Ugly by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 2
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In every element of her life, even before she was born, Blake Carson has failed. She isn’t a boy, she isn’t pretty, she doesn’t fit in—she is ugly. That is what she believes. All of her faults make her ugly. 

Then he comes along. Logan Black has met ugly head on, and lived to tell the tale. Now he has moved to West County, to get away from both his father and the pain of the past. He never expected to meet his future, but there she sits in the cafeteria at school, accepting everyone’s judgment, and worse, believing them. 

But Logan knows she isn’t ugly. She isn’t a failure, and he is about to show her another way. He is determined to be her friend—and more. 

Then a fight brings his father to town, and Logan runs, taking Blake with him. But they can’t run forever, and when an accident leaves them no choice, they have to head home and face the consequences of what they did. Can their love survive the real ugly in the world?



“Dad happened.”

“He wants you to go back with him.”

“I either go with him, or he comes here.” He started to pace, and her bedroom was so small that it didn’t take him long to grow bored. Taking the seat beside her on the bed, he stared at her. “I don’t want him here.”

“Going back to Vegas, that’s going to your old life, right?”


“Maybe it’s for the best. You had friends there.”

“None of them are like you, and I didn’t have friends, not really.”

She pushed some hair out of her face, and he saw how beautiful she was, even wearing the glasses that hid her brown eyes from him at times. He’d convinced her to try contacts, which she wore now more than ever.

“You’re confusing me, Logan. What do you want?”

“I want to stay with you.”

“I’m not going anywhere. If you want to stay with me then your father is going to have to live here.”

“You ever thought about running away?”

Blake tilted her head, staring at him. “Running away?”

“You know, packing your bags, and leaving.”

“Yeah, all the time. It would be so much easier to just leave. You’re thinking of running away?”

“Why not? We only need each other.”

“Logan, be serious.”

“I am being serious.” The more he thought about it, the easier he truly believed life would be.

Blake paused. “Neither of us have any money. I have four months’ worth of savings, that’s not a lot.”

“I have money. My parents set it up when I was born. I’ve got plenty for the two of us.”

She stared at him. “What will we do?”

“Go, find a place to live our lives away from all of this.”

“What if we do something wrong? I’m not eighteen yet, and you are.”

“I’ll say I kidnapped you.”

“Logan, this is serious. You really want to do this?”

“Why not? It’s just you and me, and us. What more could there be?”

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Not What You'd Expect From Sam Crescent
Written by DeAnn on 25th Dec 2021

<strong>Not What You'd Expect from Sam Crescent</strong> Spoilers: This is a sweet love story. First love. Friends. Best friends. And finally lovers. Married lovers never apart. Having it all. The sweet life. Now to some slight criticism - 1) not well edited; and 2) This phrase is ridiculous in any romance book with a virgin, It was the best sex she had ever had! " or some such nonsense. Hello! She's a virgin. Of course it's the best, cause it's the ONLY sex she's ever had! I wish intelligent authors I really like for so many other reasons would stop using this type of sentence. Try instead something like, "She never knew sex was going to be this great/wet/dirty/mind blowing." That makes more sense, don't you think?

An Awesome Read
Written by Jessica on 11th May 2017

I was pulled in from the first page, anxiously reading through to the very end so I could find out what happened. I was sad when the story ended because I loved the characters so much.

Long and Short Reviews
Written by undefined on 6th Mar 2017

I loved everything about this book ! I don’t usually like the new adult genre books or stand alone stories. However, I took a chance on this one since Sam Crescent is an author who always delivers great stories with a real substance to them. I’m so glad that I didn’t pass this one up because it was a truly beautiful story. I was hanging on every word. Logan and Blake were so perfect together. The troubled couple genuinely connected and stuck together no matter what happened. It was so sweet the way Logan took care of Blake. He had his own demons too, but he was determined to keep anyone from hurting Blake. At first he simply wanted to be her friend but they slowly realized how much they cared about each other. This was one more way that the story was unique to this author. Sam Crescent is known for her steamy sex scenes but this book was decidedly more sweet and just as romantic and touching. I was already cheering for Logan to win the girl but he won my heart when he beat down Blake’s tormentors. I think my favorite part was how Blake told her parents off for their neglect. In a nutshell, this was Logan and Blake against everyone and that was all that they needed to be happy. Sam Crescent put a lot of feelings into this short story. Her writing was so lovely that the story simply flew by and then there was a beautiful epilogue that showed such a happy ending for this special couple. I really enjoyed every page. I loved this story and look forward to the next Sam Crescent book.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Dunya on 4th Oct 2016

“Ugly” is the second book by Sam Crescent that I’ve read. It was a quick read, not just due to relatively small number of pages (a little bit over 100), but also because it’s fast paced. Beside that it is interesting story. “Ugly” is a story of a girl who was not loved and not very pretty and a boy who finds her beautiful and interesting. It is a highly sensual story full of heartache. Both sensuality and the interesting writing kept me on the edge of my seat. Both characters, Blake Carson and Logan Black, are very complex and both of them went through a lot while still so young. Although I know there will be a HEA for Blake and Logan I was cheering for them all the time. There are some parts of this story that I found a bit over the top. The first is the whole mistreatment of Blake by her parents. The second is the conclusion of the story, especially the part when Blake and Logan decide to change their future path through school. I know that is a possible ending, but for me, taking everything into account during the story…it just wasn’t a very realistic one. Anyhow, “Ugly” is an enjoyable story. It’s perfect if you are looking for a quick, sensual and interesting read. SUMMARY Beauty is in the eye of a beholder. In school Blake Carson was bullied and at home she was ignored. But everything's about to change when new guy, Logan Black, enrolls in her high school. Logan Blake is beautiful, not just physically. Soon they become friends and then they slowly fall in love. But will their love survive?

Beautiful story
Written by Rhonda on 12th Aug 2016

Another winner from Sam Crescent with this book. Blake has been made to believe she is ugly and no one cares about her. Even her friend, Izzy, doesn't seem to be a true friend. When the new boy, Logan, moves to town, he is immediately drawn to Blake. He life is no better with his parents being divorced as his father screwed woman after woman, so mentally, Logan is messed up too. Two broken souls come together in a beautiful way. I loved that Sam didn't write them having sex within a week of meeting but she let their relationship develop naturally. When they did, it was explosive and we found out the reason Logan waited. Even though I'm not really into YA books, I always buy Sam's books because the reader always gets the whole story. We get to find out what is happening in the future with the couple and it's always a HEA!!! Well done!

This was a surprise for me, I think Sam Crescent took a difficult subject and turned it into something beautiful.
Written by Emily Heisler on 12th Aug 2016

Blake Carson believed she was ugly, alone, and unworthy. She went to school, she tried to get her parents attention by doing well, she was ignored, bullied, and painfully alone. When Logan Black moves to town, he is a bad boy to a tee. The hot student with tattoos and everyone at school wants a part of him. Logan however is not interested in the jocks, cheerleaders, or anyone else but Blake. She reminds him of his old best friend and he sees someone who is worthy and has a giving heart. Getting Blake to see that is a struggle, but he plans to show her that he is going to be her rock, best friend, and maybe one day her love. This was very well done. I shed a few tears on this one. Blake is just a void in peoples life, you get her parents prospective but you want smack them silly. Logan is mature for his age and always has Blake's interest at heart. This was a surprise for me, I think Sam Crescent took a difficult subject and turned it into something beautiful.

Written by Amazon Customer on 11th Aug 2016

Loved this story. Blake is sweet, loving girl who is bullied. Logan comes into town and shows Blake what love and friendship is all about.

Must Read!!
Written by ChrisS on 11th Aug 2016

This book was incredible. It addresses bullying and how easy it is to believe the negative about ourselves, even if it isn't true. I read this in one sitting. I really loved the story.

Another Beautiful Story!
Written by carmen baldwin on 11th Aug 2016

This a love story that ugly would not win with a boy who saw a Beautiful girl who thought she was ugly and fought for her to see it. And parents that who are so selfish that they lose what they are supposed to love unconditionally. Great beautiful book! Love Sam crescent's Fat and Bully no more, such amazing great Books. Would recommend all Sam's books!

Written by undefined on 10th Aug 2016

I really loved this book. This story is much more then just romance. It tells about how sometimes people can be cruel and be hurting other person. Ones would do this because they just enjoy hurting other. Or because they have weaknes and are vulnerable and they don't want someone to point it out, so they lash out first. The other would be bullying a person don't even releasing they are doing it, because they are so lost in theirs pain. There is others that though are good by nature but they want to fit in so much or don't be at the end of the bullying, that they sometimes just look they goodness away and joins the crowd. But the most important part of this story is that, despite with a lot of people around thinking of you as a waste of place and overlooking you, and making you slowly to feel like they may be right, it's enough for one person to stand by you and to say, that you are something, you are important and special, for all negative to slip away. And that's why I adore Logan. If the rest of the story wouldn't be good enough, Logan would be enough to safe the day. He's tattooed, tough, sexy, loyal, selfless, protective and caring. He was just perfection. If you enjoy YA/NA books, grab it now and devour it.

Something sweet from something ugly
Written by Amazon Customer on 10th Aug 2016

This was a short read but a good one . Blake absent been treated well by anyone ,she's a girl with a big heart and not the best home life ... He's trying to start over from the girl from his past and his father's infidelities. He sees her. He wants her to see herself . He doesn't give up . Loved this book . In true sam crescent form you get your alpha male in the form of a tatted up 18 year old boy/man that takes no Shi*