The Lawgiver's Firebrand by T.M. Smith

Heat Level 3
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The Blood Coven World, 1 (stand-alone novellas)

He’s Arrogant
Lawgiver Daire is an arrogant incubus, a connoisseur of elegant females and the finer things of life.

She’s Common
Arianna is a witch and Firebrand warrior who is … well … common and less tastefully dressed than the legislator.

When Daire needs an arm charm and bodyguard for a gala, he hires Ari. After a fire breaks out at the event, a question must be asked. Who’s the target? As the story unfolds, the mismatched warrior and the incubus dodge attacks and pursue a more erotic pastime than avoiding a killer.


Ari didn’t so much dance with the incubus as fall against his chest and hold on to stay upright. Still, his arms were a strange comfort, warm, confident. Perhaps she’d over-celebrated.

She rubbed her cheek against the hoity-toity’s suit jacket. “Nice. Expensive, I bet.” Her palm stroked his back.

“It’s within my means.”

Tilting her chin, she locked onto his self-assured dark eyes with long lashes. “You look like buying a corporate jet or an entire region on Scath might be in your weekly budget. Are you taking me on as a charity case?”

His hand dropped to her ass, pulling her in tight, his arousal prodding her belly. Hmm. She turned him on in an unexpected way. Of course, he was an incubus, a sensual breed, ready to hump anyone. “Slumming,” he said.

“Glad to be of service.” She wiggled against him. “I’m Arianna. Ari. A Scion Firebrand. What’s your gig?”

“Daire. Lawgiver.”

She jerked back as if he carried a disease. “Oh, shit.”

He pulled her into his arms again. “A problem?” Shoving a leg between her thighs, he continued to sway to the music.

“You really are out of your neighborhood. Looking for an easy lay?” His chest comforted her cheek.

“Any lay is easy for my breed.”

“Arrogant much? I might surprise you.”

“I doubt it.”

Ari stopped, drawing away to let her gaze crawl from the tips of his expensive shoes to his thousand-dollar haircut, luxurious, short, a hank tumbling across a brow. It had been snipped to look casually windswept, but the style was purposeful. “Because you’re wearing nice clothes, probably costing more than I make in a month…”

“Six months.”

“Really?” That was cause to pause.

The Blood Coven Series:
The Firebrand
The Demon's Fire
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Snarky dialogue
Written by vickymeowmeow on 24th Feb 2024

Short story in the blood coven world. The dialogue between the main characters is awesome if you like snork and sarcasm, which I do. Very well written, fast-paced. Sex is mild to moderate some description is spicy but overall it's pretty vanilla and the seams are short. I really enjoyed the dynamic between this couple and really would like to see what comes next for them.

Written by Steacyn on 24th Feb 2024

Different book than most other world books. But a good kinda Different. Really enjoyed reading about 2 opposite who are attracted to each other falling for the other. One a protector and one a lawmaker.

Interesting read
Written by Jordan F on 24th Feb 2024

It was a good story. However, Daire was a bit too arrogant for my liking. Arianna is powerful in her own right, but Daire seems to enjoy putting others down. It kind of bothered me. However, the story flowed nicely and there was some spicy scenes.

The Lawgiver's Firebrand
Written by Karen99 on 24th Feb 2024

Loving This New Series! He’s gorgeous, he’s sexy and knows what he wants, he’s not into commitment and is happy taking his pleasures where he can until he meets Ari. Ari is a Firebrand Witch warrior, not his usual type but for some reason, he wants her and wants her with a passion. Ari is a law unto herself, she likes to dress her own way, she’s her own person coming into her powers and Daire although he lives a different life to her and is a Lawgiver for some reason he is a temptation she’s finding hard to resist. Dive into this fantastic new series which is a spin off from ‘The Blood Coven Series’ and enjoy the witty moments, engaging characters and love affair between Ari and Daire which is about to explode with passion leading to their HEA.