Tank's Promise by Winter Sloane

Heat Level 3
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Ruthless Reapers MC, 6

Forsaken by the rest of the world, Tiffany thought she would perish in the dark hole her ex left her in. Her unexpected white knight comes in the form of a tattooed and dangerous biker. Giving her heart to the wrong man left her with scars, but Tiffany feels safe with Tank. The spark between them is undeniable but is their love strong enough to chase away the shadows that continue to stalk her?

Tank and his MC crew were on a mission to get even. His task is simple—destroy the stash house of a rival MC. The last thing he expected to find is a hell house and beautiful, broken Tiffany. Tiffany deserves more than a black-hearted biker like him but Tank can’t just leave her be. She’s meant to be his old lady, Tank could feel it in his bones.



“Don’t worry. We’ll get you and the other women out of here soon,” Tank said. “We’ve called for an ambulance and one of the nearby women’s shelters.”

Tank looked down at the chain around her ankle. His face immediately transformed to that of fury. He frightened her but Tiffany was also intrigued by him on some level. It had been a long time since she tasted kindness. This entire situation still felt surreal. Tank returned to Gary’s corpse. He searched the body and returned with Gary’s keys.

Tiffany watched him furrow his brows as he tried each one until he managed to unlock the manacle over her ankle. The click it made felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her.

This was really happening. Tiffany wasn’t dreaming. She could finally be free of this place. When Tank first appeared with a gun in his hand, she really thought things would turn from bad to worse. Tiffany had it all wrong. Maybe he truly was her savior.

“Tank, damn it. I need your help or she’ll bleed to death!” yelled Gunner.

“Sorry, I need to leave you a while,” he said. Tank turned, about to go. Tiffany didn’t know what possessed her to lunge for his leg. He froze as she hooked her fingers into his pant leg.

“Don’t leave me here,” she whispered. “Please, Tank.”

It was odd, saying this stranger’s name out loud. He looked down at her, expression hard to leave. “I’ll be back for you, but right now I need to help my friend save another woman. Okay?” he asked.

“Okay,” Tiffany whispered, letting his pant leg go. “Don’t forget me.”

“I won’t,” he promised. He paused. “What’s your name?”

“Tiffany,” she whispered.

“All right. Just wait right there, Tiffany. I’ll return for you,” Tank said. Tiffany didn’t know why, but she clung to the promise in his words.


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Good Quick Read!!!
Written by JennM73 on 25th Apr 2023

This is Tank and Tiffany’s story. For a short read, there was a huge story to it. I read it in one sitting and loved it!!! I can’t wait to see what comes next!!!

One one my favorite authors
Written by Allieli80 on 25th Apr 2023

A story that says never give up even when you are at you lowest point in your life. I enjoyed the short story of Tank and Tiffany. You never know when you will meet your soulmate.

Good read
Written by Firecracker on 25th Apr 2023

Impressive read First book read by author I will be reading more Good read keeps you engaged in book.

Good book overall
Written by Erica A on 16th Apr 2023

Good book overall... A little too short for my liking I felt like I flew through the entire book too soon... I wanted more but it was a good book and story....

He's A biker she's A trafficking victim an a biker took her to be trafficked
Written by Charleann D on 16th Apr 2023

When this suspense filled MC romance story you will. Find yourself hurting for the women who were trapped in cages after being trafficked.When the Ruthless Reapers mc goes to the house they hope to find the Black Dogs MC but instead they find severely injured women an dead women.Tank sees a black dog member heading toward a woman who is severely injured he doesn't stop from putting a bullet in the mans head .the woman stands there in shock until she tries to wipe the blood off herself when Tank gives her a clean handkerchief. He says everything will be ok. What he doesn't expect is for her to rush into his arms.there are so many twists an turns to this story you will be riveted til the very last page.I can hardly wait to see what's next by this multi talented author.

Tank &Tiffany!!
Written by Wendy L on 16th Apr 2023

This is the sixth book in this amazing series, and this is Tank and Tiffany’s journey. Tiffany trusted the wrong man, and has been locked in a cell, praying for death. Tank and his MC are out for revenge against a rival club, and he rescues Tiffany and kills her captor. This is a well written short and sweet read, with vengeance, survival, trust, twists, courage, heartbreak, danger, suspense, and intrigue, which leads to a riveting page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Liked it
Written by Katielou88 on 16th Apr 2023

So good, lots of action, drama and romance. Enjoyed my first read from this series. Nice quick read, will read more

Tank's Promise
Written by Pat L on 16th Apr 2023

This was a quick read and Tank and Tiffany both fell for each other fairly quick. Tank helps her after finding her and Tiffany feeling saved by him. Not really a deep book yet at moments there was a time when it felt like it could have gone there. Still s good read and not as dark as some of the other books. The characters were good wish it was a little longer.

Great read!
Written by Catarina G on 16th Apr 2023

Thank you to Netgalley, Evernight Publishing and Winter Sloane for this ARC! This is an amazing MC romance! I was so engaged in the story that I forgot everything else and read this in one sitting! When Tank and other members are scouring another MC’s drug place what they find is horrendous. They find women locked up in the worst conditions possible. That’s where we meet Tiffany and starts Tank’s protectives of her. This is a very emotional story, one of a person that has been through something horrible coming back to a happier and trusting place by the hands of a trustworthy and emotional hero. Great read!

Interesting and action-packed
Written by MellaM on 16th Apr 2023

Tank and his crew go looking for a rival MC. Instead, they find Tiffany and other women who have been held against their will and seriously injured. There's instant chemistry between T + T though, we have an understandably slow build up to physical intimacy due to the circumstances. I thought the author took a novel approach to the MC storyline, positioning Tank as a hero while simultaneously offering a window into the grim reality of life in an MC. I do think this should come with trigger warnings given the situation Tank found Tiffany in.

Written by Deb5258 on 16th Apr 2023

A young woman is found in the worst possible situation and her life becomes increasingly better as she navigates this world in which he lives. I loved it. Palpable emotion, riveting drama, beautiful romance all combine together to create a wonderful story.

Tank's Promise
Written by Amber J on 16th Apr 2023

Tank and another mc member are checking out a place for drug runners and are stunned when they find women in the basement locked up. They kill the man they find there and rescue the remaining women. Tiffany is one of the women and she gets attached to Tank. Tank ends up following her to the hospital and talking her into going with the lady from the shelter. Tiffany works on herself so she can find Tank and see if there is something between them. Will they find the man that brought Tiffany and the other women to that basement? Can she move on with Tank? This is a great story that will hook you in the first chapter. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Thrilling biker romance
Written by Caroline B on 16th Apr 2023

Tank is on a job with his biker brothers, it turns out to be different to what they're expecting. That's where he meets Tiffany and he's immediately filled with the need to protect her. Will she still want him when she's recovered? Expect lots of suspense, passion, friendship, chosen family, love and more throughout. Enjoy!

Written by Amd2662 on 16th Apr 2023

Tank/Tiffany. Ruthless Reapers MC Member/Sex Trafficker victim. Orphan. Rescued. Protected. Assaulted. Raped. Imprisoned. Starved. Sick. Damaged. Attraction. Affection. Trust. Violence. Dangerous. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Thrilling to read

Tank's Promise
Written by Adrianna L on 16th Apr 2023

This was a short but good read. I love MC romance books. This was my first time reading anything written by Winter Sloane. The characters were well written. Honestly, this was mostly a clean MC romance so for anyone that doesn't like a ton of spice in it this would be for you.

Tank and Tiffany
Written by casvec on 16th Apr 2023

This story kept my on the edge of my seat as the dark secrets and danger are uncovered. Tiffany life takes an unbelievable turn when she is found from the place she was being held. Tank has a deep need to protect Tiffany after finding her but has to what his time as she heals. Good story that takes your heart on a suspenseful ride.

Good read!
Written by Flavia K on 16th Apr 2023

This is a series that I really enjoy, and I was looking forward to the Tank and Jasmine story. As always everything that surrounds the MC has suspense, a bit of action and all the protection. Super hot scenes and the occasional tender moment. I didn't feel as much affinity with the characters, but it's a good read!

Always Keep Ya Promises
Written by Beast's Beauty on 16th Apr 2023

Tank had come to a point in his life that he wanted better..needed better. Tiffany used, abused and on the brink if death accepted her lot in life. Tiffany needed a hero and Tank became that and much more. Tiffany needed to feel that she had some control over her life and Tank gave her that just by being her rock to lean on...and she became his focuse to love and live. I have to say that Ruthless Reapers are a very special and unique set of guys. Each one has a story that not only tells about love through changes but each accepts the truth of who they are becoming and loving themselves anf ther love in the process. Make no mistake these guys are crude, rude and deadly but with the ole ladies they are prince charmings...well rough and tubbled prince charmings.

A fun weekend read!!
Written by heather b on 16th Apr 2023

Boiling hot chemistry between the characters keeps you enthralled from first to last page! A fun weekend read!!

???Tank and Tiffany ???
Written by DebinOkla on 16th Apr 2023

???Tank and Tiffany ??? A great short book! Winter Sloane does a great job telling Tank and Tiffany's story! There may be triggers for some people!

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 16th Apr 2023

I've read several books written by Winter Sloane; she is becoming one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of her books. This is part of the Ruthless Reapers MC Series; it is a stand-alone short story. The story is about Tiffany & Tank. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Another Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 16th Apr 2023

Winter Sloane has done a great job with this latest addition to the Ruthless Reapers MC series. The characters were entertaining and kept me coming back for more.

Written by Angel Joy on 16th Apr 2023

Love reading mc romances and I am loving the Ruthless Reapers MC. I cannot wait to see what is next. Good read and romance.

Love this book
Written by Savannah1321 on 16th Apr 2023

I don’t know what I expected when I read what it was about. What I found was a great quick read. It was way different than other MC books I’ve read, which is a good thing. I really enjoyed the storyline. Tiffany was a relatable character, but wasn’t so naive she was annoying. I found with a lot of characters now days there’s so much fight or nativity that it gets frustrating and annoying. That wasn’t the case here. Although, she went through the trauma of being kidnapped, it didn’t change her into a fully closed off person. She was willing to trust another biker and her feelings for him. Tank’s character was a typical macho man, but was also patient. I really enjoyed that. The only thing I wish is that it was a longer story. I feel like there was so much more that could have happened especially feeling wise. Honestly, that could just be me wanting more of Tiffany and tank because they were one of my favorite characters.

Tank’s Promise
Written by Stacii on 5th Mar 2023

Tank and Tiffany’s story starts when he is sent to destroy a rival MC house and finds her in a cell in the basement. They form a bond and he is very patient and kind to her. This was a good story with drama, suspense, violence, mayhem, death, abuse, grief.

Written by KMH Romancessessed Reviews on 5th Mar 2023

This series just gets better and better. It full of all the good stuff you know and love from this author. I just couldn't get enough, if the cover or blurb don't draw you in, then the you will be hooked from.l the first page. I cannot wait to read more from this author!

Trigger Warning
Written by Danee on 5th Mar 2023

This is an emotional MC story and it tells the story of Tiffany and Tank. He finds her on the verge of death, she was so badly abused by another MC. Despite Tank being attracted to her and there being chemistry, the question is whether she can trust him. This story contains triggers such as violence against women and assault, then this is not a story for you. Tank is trying to help Tiffany recover and heal and process this trauma. Will he succeed and Tiffany realizes that he is not like the other MC man and allows him to help her heal. I read parts with a lump in my throat while reading their story and was hoping they would get their hea together.

Great MC romance!
Written by Ash J on 5th Mar 2023

I've really loved all the books in this series that I have read and this book was no different. It was a little dark with what Tiffany went through before Tank saved her, but Tank was a complete gentleman to her after what she went through. There is some violence but I love MC romances that have all of that. Can't wait to read the next book!

Tank is Tiffany's knight in black on a steel & chrome motorcycle.
Written by Avid MC Reader on 5th Mar 2023

My first book by this author but it certainly won't be my last. Tank rescues Tiffany from a dark pit but knows she is his ride or die. Tiffany, despite horrible taste in men who've ultimately betrayed her trust, feels safe with Tank. It is everything a lover of the MC genre could ever want. Hot, steamy scenes, even hotter, tattooed, alpha men, and a story worth reading.

Written by Nate on 5th Mar 2023

This was Tank & Tiffany’s book. Forsaken by the rest of the world, Tiffany thought she would perish in the dark hole her ex left her in. Her unexpected white knight comes in the form of a tattooed and dangerous biker. Giving her heart to the wrong man left her with scars, but Tiffany feels safe with Tank. The spark between them is undeniable but is their love strong enough to chase away the shadows that continue to stalk her? Loved this book. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

A must read...
Written by Isa Dal. on 5th Mar 2023

I loved this book and the author is an all-time favourite of mine. It was captivating and very well written! There is steaminess galore, attraction is undeniable and the characters are awesome! Tank's Promise is an enthralling, yet hot, endearing and steamy love story that will pull at your heartstrings. It is a must read book.

Written by Irene T on 5th Mar 2023

This is the sixth book in the Ruthless Reapers MC series. It's a fast-paced and standalone book that will keep you engaged from start to finish. This is a story about how the H finds the h in the basement of a rival MC house locked in a cell and being used for sex trafficking. They form a bond with each other.

Love this series!
Written by Diana A on 5th Mar 2023

It started with so many emotions and anxiousness that made me feel so stressed. But those ugly parts were well guided and ending on a HEA. I super enjoy how all those bad big bikers get softer and in love and giving everything for their women and Tank deliver.

Tank and Tiffany
Written by Ann L on 5th Mar 2023

When Tank and the Ruthless Reapers stormed the house and he saw how Tiffany had been kept he immediately feels something stir. Can he protect her? Good story with wonderful characters.

Happily ever after.
Written by Juliet18 on 5th Mar 2023

I loved this story. Tiffany found herself in a not very great situation, but Tank came into her life at just the right moment. Tiffany felt broken, but Tank saw her as the strong perfect woman she is. This is a quick read, but a fabulous read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The characters are amazing and the story they go through is equally amazing.

Tank's Promise, great
Written by Babs on 5th Mar 2023

The sixth book in the Ruthless Reapers MC series. Tiffany and Tank's story has drama, suspense, danger, villains and romance. The story was well worth reading. I enjoyed seeing broken Tiffany and Tank get a happy ending and him able to heal her pain. The story is well written and was well worth reading. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Sweet Savior
Written by RahiaLeight on 5th Mar 2023

Coming back from the things she had to endure is no simple task. Tank was the catalyst for her recovery in so many ways, and she made it to exactly where she needed to be. There is a lot of heartache in this tale, but there's plenty of sunshine, too. It's a fast read, a little over an hour, maybe. Great way to sail through a lunch break or quick escape from life. I enjoyed it.

Short and sweet MC read
Written by Brooke H on 5th Mar 2023

Tank is getting bored with woman hopping and being alone. He goes on what he thinks is a raid on another MC’s compound, only to find it’s a human trafficking house. He and his brothers rescue Tiffany and a few other women. After some rehab for battered women, Tiffany and Tank become inseparable and fall in love. I loved how patient Tank was with her after the hell she’d been through. He also makes it clear he’d protect her no matter what, and lives up to that promise. The characters and plot were realistic feeling and the romance was sweet with a little spice.

Starting Over
Written by BLT on 5th Mar 2023

This is a short and sweet MC read that will have you turning the pages. Tank rescued Tiffany from a cell in what he thought was a drug house. Instead it was a place where women were put to die because they couldn’t be sold. What an enjoyable read. It is very rare to find a patient man.

Tank’s Promise
Written by Fairytales4Ever on 5th Mar 2023

A really sweet short story of finding love when you least expect it. Tank saved Tiffany from a horrible experience, only to end up falling in love with her. He couldn’t stay away & she didn’t want him to, either. The courage Tiffany’s character showed was quite inspiring and seeing Tank love & support her through it, was pretty impressive.

This series is so good and this wonderful book is next in a great series!
Written by Andrea R on 5th Mar 2023

I love, love, love this book. I love most everything MC related but author really has a way with words and although this book can be read as a stand alone--reading this series is just so very good. If you are looking for a great read and maybe a new author to follow--pick this one because she is really really good.

Written by MamiLovesAGoodBook on 5th Mar 2023

Tank and Tiff! It was a sweet good book not like the mc books I normally read but it was good. Tank meets Tiffany when he goes to a house for the mc and find women in the basement. He kills the disgusting people that has been and was about to hurt Tiff again. Tiff takes a liking to him and he to her and the story goes off from there. It was good I enjoyed it

5 Stars
Written by Michelle F on 5th Mar 2023

Winter Sloane creates wicked books that keep you reading through the night because you cannot put them down. This book has some trigger warnings but the ending is everything!

This was such a cute book!
Written by Bella T on 5th Mar 2023

This was such a cute book! It features betrayal, redemption, and a falling in love between our two main characters! I really enjoyed the premise, especially the MC part! MC romances hold a special place in my heart and this book was no exception! Can't wait to read more by Winter Sloane! Thank you NetGalley for an eArc in exchange for an honest review!

Tank and Tiffany
Written by Maleficent on 5th Mar 2023

Ruthless Reapers the hoping to strike back against the Black Dogs MC for burning down their warehouse. They cannot believe the information is right the place looks deserted. They hear a sound in the basement, there are women locked up in like jail cells. Tank shoot the man that is about rape the girl in the cell. There is something about this girl that make him want to protect her. Tiffany trusted the wrong man, which lead her to where she is. When the large biker comes in, she is afraid he is like the others, until he shoots her captor. This big guy makes her feel safe and she does not want to let him go. Tank thinks he is not good enough for her, but Tiffany knows what she wants and that is Tank. This is a great story, Tank is there for her as she recovers and after.

If you line insta love MC …
Written by Kimmijane on 5th Mar 2023

Then you’ll love this book. I know I did. The description at the beginning of the book of Tiffany broke my heart but Tank mended it! ❤️❤️

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 5th Mar 2023

Tiffany thought she would never have freedom again, but when Tank and the MC go to take out the rival clubhouse they discover a place of horrors. Tank becomes Tiffany savior but can she give her heart to another after it was shattered before? Well written fast paced, trauma, desires and more

Healing each other
Written by Jedi on 5th Mar 2023

This was a story of hope and redemption, from the pit of darkness and despair. This harden biker and this would be biker princess found their version of forever after and them some.

Tank's Promise
Written by Allison R on 5th Mar 2023

Tank never thought going on a mission with his MC brothers would have him meeting someone and Tiffany had all but given up hope that someone would find her. This is a short but dark MC romance with some heavy subject matter that starts off right from the beginning so buyer beware, but still highly enjoyable. It was nice that Tank is able to show a softer side even though he can be tough and I enjoyed the fact that Tiffany was shown as a strong woman overcoming her horrible situation, although their relationship did seem a bit quick. Fear not, this book is not all doom and gloom with serious scenes, there’s plenty of steaminess as well. 4 stars. I voluntarily read and reviewed an arc copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Dark MC romance
Written by Allison R on 12th Feb 2023

Tank never thought going on a mission with his MC brothers would have him meeting someone and Tiffany had all but given up hope that someone would find her. This is a short but dark MC romance with some heavy subject matter that starts off right from the beginning so buyer beware, but still highly enjoyable. It was nice that Tank is able to show a softer side even though he can be tough and I enjoyed the fact that Tiffany was shown as a strong woman overcoming her horrible situation, although their relationship did seem a bit quick. Fear not, this book is not all doom and gloom with serious scenes, there’s plenty of steaminess as well. 4 stars. I voluntarily read and reviewed an arc copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Read the series!!
Written by Cynthia G on 12th Feb 2023

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC. I just recently found this author so I am totally behind on the main characters but I do love this MC. The men are stand up type of guys and they completely respect women which is a plus for me. This story didnt seem unrealistic to me at all either which i also enjoy. I do not like when within the first chapter the main characters meet and are already naked, usually without condoms. But this man had to work for it and I was there for it all. Can be read as a stand alone but...why? read the series!!

Enjoyable read
Written by Michelle C on 12th Feb 2023

This was a quick and enjoyable read. The quintessential bad guy who falls for the sweet but damaged girl… I enjoyed how much he cared for her and supported her recovery. I would have liked more of a slow burn, considering what she’d been through but he was definitely kind with her.

A good read
Written by Tara E on 12th Feb 2023

First time reading this author. Overall a good read. Damsel in distress (Tiffany), rescued (by Tank), then both work through somethings to be together. Sometimes the mission you think you go on turns out to be entirely different.

Tank's Promise
Written by jennifer a on 12th Feb 2023

This was a short but good story. Tiffany has give up hope of being rescued from this traffickers prison. She just wants to die and feel nothing. When Tank finds her and helps rescue her they form a bond that is unbreakable. Tiffany builds her life back and is ready to show Tank who she is after healing.

Enjoyed this one
Written by KreggySue on 12th Feb 2023

Tank comes across Tiffany when they are at a location to destroy a rival's stash house. Instead, they find something awful. They find girls barely alive that are victims of their rivals. While some content is dark, the story itself is uplifting. Winter Sloane is one of my favourite writers and this book is well written.

Written by Daymara on 12th Feb 2023

This was such a good book! I absolutely loved it and will look for more books from this author. Tank and Tiffany are so meant to be. While Tiffany is recovering from all the trauma she endured, Tank is there to anchor her and to remind her that she is strong. I enjoyed reading their story. It was very heartwarming to see them choose and heal each other. Love it!!

Written by Amy J on 12th Feb 2023

Loved reading Tank’s Promise. This book was action packed and I couldn’t put it down. Loved reading about Tiffany and Tank and the chemistry between them was HOT too!!

Tanks Promise
Written by SMeyers on 12th Feb 2023

Decent biker romance. The storyline was pretty fast paced and the characters were believable. I would read other books by this author.

Knight in shining armor
Written by Jill G on 12th Feb 2023

This is the first book I have read by this author but it will not be the last. I enjoyed the story and especially how the author presented Tiffany as a strong survivor of such horrendous treatment that she had longed for death as an escape. I loved the hero, Tank and how he was her knight of shining armor who rode a motorcycle. This had a good storyline that made for a good read even thought there is a dark side to what Tiffany endured. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and are voluntarily leaving a review.

Tank and Tiffany
Written by weaveswife on 12th Feb 2023

Wow. This was definitely the most heart wrenching story for this MC so far. Tiffany starts in the most heinous environment. The Black Dogs MC is truly evil. Thankfully Tank and his MC got information about this location. He saved Tiffany. She felt so connected to him. There was something about her for him too. He was very sweet and patient waiting for her to be ready for everything. I absolutely love this MC. They are such good guys and Tank was amazing. Tiffany was great too. Even though she went through some horrendous, she still opened herself up to Tank and love. The ending was perfect.

❤️❤️❤️BE STILL MY HEART ❤️ ❤️❤️
Written by Gkp2460 on 12th Feb 2023

Tank's Promise is Tank and Tiffany's story and oh my gosh is it ever heartbreaking! It's also a story of hope, survival, unbelievable courage and salvation found in the most unexpected place and in the most unexpected person. It's a great story that tugs at your heartstrings and has you truly believing in happily ever after. It's probably my most favorite so far of the Ruthless Reaper's series.

Written by Nasra on 12th Feb 2023

This book 8s perfectly amazing. The story line is beautiful no play hard to get. No dragging of issues. It has a lot of everything and it is perfectly. The chemistry between them is fine. Good job

2nd chance
Written by BecM on 12th Feb 2023

Love that Tank knew what he wanted & went for it. He did it with respect & gentleness. Tiff despite being broken, picked herself up & got her HEA. Sweet & easy read.

A very sweet MC romance and HEA
Written by Sarah ES on 12th Feb 2023

Wow. This book started with revenge and payback and ended up turning into a HEA fairytale with a HEA!! Who would have guessed that a battered female sex slave survivor could fall in love with a man like Tank. The group that took her was an evil MC, but the group that rescued her was an MC with a heart of gold. The instant chemistry between Tank and Tiffany was great, add in a little action and a lot of steam and you have the very sweet MC romance and HEA every girl hopes for!!

A great book
Written by Angelica L on 12th Feb 2023

A great book with a great storyline and caring characters. I love the bond between Tiffany and Tank.

Saved by her biker
Written by Mozzy on 12th Feb 2023

I really liked this story. Both characters were lovely and even though it wasnt a dark book, it still was lovely to read. I thought that Tiffanys character was good and strong, especially after what she had gone though. Although at one stage i certainly did feel that Tiffany was clinging on to Tank because he was her saviour, however that was soon dismissed. It seems like attraction at first sight came to more. As for Tank, i really liked his character, Tiffany was someone he couldnt stay away from, even after she had been though what she had. It was really nice to see two characters going slow, getting to know each other trusting each other. A great book by Winter Sloane, it has encouraged me to look at others and even go and buy one.

Trigger warning
Written by Cassandra’s Rebellion on 12th Feb 2023

Winter Sloane creates wicked books that keep you reading through the night because you cannot put them down. This book has some trigger warnings but the ending is everything!

Great read
Written by Sua on 12th Feb 2023

When Tank saves Tiffany from her dark time of being held captive, she feels a connection towards Tank and asks him to promise to let her contact him after her recovery. It was a great read seeing their thoughts and feelings on if they were good enough for each other and working towards a great relationship for the future.

Dark MC romance
Written by Michele77 on 12th Feb 2023

This story begins in a very dark place but soon pulls the reader into a story of hope, redemption and faith. Beautiful story with great characters.

everybody needs a Tank
Written by Pauli on 12th Feb 2023

sweet read. Characters are well developed and the story itself has a hard subject, but doesn't go overboard on details and has some subtle funny stuff, making it less heavy.

Enjoyable MC story
Written by Michelle E on 12th Feb 2023

This is a new author for me but I'm a huge MC fan. I liked Tank and Tiffany and how he cared for her after he found her. There was a lot to overcome to get their HEA. Overall, I enjoyed the book.

Tank & Tiff
Written by Susan_C on 12th Feb 2023

Tiffany was tricked into believing Finn from the Black Dog MC and she was taken for s!x trafficking. The rival Ruthless Reapers MC are having problems with the Black Dogs and on a tip they go to a house and find Tiffany being held along with a few other ladies. Tank one of the MC members helps her. Tank wants to make her his but Finn is still out there. This book was good but there was a lot of over usage of the names and kinda thur me out of the story. The story line was good tho and I liked Tiff and Tanks story.

Written by JJ on 12th Feb 2023

Tiffany is living at the bottom. Her ex is a monster who left her cold, alone and at the mercy of evil. Luckily for her and a few of the other women, knights came riding Harley instead of a horse. Tank has an instant connection to her. He's protective, attracted and won't leave her to face her uphill alone. These two are so good and natural together. He is perfect to show her tenderness and she can see that not all bikers are evil. I received an ARC for an honest and voluntarily review.

Dark but sweet ❤️
Written by SciFiReader on 12th Feb 2023

Overall, I enjoyed the story. The MMC, Tank wasn’t a choir boy, but he was sweet, patient and loving to the FMC, Tiffany. Tank & this MC saved several women including Tiffany. She was broken but worked to recover and Tank supported her the whole way. I appreciated that the book didn’t follow the exact same story formula that many MC romances seem to. I just wish there was a little more resolution with the evil MC. Pros: • super sweet MMC • growth & recovery for FMC • kindness in MC with the darker parts of the MC life not being the focus Cons: • switches in POV, mid-chapter without announcing it. Made it a little confusing at times Ratings (out of 5) • Story/Plot: