The Scarred One by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Deadly Duet, 2

Henry is the scarred one of the deadly duet. Everyone fears him, avoids him, and he takes his pleasures out on the whores he controls. He does whatever it takes to get the job done, even kill a woman’s boyfriend in front of her. 

Lydia knows there is more to Henry than meets the eye but she will not be the one to find out the truth. She wants nothing to do with him or the world he’s involved in. When they are kidnapped, she has to put her faith in him to get them out. 

Witnessing the damage done to Lydia, Henry promises to kill everyone responsible. With no other choice, Lydia sees the real man within him. She can no longer walk away as she has fallen in love with the scarred one. What will she do when his need for vengeance puts her at risk once again?



He tilted her head back, stroking his thumb across the fading lines of her bruise. The pain in his eyes was so clear to see that he took her breath away. “Every time I look at you and I see these I’m reminded that those bastards are still out there.”

Lydia gripped his hand. “Don’t do that, Henry. You’ll get them when it’s time. You don’t need to rush to find them for me.”

“I promised you I’d kill them.”

She’d been surprised when she hadn’t developed nightmares the first night she was here. Any time she got scared she would wake and think about Henry and all of her problems would fade away.

“I believe you.”

“You’re not afraid?”

“Of you? No, I’m not afraid.” She licked her lips then glanced down to stare at his lips. What would it feel like for him to kiss her?

“You’ve changed since last time?”

“A lot more is going on now. I wasn’t afraid of you last time. I didn’t know you. I don’t know you now, but what I do know is you won’t hurt me.” She reached out to touch his scarred cheek. He didn’t pull away from her, and she traced the outline of the mark on his skin. “This tells me a story. It’s not a nice story or an easy one, but there’s more to you than meets the eye, Henry.”

“What are you doing to me?” he asked.

She released his cheek and covered his hand that held her face. “The exact same thing you’re doing to me.” Lydia dropped his hand down to her breast. Her heart was racing, and she couldn’t stop what she wanted. She wanted to have his hands all over her body, to feel what he was doing to her. He cupped her breast, and she released a breath. “This is what you do to me every time we’re together. I can’t stop thinking about you.” This was the first time she’d ever put herself out there with a man. She never allowed herself to get too close. Most of the men she’d been with had used her for sex and money. Darren had only used her because she’d been convenient as she had a place to stay. God, when was she going to stop falling for losers who only wanted her for what she could give them?

Stepping back, she shook her head. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

With her humiliation complete she wanted to do nothing more than go and hide underneath a rock.

“No.” He caught her hand and eased her back against him. She stared up into his eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“What I’ve been imagining for so damn long. I can’t go another second until I know exactly how you taste.” He dropped his head toward hers, and before she could stop him, his lips were on hers. 

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Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Robin on 13th Dec 2014

I found The Scarred One by Sam Crescent to be fascinating as it was a romance about a guy who by all accounts was not a good guy. Yet in the privacy of his life with Lydia, he turns into the romantic hero many women dream of. This contradiction intrigued me and kept me glued to my e-reader. Henry is utterly fascinated by Lydia but refuses to acknowledge his feelings. Instead, he treats her horribly in his quest to drive her away. One night he was a total jerk to Lydia and she stormed away, fed up with his attitude. Showing some remorse, Henry went after Lydia to apologize. Suddenly they are kidnapped by some business rivals of Henry’s. While they are held, Henry finally accepts that Lydia is meant to be his while Lydia is finally able to see Henry’s softer side. They are eventually rescued, but Lydia has several injuries that require time to recuperate. Henry announces his decision to watch over her and moved Lydia into his house. It’s during their time together at Henry’s house that I really began to fall in love with Henry. I found myself amazed that I could feel that way about a man who sold drugs and used whores on a regular basis. But Lydia brings out his softer side and Ms. Crescent did a fantastic job of turning a dark character into someone I could root for and hope for. Lydia knew about all of Henry’s misdeeds and she was still attracted to him. But he treated her so badly that it would take an extreme situation to change her mind. I really enjoyed watching Lydia fall in love with Henry and vice versa. The storyline was well written which I would expect from Ms. Crescent. The sexual chemistry between Henry and Lydia was terrific and I completely bought how Lydia could fall in love with Henry. I also appreciated that Ms. Crescent did not change who Henry was because he fell in love. This made the entire story authentic and believable. The Scarred One is the second book in the Dead Duet series. I had not read the first book and had no difficulty in following along with this one. I would like to go back and read the first one now in order to see how Henry and Lydia first met though. And I am awfully curious about Elijah though and hopefully his story will be out soon.

Written by Angie on 18th Nov 2014

This was a really good book about Henry and Lydia. These two have a strange past, but their attraction gets them into trouble. Henry isn't who we thought he was and boy did we learn what a great guy he can be.

Henry and Lydia
Written by Deborah on 11th Nov 2014

I loved the previous book 'Fear the Boss' and couldn't wait to read Henry's story, I knew this would be a darker more difficult read but early on I was thinking the author had made a huge mistake, Henry was just awful, nasty and cruel and I couldn't see that my opinion would change in time to save this book which is ultimately a romance and for a romance to work for me I need to like both the main characters and actually want them to be together and early on I just wanted Lydia to run away, as fast and as far as she could. As I said early on Henry is horrible, using the club whores and then cruelly discarding them and he's basically not nice to anybody, so not your typical romantic hero but he is a hero and underneath that cruel and harsh exterior is a real man with feelings and I was completely won over, I loved Henry, I loved him for how he was with Lydia, for everything he'd been through and for the scars he has to carry around everyday of his life. I was worried this book wouldn't work, thought I couldn't even like Henry and in the end I kind of fell in love with him a little bit.

A must free
Written by Romantic Bookaholic on 11th Nov 2014

I swear that this author can do no wrong! Sam Crescent has ability to take world and it make you feel like one of the characters. Each and every book is perfect on their own, and this story is no different. This is one of my favorites so far!!

better then the first one
Written by Michelle on 5th Nov 2014

Love Henry and Lydia .this was a awesome book, the dynamics between the characters were felt . Hated that it ended . Hopefully Elijah get his book next.

Great story
Written by Neringa on 4th Nov 2014

I was so waiting for Henrys story. And that was great read. Henry was a real as*hole at first to Lydia. Opens mouth and all these hurtfull words spilling out. But thats the way he fights his attraction for her. And when they got kidnapped...Well his pretense is gone. Henry whants to claim and protect Lydia. And he going to hunt down any man who hurt her. Lydia felt pull towards Henry from the start. But he always acted cruel when she was around. But after kidnapping Henry showed a side of himself to her no one else ever saw maybe except Caleb. And Lydia then knows that this is a man she was waiting for so long. Just one problem with this book. I got so curious about Elijah now. Hope his story come out soon.

Written by NORMA on 4th Nov 2014

I totally loved this book!! Henry and Lydia story left me wanting more of them. Henry at the beginning is a total jerk and Lydia to avoid confrontation with him puts up with his cruel insults until she has enough of him. Running away trying to get away from his cruel insults they get into some trouble. I love the way Sam Crescent evolve Henry's character to have a sensitive and loving side. He truly wants to protect Lydia and be with her.

Written by Rhonda on 4th Nov 2014

Henry's story is awesome. I'm not normally into this type of storyline, but Caleb's book was so good, I was hoping Henry's would be also. No worries because it was great. Lydia was perfect for Henry. She calms him down and makes him a better man. Oh he is still a criminal but with her, that world goes away. The sex scenes are smokin hot too. Sam never disappoints me with her books and I will continue to buy them when they come out.

intenese emotion
Written by Amazon customer on 4th Nov 2014

I loved this book. The characters were amzing. The story was well developed. This. Was a great sequel to "Fear the Boss."

Loved it
Written by on 4th Nov 2014

Sam Crescent you done it again I can't wait for the next one and thank you for being a great writer

What a great series
Written by Nicole on 3rd Nov 2014

This book is the second bk of the Deadly Duets first book being Fear the Boss. The Scarred One is a great book touching emotional and showing us that not all people are good not all are bad but a bit of both. Henry is a man that you either love or hate but by the end of this book you will love him. Lydia is loving and caring in so many ways she accepts Henry and loves him without compromise. A Series and story that is so worth reading.