Tortured Souls by Kelly Yeakle

Heat Level 2
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In Ireland there is a legend that haunts Castle O’Shea and the family that owns it.

Alexa Malone is recently divorced and not looking for love, but when she comes to the Green Isle to help uncover the secret behind the hidden treasure she finds more than she bargained for.

Liam O’Shea keeps a guarded heart, but not without good reason. Burned in the past because of his namesake, he chooses to keep his identity hush-hush.

The fate of the hidden treasure lies in the hands of Alexa and Liam. Can their budding romance solve the mystery? Or will their fate be the same as so many others in the past?

Previously released as The Legacy Keeper’s Treasure, you’ll find Tortured Souls re-edited with more content for your reading pleasure.



The first thing Alexa heard when she walked through the door was someone with a strong Irish tongue cursing like a sailor from an adjoining room. She couldn't remember Patrick mentioning anyone else assisting her at the castle. She thought she would have free reign to come and go as she pleased, without the worry of someone else getting in the way.


Patrick O’Shea was, in her opinion, a huge ass. He wasn’t there to meet her at the airport, wasn’t there for her first day on the job, and now he had taken it upon himself to have someone else working with her. Hadn’t she been clear enough when she told him that after her last assignment she wanted to work alone?


She scolded herself for being judgmental. She had no idea who the stranger in the castle with her was. He could simply be the groundskeeper, the person who had the main gate open for her arrival.


Keeping her temper in check, she set her things down on the floor, making sure the thermos was sitting upright. The last thing she needed was her caffeine supply leaking all over the stone.


Once everything was situated, she headed off toward the direction of the noise and found a man with his back to her, talking to himself in a loud voice while throwing what appeared to be glass bottles into a large trash bag. He didn’t seem to notice her come into the room. Afraid she might startle him and get hit with a piece of glass, she stood and watched for a moment.


The muscles on his arms flexed as he continued to pick up trash from the floor, and even from the back she could tell he was tall and lean with a body that looked like a gift from the gods.


She cleared her throat to give him warning that he was no longer alone.


The swearing stopped immediately and his body stiffened.


“Are you okay?” she asked as he spun around to face her.


Her jaw dropped. He was not attractive, he was drop-dead gorgeous, and he was the silent stranger from the pub.


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The Romance Studio TRS
Written by Theron on 5th Jan 2015

Alexa Malone is in Ireland and about to start on a dream job….searching Castle O’Shea for a treasure hidden there. The legend says that when the treasure is found, the spirit of Quinn O’Shea will be released from the castle. All of the previous treasure hunters have failed, but Alexa is determined to find it. She refuses to give up. For Alexa, the dreams begin almost as soon as she lands in Ireland. She is Katherine in the dreams and sees the love affair between herself and Quinn. The legend stems from their story. And to top it off the ghost of Quinn O’Shea keeps showing up, usually when she is wrong in her search. Liam O’Shea falls for Alexa the second he sees her but he hides his last name from her. He wants Alexa to get to know him without knowing he is the O’Shea heir. He has his reasons. And Alexa wants complete honesty in her relationships with people. She has her reasons, too. So falling in love might not be so easy. Alexa has two months to find the treasure. Even with some complications. No one with the O’Shea name can get near the treasure. There is a whole lot of castle to search. And there is one more tiny little detail to the legend that no one but the ghost knows. I love the Brennigan sisters. They are the kind of people I’d want to get to know if I went to Ireland. The tour guide at the castle is a creep. The pub is loud and lively, just what an Irish pub is supposed to be. All in all, I’d love to live there, too. I found myself wishing I could read faster or that I could have the story poured into my head. I just wasn’t getting there fast enough. But the end was very much worth the trip to get there.

Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Isis on 4th Jul 2014

Tortured Souls by Kelly Yeakle is a great paranormal romance. I really enjoyed reading Tortured Souls and look forward to reading some other books by this author. Tortured Souls is two love stories weaved into one over the fabric of time. I thoroughly enjoyed Quinn and Katherine and Liam and Alexa’s stories. Tortured Souls is a story of magic and love that is well worth the read. Alexa has just gone through a divorce and she needs to get away and forget about it. That is why she agreed to take on a job to unearth a treasure that has been lost for years. She has been having vivid dreams about a woman she does not recognize and they only intensify when she reaches the Green Isle. Then strange things begin to happen at the castle where she is looking. On top of that she is seeing a ghost in the castle. Then she meets Liam and there is something about him that she finds irresistible. The more time they spend together the more she falls for him. As the search goes on the more she finds out about Katherine the woman in her dreams. Can her and Liam find the treasure and find true love? Or will something get in the way? Liam is an O’Shae and he is pretty well known on the Green Isle and that has gotten his heart broken in the past. The last woman he dated only wanted him for his name and his money. Since then he has been very guarded and has never opened his heart up to anyone else. Then he sees Alexa in the bar one night and he is inexplicably drawn to her. When he sees her at the castle the next day he decides he will only tell her his first name because he wants to see if she can fall for him and not his name or fortune. Will that decision eventually cause him his heart once again? The more time they spend together working on finding the lost treasure the more he realizes that he loves her and he must tell her the truth. Will it cost him everything? Or will the two of them find true happiness in each other’s arms. In the past Katherine is betrayed by her love Quinn. He promised her they’d be together forever but he married another. Quinn didn’t marry for love he married to make his mother happy and he has regretted every last moment. He can’t resist his true love even though he is married. Katherine curses Quinn’s wife so that she will be unable to bear him any children. She also hides their treasures and casts a protection spell that will keep any of the O’Shea’s from finding their treasures. Quinn and Katherine never had their happily ever after and both are reaching out across time to bring the curse to an end so they can finally be reunited in their love. Can Liam and Alexa break the curse? Or will they have to wait longer to be reunited? I devoured Tortured Souls it was a really good read. I liked the characters both the main characters and the secondary ones. I liked the sisters who ran the Bed and Breakfast she was staying at. They were interesting and added to the storyline well. I liked Alexa’s character as well because she was a strong and independent woman who would not let her divorce get to her. I liked that she was not afraid to try her hand at love again even though she had been hurt before. I liked Liam but I did not like that he kept his true identity from Alexa. I could understand why he felt it was necessary to do though. I liked their chemistry and I also liked that he believed her when she told him she’d seen Quinn. I would recommend Tortured Souls to anyone who enjoys magical paranormal reads.