Seducing Her Best Friend by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 3
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Dating Games, 1

Rosie is my friend, the one person I can always rely on, so, naturally, when my world comes crashing around my ears, she’s the person I run to. What I haven’t counted on is my reaction to seeing her in the flesh after all these years. I want her, but having played the dating game for years, how do I show her that? 


Tirath is my friend, and she’s in trouble. So, I have no business noticing how soft her skin is. To jump my friend’s bones is a very, very bad idea, but I can’t help responding to the subtle hints she is delivering. It’s been way too long since I got laid, and I’m reading into things that just aren’t there—or am I? Only one way to find out, and I hope like hell it doesn’t ruin our friendship. This girl has always been mine, and it’s time to show her that.

This story was previously published in an Evernight anthology. It has been revised and expanded.

Be Warned: f/f sex 



“This feels wonderful. I can see why you like this so much, even if it makes a terrible mess. Can you eat this?”

“Ye-es.” Somehow, I managed to get that one word out past the lump in my throat. Jesus, what was Tirath playing at? I could feel every soft curve of her body against my skin, and my libido woke up kicking and screaming. Not caring one iota that this was my best friend and crossing the border into lovers would potentially be a disaster in the making.

Tirath’s deep-throated chuckle in response settled right in my lower regions, making my pussy tingle in need. Fuck, that had to the sexiest laugh ever, and I bit my lips so hard, I tasted my own blood. Anything to stop myself from groaning out loud.

My resolve was sorely tested when Tirath brought her chocolate-coated fingers to her full lips and sucked the confectionary off the digits with languorous licks of her little pink tongue.

Jesus, what would that tongue feel like between my thighs?

My breath grew shallow, my traitorous nipples beaded against the fabric of my apron, and my clit clenched in a “come to mama” dance. The little appreciative noises Tirath made as the chocolate melted on her tongue pitched my need to taste that tongue wrapped around my own sky high.

I needed a taste of my friend almost as much as I needed air to fill my lungs.

Reason took a hike, and my instincts took over.

I wanted her with a need that bordered on insanity, and she clearly wanted me, too, so why deny us both? I might well regret this in the morning, but for now I wanted to lose myself in the delights of Tirath’s body and to not analyze what this all meant.

I swiveled on my stool better to face Tirath and brought my own chocolate-covered fingers up to her sensual lips. Tirath smiled, took my wrist, and sucked two of the digits into the moist haven of her mouth. Our gazes locked, and Tirath offered her other hand to me.

I didn’t need to be asked twice, and we groaned in unison when I sucked the sweet substance off Tirath’s thumb. The air around us grew heavy with the scent of chocolate and our combined arousal.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” I had to ask, my insides clenching in fear of a negative answer. Tirath simply smiled and pulled the t-shirt I had lent her to sleep in over her head. Her full breasts bounced with the movement, her nipples tight little beacons thrusting toward me like “come suck me” signals. My mouth went dry when Tirath dipped her hands into the chocolate mix again and proceeded to rub the confectionary over her breasts in slow, sensual movements. Her nipples jutted out further into the air, practically begging for my mouth. I squashed down the last of my misgivings, bent forward, and suckled the stiff nub. Tirath’s sharp intake of breath and the way her hands yanked at my hair spurred me on.

Oh yeah, my girl liked this. I inhaled deeply against the skin, loving the scent and taste of her. Just like I thought she would, Tirath tasted divine, and I wanted more. So much more. Still, if this was just an experiment for her, I’d make damn sure I’d ruin her for anyone else.

I’d show her how good we could be, what she’d been missing out on when she fooled around with those men. How her fiancé could be so careless as to let her go, I would never know. His loss was my gain, however.

I released the nipple with a pop, ran my tongue around Tirath’s areola, and along the underside of her breasts. I looked up at her while I tested the deliciously soft weight of her tits with my hands.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, babe. I’m going to worship these breasts and lick every inch of your skin until you come for me.”

“Oh, God.” Her strangled reply made me grin, and I set back to work. I licked and nibbled and squeezed until there was no trace of the chocolate left on Tirath’s flawless olive-colored skin, loving the way her breasts shook with her labored breathing.

She was getting so close already, it was delightful, as she squirmed under my lips.

Tirath’s hands dug into my thighs, and I loved the slight pain her long fingernails caused. No doubt they’d be leaving crescent-moon shapes on my skin. A reminder, come morning, of what we’d shared tonight. The slight sting sent tiny darts of electricity dancing towards my clit. I, too, squirmed on my stool, pressing my needy cunt against the hard surface to seek the relief I so desperately needed.

But this wasn’t about my needs and desires. I wanted, needed, to bring Tirath pleasure, to chase away the shadows in her eyes, to express my feelings by worshipping her stunning body. We might well only have this one time. Surely in the bright light of day Tirath would come to her senses, but by golly, I could give her a night to remember. I pulled back, took Tirath’s knees, and pulled her gently until her delicious ass was half hanging off the chair. Another one of those sexy moans came from my girl, and I licked my lips at the rapidly spreading damp spot on Tirath’s thong.

“You’re so wet for me already, babe. I need to taste your sweet cunt. Would you like me to do that? Feast on that pussy of yours until you come against my mouth? Will you scream my name when you come for me, Princess T?”


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Long & Short Reviews
Written by Astilbe on 5th Oct 2018

Everyone should take a risk once in a while. The chemistry between Rosie and Tirath was fantastic. They spent almost this entire tale on the same wavelength despite the fact that they didn’t do a lot of talking about what they wanted. Given how quickly things were heating up between them, it was important thing to establish early on that they were both totally comfortable with what was happening so the audience would understand what was going on with these characters and why they suddenly decided to completely change the nature of their relationship. As much as I liked the epilogue, it didn’t fit the tone of the rest of this story. It was written from the perspective of a character who hadn’t gotten a lot of attention in the earlier scenes, and it honestly sounded like something that would have worked better as sequel than as part of the first glimpse into this world even though I don’t actually know if the author was hoping to write such a thing. Either way, it was a good idea that should have been given its own space to shine. I appreciated the fact that Tirath and Rosie addressed the fact that their friendship transitioned from being platonic to being erotic extremely quickly. This had been something that I’d been a little puzzled by earlier on in the plot, so it was nice to see the characters acknowledge it and talk about why they were both so comfortable suddenly becoming lovers after such a long and close friendship. Seducing Her Best Friend made me smile. I’d recommend it to anyone who has ever had erotic thoughts about a friend.

Must read!!!!
Written by Terra Opening on 4th Jul 2018

Holy smokes this book is absolutely hot! If you are a fan of f/f then you will love this short and steamy book . Can your best friend become your lover? This book has a storyline that keeps you turning the pages and when you are done you finally breathe and want more. Absolutely loved it.

Now craving chocolate
Written by Leslie O'Brien on 3rd Jul 2018

I will confess to sniffling a bit while reading Doris O’Connor’s “Seducing Her Best Friend.” Ms. O’Connor has an amazing knack for creating such three-dimensional characters that they will take you through a range of emotions so intense that you’ll feel them yourself. Both Rosie’s and Tirath’s emotions poured out on the page drawing me deeper and faster into the story and I simply couldn’t put it down. If you’re on the hunt for a sweet and sexy story that will put a smile on your face, then one-click now for both Rosie and Tirath are equal parts charming mixed in with some serious sass and are far too sexy for the page.