The Cat's Dom by Lila Fox

Heat Level 4
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 The Doms of Madison County, 2

When Cat finally escaped from the monster that tortured her, it took years to heal emotionally and physically. After she met Macy, her desire for him surprised her, but nothing could happen. She was too damaged and broken inside to ever ask a man to put up with her insecurities and the fact that she might never be able to have sex.

Macy knew she was the submissive woman he’d been looking for, but he also knew it would take time for her to trust him. But he wouldn’t give up. He’d be as patient as he needed to be.

Cat decided she was stronger than she thought and wanted to try to get physical with Macy. But one thing after another keeps them from connecting, but they knew they could overcome anything—until the monster comes back.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys



“Are you ready to go home, Baby?” he asked.

She shook her head.

“What do you want?”


A spark of passion lit in his eyes. “What do you want to do with me?” he asked.

“I want you to make love with me.”

His hand slipped up under her skirt, and she felt his fingertips trace along the edge of her panties.

“You want me down here?”

She nodded.

He slipped his hand into her underwear and cupped her cunt. “In here?” he asked.

She nodded.

Macy pushed a finger into her cunt. “And here?”


“With my fingers, mouth, or cock?”

“I want you … inside of me. I want to feel like a whole woman.”

He started finger-fucking her as he lifted her and kissed her with all the passion she desired. Her legs spread when he worked two fingers into her, and she just wanted more.

“Baby, I have another question. Do you want me to take you home, or behind a barn, or right here in this chair where the guys can see?”

She looked at the other three men and saw them watching with rapt attention.

“Here. I trust them.”

“It might be better to have them here. You know they’d do anything for you, so you know they’d never let anyone, including me, hurt you.”

She looked up at him. “You’d never hurt me, Master.”

He cupped her cheek. “You’re right about that. Are you sure you don’t want to leave?”

She looked back at the guys. The fire had burned down to embers, so they were shrouded in shadows.

“Do you think they’d be mad if we stayed here?”

“Hell, no. They’ll feel proud that you’d want them here for your first time.”

She bit her lip. “Can I keep my skirt on?”

“Yes. That will make it so they can’t see you.”

“I know it’s silly. They’ll see me mostly naked in the club. But for this, I want that part private with you.”

“Anything you want,” Macy said.

She nodded.

Macy cleared his throat. “Guys, Cat wants you to stay and watch us make love for the first time. Are you okay with that? She feels safe with you.”

“Fuck, yeah,” Caden said.

“No touching? Link asked.

Macy looked down at her and shook his head. “Not this first time.”

The thought of Macy letting the guys into bed with them should have terrified her, but it only made her hornier.

“They won’t think bad about me?” she whispered.

“Baby, that’s not possible. They love you and will do anything to protect you or make you happy. I’m betting they’d do anything for you.”

Macy ripped her panties off, making her jump.

He grinned. “Sorry.”

She wanted to snort but didn’t think it was a good time, but then Macy distracted her by shoving two fingers into her cunt.

Cat screamed and pressed her face against his chest to smother the sound. Every thought left her head, and she could only concentrate on how he made her feel.

He lifted her head up and started to kiss her with what she guessed was all the passion he’d held back. Her arms encircled his neck. She couldn’t seem to make her body do anything. Macy knew exactly where to touch her, but that was the Dom in him.

“Let’s try three fingers. Are you doing okay?” he asked.

She nodded. She could feel his engorged cock pressing against her ass crack. She’d only caught glimpses of it because Macy had been careful not to scare her since they’d been together.

She arched off his lap. He took her mouth in a kiss that smothered her cries and made her hotter. Cat felt more with Macy than she ever thought possible.


“I know. I just want to make sure you’re ready, Baby.” He kissed her a few times. “You’re still on birth control?” he asked.


“Okay.  I’m not going to wear anything because you know I’m clean.”

She couldn’t keep her hips still, and her cunt cried out for him.

Macy lifted her up, and with one hand, undid his jeans and pulled his cock out. It took some doing with her on his lap, but he didn’t want the guys to see anything.

“Separate your legs and sit astride me, facing me. I’m going to let you control everything this time.”

She didn’t know if she could.

“I’ll help. Start to lower yourself. If it gets to be too much, tell me.”

She nodded. As she descended, she felt the head of his cock press against her cunt and start to slip in. Inch by inch, she’d press down and then move back up. She did this until he was able to fit inside of her.

The air rushed from her lungs, and Macy groaned.

“Good girl. You did it.”

She nodded.

“I’ll lift you up, and then we’ll let gravity push you back down.”


Her body tensed when a wave of desire-filled sensation raced through her. Her head fell back, and her back arched.

“Macy,” she cried out.

“I know, Baby. I can feel you tighten up on me. I’m going to start to take control.”