Breaker by Winter Sloane

Heat Level 3
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Death Seekers MC, 1

Breaker, President of the Death Seekers MC, lost his old lady once. Love’s not in the cards for him until the night a gorgeous bartender shows him unexpected kindness. The moment Breaker set his sights on Riley, he knew she was born to be his. His VP warns him she’s trouble. Riley is indebted to a rival MC. The same club Breaker has forged a temporary alliance with but it doesn’t matter. Breaker wants Riley and what he wants, he always gets.

Riley Greyson’s life falls to pieces when she finds out her brother owes a huge debt to a vicious MC. Then fate drops a rugged and inked biker on her lap. He’s nothing like the men she’s dated before. Getting further mixed up in his world would only bring her pain and regret. But in Breaker’s rough embrace, Riley feels safe. She feels loved. Breaker’s willing to burn the world down, if it means claiming her as his.



Breaker looked at her like a hungry beast. Her heart raced with anticipation. Part of her couldn’t believe this was really happening. Riley didn’t think she was anything special and Breaker seemed to see her as something precious, someone worth his protection.

Her mouth watered as he took off his leather cut and shirt, exposing his muscular shoulders and chest. Riley could imagine running her fingers down his tight abdomen, tracing all his ink with her tongue. The dirty thoughts running in her head right now made her blush. Sex had always meant nothing to her, until now. She’d been with only two men in her life and both experiences were disappointments. Being with Breaker would be different.

Finally, he took off his bottoms. She sucked in a breath, seeing his cock, already at half-mast for her. He then joined her in bed, crawling on top of her.

Breaker placed her hands above her head, twining his fingers with hers as he kissed her. He pressed his lips against the pulse point in her neck, licked his way down her collarbones.

He sucked her breasts reverently. Breaker released her hands. Needing something to hold onto, she gripped the bars of the headboard behind her. Then he slipped one hand between her legs and started caressing the folds of her slick pussy. She moaned as he closed his teeth over her left nipple and bit down, leaving his bite mark there. Right there and then, Riley came against his hand.

“That was so fucking hot,” he told her.

“I can’t wait to feel your cock inside me,” she whispered. Just who was this bold and seductive creature? Riley had never been one to take initiative, and yet being with Breaker lured something wild inside her.

“You unexpectedly have a dirty mouth, Riley Grayson. I like it,” Breaker said, grinning.

“How do you want me?” she asked him.

“On your hands and knees.”