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Bought for Christmas by Doris O'Connor


Product Description

I’m the beast, haven’t you heard...

Christmas is supposed to be a time for miracles and one will surely be needed when Emilia Duncan finds herself sold to the beast to save her father’s company. Having lusted after the much older, enigmatic man for as long as she can remember, spending the Christmas weekend as his submissive will satisfy her raging libido, but can she protect her heart?

Bear Shifter Hunter Monahan cannot stand idly by when Emilia is thrown to the wolves. There is only one shifter who will get his claws into her and that’s him. The contract ensures her submission for the weekend. Too bad his bear wants much more than that.

Hunter is used to hiding behind his gruesome scars, but in the bid for Emilia’s heart, that is not an option this time.  Isolated in his cabin, it’s not just the snow that melts. 

Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, anal sex



“I said you’re mine, kitten,” he finally said, and Emilia’s heart leapt for joy. “You always will be, but I want to see you happy. You don’t need to be settled with a cynical, scarred bear shifter like me, especially as your father will never talk to you again, if you do.” He put his hand up when she was going to interrupt him, and continued.


“No, let me finish. He is your father, and I know you well enough to know that you love him and that good for nothing brother of yours. Despite what you said to them when you left, you could no more turn your back on them than you could stop breathing, and that’s one of the many things about you that I…”


His bear growled, and Emilia forgot to breathe at the struggle she sensed in him. She scooted closer and put her hand on his tense thigh.


“You what, Sir? Please don’t clam up on me now,” she said.


A grim smile kicked up the corner of his mouth, and she leant in closer to kiss that spot. A growl erupted from his chest, and before Emilia could blink she was on the floor with him towering above her. Right now he didn’t look very much in control of his bear, and that thought sent adrenaline coursing through her body.


Holding himself off of her with his hands placed next to her head, and his arms locked, he ground his groin against hers and the solid heat of his erect cock meant that Emilia’s hormones took over. Moisture flooded her underwear, and her nipples tried to poke through the soft fabric covering them. As comfortable as her jumper was the fabric chafed against the sensitive peaks, and Emilia bit her lip to stop from whimpering her need.


Hunter groaned and bending his head claimed her mouth in an earth shattering kiss that left her breathless and so needy she was going to scream if he didn’t do something other than kiss her.


He pulled away, and the heat in his gaze sent her arousal into fever pitch. Emilia shifted her legs wider, and they both groaned as he settled himself right between her legs.


“Fuck it, Emilia. I can’t do this anymore. I want you too damn much.”


Hunter’s voice came out distorted, and more of his bear showed as his muscles expanded and he grew bigger above her.


“Then have me, all of me, please.” Emilia gasped her reply, all too aware of the barely leashed aggression that poured out of his very pores. It should send her running, yet it had the opposite effect on her. Beads of perspiration slid into her eyes, clouding her vision. Trapped as she was under his bulk, her clothes felt heavy and restrictive, and Hunter seemed to burn hotter still, as he grew perfectly above her. His nostrils flared and he inhaled roughly, as though he, too, had trouble drawing air into his lungs. Emilia blinked to clear her vision, and she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the sight of his fangs. His incisors grew longer, more menacing somehow in the orange glow from the fire, and she didn’t dare breathe when he dipped his head and ran those lethal teeth along her neck.


“This is your last chance to cry red, kitten. This time when I fuck you, I will claim you, body and soul. You will be mine, to carry my mark, so that everyone will know who you belong to. I want to cover you in my cum, bite you all over, and leave my marks on you forever. Do you understand me?”


Emilia nodded, utterly unable to get her voice to work, and Hunter threw his head back and roared. The vibrations of that growl shook the very ground they lay on, and she locked her ankles behind his ass to enable her to grind her hips against the solid bulge in his jeans. So close. God, she was so close already, if only….


Hunter bucked and dislodged her, until she lay winded, face down on the rug. Hunter yanked her jumper up and her leggings down, and the first hard, stinging swat of his hand on her ass took her breath away. Several more followed in quick succession, and then he lifted her on her knees, and pushed her upper body back down into the rug. Her jumper gave way with an audible rip, as he used his claws to get if off her.


“Do. Not. Move.” Every growled word was accentuated by another swat to her ass. Heat spread across her skin, and she jumped when he replaced his hands with his teeth, while pushing several fingers into her wet pussy.


Emilia whimpered and mewled like the kitten he called her, as he fucked her with his fingers, while marking her body with his teeth just like he’d promised, until her skin was just a mass of hot sensation. Up and down her spine into the hollow of her back, over her ass and the insides of her thighs, until she didn’t know which part of her he hadn’t reached.


Pinned in place by his clawed hand on her shoulder, and his fingers buried deep inside her, keeping her teetering on the edge of her release, she had nowhere to go.


Emilia whined when he withdrew his fingers, and Hunter pushed his digits, slicked by her arousal, into her mouth, and smacked her ass again. Emilia bit down, and the taste of her arousal mixed with his blood, and Hunter grunted his approval.


“Fuck, yes. Do that again.”


His claws sliced through her shoulder, while he dug his fingers deeper into her mouth and jaw. The pain just added to her arousal until her whole body felt on fire. Teetering on the edge, she screamed, as he ran his thick cock through her wet slit and then drove in deep.


“I’m going to fuck you so hard, baby. You’re mine.”


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Product Reviews

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  1. Great read 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Dec 2017

    I enjoyed this book it was a great read lots of fun and hotness I loved our heroine she was super sweet and so lovely with our hero.

  2. The Romance Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Apr 2015

    Emilia Duncan finds herself sold to the beast for Christmas and isolated in his cabin, but it's not the snow that melts in this captivating paranormal romance. Hunter Monahan is a bear shifter and he couldn't stand by and let Emilia be thrown to the wolves...literally. The reader can't help but be emotionally caught up in the depth of emotion that flows from the pages as Emilia and Hunter heal each other's hearts, and the burning attraction and scorching hot sex scenes including anal and spanking scenes. The story is fast-paced and flows smoothly, captivating readers with lots of emotion and passion while the strong compelling characters are easily related to and draw the reader in. This modern day Beauty and the Beast style story has its own unique charm, and the scenes and details are well written and the smoldering passion and charmingly sexy bear ensure that the reader can't put the story down. Or at least I couldn't and the holiday season adds a bit of magical spirit to the happily ever after. - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=16210#sthash.J02770ue.dpuf

  3. this was a great read 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2015

    the characters were great. I loved the dynamics in this book between the two main characters, but also how the female character handled her family and the pressure they put on her. great read. I loved it.

  4. The Romance Studio TRS 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2015

    Emilia Duncan had promised her mother before she died that she’d take care of her father and twin brother. But this latest crisis is more than she can take, even with her promise. When her brother, in a drunken, high state, not only puts up his shares in the family company but also her in a poker game, she’s furious. Because when her father’s ex-friend Hunter Monahan steps into the game and wins the vouchers he demands either the shares or Emilia’s submission for the weekend. The Beast is finally willing to try and win the woman he’s known was his mate for years. But can she get past her anger at the situation she’s pushed into enough to give them a chance to really get to know each other in every way?

    This was a great paranormal Christmas story. There was enough depth to the story that you really felt like you were getting to know Emilia and Hunter and what makes them the people they are today. And of course, since it’s a book by Ms. O’Connor, it has wonderful steamy BDSM-edged sex scenes that make you long for an ice cold drink. But I think my favorite part of this book is that, hot as the chemistry is between Emilia and Hunter and how Dominant Hunter is, there’s a great mix of humor that draws you into the story even more. Plus, how can you resist a little bratty submissive who can finally bring light into the Beast’s life?

  5. Sizzling Hot Books 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Feb 2015

    Bought for Christmas by Doris O’Connor is a wonderful Christmas paranormal story. I really enjoyed reading it because I enjoyed the characters. The plot wasn’t a new one however it was still quite entertaining. It’s the story of a girl who was willing to do anything to help her family even if it meant sacrificing herself in the process. It is also the story of a hero that isn’t your typical hero. It is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with an adult spin to it. I enjoyed Hunter and Emilia’s story and I won’t soon forget it. I like this author and have read some of her other books and plan to read more in the future.

    Emilia’s life hasn’t been easy especially after her mother died. Her father and brother don’t treat her right and they expect her to be do what they want her to. It doesn’t matter that she what she wants or that she might have plans of her own. Her brother was always her father’s favorite and that became even more apparent. Things go from bad to worse when she realizes that her brother has sold her to Hunter for a weekend and that he and her father fully expect her to comply in order to save their business. Her brother swears that he was cheated and her father just wants to keep his shares in his business. The only things that make it better is Hunter will only follow through with their agreement if she agrees and the fact that she has always been attracted to him. She reluctantly agrees because she knows if she doesn’t her life is going to get even worse than it already is. He awakens things in her that she never knew existed and he awakens more than she could have ever thought. She knows that she wants so much more than the weekend but she doesn’t know if he feels the same way. Will she be able to find her happily ever after with “the beast”? Or will everything end after the weekend is gone?

    Hunter is an honorable man and that is one reason he has never acted on his attraction for Emilia. She is too young for him and on top of that he has scars that make most people afraid of him. He is known as the Beast to most. When Emilia’s brother is about to gamble her away to a wolf shifter he steps in. He offers to let him and his father keep their shares in their business for a weekend with his sister. Her brother quickly agrees and Hunter makes it clear that she too will have to agree to his terms or there was no deal. When he shows up at the house for her she is clueless her brother and father have not told her and that bothers him. When she agrees to be his sub for the weekend he is happy and he will do anything to keep her happy. He will also do anything to keep her safe from her family even though she doesn’t know that she needs the protection. The more time they spend together during the weekend the more she shows him how good things can be. She doesn’t see him as the monster everyone else does and she embraces him for who he is. That makes him feel good and he knows that he can’t let her go at the end of the weekend and he will do anything to convince her that she is exactly where she is supposed to be. Will he succeed? Or will he lose the woman of his dreams?

    I liked Bought for Christmas and found it to be an enjoyable read. I found the characters interesting and I really enjoyed getting to know them. The only characters that I didn’t care for were her father and her brother. I found both of them to be quite detestable but you are not supposed to love them. I didn’t like them because none of their actions seemed to be motivated by anything other than selfishness and greed. They only cared about themselves and what they could get. I hated how they were willing to put Emilia in a situation that could have ended so badly. I liked Hunter a lot. I liked that he was honorable and wasn’t willing to take advantage of Emilia or the fact that her family was so willing to “sell” or gamble her away. He made sure that she was a willing participant and he made it clear that he wasn’t willing to have it any other way. I like what he brought out in her and what she brought out in him. They were perfect for each other and their chemistry was obvious even before she knew what was going on. I liked Emilia because she would do just about anything for her family even though they didn’t deserve it. I also like the fact that she didn’t see him as ugly or as the beast based on his appearance. She didn’t look on the surface but cared what was on the inside. I would recommend Bought for Christmas to anyone who enjoys erotic romances.

  6. fantastic story 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jan 2015

    I really loved this sweet yet sexy holiday romance. This book is well written with a beautiful storyline that had me eagerly turning the page.

  7. A great Christmas story! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2014

    I loved this story about Hunter and Emilia. These two were sooo great together. I couldn't put this book down. I another winner from Doris!

  8. This One Made My Holiday! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Dec 2014

    Oh, Doris. How you spoil me! I've been waiting for "Bought for Christmas" for what seems like forever, and it was worth every minute that I struggled.

    I just love Beauty and the Beast stories, and this is a very nice twist on that scenario. How can I say no to a gorgeous, reclusive bear shifter who wants to rescue a sweet woman in a terrible situation? The book has everything! Damsel in distress. Physically (and emotionally) damaged hero. A mean father and brother. And then...well, there's the hot sex. VERY. HOT. SEX.

    This is not a very long book, so things move quickly, but it's just the perfect tempo for the story. I fell in love with Hunter right there in the first chapter, and Emilia seems like someone that I'd want to be friends with...faithful and loyal, even though she's being hurt by the family that she loves, and yet...strong, and not afraid to question her fate. Did I mention that Hunter calls her "Kitten"? Oh, yes. He calls her "Kitten". That is a SURE way to work your way into my heart. There's so much promise in that name. It's loving and incredibly sexy at the same time. Heavy sigh...

    Doris O'Connor never, ever disappoints me. I've read nearly everything that she's written...even the anthologies where she's only played a small role. Her writing style is smooth. Her characters are always well fleshed out, no matter how short a story might be. She provides enough detail that you can actually see the scenes in your mind. You should do yourself a favor and pick up "Bought for Christmas". It will make your holiday that much sweeter!

  9. Loved it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2014

    Doris writes books that always make me forget whatever I'm doing at the moment. I get that engrossed in it. This is no exception! I love bear shifters and the fact that she wasn't scared of him. Was a little dark but damn, it was hot!! Another hit for Doris!

  10. Fantastic Story 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2014

    Emilia will never get over how her father and brother have treated her, her whole life. It became worse after she lost her mother. Christmas just isn’t the same anymore. This year however it’s different, because in order to save her family’s business she has to spend the holiday with a man everyone calls the beast.

    Hunter is used to everyone calling him a beast, the scars he has is the reason for that name. One night he sees that Emilia’s brother is about to do something horrible, so he steps up to make sure that doesn’t happen. He makes a deal with her father and brother, he will give them their business back if they give him Emilia for the weekend.

    Despite how shocked she is by this deal and how heartbroken she is that her father and brother have basically sold her, she can’t get past how Hunter makes her feel. The scars don’t scare her, and his age doesn’t bother her. In fact she’s been attracted to him for years.

    Hunter hopes that he can tell Emilia everything about who he really is but he’s so used to people being turned off by his scars he worries what she will thing when he tells her what he is.

    The weekend they spend together brings up the sadness the both have of happy times with family in the past. But it also helps to show them how much they both need each other. Will their love be enough to overcome everything else?

    I’ve been itching to read this book since Doris first teased about writing it. While the wait seem like forever, it was worth it. This book was wonderful and the love story was heartbreaking in some places but beautiful everywhere else.

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