Sunshine and Love by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 3
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He needs a nanny not a submissive… 

Aaron Gibson is struggling with his many hats—single dad, business owner, Dom. His desperate search for a suitable nanny for his daughter Sunshine grinds to a halt when Jordan Carole walks into his office. This inked biker is certainly not your ordinary kind of nanny, but the man’s instant rapport with his daughter convinces Aaron that Jordan is perfect for the job. 

All Aaron has to do is keep his hands off his nanny—simple, right? Well, it would be if the two men could ignore the combustible, sexual tension between them. Jordan wants nothing more than to be allowed to take care of his new boss and his adorable baby. If only he could convince the stubborn man that Sunshine and Love is all they need. 

Be Warned: m/m sex, BDSM



This close to the man he loved Jordan lost his composure, and before he could lose his bottle, he smashed his lips over Aaron’s. The other man’s surprised grunt granted him access, and Jordan wasted no time in slipping his tongue past the cool lips he’d been fantasizing over for weeks now, and deepened the kiss. The very scent and essence of Aaron Gibson exploded on his taste buds, and when Aaron kissed him back, the last semblance of rational reasoning fled Jordan’s brain. Tongues dueling and teeth clashing, this wasn’t just a kiss. It was punishment and connection all rolled into each other, as Jordan put all of his emotions into the frantic and ever more passionate kiss. When he ground his erection into his boss’s groin, and felt the equally hard ridge of his employer’s own need, he pulled away to study him. Aaron’s azure gaze was almost black, as his pupils dilated in his arousal, and chests heaving, they stared at each other.

“Fuck, we can’t do this.”

Aaron’s strangled groan broke the last of Jordan’s restraint, and he grasped hold of the other man’s stiff cock. Even through the fabric separating him from his prize, the heat of Aaron’s shaft branded him, and his boss groaned when he rubbed the flat of his palm up down Aaron’s dick.

“Dammit, stop.”

“No, I won’t. I want to taste you, Sir.”

Jordan dropped to his knees and closing his eyes, nuzzled into Aaron’s groin. Aaron’s hiss in answer and the way the man’s hands fisted in his hair made him bolder, and pulling away he looked up at his boss, while running his hand slowly up his thighs. The muscles bunched under his fingertips, and Aaron groaned and shook his head when Jordan reached his belt buckle and slowly undid it.

“Fuck, you really don’t have to do this. I … fuuuck.”

Jordan grinned as he pulled down the zipper, and reaching into Aaron’s boxer briefs, pulled out his boss’s cock, and licked across Aaron’s sensitive cock head.

The pressure on his scalp increased, and the slight pain fueled his own arousal, as did the drop of pre-cum that appeared on the slit of his lover’s magnificent dick. Aaron’s cock hardened further in Jordan’s fist, as he slid it slowly up and down Aaron’s thick and heavily veined shaft. The action pulled the other man’s foreskin back, and Jordan licked around the exposed, swollen head. A deep groan and yet more of the other man’s musk was his reward. Bringing his free hand up to fondle his boss’s heavy balls, he grasped the base of Aaron’s peen and hollowing out his cheeks, took as much of him in his mouth as he could.

Jordan closed his eyes and gave himself up to the heady sense of power that being on his knees and going down on another man always gave him, as he drank in Aaron’s unique spicy, salty musk, content in the knowledge that at this moment in time, the man was his and his alone.

When he came up for air, grazing his teeth along the sensitive flesh in his mouth as he let go of Aaron’s cock, he glanced up and grinned at the man who was watching his every move through hooded eyelids.

“Still think we shouldn’t be doing this, Sir?” he asked with a smirk, and gasped when Aaron yanked his head back by his hair.

“Watch the sass, boy, and finish what you fucking started, before I come all over your face, and then tan your damn insolent ass for not taking no for an answer.”

The strain behind those few words spoke of Aaron’s need for him, and Jordan grinned around his mouthful of cock, as he went back down on his boss. Aaron swore when his cock hit the back of Jordan’s throat, and he swallowed around it.

“Fuck yes, just like that.” With those growled words the last of Aaron’s restraint broke, as he took over, and hands buried in Jordan’s hair, fucked his mouth with total abandonment. Relaxing his throat muscles Jordan relished in the feel of being used for this man’s pleasure, and gave himself over to the satisfaction to be found in that. The pain in his dick added to the sensation overload, as did the sound of the door opening, and the soft feminine gasp that barely registered over the roaring in his ears. He was so damn close to coming in his pants like a randy teenager it wasn’t even real and the knowledge that someone—no doubt Nicole—was watching him go down on Aaron made the whole thing ten times hotter.

Grasping hold of Aaron’s ass cheeks he renewed his efforts to make the other man come, and when the muscular globes clenched under his digits, and Aaron thrust into Jordan’s mouth in one last, un-coordinated move that threatened to cut off Jordan’s air supply, he knew he had him.

With a muffled groan, Aaron shot his cum down the back of Jordan’s throat, and he did his best to swallow the other man’s seed. The pressure on his head let up, enabling Jordan to pull back slightly, and Aaron’s furious curse bounced through the room, even as his cock continued to pulse inside Jordan’s mouth and he continued to milk the last few drops out of his lover’s junk.

“I’m so sorry. I … I’m sorry.” Nicole’s bumbling apology registered as Aaron pulled his cock out of Jordan’s mouth and yanked his trousers back up with another muttered curse.

Jordan couldn’t help it. Looking across at a red-faced Nicole who still peered at them through the slightly open door to Aaron’s office he winked at her and burst out laughing when she turned even redder and shut the door.

“This isn’t fucking funny.”

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The Romance Reviews
Written by Gabrielle Sally on 24th May 2017

As you will have surmised from the description, Aaron is in desperate need of assistance helping to raise his daughter. Jordan is an unconventional nanny with all the right…er…experience in his hard, well-inked body. Everything about him screams wide-berth but he certainly has a way with the wee one and her oh so yummy dominant father I will confess that when I tapped open SUNSHINE AND LOVE by Doris O'Connor, I'd forgotten what the story was about. But when I started reading it, I was instantly engaged and grinning from ear to ear the entire time. It was wonderful. Instantly engaging, the sparks between Aaron and Jordan were downright sinful. Everything from the dialogue to the internal thoughts to the wayward looks to…oh that scene in Aaron's office…to…mmmm, well you get the picture. If you are looking for a feel good story that will leave you happier than when you started reading, you will love SUNSHINE AND LOVE. If I had one complaint, as I'm sure others might, I would so love to know how Aaron, Jordan, and Sunshine are doing years later and I can't help laughing as I contemplate that poor girl when she's ready to date. Or rather, her luckless date with two scary fathers ready to teach him or her a thing about how to treat their daughter. - See more at:

Long and Short Reviews
Written by Fern on 4th May 2016

Aaron can’t believe how difficult finding a nanny for his newborn little girl, Sunshine, is turning out to be. Too strict or too lenient – or worst of all, looking to become his wife, and not his daughter’s nanny – none of them seem to fit right. But from the moment Jordan walking in the door – tattoos, biker leathers and all – Aaron knows Jordan is everything he’s been looking for, and a whole lot more. I really enjoyed this story. I loved how the initial interview between both Aaron and Jordan was so heavily laden with chemistry and subtle context within their words. What had clearly originated in being an interview for a nanny position quickly grew deeper and Aaron and Jordan both were interviewing the other for a more sensual, enticing series of positions. I also liked how putting emphasis on certain words highlighted that both men were into BDSM and it all seemed to flow so naturally between them. I found myself eagerly turning the pages and drawn deeply to them both. A seriously hot story and one I thoroughly found myself impressed with. I really appreciated how the author took significant time in letting Aaron and Jordan set up the slow burn. Despite this being a shorter length story the emotional and romantic connection building between them too a good deal of the time. There was no rushing or half-baked, instantaneous romance. The connection that grew between them felt to me like it was deep, real and intense. I really enjoyed this. And the sex, when it finally came, was all the hotter for that long build up. A strongly romantic, deliciously erotic tale I can happily recommend.

Perfect Read
Written by Nicole on 13th Dec 2015

Aaron’s new job title, single dad. He knew he was going to be a dad, he just didn’t expect to be a single one. Now he needs to figure out how to raise his daughter and run his company. Step one, hire a nanny. Jordan is sex on a stick. A hot, inked, biker, bad boy who just happens to be the perfect nanny. Aaron knows Jordan is perfect. His daughter loves him and that’s the most important thing, right? But it’s taking everything in his power to stay away from Jordan but Aaron’s willpower is cracking. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea to get involved with Jordan that just has disaster written all over it. But sometimes it’s hard to set aside true feelings and sometimes the one thing that love needs to blossom is…Sunshine.

Coffee Time Romance
Written by Lototy on 18th Oct 2015

The love Aaron Gibson feels for his baby daughter Sunshine is beyond compare. He just never thought he would be parenting all alone. Most people have certain preconceived notions when they look at Jordan Carole, even though they could not be further from the truth. Aaron is at his wits end trying to find a nanny for Sunshine, so when Jordan strolls into his office his brain completely short-circuits. The killer smile, sexy tats, and motorcycle helmet do not scream nanny, yet Jordan crushes that notion before Aaron can even get his tongue back in his mouth. Now he has to figure out a way of keeping his hands off Jordan, so the man can do the job Aaron so desperately needs him to do. Jordan Carole is exactly what every nanny should strive to be; calm, cool-headed, and absolutely devoted to the children they are caring for. In my opinion, men are particularly suited for this kind of work, and Jordan is a perfect example. I also like that he has the guts to stand up to Aaron, even though it goes against his submissive nature. Falling for the nanny may be a stereotype, but you will find nothing ordinary about Jordan and Aaron! - See more at:

Loved it!!
Written by Ravenna on 4th Oct 2015

I love all of Doris's books! This one was so heart-warming and HOT! The characters had amazing chemistry, and I hope we see more of them in a future book!! (HINT! HINT!) Well done, as always, Doris!! <3

Sexy and Hot
Written by Rhonda on 24th Sep 2015

I always state that I don't normally read MM but there are 2 authors who I WILL read MM books from. One of them is Doris O'Connor. This book had me hooked from the first page and I read it in one setting. Aaron is a single gay father who is looking for a nanny for his baby girl, Sunshine. In walks Jordan, a nanny expert!!! You can feel the sexual tension between these two immediately and it just keeps growing!! OF course, Aaron fights it because he's been hurt but he slowly comes around!!! This is a short, sexy and hot read and I would recommend this for anyone who loves MM.