The Proposal by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 3
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Lara is late for her appointment with Jamison Harold, the man who quite literally holds the future of her firm in his hands. She needs this contract like the very air she breathes. Everything rests on this proposal.

The tiger shifter she encounters in the lift cannot be her mate, no matter what her hormones are screaming at her. She manages to run from temptation, but destiny cannot be outrun. Will her late arrival ruin her future or be the start of a brand new one?

Be Warned: anal sex


Lara was late, and damn it, she hated being late. Her stiletto’s rapid staccato seemed too loud across the marble floor of the grand entrance of Harold Enterprises. She groaned under her breath, seeing the throng of people waiting for the lift.

As if it hadn’t been enough torture to be sardined into the subway on this unseasonably warm summer’s day. Her blouse clung to her skin, and she itched to ditch the suit jacket, but this was an important proposal. Jamison Harold was only in the country for a few days, and she had been lucky to secure this appointment. Her fledgling interior design firm should by rights not even be in consideration for this job, but by some minor miracle he had granted her an audience.

She glanced at her watch and swore—five minutes ago.

She should have given herself more time, but who could have predicted that the current heat wave would mean London’s transport system would grind to a halt. Several trains had been canceled, meaning she was not only hot and crumpled beyond repair, but also the scent of a thousand passersby had lodged in her nostrils and made her feel sick.

The door pinged open, and Lara joined the throng entering the lift. A fresh scent broke through the cloying mist of sweat and cologne, one so enticing that her heart galloped. It couldn’t be—not now—not here. Her skin heated and she squirmed under the quiet regard of the stranger, who smiled at her and stepped backward to give her room.

The man had close-cropped hair, strong eyebrows, and his impossibly broad shoulders strained the expensive cloth of his designer suit. His piercing blue eyes seemed to see straight into her soul, and pulled her closer into his overpowering presence.

Lara shut her eyes and let her senses take over. The crowded elevator drifted away, until it was just her and this handsome stranger. With people pressed in all around them now, his hands slid round her waist to steady her. A profusely sweating, obese man bundling into the lift inadvertently bumped into her, and she lost her footing on the sticky floor.

“Steady there, I’ve got you.” His deep voice settled in the pit of her stomach and her skin tightened in response. He pulled her closer, until her breasts pressed into his chest, and one of his hands strayed to her ass, settling her legs between his thighs. Cocooned in his embrace, the assault on her senses proved too much, as his clean, earthy scent permeated her consciousness.

He lowered his head to sniff her neck and his growl matched her own. Their heartbeats synchronized and she inhaled the scent of home.

The drop-dead gorgeous stranger licked the sensitive skin over her pulse point, and the friction his rough tongue created sparked darts of electricity along her nerve endings. Moist heat pooled between her thighs at the growled whisper into her ear.