and gifting love. Teal and Jaxson are so perfect for each other and their hearts call to the other one. Teal is eighteen and dealing with testing issues that have started since recently. Her mother is trying to save her marriage and has quit her job and they have moved to a new house. Jaxson, has started a new teaching job and has recently moved in next door. Jaxson and Teal keep being pulled into each others path in some very interesting ways (empty package, slipping, mother, etc). I enjoyed how their story develops and love it in the end! Such a heart warming, steamy, sexy and sweet read with a dose of drama and crazy.

Cupid house
Written by Redfaeryrose on 1st Dec 2022

The blurb is the plot but it’s more entertaining to read the story especially after learning the curse or the gift about the houses. That piece of the story got me curious. I wonder if there are other stories about the couples the houses brought together. Anyways, the story is interesting and the scenes between our MCs will heat up the screen

Good story
Written by Brandi C on 1st Dec 2022

I love a great forbidden love romance book. This one did not disappoint. I was such a good book I could not put it down untill it was finished. I received a free copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

A must read for any romantic
Written by Cynthia G on 1st Dec 2022

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC. I will read anything by this author and this book was no different. I loved it. I did feel some kind of way about the house being cursed to bring people together but hey, who am I to say it wasn't true. I loved how they fought their attraction and didn't give into it right away. I don't like when boy meets girl, girl is naked in five minutes storyline so this was right up my alley! A must read for any romantic

Must read
Written by Desiree on 1st Dec 2022

when you read a Sam Crescent book you know what you going to get. Something hot and delicious. Must read like all of the other books.

Student next door
Written by Danielle C on 1st Dec 2022

Student next door By: Sam Crescent

A fun, easy and sexy book
Written by May P on 27th Nov 2022

Teal's next door neighbor is her teacher, Jaxson. They are both attracted to each other. One thing leads to another... They live in cursed houses.... will they suffer? It's an interesting book. Teacher/student , age-gapforbidden romance.... It's a fun, easy and sexy book. Thanks to the publisher for the arc.

I really enjoyed it
Written by Michelle C on 27th Nov 2022

This was a very different read from this author and I really enjoyed it. I felt for the heroine in this story and wanted to throttle her parents more than once. The hero was less OTT than Sam’s usual characters but was definitely still alpha. Yes it’s a Teacher/Student Taboo story but this one had a bit of a twist.

A great, easy, fast-paced read!
Written by marie w on 27th Nov 2022

I think that this book was overall a pretty good book! It’s a great, easy, fast-paced read! It was super interesting seeing how everything in the story played out! I only have 2 complaints with this book. First off, I think the age gap didn’t need to be as big as it was. Considering the fact she was 18 I think the mmc should’ve been younger especially because his age didn’t affect a specific part of the plot. Second, I think the ending felt a bit rushed. There was a lot thrown in and happening so overall not the best ending. Still, I really enjoyed this book!

Spicy age gap romance
Written by Nikki R on 27th Nov 2022

Teal and Jaxson are neighbors. Her mother gets Jaxson to tutor Teal who is a student. They are drawn to each other. They fall in love while spending time together. Jaxson fights his feelings for Teal. I have mixed feelings because Jaxson uses Teal’s age as an excuse for why they can’t be together yet her age did not stop him from sleeping with her. He finally comes to his senses and confessed his love for Teal. Great taboo book.

Student Next Door
Written by Di Ketchup on 27th Nov 2022

This book had my attention from the first page and never let it go. The story is not just an old plain romance novel but has few unexpected twists and had me worried for a moment. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book to anyone who loves romance novels.

Next door is love
Written by Cariad Books on 27th Nov 2022

Another enjoyable book to this fun series i lobe the idea of the houses helping occupants find true love. This book was fun romantic and smexy.

Rebel for Teal
Written by Lacy L on 27th Nov 2022

Enjoyed this steamy little taboo romance. Teal and her mom were good characters, but I couldn't get into Jaxson's character, he just seemed unrealistic for the first half. The steam was woven well into the plot and overall enjoyable if a little formulaic.

Great book
Written by Jamee hunter on 27th Nov 2022

This is about teal and Jaxon who move in next to each other. Jaxson is a high school math teacher and teal is a senior at the school he is teaching at. He starts to tutor her and they get to know each other in the fall in love. When Teals parents divorce and she moves can they make the relationship last? It’s a very good book and I would highly recommend it

Written by Amy Jones on 27th Nov 2022

Loved it. Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. The chemistry between Teal and Jaxson was HOT and I loved the ending. Awesome book!!

Good read
Written by Sua on 27th Nov 2022

Teal’s been having to deal with issues of her parents rocky marriage on top of that her new hunky teacher is also her next door neighbor and tutor. It was a recipe for disaster as the two couldn’t control their lust but it made for the hottest moments when they both connected. There was a few twist and surprises that made me love and hate those moments too but this couple just couldn’t get enough of them.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 27th Nov 2022

Teal had a crush on teacher Jaxson who just happens to be her neighbour. Her grades had been slipping and her parents marriage crumbling her mother asks Jaxson to tutor her. When her mother goes on a trip to get her father back Jaxson steps up to take care of her, but there's no stopping their attraction now. But what led to Teals sudden failing grades? And other mysterious happenings around the pair? Could it be fate? Well written steamy forbidden age gap teacher student romance

Very sweet and steamy romance with HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 27th Nov 2022

So this book is supposed to be about 2 houses that supposedly help the people in each house fall in love with a person from the other house. A little too much woowoo for me, but the story makes it true. The teacher and his student having relations and eventually falling in love was very sweet. Although, in reality I would not cheer for the couple, but since this isn’t real great job.

Written by Mreads90 on 27th Nov 2022

If u have not read this series what are u waiting for. I'm literally obsessed with this series!! I need more!

Love this freaky series!
Written by Mary S on 27th Nov 2022

Love this freaky series every single one have been awesome to read. And those damn houses they are still there with their curses or is it a gift from cupid? Who knows but the thing I know is that Jaxson even that name is so hot and Teal story was a great read.

Loved it
Written by RhondaVB on 27th Nov 2022

The books in this series are always something I love, and this was no different. Teal is a student and Jaxson is her professor. Teal moved into the house with her mother and Jaxson moved next door. Neither knew about "the curse" and it was interesting to watch their relationship develop. At first, I was not wild about Teal's mother but as the story went on and she finally told Teal about her life, I was okay with her. Do Teal and Jaxson work things out so they can be together? Get the book and find out!

Next door strikes again
Written by Bookbunny on 27th Nov 2022

Knock knock, next door neighbor strikes again. If you read the “Next Door” series then you know about the house and its pull. It brings couples together. We got a glimpse of Jaxson and Teal at the end of “Bully Next Door.” Well the house has found the next couple. Jaxson is the new math teacher and Teal and her mom just moved into the house next door because her mom is trying to fix her marriage. A few freak things happen to bring Jaxson and Teal together. Could it be the house? This story shows regardless of age, love is love. The chemistry was a slow simmer then boiled. Jaxson was a good guy and tried to fight it but in the end he couldn’t. Teal did have some family issues and it was heartbreaking at times. We learn a bit more about her mom and her past. Not everything is easy. And I love that we got to see Elizabeth and Hector again. I wonder what will happen with the new couple that moved in. The man hater and woman hater.

If I could give this book 6 stars I would!! Great book!
Written by Andrea Reed on 27th Nov 2022

This series is wonderful (Next Door Series) I love this series so very much. Love how the "curse" of the houses works to help hook up these unsuspecting people. If you haven't read this series --you must because they are quick and easy reads that are addictive for sure!

Spicy Age Gap
Written by CDA.GRL on 27th Nov 2022

Sam Crescent did it again and wrote a forbidden romance with plenty of steamy chemistry, drama and family baggage. I absolutely loved this book!

Enchanted houses!!!
Written by Diana Acero on 27th Nov 2022

This story was really interesting considering that the houses were pushing this two to get together. I like how everything was coming together and how even dearest mom get her happy ending.