The Phoenix by T.M. Smith

Heat Level 3
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The Blood Coven Series, 5

… isn’t just any witch. She’s the reader of the River Am, incomparable finder of lost objects, witch extraordinaire, sister of Alarik, aunt of Rein, daughter of Tor and Adriana, madwoman, and quirky bitch.

… is an enigma. He’s a raven shifter, a traitor, and a trespasser.

… from the moment Indigo sees Roark bathing in her river, she is mesmerized. Secrets, though, can be world-changing.


Indigo peeked between the leaves of a thickly foliaged bush, her hand pressing down on a branch for a better view. The greenery tickled her nose. Her eyes narrowed into a squint.

Cheeky bastard. What’s he doing in my river?

With his broad back to her, a male submerged beneath a pool of water created by large boulders and fallen trees. He left behind only a ripple. After several moments, he exploded from the depths. Breaking the surface, he cut through the misty layer which floated atop the river.

Thu-thump. Thu-thump. Thu-thump.

Her heart stuttered against her ribs when he tossed his head from side to side, scattering droplets of moisture. His lazy fingers combed through short, wet, smoky black hair. The muscles of his huge, corded biceps flexed with the movement. Ribbons of water flowed from the top of his broad shoulders to his trim waist until they rejoined the river. Indigo licked her lips, imagining her tongue caressing his moist flesh.

Holy Gahya and hot stuff.

She brushed away dangling leaves to get a clearer view of the hunk.

A huge Phoenix tat in glorious technicolor filled the intruder’s back, from his shoulders to the upper curve of his tight ass. With its head angled upward, the bird’s beak nipped the trespasser’s neck. Wings unfolded from his spine, continuing until they curled around his biceps like decorative armlets. Talons perched atop his squeezable buttocks. And everywhere, the mass of brightly colored feathers glinted in the sun. If it were on his arm, she’d take him for a Scion Firebrand, a warrior who protected her realm, but his mark was bolder. It said I’m the biggest, strongest mutherfucker on Scath.

With a slow sensual pivot, the intruder presented a flawless, densely muscled bronze chest. He remained groin deep in the river. Indigo moaned in appreciation of a thin trail of hair arrowing down from his naval until it disappeared into the water.

Take one more step toward shore, she urged.

He did.

While Indigo twirled a springy curl around her finger, her heart drummed against her ribs. Her toes curled into the dewy grass. She swallowed hard. Oh, yeah. His package was king size, double X, mondo. And fricking erect.

Her breath caught in her throat when he froze. An I’m-hotter-than-shit cocky grin spread across his handsome, chiseled face. He swung his gaze in her direction, his crystal-gray laughing eyes capturing the light of the sun, glittering like sharp chips of smoky glass. Day-old stubble shadowed his square jaw as if he’d been too busy to shave this morning.

Indigo popped her hand off the branch, letting it snap into place. No way he spotted her.


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The Phoenix!
Written by Mary on 3rd Dec 2023

This is the fifth story and it appears to be the final, in the really creative, well developed and intriguing "Blood Coven" series. Although it can be read in as a stand alone read I recommend you read the series in order. You will get more of the over reaching back story. It is a paranormal and magical story that is full length and very intriguing. I really like the characters and how the story builds and develops. It is fast paced and action packed. The author did a great job developing this story action, adventure, subterfuge, steam, passion, witty dialogue and some vulnerabilities. I loved it!!! I enjoyed every bit of this read and the whole series. WOW!

Love This Series
Written by Lilbirdh on 3rd Dec 2023

This series is so good! Filled with great romances, hot scenes, and paranormal elements which is perfect for any paranormal lover. More please!

Written by Mumto2girls on 3rd Dec 2023

The Phoenix is a story written from multiple perspectives and is a complex and well developed story. The central characters are Roark, a very unusual shifter and Indigo, an extremely talented witch. It is an action-packed romance between two strong and unusual characters as they fight to save the world. Their story is told within the context of a long and destructive war with a truly heinous villain and, in order to understand what is going on and the history that has brought the characters to this point, it helps to have read other books in the series. I have read one of the other books and I had to keep referring back to it and to the very helpful glossaries that the author has provided. This is a fitting end to a very well crafted series and although there is cause for grief, there is also much to be celebrated. I will be reading the other books in the series!

page turner
Written by Di Ketchup on 3rd Dec 2023

A page-turner of a paranormal romance, I found this almost impossible to put down! The plot hooked me from the first chapter and the main characters felt so real I couldn't help the tension I felt over everything they were going through, particularly Roark. Recommended to fans of thrilling reads and paranormal romances!

Roark and Indigo
Written by ReaderforLife on 3rd Dec 2023

Action-packed, steamy AF and just plain good! Roark and Indigo strike sparks off each other immediately, even as they are in a fight for the fate of the world. He's too bold by half on their first meeting, handling the unknown witch as he would a lover. For her part, she likes the look of the kinda-shifter, and chooses to not smite him. A treasure hunt for a powerful blade gives them the proximity needed to kindle the flames of their desire. The Aeternals and Homo Sapiens' war is long, bloody and vicious. Cerberus is determined to rule the world, fueled by the terror meted out by his long-dead tyrannical mother. Apparently being one of the most powerful beings in existence isn't enough. World domination to feed off the weakling humans is his goal, and he is not above sacrificing his own to achieve it. I empathized with Dolph even as I reviled him. A little boy lost who grew up to be a monster. Oh well. Monsters are meant to be vanquished and none deserve it more than he. A great story from beginning to end, unpredictable and captivating to the last. Battles are won, love is claimed and losses are mourned. A fitting end to the series.

The Phoenix
Written by AngelaC on 3rd Dec 2023

In true fashion, the action and the romance, followed by the mystery and the suspense created an enjoyable read. I have not read all 5 of these stories, but the themes that shine through show hope, steam and fierce determination. Roark is the Warrior. Indigo is the witch. But those terms mean little when they join forces to find the missing sword and realize that secrets and lies permeate their reality.

Indigo & Roark
Written by Babs on 3rd Dec 2023

The fifth book in the Blood Coven Series, another great story. Witch Indigo and raven shifter Roark's story I would say if you have been following this series do not miss this book. I want to read this series again. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Great Reading
Written by Danee on 3rd Dec 2023

I enjoyed this story, we get the story of Roark and Indigo. They are great together and keep you glued to the pages from the start. The attraction and chemistry between them is off the charts and is a must see and a page turner. I definitely recommend this book but also the rest of this great series.

Another Great Addition to the Series
Written by tburbr on 3rd Dec 2023

This was another great addition to the series. The characters were endearing while the story line was engaging. I can't wait to see what T.M. Smith has in store for us next.

The phoenix
Written by P W on 3rd Dec 2023

What an amazing read throughout, the chemistry between them was hot. I enjoyed this book because it has plenty to offer and amazing characters

Written by LestWITCH on 3rd Dec 2023

The Phoenix is a good paranormal read. This author had alot in this book. This world is good but I had a hard time keeping things organized.

Sad that it ended
Written by Booklover1975vnc on 3rd Dec 2023

I really enjoyed reading this series. Seeing everything come together in the end was great. Once again there are mini romances going on throughout the book that involve other characters. So that’s an added bonus. But, the main male and female characters story was really well done. I loved Roark and indigo. We know she’s the quirky aunt of Rein. She’s super feisty as well as sweet. She was perfect for Roark. So many surprises. Hated to see it end. I loved loved loved it.

What a fabulous way to wrap up this series!!
Written by Sarah ES on 3rd Dec 2023

This book is amazing!! I had the hardest time putting it down. The action was off the charts and kept me on the edge of my seat through the entire book. Then there was the steam and the spice as several new couples were brought together. Talk about a hot conclusion especially for Indigo!! Great job and I look forward to reading more of your books.

The Phoenix
Written by Karen99 on 3rd Dec 2023

WOW! Just WOW! I really didn’t expect that! I really cannot express how great this series has been, if you love paranormal reads with intense action, passion, steamy moments that can set your reading on fire with an immense storyline that continues throughout each book, this is the series for you! Each storyline has more than one fated mate with a HEA and the connection strengthens within each book as you can see how the plot gets deeper and deeper. Characters from previous books within the series are strongly featured with their personalities and actions highlighted, some witty moments which will make you smile. Roark and Indigo are the hero and heroine of this book which involves lots of dark secrets that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you just cannot read each page quick enough to get to the next. The storyline draws you into their world and as the biggest secret of all is revealed, be prepared for a big shock, an unexpected surprise with a twist which brings the whole series together. This author’s imagination is just amazing and fantastic as she takes you to another world with her stories! If I could give each book a 10* I would, each one is that good! Highly Recommended Read!