The Publisher's Proposal by D. F. Krieger

Heat Level 4
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Daring Desires, 2

Sylvia must fess up her secrets, but things go too far when Ivy, the publisher at Daring Desires Publishing, wants to use Katia as her own personal learning tool for BDSM. What ensues is a catfight between editor and boss, as both try to win over author Katia Lane.

Katia never expected BDSM to come up when she's invited to meet with the publisher for dinner, but sure enough, a ménage is in the making. What Katia can't understand is, if Sylvia asked her to come, why isn't the editor enjoying this too?

Be Warned: menage sex (FFF), BDSM, voyeurism, sex toys



Determined to win this little game, Sylvia moved up to her sub's neck. She nipped and kissed lightly before running her tongue across Katia's earlobe. The whimper turned into a moan and Sylvia couldn't help glancing at Ivy out of the corner of her eye. Her boss had one of Katia's legs lifted and she was mirroring Sylvia's motions on the inside of Katia's thigh.


Oh, now that's playing dirty. I would have started by kissing her ankles.


Sylvia narrowed her eyes and decided to beat the redhead to the punch. They all knew where this was headed, and she'd be damned if Ivy got to her sweet spot first. She adjusted so that she was seated on the edge of the bed, her feet still planted firmly on the floor, and her ass hanging half off. It wasn't too comfortable, but it gave her access to what she wanted. Katia's pert nipples beckoned her like cupcakes in a bakery. She wanted nothing more than to lick the sweet tips of them until she was satisfied.


As Sylvia began lowering her head, she noticed Ivy had paused to watch her. The woman's eyes were narrowed, as if studying Sylvia's movements. That's right, you are the student and I am the master. You better be studying hard.


With slow, deliberate movements, Sylvia swirled her tongue around Katia's breast. She avoided the nipple with great care. When she tilted her head to glance at Katia's face, the woman was staring at her with wide, pleading eyes. Oh yes, she knew that look and knew exactly what the sub wanted. Suddenly, Katia threw back her head, her body arched off the bed, and her eyes shut. Her breast almost slammed right into Sylvia's mouth.


A quick glance back down at Katia's pussy confirmed Sylvia's suspicions: Ivy was fingering her, fast and hard. An orgasm was wracking the blonde's body, and her moans were clearly audible through the gag. Katia was tugging at her restraints, her fists clenched.

She's right on the edge, slipping, but not free-falling yet. Here's my chance.

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Kinky Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 10th Nov 2012

The Publisher’s Proposal is a relatively short novella with a lesbian BDSM theme that focuses on the relationships of an erotica editor, her publisher, and her best selling author, whom the editor has helped attain authenticity in her writing by personally training her in the finer points of BDSM. While reading it, at one point I remember thinking that this book contains some of the best writing in this genre that I have read in awhile in terms of creative premise, interesting characters, and snappy dialogue. Indeed, I still think that, but as for being a satisfying erotic BDSM read, it fell somewhat short. To begin with, the first erotic scene doesn’t occur until nearly halfway through the 41 pages of text and basically consists of semi-public groping in an elevator. It was kind of fun that this interlude was viewed on the monitor of a bi-curious female security guard, who later is woven into the story’s conclusion. The big erotic scene is a rather awkward ménage that is very tame by BDSM standards and is tempered by the inner conflict and jealousy of two members of the trio. To be fair, the scenario was erotic and well done, but only worthy of a three on the kink meter.

could this book be any hotter?
Written by undefined on 27th Sep 2012

Adored it! I'd go into details, but don't want to spoil anything. I loved the conflict, its resolution, and other surprises.