The Dragon in the Stone by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 4
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Naughty Fairy Tales

Several centuries ago, Drorgan was cursed into stone. Every twenty five years he is given one night and one day to find a woman willing to accept him in both forms.

It's the price to pay for his past behavior.

As a lost, lonely little girl Rhonda Butterbaugh was rescued by the dragon in the stone and she has never forgotten her fierce protector. It sparked her fascination with all things dragon. If only they were real. There are no such things as fairy tales, however.

When she is attacked on her way home, and wakes up in a cursed magic castle, complete with a fierce dragon shifting lord, her life takes a turn for the surreal.

Determined to break the curse and rescue Drorgan and his kin, she hasn’t counted on Drorgan’s resistance.

Dragons aren’t supposed to be noble.

Be Warned: anal sex, anal play, bondage, spanking



She’d have that cute crease between her brows, screw up her nose and stick her tongue out as she concentrated on her task. Thoughts of her tongue sweeping across her lips, and her teeth no doubt sinking into the soft flesh, made his morning wood turn to stone. Without even thinking about his actions he took his rock hard dick in hand and stroked lazily up and down the shaft, while his hungry gaze roamed over the curve of her ass. The fire flared to life, rendering her shift transparent, and he fisted his erection faster, seeing the darkened cleft of her ass cheeks.
His dragon roared to life with the need to claim his woman, and Rhonda gasped and whipped around to face him. While the action hid her far too enticing ass from his view, it exposed her heavy breasts. The nipples hardened under his intense stare, and he could clearly make out the darker color of the surrounding areola through the fabric covering. It made his mouth water with the need to taste, as did the restless way his girl shifted from foot to foot. The increasing wetness he sensed between her legs wrenched a growl from him, and the most delightful blush spread over Rhonda’s pale skin.
Her breathing sped up and her pupils dilated, and she’d taken several involuntary steps toward him before she realized what she was doing. Shaking her head she frowned as though surprised at her actions, and Drorgan grinned. The fact that she responded like that to him without any coercion on his part spoke volumes of their connection. 
Magda’s instructions rang in his ears, and despite his misgivings he couldn’t have put a stop to what was happening between them, if his life depended on it. It might be utterly selfish of him, but he was tired of fighting what he felt for the woman in front of him. He was so damn tired of being alone, and Rhonda was a grown woman, not a child. She’d had countless opportunities to flee, to reject him, and not once had she done so, so maybe he just needed to accept this … whatever this would turn out to be and go with it.
The future was his for the taking again, and God help him, he wanted Rhonda in that future, as his mate, his wife, and God willing one day the mother of his children.
“You’re awake.”
Her whispered words shook him out his self-examining thoughts, and kicking the rest of the sheets off, he let go of his dick, and put his hands behind his head in a silent invitation.
“Very awake in more ways than one, my little dragon, and in need of your attention.”
He smirked when she gasped and let her gaze roam all over his naked body. The way she was eating him alive with her eyes, the way her breathing grew laborious, and her heart rate kicked into overdrive … it made his cock jerk. Her gaze snared on that body part, and she licked her lips. Right now in this moment it was the most erotic sight ever, and Drorgan wished with all his might that those lips were wrapped around his shaft.
“Don’t let me stop you. Keep on walking over here, little dragon, and take what you so clearly want.”
He held out his hand to her, and Rhonda gave one of those cock hardening little mewls, that told him how turned on she was.
“I thought we were going to talk about…” His dragon snarled his impatience, and she blanched, even as her sweet musk intensified. She sank her teeth into her bottom lip, wrapped her arms around herself, and her toes curled under as her thighs flexed.
“We can talk if you want to, or I can take care of that ache in your cunt, while I fuck your mouth with my cock.” A strangled sound escaped his girl, and sitting up, Drorgan swung his legs off the side of the bed. He took a firm grasp of his cock and started to fist himself. Drops of his pre-cum appeared on the hugely swollen head of his dick, and he hissed his pleasure through his teeth as he swiped his thumb through the sticky evidence of his arousal and used the natural lubrication to slap his hand up and down his cock.
Pleasure built instantly from the base of his spine, and he grunted his approval when Rhonda’s hand strayed to her cunt.
“Yes, fuck yourself on your fingers for me. Take that blasted shift off, and let me see how wet you are. How much your cunt is aching for my cock, and if you’re a very good girl you might even get to taste it soon.”
“God, yes.” Her strangled whisper reached his hearing over the roaring of his own blood, and he increased the motion of his hand on his cock, as she fumbled with the ribbon holding her shift together.
“So fucking beautiful.” He grunted the words, as her shift fell to the floor, and leaned forward better to see the flushed skin on display for him. “Fondle your breasts and spread your legs, so that I can see my cunt. That’s my girl.”
Flames licked across his skin as his dragon went wild, seeing Rhonda comply with his wishes so beautifully. Breaths seesawing out of her lungs she tugged on the tips of her pink nipples, until they elongated and hardened further. Her pussy lips opened as she spread her legs, revealing the darker tissues contained within. Drenched in her juices, her inner lips quivered and her little hole clenched, pushing more of her arousal down the inside of her thighs.
“You’re so fucking wet for me, girl. Tell me, do you still want to talk, or shall I show you what it means to be my mate?”

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Rhonda's Dragon Rocks!
Written by KnottyGirl Reviews on 8th Jul 2016

Let me tell you a fairy tale. A very naughty one at that. It begins with a very bad dragon. Once upon a time, quite a long time ago, a very angry dragon named Drorgan became very upset that his invitation to a wedding got lost. He crashed the wedding and caused great havoc. Because of this, he, and his whole kingdom, were turned into stone. The curse stated that he was allowed out of the stone once every 25 years. He had 24 hours to find someone who would love him for what and who he was. Enter Rhonda. When she was just a little girl, Drorgan saved her when she wandered off from home. Now, he rescues her again when she's attacked on the way home from work. Drorgan takes her to his castle and lands, which are frozen in time. Can Rhonda be the woman to break the curse? Drorgan thinks she may be, but he doesn't want to condemn her to a life trapped in his reality. It will take Rhonda and a special little girl to get a stubborn dragon to admit that everything he could ever want is right under his nose...or is that snout? This was a delightful story with magic, dragons, suspense, and with Doris O'Connor at the helm, very hot sex scenes with a very Alpha Dominant dragon. Just yummy. And so very hard to put down. You'll have to grab a copy and see. And the best part? Rhonda is a real, live person, who is just as warm and loving as the Rhonda in the book. Doris has a knack for taking real people and weaving them into a story and making it incredible!

The Romance Reviews
Written by Danita Moon on 28th Jun 2016

When she is attacked on her way home, and wakes up in a cursed magic castle, complete with a fierce dragon shifting lord, her life takes a turn for the surreal. This is the first book I've read by this author and I was hooked from page one. I love dragons. I usually don't read erotic but THE DRAGON IN THE STONE was written well and not distasteful. The characters were well developed, as was the story. What caught me was the beginning curse and then the time shift. To see a young child falling in love with all things dragon had you thinking back to that curse and what it meant. When you have a book that reverts between past and present, some authors tend to lose their readers because of their writing style or because the storyline isn't well developed but that wasn't the case here. You are able to follow the story closely and keep up with what happened in the past as well as what's happening in the present. The main characters of this story are Drorgan, the dragon shifter, and Rhonda. Drorgan has been the only dragon shifter for centuries but is the one who received the curse that was at the beginning of the story and has been in limbo ever since. Rhonda is a persistent and determined woman but who wouldn't be if you had grown up in a foster home? Drorgan understands that if the humans knew he was a dragon shifter, they would most likely kill him. If he was to keep his species alive, he needed to find his soulmate who would also lift the curse. This person had to not only deal with his human side but that of his dragon side as well. Can two strong-willed, bull-headed people put their stubbornness aside long enough to find love? - See more at:

The Romance Reviews
Written by Evampire on 9th May 2016

To make him pay for his behavior, Drorgan was cursed into stone and given only one night and one day a century to find a woman willing to accept him in both forms in this riveting naughty fairy tale. Rhonda Butterbaugh was rescued by the dragon in the stone when she was a little girl but she only wishes dragons were real and the readers can't help but be captivated as Rhonda is rescued once again and her life takes a turn for the surreal. This romance is a fascinating twist to the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale that gives new meaning to the word naughty with lots of sizzling chemistry, scorching passion, heart gripping emotions and spine tingling excitement. The well written, fast paced and smooth flowing plot enthralls readers with the strong, compelling characters and the anticipation building excitement as Rhonda becomes determined to break Drorgan's curse no matter how much he resists. The whole story was kind of surreal even for me as Doris O'Connor blended a kind of historical with the present or maybe I should a say that it had a time warp feel, so I can only imagine how Rhonda would have felt in that situation. The way the author concluded the story was refreshingly different, adding to the whole bizarre feel of the story. - See more at:

Coffee Time Romance
Written by Delane on 1st May 2016

Rhonda has spent her entire life loving dragons, and as a child, she was saved by one though no one ever believed her. Once again, but now as a grown woman, she is rescued from certain death by Drorgan and she can do no other than to save him right back. Drorgan has spent generations as the stone dragon never hoping to find the one to break the spell. It is because of his actions that he and his entire kingdom have been made to suffer until Rhonda. Rhonda wants Drorgan but he resists out of fear. When a harsh truth from the past comes to light, can Drorgan save his mate before he spends eternity without her? I loved the story of Rhonda and Drorgan. The beginning was a little rough as Drorgan was not the best of men and it would come back to haunt him. I enjoyed the writing and the storyline; it provided ample entertainment and the satisfaction at the end. The ending is a stroke of genius and I recommend the writing of Doris O’Connor. - See more at:

Manic Readers
Written by Alberta on 26th Feb 2016

I like time travel books & I like O’Connor’s books, so a good combination. Drorgan is a dragon shifter who has been cursed to live inside a stone until he can find a mate to love him & not be frightened of his dragon. Rhonda has been fascinated with dragons since she was little, & by chance she is rescued twice in one lifetime by Drorgan, the second time as an adult. He spirits her off to his castle, where he can only appear as a man once every 25 years. As she falls deeper in love with him, she realizes that she will be the salvation of not only her dragon, but for all the people in his castle. I liked the love story, & the characters, but I was left with a question or two. What happened to the original occupants of the castle who were also turned to stone? Why didn’t they also come alive every 25 years? And when Rhonda is transported back to the future, why do all the people in Drorgan’s castle not follow immediately, instead of staying in the past & actually aging? However, others may not be as picky as I am, because I also write time travel books, & I know how hard it is to keep the continuity straight. Nevertheless, I think you’ll like this one as well as lots of other O’Connor books.

A very naughty fairy tale
Written by S. J. Foulkes on 5th Feb 2016

As fairy tales go this was naughty and fun and almost perfect... I loved the main characters Drorgan and Rhonda. They were very well written and believable, with fleshed out back stories. And both showed flashes of added bonus for me. The plot was true to fairy tale convention, although somewhat more erotic than the norm (super hot sex scenes!!) but I would expect no less from Doris O'Connor. This book was almost perfect ....the writing was wonderful and deserved 5 stars but I could only give it 4 as there was no warning of "breath play" which is a trigger for me

Beautiful story!!!!!!
Written by Rhonda on 4th Feb 2016

Oh Doris!!! Where do I start? I love dragons and this totally sucked me in from the first page. Drorgon was a total bastard when the story begins and has to pay for it as a result. Over the years and centuries, he is encased in stone and has to just watch. Only every 25 years is he freed from the stone and has only one night and day to find a woman who will love him in both forms. The whole story just made me smile and cry and smile some more! This is a book that will remain near and dear to my heart and that I will read over and over!!