Rescuing His Best Friend by Doris O'Connor

Heat Level 3
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Dating Games, 2

How do you tell your best friend that you’ve been living a lie all your life? That’s my dilemma, and if that’s not enough I need a place to hide away for a while. Sam is the obvious choice. If only I could keep my hands off of him long enough to make him see the truth.
Sam is the one I’ve always loved.

I’ll gladly be his knight in scruffy joggers and rescue him, but if he thinks for one minute that I’ll be his little gay experiment he can think again. I’ve never played games and I’m not about to start now when Hunter is so clearly in trouble. However, offering him a place to crash puts him in my bed—a fantasy come true. The wicked things I want to do to my best friend… 
Hunter is the only man I’ve ever loved.

Be Warned: m/m sex



With a bravado I was far from feeling I swung round to face Hunter and the expression on his face floored me. I’d expected him to be angry, not to eat me alive with one look. Jeez, to be on the receiving end of that eye-fucking was something else.

“Decided to be my knight in scruffy joggers and rescue me then, have you?” Amusement replaced the heat in his gaze when I fought and lost the heat creeping into my cheeks. I forgot to breathe altogether when he stepped right into my personal space and ran just one finger along my cheekbones.

“Never thought I see the day my snarky Sam would be embarrassed.”

My attempt to shrug all nonchalant like failed miserably when he grasped my nape and pulled me flush into his hard body. Naturally my unruly cock chose that moment to get all excited, and Hunter groaned when he noticed. He, too, thickened in his boxers—I did mention he was just wearing those … right? And, lord above have mercy, this close to him, all the objections and best intentions I went to sleep with, evaporated like mist on a summer’s morning. I sure never had been the fucking poetic type, but there you have it.

“How badly do you want that coffee?” Hunter asked, his voice all hoarse and laden with barely suppressed emotion.

“Why?” How I even managed to grunt that one syllable was beyond me. Hunter groaned and pulled back slightly to study me.

“Because I want you, Sam.”

I opened my mouth to voice—well, I’m not entirely sure what I was going to say to that, but Hunter’s mouth on mine silenced me anyway. He took charge of the kiss in seconds, and when I kissed him back all bets were off. I was dimly aware of Robster’s whining, but right now, I couldn’t have given two hoots about him. Not when the man I loved pushed me back against the kitchen counter and rubbed his straining erection against mine. The friction, while delicious, was nowhere near enough. I needed more, a sentiment clearly echoed by Hunter, because he pulled away with a groan and tugged at my joggers.

“I want these off so that I can see you, my boy.”

He sank to his knees in front of me, and before my lust short-circuited synapses caught up with his actions, he’d freed my heavy erection from its jersey prison surroundings.

Time stood still as he studied my dick from under hooded lids, the only sounds in the room our heavy breathing and Robster’s canine grunt as he settled back in his basket with a loud huff.

“You don’t have to … Jesus.” My objections fled my brain and pleasure consumed me, ‘cause Hunter chose that moment to grasp hold of my balls while he licked across my slit. He hummed his approval, grinned up at me, and then slid all the way down my shaft with an effortless ease I’d never have expected from my straight friend.

That’s because he isn’t straight, dumbass.

As thought processes went that was about all I was capable of, because Hunter sure knew what he was doing. He worked me over so well that a stream of expletives filled the space when I managed to draw air into my lungs. The feel of his hot mouth sliding up and down my cock, his lips stretched around my girth, as he sucked, swallowed, and deep-throated me as though sucking cock was an everyday occurrence for him…

I didn’t stand a chance. My hips took on a life of their own. I started to fuck my friend’s mouth, and Hunter grunted, dug his fingers into my thighs, and let me take over. When he slipped one finger, slickened by my pre-cum, into my ass and massaged the spot just behind my balls, I couldn’t hold off my orgasm any longer.

“Fuck, I’m coming. I’m … fuck yeah.”

I barely managed to warn him before my orgasm burst from me with the force of a runaway steam train. I sure was making the relevant noises, not that I could care about what I sounded like. Not when Hunter swallowed my jizz and hummed his seeming appreciation around my length. My climax seemed to go on forever, and my fingers ached from holding onto the edge of the work top to stop myself from buckling over in ecstasy. When I at long last stopped spurting, I yanked him off my now limp dick by the hair. Hunter looked up at me with a cat that got the cream smile, and I shook my head at him, as happiness suffused me.

Seeing him lick away the last drops of my semen of his lips made my dick semi harden again. It shouldn’t be possible, not after the spectacular release I just had, but then it wasn’t every day that all your fantasies came to life.

Hunter noticed of course and whistled through his teeth.

“Impressive recovery time, my boy. Or maybe I didn’t do my job properly here.” He winked at me, and groaning, I pulled him up to standing and slanted my lips over his.

“Shut up, you fool.”

Hunter mumbled something that I didn’t catch as I let my kiss do the talking for me. The fact that I tasted myself on his lips was the biggest turn-on yet. My hands roamed over the broad expanse of Hunter’s muscled back, and I pressed my groin into his and rubbed our dicks together. Hunter tore his mouth off mine and swore softly.

“Fuck, I need to be in you.”

I gave the big lump a shove and laughed at his expression.

“Then have at it, big boy. I’m all yours.”


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Another awesome story by Ms. O'Connor
Written by Rhonda on 13th Sep 2018

I only have a few authors that write MM that I read and Doris O'Connor is one of them. This is a short read but packed with emotions and feelings that you can feel in your soul. Sam and Hunter, best friends for a long time but living different lives. Or are they? Where as Sam is open about his sexuality, Hunter isn't, but the lies he has been telling everyone are weighing him down. Almost at his breaking point, he reaches out to Sam. Will Sam help? And what happens between the friends when Hunter tells Sam the truth? Oh, this was a wonderful and passionate read between friends and I loved every minute of it!

Sam and Hunter, adorable couple!
Written by Evita on 11th Sep 2018

Sam and Hunter have been best friends for some time, one living openly, the other not quite. Once I started reading their story, I could not put it down. It’s a quick read, but does not lack for the emotion, you can sympathize with the characters as they are brought to life. And holy hotness, this couple is hot, and I’ve gotta say that a secondary character also captured my heart, Robster! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Sam and Hunter Equal Great Hotness ❤and must read.
Written by Terra O on 9th Sep 2018

Omg I have been waiting patiently for Sam and Hunters Story and let's just say if you love m/m stories then this book is up your alley. It was short and fast story and I was sucked in at the beginning and couldn't stop until it was over and still left me wanting more for these 2 hotties. I am such a fan of Doris and love her books but dang it these men are absolutely Amazing.

sweet and charming
Written by Leslie Obrien on 9th Sep 2018

I was excited to find out that “Rescuing His Best Friend” was due to be published. Having read “Seducing Her Best Friend,” I couldn’t wait for Sam to get his happily ever after and Doris O’Connor did not disappoint. If you are new to Ms. O’Connor’s stories or haven’t read any of her M-M stories, you will love the raw emotion as Sam and Hunter put everything on the line emotionally. And when they do come together, their love scene is so scorching, I’m surprised the Chinese restaurant didn’t go up in flames. This is a sweet, charming story that can easily be finished in a couple hours and will leave you smiling. Now, to re-read “Seducing Her Best Friend.”

holy hannah!!
Written by Michelle on 7th Sep 2018

This was so so good. Though the book is a quick read, the author was able to infuse so much passion and life into the characters. It was impossible to not root for a happily ever. I absolutely love Friends to Lovers books and no one does them better!