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Her Best Friend's Husband by Doris O'Connor


Product Description

Your best friend’s wedding is not the time to realize how much you love him...

Wedding organizer Naomi Young is not only head-over-heels in love with her best friend, she lusts after his husband.

Which is all kinds of wrong—isn’t it? Maybe not. Especially when she discovers the attraction is not as one-sided as she thought.

Dom Dawson Monroe has never had a problem going after what he wants. Both he and his new husband Josh Garrison enjoy a woman’s soft touch, so who better to satisfy that need than the one woman Josh is madly in love with? Time to claim them both as his submissives.

Convention be damned. Happiness is to be found in the soft curves of Naomi’s body, as long as they can convince her that this is forever. Only time will tell if the loving twosome can become an even more loving threesome.

Be Warned: BDSM, m/m sex, menage sex (MMF), double penetration



“Perhaps the boy’s timing was unfortunate, but he would only owe you an apology if you hadn’t enjoyed that kiss. And we all know you did. I’d wager you’re getting wet just remembering those kisses. I know I got hard witnessing it. You two look hot together.”


Naomi gasped and opened her mouth as though to protest, but one knowing smirk from Dawson meant she simply shook her head.


“Nothing to say to that, little one?”


That question, delivered in that deep, dark, gravelly voice—his Dom voice, as Josh called it—appeared to have the same effect on Naomi, as it always did on him. Her breathing sped up, and she tensed. While he couldn’t see them from his position in his back seat, Josh bet his next orgasm that her nipples were hard little beacons signaling her arousal as clearly as the moan she swallowed. It made him wish this infernal journey was over already. He couldn’t wait to see his life-long friend squirm in pleasure under his and Dawson’s hands.


His Master’s gaze dropped down to Naomi’s cleavage and Dawson’s grin turned positively sinful.


“Never mind words, your body gives you away. If I touched you now, I’d find you sopping wet for us, wouldn’t I? In fact…”


Dawson reached across and placed his large hand on Naomi's knee. She jumped but didn't stop him as he proceeded to pull up the hem of her dress, exposing acres of dark skin.  The contrast of Dawson's much lighter hand on Naomi's thighs was startling. Josh groaned, and Naomi crunched the gear again as the traffic started moving.


"Please, I … don't." She flung an imploring look at Master and gasped when his hand briefly disappeared between her ample thighs. Josh balled his hands into fists to stop himself from grasping his dick, because seeing Master's hand reappear seconds later, his digits glistening with the unmistakable evidence of Naomi's arousal … fuck, that was hot.


Dawson grinned, licked one digit, and then held his hand out for Josh.


“Here, have a taste.”


 His amber eyes darkened when Josh grasped Master’s hand. Naomi’s sweet, addictive taste exploded on his taste buds, made ten times more potent because it was mixed in with the familiar scent of the man he loved to distraction. Josh’s balls drew up in response, and he grunted as his dick jerked inside his pants.


“No coming without my say-so, boy. Besides, you make a mess in our girl’s car you’ll be cleaning it up.”


“Oh my God, you two are too much. I’m sitting right here, you know. Are either one of you going to actually ask me what I think?”


Naomi’s voice had risen to a shrill screech in her agitation. It served as an ice-cold dampener to Josh’s arousal, and he hastily released Dawson’s hand.


“Of course, we do.” He threw an imploring glance at his husband, and Dawson gave a sharp nod. Relief flooded through Josh, at that non-verbal confirmation that his Master was more than willing to step in.


“None of this will work without your consent, and communication is vital. I just don’t appreciate you lying to yourself, or us, girl,” Dawson said.


Naomi tensed further, and Josh could almost see the steam coming out of her ears. Any minute now she would explode in anger.


“Look, Naomi, what Dawson is trying to say—”


"Spare me, Josh." Naomi glared at him through the rearview mirror, and in a move that wouldn't have been amiss in a Bond movie, she pulled into the fast lane and put her foot down, as the traffic cleared. Dawson's hand braced on the dashboard again, and when he looked all set to say something, Josh put his hand on his Master's shoulder. Dawson glanced back at him, and his brows drew together in a frown at Josh's shake of the head. He heeded his request, however, and didn't say anything, as Naomi broke every speed limit in the land in her haste to seemingly get away from them all.


An awkward silence fell between them all, only broken by Naomi's soft curses when she had to slow down for the inevitable traffic, interspersed by Dawson's sighs.


Oh, Master was pissed and getting more annoyed by the minute. One of Dawson’s unbreakable rules was the need for his submissives to stay safe. Unwittingly Naomi was breaking that rule, and Josh knew he had to say something to calm this situation down.


“Slow down, sweet cheeks. Getting us killed will not get us there any faster. I’m sorry okay.”


Naomi gasped and glanced at him through the mirror. The sheen of tears in her eyes was like a punch to the gut, and he put his hand on her shoulder. He took the fact that she didn't immediately shrug him off as a good sign. "I'm sorry I sprung this on you, but I'm not sorry I kissed you. I'm not sorry this is out in the open. We should have probably had this conversation before I got married, but there never seemed a right time, and I'm a fucking coward, okay? I was too afraid to lose our friendship, but we could be so good together. All of us."


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Product Reviews

  1. Great read 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Dec 2017

    Great read very well written loved all the hot smexy chemistry i only wish it hadnt ended so abruptly an epilogue would have been awesome.

  2. Very Enjoyable! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Dec 2017

    I really enjoyed this book. I always love a good MMF story and this one was great. The 1st scene with Dawson & Naomi at the wedding was hot and intriguing. As a reader, I wasn't sure of the dynamics in the beginning. Dawson was a bit mysterious. Did he really want Naomi or was he doing this for Josh? Initially I wasn't sure, and I kind of liked the ambiguity. As for Josh, I loved him. He loved Naomi deeply as a friend and a would be lover. Their BFF relationship was wonderful. And Naomi--I liked that she was alternately afraid and brave to take a leap of faith with Josh and Dawson.

    So, why the 4 stars instead of 5? I wish we'd had more background and context. The story begins with Josh & Dawson's wedding. I wanted to read about their courtship. I wanted to read about Naomi and Josh being BFFs. Instead, we were just told about it after the fact, Also, the book ended abruptly. The HEA was rushed and next thing you know, it was over. So, I'd loved to a prequel to this book or maybe a second book as a continuation. It ended much too soon!

  3. Delightful! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Nov 2017

    A short, but delightful, read from Doris O'Connor that I devoured in one sitting.

    The main characters, Naomi, Josh, and Dawson are wonderfully depicted and immensely likable.

    Can Dom Dawson persuade Naomi to become his second sub, alongside Josh?

  4. Wonderful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Nov 2017

    Another great story by Ms OConnor a ménage with a Dom and two subs two people in Love from the beginning and the third falling fast a short read but totally feel good

  5. A Tasty Threesome! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2017

    My Best Friend’s Husband is an inter-racial, M/M/F short story by super storyteller Doris O’Connor. I’m always on tenterhooks waiting for Doris to come out with a new story, and every time, it’s worth the wait!
    Wedding planner Naomi is stuck in the wedding from hell, her best friend’s wedding. The problem? She’s in love with him, and thanks to his crazy uncle, he’s marrying another man. Both Josh and Dawson are in love with each other, but when they get back from their honeymoon, Dominant Dawson and Naomi’s best friend and fellow sub Josh begin their campaign to let Naomi know that they intend to bring her into their family, making them a triad.
    This may be a short story, but it’s packed full of steamy hot romance and sex that can’t be missed. It’s another rousing success for Doris O’Connor!

  6. Short but oh so hot!!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2017

    I"m always on pins and needles waiting for Doris O'Connor to release a book because I know its going to be good. And this one is!! Naomi has helped her best friend, Josh, plan his wedding to the man he loves, Dawson. While they are in love, Josh needed to marry a man to fullfill his Uncle's will but little does Naomi know that the guys want her.And while she's falling quickly for Dawson, is she ready to be the third in this relationship? Does Dawson truly love her or is he wanting her because his husband loves her? This was a short and fast read with PLENTY of heat that will leave your e-reader smoking!! My only complaint...............I wanted more!! LOL Maybe down the road, Doris will write a short little update on this triad so I can get my fix of them. I easily fell for Dawson and his dominant ways!!! Well done Doris!!!

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