Her Beast by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 3
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He's never been a good man...

Hope Miller has been through a lot. After being trapped in a basement, witnessing her mother’s murder by her father, then being shot, too, before her father killed himself, she’s not the most normal girl. But she has a plan—she’ll graduate high school, move out of town, and leave the memories behind. Part of this plan means tutoring other students, which brings her to the Carsons’ home.

Beast Carson has tortured, maimed, and killed, all in the name of business. But seeing the curvy woman in his library, he’s instantly intrigued. She’s his nephew’s tutor, and way too young for him. Determined to give Hope a new life, Beast promises her a future that she can’t say no to. There’s no denying they want each other, and when Hope asks him to teach her, he can’t refuse.

Lessons soon turn into something more, and Hope knows she can’t walk away from this man, even though her plans say otherwise. But Beast holds a secret that could tear Hope away from him. When she learns the truth will she stay? He’s her Beast, and he’ll fight to keep what’s his.

Be Warned: spanking


They were alone, in his library, and she held a book that suddenly felt like fire within her grasp.


“It’s okay to be curious. What do you like?” he asked.

She stared down at the book, and he moved her so that her back was to him. She wasn’t able to see his face, which unnerved her a little.

“You like seeing a man take his cock into his hand.”

“It’s a beautiful drawing,” she said.

“This is more than a drawing, Hope. It’s a temptation. Don’t you see that?” He reached out as she held both hardback covers, and he turned the page. It was hard for her to not gasp. That same cock was seen running through the lips of a woman’s pussy. “Our bodies are made for fucking. These are just pages, giving a glimpse of the real thing.”

She closed the book up, not even wanting to deal with that temptation, and slid it back into its spot. Her emotions were all over the place because all she could think about was a cock sliding inside a woman’s pussy as perfectly as that book did in that space.

When she turned around again, Beast was close. He placed one hand on the books beside her head along with the other one, staring down at her, trapping her against his hard body and the books. She didn’t mind at all.

In fact, there was nowhere else she’d rather be.

“You’re a curious little thing.”

“What more is there to be?” she asked, tilting her head back, staring at him. She couldn’t look away, nor did she want to. With how close he was, she wondered if he was going to kiss her. His body was so close to hers, and she didn’t want him to back away. She craved his touch.

They were the only two people in the world as far as she was concerned. Anything could happen.

Her gaze went to his lips, and she bit her own. What would it feel like to have his mouth on hers, to take what he wanted without any thought from her?

No one had ever kissed her before, and she’d never wanted anyone’s kiss. Slowly, she placed her hands on his chest.

He was rock-solid, and she’d seen the gym that he kept near the pool house at the bottom of the garden. She had yet to see him work out in it, but that didn’t matter.

“You’re playing with fire, Hope.”

“I don’t care.” She didn’t have the first clue what she was doing, only that she couldn’t stop herself as she stepped close, bringing her body to his, finally feeling him against her.

One of his hands fisted inside her hair, tugging on the length, making her gasp as he pulled her head back. 

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Long and Short Reviews
Written by Tulip on 14th Apr 2018

I enjoyed this steamy romance from Sam Crescent. The author did such a wonderful job on the characters in this one. Beast Carson was a force to be reckoned with but he fell for Hope right from the beginning. He knew all about her painful past, and the secret part he had unwittingly played, yet he was hopelessly drawn to the much younger woman. Hope was so much more than she seemed at first. She was sassy and brave. I do believe that Hope might be my favorite Sam Crescent heroine yet. This book had a strong plot that engaged this reader with the characters and all that they had withstood. The story had a liquid pace and the other central characters, Caleb and Dwayne, were enigmatic. I was very intrigued by Caleb and can’t wait to read his book. I would read anything that Sam Crescent writes but this book really was one of her best.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Pauline Michael on 23rd Feb 2018

Sam Crescent delivers another fabulous BBW romance with this swift, sweet and sexy romance. Hope Miller May be young in actual years but she is an old soul after going through things that no one should have to endure, especially a young woman her age. She is beyond resilient and I couldn’t help but hold my breath in hopes that she’d get not just what she wanted but what she deserved. I wanted her to be happy more than anything. Beast Carson is by no stretch of the imagination a nice man; his businesses are sketchy and he controls with fear and threats. He is fascinated by Hope who is not afraid of him and intrigues him more than any woman ever has even though he is twice her age. I loved the development of their relationship and how many doubts he had with his feelings and if a relationship would be appropriate. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the doubts on both sides and the input of both Beast’s brother and nephew. I loved the rough edges to this guy and despite their glaring differences I think the two were perfect for one another. I cannot wait to read the brother’s story! The Story: Hope Miller just wants to complete high school and get out of the town where she is seen as such a misfit after a horrible ordeal and she’ll do almost anything to see that she does. This includes tutoring crime boss Beast Carson’s nephew. When Beast meets Hope he instantly wants to protect her. Even if they do have a relationship can she ever forgive him if she learns his secret?

Loved it
Written by Jessica on 8th Jan 2018

I now have a new favorite Sam Crescent book, but I admit I'm intrigued by mention of Caleb's woman. I hope he gets a story too! This book was beyond amazing and I will definitely read it more than once.

amazing read
Written by C on 27th Dec 2017

What a fantastic read as always the author has poured her heart and soul into her book you can see the darkness and light I loved it.

But he wasn't a good man, and he was certainly not good enough ...
Written by Fay on 27th Dec 2017

4.5 Stars Hope Miller was the weird girl at school. Her father was a drug addict and one night he went mad, held her mother and her hostage, and then killed her mother and shot Hope. Now everyone thinks she is weird as to them she is going on with her life as if nothing happened. But Hope promised her mother she would graduate and move on with her life, so she had a plan. So that is what she is doing tutoring students, which is why she is in the popular guy's house. Where she meets his uncle, Beast. For some reason Beast Carson has an attraction to Hope, he wants to protect her and take care of her. But he wasn't a good man, and he was certainly not good enough for someone as pure and innocent and young as Hope. So why can't he stay away from her. He can't allow her to fall for him and he can't give her what she wants, because he has a secret that he knows will take Hope away from him. I enjoyed this story a lot. Hope was strong and take no prisoners kind of heroine and Beast was a hard cynical man that you just can't help falling for. Quick and hot and so much goodness! I wonder if Caleb will get his own book (hint hint)

Written by Victoria on 27th Dec 2017

Beast is so very Alpha hot !l I love his whole protective , don't mess with me, my way or the highway persona !! Love this !!

It was good. Beast is a criminal
Written by Obsessive Reader on 27th Dec 2017

It was good. Beast is a criminal, although you kind of get the impression that there are some aspects of the family business that he doesn't like being involved in. Hope is older than her years. She has survived horrible things and she doesn't have time to worry about what society thinks.

Written by Laughter on 26th Dec 2017

To hear a man say that he loves to make his woman giggle is adorable. Beast is so soft and loving toward Hope that I fell in love a little myself.

Loved it
Written by Amazon Customer on 26th Dec 2017

I really liked this book. Beast (really his name) was so dominant and Hope was strong but needed him for a shoulder to lean on. I look forward to reading Caleb's story.

Written by Fabiola Cadet-Distil on 20th Dec 2017

Miss Crescent, thank you for quick and dirty love story, you know I love your books. I needed a little pick me up from you and you delivered, you know I'm here for the older/younger love. Now, I'm wondering if you'll come up with Caleb Carson's story, I think he deserve one, would like to know how he acquire the young in his hands

Written by Carol on 20th Dec 2017

Great book by a great author. The story is good . If you like older guys and younger woman, definitely read.

Great book
Written by Kindle Customer on 20th Dec 2017

Sam had outdone herself again this book kicked butt I loved loved beast and Hope's story is was absolute wonderful!!!!!

Beast was awesome
Written by LRCH on 20th Dec 2017

If there’s going to be a Beast in your life - this is the Beast you want!! This book was great!! I really enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. And a couple of times wanted to smack Beast’s brother & nephew!!!

sexy and heart-felt
Written by Laura on 20th Dec 2017

Loved this story. The emotion definitely tugged at my heart. And sexy? You betcha! A young yet mature-beyond-her-years woman, Hope sees the good in her Beast, and together they find the love they crave, regardless of their age difference.

Written by Neringa on 19th Dec 2017

When I first started to read the blurb, I though she end up with the guy she is to tutor. And I like those stories. But when I released she will end up with his uncle, that was even better. There's just something about stories with older guys. And Beast isn't just an older guy. He's dangerous, controling and unapologetic. He takes what he want. But what's his, he protects with his last breath. Beast has a soft spot, so to speak, no matter how much he would deny that. Only the lucky ones gets to 'see' it, though. Hope being one of those rare lucky ones. Talking about Hope... She's strong and... Well, she was great, because she didn't struggled that much when she realized those rumours about Beast were actually true. Hope accepted him as he was. He may be a bad man, but he was the best where she was concerned. And that was what mattered the most at the end. Another thing I liked how she reacted to a... Well, what Beast made to feel guilty about. I didn't blamed him. I didn't saw it as him having any part in it. If not him, it would have been someone else. And I'm not sure, why people called her weird. What is it with people puting all in one category? If you move on faster then others after tragedy and don't hit rock bottom before doing that, you are a weird one? People react differently and each needs different time to heal. Doesn't matter if this a month or a year. It doesn't make it any less painful experience or make you colder person, because you try to move on faster then others. PS Caleb needs his own book. Hope he will get one. Especially after those little snippets.