The Firebrand's Shy Lynx by T.M. Smith

Heat Level 3
SKU 978-0-3695-1008-2

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The Blood Coven World

The shy lynx…
Chloe, a local bookstore owner, is being coerced by her father, the alpha of her pack, to mate a loathsome male.

The Firebrand warrior…
When Mix, a rough-around-the-edges mountain lion-wolf shifter, happens to overhear her dilemma, he offers a way out.

Breaking free…
Their defiance and love in the face of tyranny could exact a high price. Are they willing to pay?


The extremely large Firebrand leaned his hip against a table while he read a book. Chloe was curious about the title. Even with her shifter vision, she couldn’t make it out at this distance.

He lifted a hand, combing fingers through his shaggy-cut hair, which varied in color from blond to reddish brown to black. His skin was bronze, like a lion. But he had the amber-gold eyes of a wolf. Together, the package was startlingly handsome.

He flipped his gaze up from what he was reading and caught her staring. Chloe blushed, busying herself with checking the new book shipment. But she saw his self-satisfied grin as he returned to reading.

Damn shifter.

The Firebrand mark of the Phoenix on his upper left arm appeared to take flight. The conceited warrior was flexing his bicep as if she’d find his muscles attractive. She didn’t.


He caught her staring again.

Oops. Back to the shipment list.

As closing time approached, she continued to sneak glances at Mix. Even though she kept getting spotted, she couldn’t help herself. He was attractive in a dangerous, feral way. Somehow, though, she knew he wasn’t cruel like Guise. He was a real male. He didn’t need to belittle others to make himself bigger. He was already big. Not only outside but inside, where it was important.


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Funny and good
Written by Pauli on 28th Jun 2024

There's a quirky quality to the characters that made me wish for more pages to read when the story was at its end. That said, it didn't feel like "funny" was the main goal but more the personalities of the characters, so... a very enjoyable and, sadly, very short read