Cross by Winter Sloane

Heat Level 3
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Death Seekers MC, 2

Betrayed by an informant and hunted by enemy bikers, I didn't think I would live to see another day. Then I stumbled into her car repair shop, shot and half-dead. Dana could've turned me away or left me to bleed out, but she's an angel in disguise. She treats my wounds, not caring about the consequences. Dana thinks that once I ride away from her, I'll forget her. She has no idea about the plans I have for her. I finally found her—my queen—and I intend to claim her and make her mine.

I live in a town overrun by savage bikers. The last thing I expect is to fall hard and fast for another biker. Cross is the sergeant-at-arms of the Death Seekers MC, the enemy of the Crows, the MC that owns my hometown. It's only a matter of time before the Crows find out I helped Cross, and my life would be forfeit. The best thing to do is to pretend I never met Cross, but it's getting hard to stay away.



Cross’s room was on the fourth floor, right next to the stairs. As soon as they stood in front of the door, Cross couldn’t wait any longer. He yanked Dana close, loving the press of her breasts, of her body against his own. She rose on tiptoe, then kissed him first.

Cross slid his fingers into her hair and responded. The kiss was all heat and bite but it seemed exactly what they both wanted. Cross plundered her mouth, biting and sucking on her lip. At this point, his dick felt like a steel pipe between his legs.

She gripped his shoulders and would’ve mounted him right there if he hadn’t unlocked the door.

Cross had no interest in giving a wayward MC brother a show. He was a possessive bastard and he wanted Dana all for himself. They staggered inside his room. Cross remembered to open the lights and kick the door shut. Then he returned his attention to his woman.

 “You’re wearing too many clothes,” he told her.

 “So are you,” she said with a smile.

 “Come here,” Cross ordered with a growl.

Dana couldn’t tear her gaze from the animalistic need in his eyes and wondered if her own face betrayed her emotions. She went to him willingly and remained still while he ripped her clothes off her. An unknown thrill crept down her spine. Finally, she stood before him, only in her underwear. Despite only wearing a cotton bra and panties, Cross’s eyes lit up.

 “Bed,” he said.

At the same time, he reached around her, easily unclasping her bra. He hooked his fingers in her panties and a whimper escaped her lips when he easily tore off the fabric.

Damn, but she loved how savage he was and they hadn’t even gotten to the good part. She crawled into bed and watched as he took off his leather jacket, shirt, boots, pants, and boxers. Her mouth went dry at the sight of him, muscular, naked, and covered in tattoos.