Ugly Beast by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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Ugly Beast doesn’t want an arranged marriage, but what his president says, he gets. Abriana Vigo is not beautiful. In fact, she’s bland and terrified, but she’s a virgin and a Capo’s daughter. Now she’s been thrown to the wolves at his president’s demands.

Abriana will do anything to get away from her father, just to avoid being hurt anymore. She only hopes this scarred man doesn’t turn his back on her. If he does, she knows her father will find some way to kill her.

But despite all her newfound freedom in the MC life, if Abriana doesn’t prove her loyalty to the club, her husband will kill her. When her father orders her to spy on the club and report back, she knows she cannot do it. She has to make a choice.

For Ugly Beast, he never thought he would commit to anyone or anything, but after finding out his wife is taken, he’s willing to put the club at risk for her.

Abriana isn’t the woman he wanted, but now, he can’t let her go, and anyone who tries to take her, will know what it’s like to deal with him.

Be Warned: forced seduction, anal sex, public exhibition



“Why did you go out tonight?” he asked, growling the words.

“I wanted to.” She nibbled her lip.

“Don’t fucking lie to me.”

She shook her head.

“I mean it, Abriana. I’m fast losing my patience right now. I’m pissed off. Do you have any idea what those men could have done to you and to Raven?” He watched as she wrapped her arms around her waist, clearly shaken by the whole ordeal, but he wasn’t done. Not even close to being done. “Some men won’t take no for an answer, and some even get off on it. You were not fucking safe.”

“You just want me to stay home? Not do anything?”

“I don’t want you to be in danger. You can’t be.”

“Because you lose your connection to the outfit.”

At that, Ugly Beast stared at her, not saying another word.

“You’re mine to protect, but if something happens to you, there’s nothing to stop an all-out war, Abriana.”

“I didn’t mean to make you upset,” she said. “Those men didn’t want me.”

“They wanted you. Willing or not, I don’t care. You’re mine.”

“You haven’t even seen me in a few days.”

“It doesn’t mean you don’t belong to me.” He needed to get the fuck out of here. Raven had brought Abriana this dress, and it was driving him crazy. It showed off her tits to perfection.

After seeing a bunch of women fucking all day, he didn’t need to stare at his wife, who was supposed to worship his cock, and not get any. He was rock-hard, and the cause of it was standing right in front of him.

Her hair even looked tempting, to have it down, and ready for him to grip as he fucked her hard and deep.

When he stepped toward her, Abriana had enough sense to step back. With each step he took, she did take one back until he stood right in front of her and the wall could no longer grant her any room to escape.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Are you still sore?”

She frowned at him in confusion.

He pressed his hand between her legs, the dress covering her from his touch. He wondered if she wore panties. The dress wasn’t tight enough to show him that.

He watched as she licked her lips.

She shook her head.

“What are you doing?”

“Shut up,” he said.

Staring down into her brown eyes, he stroked a finger from the pulse inside her neck, down to her chest.

Her tits were pressed together, and as he stroked between their silken valley, he heard a small gasp escape her.

“I’ve been giving you time to get accustomed to your new life, Abriana,” he said. “You’re not going back to Garofalo. Your father is never putting his hands on you again.”

“What do you want from me?” she asked.

He pulled her away from the wall and found the zipper that held the dress in place. She didn’t fight him as he released the dress. When he pulled it from her shoulders, it fell in a heap on the floor.

She now stood before him in a pair of black lacy lingerie. The color hid way too much.

Placing his finger across the top of her breasts, he slowly lowered the cup and her breast popped out, the tight red nipple, calling to him to be sucked.

His dick was so incredibly hard.

“We want your loyalty, Abriana. To answer to the club and only to the club.”

“I’ve never done anything wrong.”

“We’ll never ask you to do anything wrong. That is not what this is about,” he said. He watched her eyes dilate. She probably didn’t even know she was aroused.

With his other hand, he placed it on her trembling stomach. She was such a virgin in so many ways still.

Slowly, he began to slide down. When he was at the edge of her panties, he held still, waiting.

It was like she couldn’t breathe, and he watched her, mesmerized by how innocent she was.


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You go Sam!
Written by Kindle Customer on 2nd Apr 2019

I love Sam's stories, she always pulls into their world and you become a member of MC club! The story is detailed and deep. You feel their pain and insecurities of each character. You take that ride with them down every road. I'm never disappointed, and can always expect a great tale.

Written by cathy h on 2nd Apr 2019

OMG This is a great book. Abriana is given to Ugly Bastard by her mafia father to appease the MC. Abriana is so abused both mentally and physically by her father, she is unsure what to expect from MC. This story is gritty, violent , and tender, it will pull emotions from you. Have a box of tissues close. Oh an expect a twist her and there to. So good. My new favorite book by Sam Crescent.

Ugly Beast can be brutal on the heart ❤️
Written by Turtlex on 2nd Apr 2019

Ugly=lots of scars, especially on his face. However in my eyes, that’s sexy. I’m not one to chase pretty boys or perfection. Beast= like a wounded animal, closed off, wont let anyone in. Only his club has the heart and loyalty of this Ugly Beast. His loyalty is put to the test when he’s asked to make a marriage of alliance. In order to keep peace and get an in with the local mafia, the daughter of a Capo is forced to marry him. Her life is somewhat similar, she’s considered the ugly beast/ugly duckling of her family, only in her words she never transforms into something beautiful. Awwwwww. She’s caught between a rock and a hard beast. Life is tough. The beast is happier keeping his new wife at a distance, unless he’s trying to bend her into a pretzel and snack on her. There physical connection is there. They struggle to form an emotional connection. I will say the story is very action packed as well. I’m curious to follow this MC and see if there is a connection between Smokey and Raven. Raven is a fascinating character as she is one of the rare female bikers in a Sam Crescent Story. I do recommend this book to lovers of MC Romance, readers who like to see a couple have to work for or suffer a little to reach their happy ending.

Written by Stephanie Bedwell on 31st Mar 2019

OMG!! I loved this book! A new MC is just what I needed. Some guys you love to hate!

Ugly beast
Written by A on 31st Mar 2019

Absolutely fabulous book! What is it about a bad boy that screws up, grovels and falls madly in love? It gets me every time.

You go Sam!
Written by Kindle Customer on 31st Mar 2019

I love Sam's stories, she always pulls into their world and you become a member of MC club! The story is detailed and deep. You feel their pain and insecurities of each character. You take that ride with them down every road. I'm never disappointed, and can always expect a great tale.

Written by Neringa on 27th Mar 2019

I was intrigued by the blurb. I love this type of stories. Forced/arranged marriage. Add its an MC and you have a cocktail for a great ride. Happy to say story didn't dissapointed. I enjoyed it. And I wish that some of characters could tell their own story.

A match meant to be
Written by Sydney N on 27th Mar 2019

This book is a bit dark and features an MC and the mob, all those things we love from this author. I love how an unexpected match ends up being what both of them need to find the HEA they both so richly deserve. I can’t wait to read what this author comes up with next.

Written by Kindle Customer CT on 27th Mar 2019

The twists and turns in this book! The plot and characters will keep the reader's attention and interest. Ugly Beast is a force to be reckoned with and more. Abriana and Ugly Beast are a rare and unique couple

Sam Crescent is amazing
Written by Sarit on 27th Mar 2019

I loved the book so much it was amazing Sam Crescent is a wonderful author

Kept Me turning the pages!!
Written by Rhonda on 27th Mar 2019

Forced together in a marriage, life is still horrible for Abriana. She's the daughter of a mafia man and has been told all her life she is nothing. Ugly Beast is a member of Hells Bastards MC and while he didn't want to marry her, he did for his club. The story was so good and kept me turning the pages. I really like Raven, the only female MC member. She befriends Abriana and tries to help her adjust to the way of life she has married into. At times, I wanted to smack Abriana and tell her to grow a backbone and stand up to Ugly because he was a jerk for most of the book BUT, you could tell he was developing feelings for her, even if he didn't want to. So what will it take for him to open his eyes and realize he loves her? All I will say is get the book and while you might be tempted to thrown your kindle, don't. Love the book and now I totally want Raven's story and Smoky's story

Ugly Beast
Written by LRCH on 27th Mar 2019

OMG!! There were so many times I wanted to beat Ugly Beast for being a jerk to Abriana, but it was so worth it. And she was so much stronger than she thought. It was an awesome book. I really hope to see books for Smokey and for Raven also.