Time for Change by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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Christian Scopes was a married man with a beautiful wife and daughter—and then a plane crash took it all away from him. The only person he has left is Rachel, his wife’s younger sister. He adores her. She’s beautiful and charming, not to mention a hard nut intent on keeping him sane.

Rachel has loved her brother-in-law for as long as she can remember. He’s been there for her when no one else was. After losing her sister, she tries to be everything he needs … until he brings a woman home with him.

For three long years they try to ignore their growing feelings but cannot help growing closer with every passing year. This year is different, as their lives are about to change. Christian cannot let the woman he loves find someone else. The holidays are about second chances. Could this be his chance to finally settle down with a woman he loves? Can Rachel get past her insecurities to give him what he wants?

‘Tis the season for change.

Be Warned: anal sex



Tilting her head back, he didn’t give her room to move or to mistake what he was doing.

“This has been a long time coming.”

“You sleep with everything that walks.”

“I didn’t think I could have you,” he said, being honest with her.

She gasped, trying to jerk back. He stopped her from hitting her head on the wall.

“This shouldn’t be happening,” she said. Her voice became a whisper as she looked at him.

“Why not?”

“You’re Claire’s—”

“She’s dead, and she wanted me to be happy.”

Rachel swallowed, and he watched the movement. Her throat looked so tempting. Leaning forward, he stroked his tongue along her pulse, feeling it jump beneath his touch. Her moan erupted out of her lips, making him harden further still.

“We can do this, Rachel. We can be together. We will be together.”

He wasn’t taking no for an answer. Rachel was his woman, and all they’d been doing was wasting time with each other.

Moving his hand from the wall, he cupped her large breast through her dress. Her nipple hardened, pressing into his palm.

“Richard doesn’t deserve you. No other man deserves you.” He didn’t deserve her, but he wasn’t going to let her go.

“And you do?” she asked, sounding incredulous.

“I know you better than any other person. You know this, and so do I.”

“You’re Claire’s.”

“No.” He spoke the word through gritted teeth. “I’m not Claire’s.” She needed to stop seeing her sister when it was only him that was left. Cupping both of her cheeks, he tilted her head back, focusing on her. “But I could be yours.”

They’d never kissed, not once. Staring at her plump lips, Chris felt his heart pounding against his chest. He was going to do this. No more fighting or hiding from what she evoked inside him.

“This can’t happen,” she said.

Drawing closer to her lips, Chris made a decision. “This can happen, and it will.”

He slammed his lips down on hers not giving her a chance to pull away. She whimpered the instant his mouth was on hers. Tightening his fist in her hair, he tugged on the length wanting to shock her in some way.

Chris felt the need to possess every inch of her. She’d been on a date with another man, and he couldn’t accept the thought of her with someone else. No one deserved to be with his woman.

Letting go of her hair, he ran his hands down her back to cup her ass. She didn’t open for him, and he released her lips long enough to order her. “Open your lips for me, baby. Kiss me back, touch me.”

He was mindless with pleasure. Every need pushed him to claim her harder. Squeezing her ass tightly, he rubbed his cock against her body, wishing she was naked.

Breaking the kiss, he looked down into her eyes knowing he’d finally crossed that line between them.

“Nothing is going to stop what’s about to happen.”

“I’ve just been on a date with someone else,” she said, pressing a hand to her lips.

“And now it’s my turn to show you why I’ll be so much better for you.” 

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The Romance Studio
Written by undefined on 22nd Feb 2014

Christian Scopes was a happily married man with a beautiful daughter until a plane crash destroyed his hopes and dreams. It is only through his wife’s younger sister, Rachel, that he has been able to stay sane. She’s beautiful, strong and determined to care for him. Chris has pushed his feelings for Rachel aside settling for an endless sea of nameless women to dull his pain. There has never been a time that Rachel hasn’t loved Chris but it is only with the death of her sister that their bond has strengthened. Rachel has tried to be there for Chris, seeing to his needs until he brings a woman home with him. Forced to really look at her life and future, Rachel knows she has to start living for herself, away from Chris. But there is no way that he is going to let her walk away from him. The distinctive voice of wildly popular author Sam Crescent gives readers a moving love story with two characters that seem to leap from the pages into fully appreciated people the reader empathizes with and cares for. As well as the characters, the drama, action and emotion merge together perfectly creating a heart-stopping romance. In Time for Change, the author lets the reader experience the relationship between Chris and his wife, Claire, as well as the relationship between Chris and Rachel while Claire is still alive for a better understanding of their connection as well as the love between them. These realistically portrayed characters aren’t perfect. Far from it . But with the struggle, both must face with their own issues and insecurities in order to be able to have a life together. A time or two, it feels like Rachel’s uncertainties keep rising up to where the reader might get a little frustrated with her character, but it is easy to look past. With his first touch, Chris overwhelms Rachel’s senses, making her understand that she is his and there won’t be another for her. He is a demanding lover who storms Rachel’s fears and uncertainties, letting her know without a doubt that in their relationship, it is his rules, he wears the pants in the house. He loves Rachel with a passion that can’t be denied and he is more than willing to fight for her as he struggles with some hard truths about how he has lived his life in order to heal after he lost his wife and daughter. It is through Rachel’s love that Chris becomes a devoted and better man. The ending will touch the heart of the reader, maybe even bring a tear or two as two deserving people find their happily ever after.

Gotta read!
Written by Angie on 25th Dec 2013

Rachel had seen a lot of loss in her short life. Chris was a domineering guy. Chris changed when he realized that Rachel was moving on for good. These two had a chemistry and really fit together. This was an emotional story, but it is so worth reading!