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Auctioned to the Bad Boy CEO by Doris O'Connor


Product Description

Hannah Watson has little time for romantic entanglements. After all, she hasn’t met a man yet who can beat her little battery-operated friend.

Until the new CEO arrives. Known for his ruthlessness in business, he’s also every woman’s wet dream—hers included. His temper alone should be a turn off, but her libido is not listening to reason. 

Logan Bryce doesn’t tangle with his employees—ever—until curvy little Hannah makes all of him sit up and take notice. Who knew the starchy, always respectably dressed Ms. Watson had such a naughty side? Her proposal to auction off willing celebrities and suitable staff for a ‘date’ has appeal, especially with Hannah, herself, on the auction block.

The terms of the auction are clear—a twenty-four hour commitment—plenty of time to get her out of his system.

What can possibly go wrong?

Be Warned: mild BDSM, sex toys, spanking


“Because you were too busy playing slap the donkey with your schlong.”

“Schlong?” Logan didn’t know whether to be amused or offended at having his cock referred to thus.

“Yes, what would you call that?”

She glanced down at said appendage and attempted to cross her arms. No doubt to hide her body’s far too obvious reaction to him. It made him even harder, eager to lose himself in her soft body and to finish with her what he’d started on his own in the shower. She accidentally grazed his cock with her arm in her attempt to hide her hard nipples from him. Like “come suck me” beacons they pushed against the satin of her gown, and made Logan’s mouth water with the need to taste them. How responsive would those little nubs be as he rolled them between his fingers, sucked them in his mouth, and bit down? Would she like that nip of pain, find it as much as a turn-on as he did, or would that be one step too far for sensible little Hannah? Not that she looked very sensible now with her dilated pupils, and the fine sheen of arousal coating her skin. Her heart beat an uneven staccato at the base of her throat, and a groan escaped her full lips when he ran his nose along that sensitive area and inhaled. Her sweet scent, made more potent by her arousal, called him to bite down, to mark her in the most primitive of ways, but he couldn’t and wouldn’t do that without her consent. To give into his darker desires was a two-edged sword, one he couldn’t allow himself to unleash, not now, perhaps not ever again. Certainly not with someone who worked for him, and with the hearing hanging over his head, he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his success there. He owed Claudia that much.

Logan pushed those thoughts down with the same ruthlessness that had made him so successful in the corporate world. They had no business here, not with sweet little Hannah his for the taking and his being so revved up that innocent skin on skin graze of her arm on his cock was almost painful. Predictably, that part of his anatomy jerked. Giving into the demands of his body, he pulled back slightly, took her hand, and wrapped her slender fingers around his shaft.

Another one of those cock-hardening moans came from the woman he was holding a not so reluctant prisoner against his bathroom wall, and he tipped her chin up with his other hand to read her expression.

“I would call that my cock, and unless you really do want me to spank that delicious, round bottom of yours, I suggest you do something to help him out.”

Her digits tightened around his shaft, and Logan swallowed his grunt of pleasure.

“Like this, Sir?”

Her whispered question and the snarky intonation she put on that title made his dominant side roar. She couldn’t know what that did to him, and soon he was past the ability to think, because the feel of her little fist sliding up and down his hard dick, the little mewls she made as though this was a huge turn-on for her, too … fuck it, he was in real danger of shooting his load right there and then, and that just wouldn’t do. He wanted to come inside her tight little pussy the first time around, before he claimed every one of her other willing holes.

Logan fisted his hand in her hair and pulling her head back growled his instructions.


He pulled Hannah’s hand off his dick and slanted his lips over hers. Her tiny yelp in response to his rough handling granted him access, and he pushed his tongue inside her mouth, while he angled her head just so. When her hands slid up his shoulders and she pushed herself against him, he lost what little restraint he had and kissed her in earnest. He tongue-fucked her, in a very good imitation of what he was aching to do with his cock, while he ground his hips into her soft belly, and, grasping a generous handful of her luscious ass, pulled her tighter into him.

Hannah did not disappoint in her response. She kissed him back with the same feverish desire that coursed through his veins. The need to fill his lungs with oxygen forced him to break the kiss, and, panting, he rested his forehead on hers.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom. I need to be in you, woman. Tell me you want that, too.”

He pulled away just enough to read her expression, and the sight of her kiss-swollen lips, her pale skin already marked by his emerging stubble was the hugest fucking turn-on so far. Still, he had to be sure she was on board with this, so he forced himself to wait for her response. When none was forthcoming, other than the sounds of her rapid breathing, he tugged her hair again, a little harder this time. Tears sprang into her azure eyes, but she also clung tighter and bit her lip.

“Don’t do that. It makes me want to bite you all over, right after I turned your backside raw for not answering me straightaway.”

If that was possible her eyes grew even wider. She whispered something that he couldn’t quite catch over the roaring of his own heartbeat in his ears.

“What was that? Speak up, little dove, or I shall take your silence as consent. After all, you did come and see me, and I warned you what would happen if you did.”

He pulled her plump bottom lip between his teeth and bit down. Hannah gasped and jerked, and he pulled back and licked that tiny drop of blood away. Her life’s essence exploded on his taste buds, made him hungry for more.

“Tell me you’re mine for tonight.”

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Product Reviews

  1. The Romance Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Feb 2018

    Logan Bryce is everything a woman could want in a man. Wealthy CEO, check. Absolutely gorgeous, check. Tattoos in all the right places, check. Bad boy with a temper to match, check. Doesn't believe in love, uh, wait a minute.

    Fear not, Doris O'Connor won't leave us bereft of a happily ever after, not if she has anything to say about it in AUCTIONED TO THE BAD BOY CEO.

    Likes: I really enjoyed how the story started by throwing us right into the action…of a business meeting…but hey, we're immersed immediately into the story and it gives us a (coughs) busty view of the cast of characters including Logan and Hannah. And well, who wouldn't swoon a bit when Logan bids on and wins Hannah at the auction, but then again, a bit of outrage might be in order. That is until Hannah shows up in his suite while he's in the shower and then it's back to some serious swooning.

    I loved this story. There's something to be said for unconventional families and how they come together and while this one happens under tragic circumstances, the obvious love that grows is heartwarming in a very feel-good way. Add in some seriously hot interactions between Hannah and Logan and a wonderful happily ever after…well, why haven't you one-clicked yet?

  2. The TBR Pile 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Feb 2018

    Hannah is happy with her job. Her past is complicated with her mother’s abusive ex boyfriends and her focus is on work. That all changes when the new boss comes in. She wants the auction to benefit the company but when the sexy CEO buys her, things will never be the same.

    If you like sexy contemporary work place stories than this is A MUST READ! Yes, it needed to be in all caps. What a story. I like how from page one there’s this sexual tension between Hannah and Logan. He’s has a dominant air about him that both scares Hannah and thrills her. Me too. I found their romance a bit quick but seriously intense and an oh my God sexy. There’s some angst and drama added to that sexy too. This would be the perfect read for a couple. I’d like to think of a candlelit room and silk sheets. Hannah and Logan have an intense romance that includes hot bdsm. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

    Auctioned to the Bad Boy CEO is a must read!

  3. Knotty Girl Review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Feb 2018

    Mega hot Brit author Doris O’Connor has done it again with another super-hot and sexy read! Auctioned by the Bad Boy CEO has an undeniably sexy and alpha billionaire boss who puts Mr. Grey to shame. Logan Bryce is a man who steps in and takes over companies and makes them more successful when he sees employee Hannah, he decides he wants her too.

    Hannah is not remotely happy when a co-worker sets her up to be auctioned off at a work charity function, but her boss sure is. And after an evening of carnal bliss, Hannah is let into Logan’s private life more than he ever wanted her to be. A few days later, it causes Logan to make the wildest business proposition of his life.

    As usual, I just loved this book! Doris has a wonderful flair for words when it comes to interpersonal relations between characters, (and the sex is mighty hot too!) You’ll love this book! It’s a keeper!

  4. Another winner 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Feb 2018

    I always enjoy Doris O Connor books. Hot romance along with characters I care about make a great read. Add in a sweet little girl and you can't go wrong!

  5. Rhonda 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Feb 2018

    When Hannah is signed up for an auction she is heading up by a jealous and spiteful co-worker, things get really interesting when her boss, Logan, bids on her. She attracted to him but knows he wouldn't be interested in someone like her. The tension between Hannah and Logan is thick and she struggles to go ahead with the deal. Logan doesn't do romance, or so he thinks, but when he gets the delightful Hannah in his arms, he is confused by his feelings and tries to fight them. There is a reason he won't fall in love with any woman and when that reason rears it's head, Hannah is right there beside him to help him through it. I loved Hannah, so had no problems standing up to Logan and eventually falling in love with him. When Hannah gets deathly sick, Logan is forced to face his feelings for her head on. Will he choose love or will he walk away? Get the book, read the story!

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